Summary: A talent discovered, a relationship started, a new beginning for two people who thought that loving something other than music was impossible.

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Take note: The song in here is in italics, just to warn you.


Stupid fan girls, he thought to himself as he raced around the corner, trying to escape the screaming group of hormonal girls now chasing him. The only thing that he’d been looking forward to in this godforsaken place had been the fact that he'd be escaping the fan girls, and now he couldn’t even do that because they seemed to be everywhere he went. Of course, he shouldn’t be all that surprised; he was a member of one of the most popular bands in America. His fans were everywhere, even at a stupid Camp that was a virtual hell. Honestly, he didn’t have an attitude problem, he just hated people who didn’t know what he wanted. He hated people who didn’t listen to his ideas. He really loved playing music, but he just hated the baggage that the record label was forcing down his throat.

In reality, all three of them hated it; it was just Nate and Jason were better at containing their feelings then he was. They justified that they got to live their dreams, got to play music, and they got to have a life that most people dreamed about, so everything else was a small price to pay. And he’d agreed for awhile, until recently. Things had happened and he had finally lashed out, and it had landed him at Camp Rock, someplace he wished he was far, far away from right now.

At one point in his life, he’d loved this place and what it offered: a refuge, a place where other people loved music as much as he did, a place where people didn’t think he was weird for loving music. Camp Rock had been the only place that he’d had real friends. He’d loved it here but that love ended the second he’d gotten discovered with Nate and Jason. It was then that they’d all seen the true colors of people at Camp Rock. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know the newest ‘discovery’ to be made by the industry, and they wanted an in with them. The people who he’d once gotten along with either wanted something or turned on him because he got what they dreamt about.

That had hurt him and the guys more than any of them ever cared to talk about again but Nate and Jason once again trumped him in the "letting it go" department. They were able to see past the bad and look at all the good that had happened here. Here is where Connect Three had met and formed, here is where each of them had found a brother in the other, here had once been a second home to all three of them. The problem was, Shane just couldn’t forget all the bad, even if the good outweighed it all.

He guessed that Nate and Jason thought that he needed to finally come to terms with everything that had happened here and that was why he was at the camp. He knew they’d been the ones to suggest Camp Rock to the label, despite their constant denials about it and he was already plotting his revenge. It would involve feathers, glue, and lots of laughter.

Just as he began chuckling over the plan forming in his head, he felt himself being ripped out of his thoughts just as his body was being thrown forward straight into the bushes. He cursed himself for not paying attention to the boundaries of the bushes as he fell forward and landed quite painfully on his knees. Almost immediately, he went to straighten himself out, but stopped. The fangirls had paused; they couldn’t see him, and he could hide here until they left. Now that was a plan he liked a lot. Who knew tripping could do so much for someone?

He relaxed just slightly against the building, his eyes never leaving the girls in front of him. They were scanning the grounds near and far, looking almost like rabid dogs out for the kill. It scared him to watch, but it gave him an entirely new appreciation for the bodyguards that almost constantly surrounded Nate, Jason, and himself. He’d have to get them raises or something when he got back to civilization.

His body tensed when one of them looked his way and he immediately crouched down further to avoid being seen and that’s when he heard it.

Do you know what it’s like, to feel so in the dark?

Everything was soft at first: the music, piano by the sounds of it, and the voice accompanying it; no, correction, the voice standing out from it, everything was so soft. If his ears weren’t so sharp from the hours of training, he would have missed it and for once he was thankful for all the training that Connect Three was still forced to endure because it meant he could hear this.

To dream about a life, where you’re the shining star,

Even though it seems like it’s to far away I have to believe in myself, it’s the only way

The words, the music; it was all reminiscent of the music he used to love playing, the music he wished he could play again. Those things were helping to hold his attention but what was really entrancing him was the voice singing the song. It was the voice of an angel; he was sure because he’d never heard anything so beautiful. It was so pure, so emtional, everything a singing voice should be.

He had to know who the voice belonged to; it was obviously a girl, but he needed more. He had to know more, because if she left and he didn’t at least have a name, he would go crazy. At that point, he didn’t even care if she wasn’t attractive. That voice was just too beautiful to ignore. Slowly, as the music inside the cabin rang out and he made his move just as the fan girls moved away from him, thinking they had seen him off in the distance.

He thanked whatever god was listening for that tiny miracle as he quietly grabbed the doorhandle and pulled the cabin door open, trying to be quiet and not wanting to interrupt the beautiful voice or startle its owner in any way. He made sure to pull the door shut quietly and then he just stood there; watching, listening, and being in awe of the girl sitting at the piano.

This is real, this is me

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now

Shane felt his breath catch in his throat as he watched her there. She was absolutely gorgeous and her beauty was only elaborated by the sunlight surrounding her body. His heart jumped at the sight of her sitting there, playing music he loved, the voice of an angel accompnaying it and words that just spoke volumes. Her eyes were closed, her fingers moved effortlessly over the ivory keys before her. This was perfection, watching her and listening to her.

He honestly didn’t know what he was feeling. No girl had ever affected him in this way and he hadn’t even spoken to her yet. He was supposed to be a Rock Star; cool, calm, and collected, and he was, but her music spoke to him in ways he couldn’t describe.

Gonna let the light, shine on me

Now I found, who I am, there’s no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I want to be

This is me

She stopped playing then, her eyes opening and if Shane didn’t know any better, he would swear that he saw the briefest of tears lingering there. He quickly shook those thoughts away. She shouldn’t be sad, because she had to know what kind of talent she had. She had a voice that he hadn’t heard before from anyone in the business .

She didn’t even notice that he was in the room as she glanced down at the piano and gave it the briefest of smiles before moving to close the instrument. He panicked then, because he had to stop her. He had to talk and would talk to her. He was Shane Grey after all, he could do this. At least, he would keep telling himself that as he began to walk slowly toward her.

“Wait.” It came out as a choked whisper as he moved into her view. He grimaced at the looks of panic and nervousness he saw there, but it was bound to happen to anyone who’d just been snuck up on.

Wh-“ She began quietly, looking away from him in shyness. He waited for her to say something, not wanting to startle her anymore. She could make the next move here, unless she ran away, and then he would stop her.

“H-how m-much of that d-did you j-just hear?” she asked timidly as she looked up, but not straight at him.

He took a cautious step toward her, and watched her tense for a moment before taking another step towards her. If she was going to run, he would be close enough to catch her before she bolted out the door.

“Most of it, I think. Is there more? I’d love to hear it because you have one hell of a voice,” he said quietly, moving even closer. “I’m Shane.”

“I k-know,” she said, a small blush appearing on her face. He smiled at the pink tint and moved closer.

“Well you know me, but I don’t know you. What’s your name?”

“N-nothing special,” she replied and he almost laughed at that. Nothing special? Is that what she really thought about herself? Well, he’d have to change that one, because she was anything but nothing.

“Really?” he asked and she nodded, making him chuckle. “Well, if you’re nothing special, then I’m nothing too, because you aren’t nothing. What I just heard was incredible.”

“T-thank y-you b-but it wasn’t-“

“I don’t want to hear you say it wasn’t good because it was,” he interrupted in a singsong voice. She looked at him then and giggled, a sound that made his heart do flip flops. “So, how about we try this introduction thing again all right?” He asked and she nodded as he moved closer and stood by the piano. He put his hand towards her and smiled again.

“Hi, I’m Shane.” To his surprise, she actually reached her own hand out and let him shake it.

“And I’m Mitchie,” she said, a small smile appearing on her lips.

“It’s nice to meet you,” they said in unison, her smiling timidly as he just kept looking at her, both trying to decipher exactly what was happening right then.


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