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In her entire sixteen years of existence Mitchie Torres could safely say that she never ever expected this. She never expected to be kissing a boy on her bed at music camp that she’d been dreaming attending for the better part of a year and she’d never expected to be kissing a boy she really liked. Mitchie Torres had never expected Shane Grey to be kissing her, really kissing her, as in there were his lips on hers and physically moving against hers. Shane Grey, the boy she liked was really kissing her, inside she was practically squealing and her heart was pounding at a ridiculously fast rate but she didn’t care. Who needed to care about anything when Shane was kissing you?

And oh what a kiss it was. Well she really didn’t have anything to compare it too but she was fairly certain that on a scale of one to ten this kiss was well an eleven. Except now her body was frozen against his because really she had no idea what to do with Shane. Never having been kissed before was leaving her at a great disadvantage but it wasn’t all that bad; her lips were working and that was the most important part of a kiss right?

Shane was kissing her so slowly, so sweetly, that Mitchie was sure that she had died and gone to heaven because this felt so good. She noted that his lips were soft against hers, guiding her, leading her in this foreign dance that she was quickly falling in love with. It had taken her a few minutes to get the hang of what he was doing but she’d caught on after some hesitation. Now she and Shane were moving together, exploring, and oh god it felt good. Tingles were running up and down her spine and her head was spinning as her body remained frozen; still totally unsure about what it was supposed to be doing right now. But that was ok with her; they could work on that little problem, with more kissing; lots more kissing after this one ended.

That ending was one she never wanted to happen but unfortunately she felt the need for air beginning to surface within her brain and she told that need of hers to just shut up. Mitchie wanted to ignore it and keep kissing Shane; she didn’t want to be the one to end this and fortunately she wasn’t going to be forced too. Shane was the one that seemed to realize her need to breath and probably needed to do so himself and she was pleasantly surprised when he began to pull away. She didn’t want him to leave her lips but the way he did was oh so pleasurable.

He started their separation by slowing his lips down against her own, coaxing her to fall into his steady rhythm. He then eased himself away by making his kisses become less frequent, a little hurried, and then he finally pulled himself away from her with a few quick pecks to the sides of her mouth, nothing too explosive, but passionate all the same. Shane didn’t go far when they were finally disengaged, no he kept his body close to hers as their gazes met and the sound of their heavy breathing filled the once silent room. Mitchie couldn’t be sure about what was louder, their ragged breathing of the wild beating of her heart. She was almost positive that Shane could hear the fast beat but she could care less. She was far too busy reveling in the fact that she had just experienced the best first kiss in the history of kisses. At least in her opinion it was, after all she was breathless, speechless, and her head was spinning; the marks of an amazing kiss. Not to mention the fact that she felt like she could fly right now. Even if her breathing was calming down at the moment, she was flying high on endorphins of the most amazing kind.

Slowly, as she began to come down from said high Mitchie took her once dormant hand and brought it up to brush against her lips. She shivered because she could swear that she could still feel Shane there and every part of her being wanted him kissing her again and soon. Gently, slowly, wanting to savor the moment, she let her once still fingers trace over her lips. She found that they were indeed on fire and probably swollen from the amount of kissing they'd been doing but she didn't care. Mitchie pressed her lips together and nearly sighed in relief when she took in the unique taste of Shane that was still lingering there.

"Wow," she whispered, finally managing to find her voice again, keeping the volume of her voice down. She knew that she didn't have to, but this moment seemed entirely too intimate to interrupt with too much noise. But she wanted to talk to Shane about this and what it mean. She also now knew that she wanted to actually tell Shane how she felt about him. Mitchie Torres definitely and truly liked Shane and by some miracle he seemed to like to her too. At least she hoped he liked her just as much by the way he'd confessed earlier, by the way he'd kissed her. But she knew that he wouldn't be the one to force her to talk about this because he'd be afraid of making her to uncomfortable. This meant that she had to be the one to talk, to initiate, however much she didn’t want to be that person, she had to be. She had to show him that she was serious about this. And she was; for the first time in her life Mitchie was serious about a guy, about telling him how she felt. She didn't know why Shane was the one she felt so strongly about, but there was just some sort of electricity between them. She couldn't ignore it, she wouldn't, and she’d had to show him that.

"Wow is right," Shane responded, his voice pitch matching the same whisper that she'd taken on just moments beforehand. "That was...”

"Amazing?" she supplied when he left it hanging. She was praying that she hadn't been bad at kissing him because he'd certainly been amazing at it.

“Well I was going to say mind blowing but amazing works too," he breathed out and Mitchie felt a smile begin to form on her lips. Those words coming out of his mouth meant that he'd liked that kiss, that he'd liked kissing her as much as she had enjoyed kissing him. Those words were a major confidence booster.

"You really thought it was amazing?" she asked quietly, even with the confidence she still needed some more confirmation. After all, he could be lying to her, so she decided to watch his face for his reaction. She was pleasantly surprised when he began to nod enthusiastically to the question before stopping and looking at her. He bit his lip after a few moments and his brows knitted as he stared at her.

"Did you like it?" he asked softly, finally finding the words he wanted to say. "I mean, you wanted me to kiss you right?" His eyes widened in sheer panic as he asked that question and Mitchie found herself in shock because of it. Shane hadn't panicked in the short time they'd known each other and now here he was doing it. Seeing it in his eyes was unnerving to say the least.

"I mean, I thought you wanted me to kiss you. Did I read the signs wrong?" he asked hurriedly. "If I did then I'm so so sorry. God, I should've asked. You didn't want it. That's why you were so stiff. Mitchie I'm so sorry. I-"

She cut Shane's ramble off by pressing one of the fingers that had been on her own lips against his own. She was honestly touched by his concern for her and what they'd done but she didn't want to hear him apologizing. Apologizing constituted that they'd done something wrong and they hadn't. Mitchie felt her mind lurch as she realized what this meant; ruining the once perfect after kiss moment so they could talk. They had to do it and she had to be the one to initiate it now that Shane was so concerned about her feelings. Great, this is just what she needed to do.

“Shane calm down,” she soothed. “Please?” she asked softly and she let out a breath of relief when he nodded against her finger. She pulled it away slowly and then tentatively reached down and grabbed his hand, the one that was currently resting against her side and threaded her fingers with his. That familiar spark returned and she smiled even though her nerves were through the roof right now. She’d never started this kind of conversation off before, actually she never really started conversations in general but she had to do this one. So she took energy from the spark between them and used it to fuel her on. She could do this, she had to do this.

“I wanted you to kiss me Shane,” she quietly reassured him. “I’m being serious. I wanted that kiss-kisses,” she amended quickly, a blush rising to her face as she said it.

“But you were frozen and-”

“Did you ever think that maybe I was in shock?” she asked slowly, cursing herself as she felt her blush deepen.

“Shock?” he asked. “Why would you be in shock? I mean you said you wanted it so I thought...”

“Shane, I’ve never been kissed before,” she reminded him. “I mean when you kissed me I had trouble believing that you were actually doing it, that you seemed to want to kiss me. My mind was racing and I guess I just couldn’t make my mind multi-task enough to make my body react,” she confessed, forcing her gaze to keep steady with his own. She had to see his reaction to this.

“That’s not all is it?” he asked softly and Mitchie found herself cursing him and his ability to read her like an open book. He wasn’t going to make this thing easy on her at all.

“There is also the possibility that I was terrified that I would do something wrong. I mean I have no previous experience and I really didn’t know what to do. But...my lips were moving right?”

“Very enthusiastically,” he supplied and she felt her blush rising yet again.

“Did you really think that it was amazing?” she asked for what had to be the fifth time in the past thirty minutes. She knew that it probably sounded pathetic but she really wanted to make sure that he’d liked it and now that she was looking into Shane’s eyes she’d be able to see the truth. If he could read her like an open book then she could do the same to him. So she looked and was ultimately surprised to see the sincerity in his eyes as he gazed into her own.

“Mitch...how many times do I have to tell you that I loved it?” he asked and she felt her blush deepen once more at the words. She had to be the shade of a strawberry right now as he just smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “I mean you know I’m not the most confident in the world...” she trailed off when he chuckled and squeezed her hand another time.

“Yes I know and we’re changing that,” he told her pointedly. “And just to reassure you I loved it,” he said with his oh so charming smile of his. She felt her hear swell at the smile and as she heard his words she felt her confidence rise just a bit. Though she was having trouble believing it Shane hadn’t lied to her yet. He’d liked the kiss, really liked it, and that was making her want to jump for joy.

“But you want to know a secret?” he asked softly and she nodded quickly, her curiosity peaking at his question.

“So you were worried about me not liking it right?” he asked and she nodded, confused but willing to play along with his game.

“Well funny thing is that I was worried about you liking it at the same time,” he confessed and Mitchie felt her heart literally stop at his words. Shane Grey, the most amazing kisser that she was sure ever existed had been worried about her liking his kiss? She would laugh about it if she wasn’t so surprised. He honestly couldn’t be serious about that could he? He had to know that he was an amazing kisser; he had to know that she’d loved it.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said aloud as she looked at him and saw the absolute serious look on his face. Mitchie honestly couldn’t believe that he’d been concerned about her liking it, in fact if she wasn’t so shocked in this moment Mitchie was fairly certain that she’d be laughing. It was so like Shane, to be worried about her when he didn’t have to be. In fact at this moment Mitchie felt like their roles were reversing from what they had been just a few minutes ago, he was the one worrying and she was the one who was going to have to do the reassuring.

“Well I’m not,” Shane told her pointedly, looking into her eyes to convey his message.

“I’m absolutely serious. I mean Mitch it wasn’t just any old kiss, it was your first kiss. My mind was blown away by the fact that you’d trust me enough to give that to you and I was terrified that you were going to hate it. I didn’t want to ruin your impression about what a kiss should be,” he explained softly and Mitchie felt her heart melting.

He really knew how to make her feel like the most important person in the entire world and the best part about it was that she knew he was being completely serious. Shane wouldn’t lie to her. That was one thing she could be sure of right now even when her feelings were going a mile a minute inside her head and heart.

“Mitchie?” She was snapped out of her thoughts by Shane’s soft voice and she felt herself smiling again when her gaze met his. He looked absolutely adorable right now with his eyes full of worry and his lips still swollen from their kiss. It made her smile and before she could even stop to think about it Mitchie was gently removing her hand from Shane’s grasp and bringing her arms up and wrapping them around his neck. She was surprised by this burst of forwardness, but Shane was entirely to adorable for his own good, she couldn’t help but want to be as close to him as possible. To feel that this was indeed real and that she was the one experiencing it.

Shane seemed to want the same thing as she did as well because the second her arms went up and around his went down to wrap around her waist. Together they managed to get as close to each other as possible; Mitchie was pulled almost flush against his chest and Shane had moved his forehead to rest against hers. For a few seconds the both of them did nothing more than stare at each other and Mitchie was perfectly ok with that because she could literally get lost in his eyes and be happy for the rest of her life. She was sure of it. But of course something like that couldn’t happen because the very moment she ended that thought Shane opened his mouth to say something.

Mitchie knew what he was going to do; he was going to once again ask her if she was ok and Mitchie really didn’t want to hear it again. That kind of question would only ruin the mood they’d just started to set up in the room and between them. She couldn’t let that happen, no, in fact she decided that she wasn’t going to let it. Once more a surprising burst of confidence was taking over and Mitchie couldn’t be more grateful for it than at this moment. Taking one deep breath she quickly used the hands around Shane’s neck to pull his face towards her own. She leaned upwards the very second she did that and prayed that she was doing this the right way just moments before she touched her lips to Shane’s.

She felt him freeze and she paused, trying to let him accept the fact that she’d really just attached her lips to his. To be honest, she had to take a moment to accept what was happening as well because this was so unlike her. It was that exact reason that she only let herself pause for a few moments before tentatively moving her lips against his. If she thought about this too much she would pull away, and if she pulled away she would have to stop kissing Shane. That was an alternate ending that she didn’t want happening at all.

She let her lips move against his, and surprisingly this time, Shane’s lips moved with hers. Actually, if she were being completely honest Shane was the one following her. He moved to the slow, tentative pace she’d set up for herself, let his hands grip her hips in time with their lips but other than that he didn’t do anything. She had a feeling it was because he was trying his best to not freak her out and to help her get over the many fears she had about doing this. But for the moment Mitchie pushed those kinds of thoughts out of her head and let herself live in the moment. She was kissing the guy she really liked, really kissing him, and she wasn’t about to screw the opportunity up.

Mitchie let her instincts guide her for the moment and gradually let herself speed up the pace of the kiss she was now controlling. She inwardly squealed when Shane all too willingly responded with a tightened grip on her hips and instantly felt her hands leaving the back of his neck to thread into his hair. She tensed for a moment when he groaned into her mouth but the very second Shane sucked her bottom lip between his own and gently nipped at the skin with his teeth. Mitchie felt herself gasp into his mouth at the very foreign action but she found that she really enjoyed it. In fact, when Shane repeated the action against her lips Mitchie could barely choke back the moan of delight threatening to escape her lips. Her hands gripped his hair in that moment and if it was at all possible, her body pressed against his even more closely.

Mitchie didn’t want this glorious feeling to ever end, she would be content to die like this, her lips on Shane’s with their bodies basically molded together. Yes, this was heaven right now. Sadly, Mitchie knew that they were going to have to leave this kind of bliss very soon because of the ever present need to breathe making itself known in her body. Her body would make her pull away from Shane’s soon enough and while it was for a good reason, Mitchie wanted to tell her respiratory system to go to hell. She didn’t, no instead all Mitchie did was sigh against Shane’s lips before slowly disengaging herself from their passionate kissing spree. Her gaze immediately shot to Shane’s to find that his eyes were considerably darker but a smile was gracing his features as his heavy breaths seemed to mix with her own. Without saying a word he pressed his forehead to her own and reached up to gently pull her hands from his hair and intertwine them with his own as he brought them down to their sides. She couldn’t help but smile back at him when he leaned down and pressed his swollen lips to her cheek before taking them to her ear.

“Now that was amazing,” he murmured softly, his breathing still shallow from the make-out session they’d just ended. Mitchie couldn’t help but shiver as she listened to him breathe against her and as she felt him rest his cheek against hers.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, silence overtaking them once more as she let a peace that she hadn’t known existed wash over her as her breathing slowed at the exact same pace as his. If she hadn’t been so happy she might have laughed at the fact that they even kept that on a beat, their love of music shining through even in the most intimate of moments.

Mitchie wanted to stay like this for forever, in Shane’s arms, close to him, but she knew that she couldn’t. As much as she hated to, she needed to talk to Shane. More so than she had before because they’d just kissed a lot and she wasn’t about to just kiss someone and have it just be that. She may be shy and timid, but Shane made her different with him and she knew what she wanted now in regards to him.

“Shane,” she murmured, nudging her cheek against his before slowly pulling away from him. She couldn’t stop the smile that crept upon her face when she saw the soft smile gracing his still swollen lips. She was almost scared to say anything to him, to ruin the moment but she had to if they were going to make any progress in the whole talk they had started before the make-out session. She took one deep breath and then let herself talk, all the while telling herself that she really had to do it this time.

“Shane,” she said again, and his expression changed as he shifted beside her, his eyes staring into hers, his gaze becoming alert at the shift in her tone of voice.

“What’s up Mitch?” he asked softly.

“I...well...Shane I want to know what we are,” she said slowly. “Because I just kissed you and I know I’m not very experienced in this whole thing but I think I know myself well enough to say that I don’t just kiss random people. And Shane well, I like you and I think you like me to and by like you I mean as more than a friend and I know it’s crazy because we’ve only known each other for like a day but I-”

Mitchie stopped when she felt a finger being pressed to her lips and she breathed a sigh of relief against it. As much as she knew that their talk had to happen she hadn’t planned on the rambling she’d started upon speaking. Her rambling that would have been impossible to stop without the intervention of one Shane Grey, the boy that was currently laughing beside her.

She paused as she realized exactly what he was doing and almost instantly felt anger surge within her. She may have been rambling but she’d been trying to get somewhere with this entire situation and she’d been pouring her heart out. Now Shane was lying beside her, finger pressed to her lips and laughing at her?

Slowly she brought her hand up to her mouth and removed his finger from her lips which allowed Shane to roll onto his back beside her, laughter and all as she glared at him. She stared at him for all of two seconds before she made a decision that involved her hand making a sharp contact with his chest.

“OW!” She smirked when she heard the exclamation and then she even giggled when she watched Shane put a hand to the middle of his chest and glare at her.

“What in god’s name did you do that for woman?” he exclaimed and she just glared right back at him, matching his stare.

“Because you’re laughing at me you jerk,” she told him. “I’m trying to figure out where we’re at and spilling my guts and you’re laughing at me,” she told him, her glare intensifying when his glare dropped off and he started chuckling again. “Stop laughing at me! It’s not funny jerk face.”

He stopped laughing at her use of the word jerk face and looked at her for all of three seconds.

“Did you seriously just call me a jerk face?” he asked incredulously and she nodded to his statement.

“Yes I did because you’re being one,” she huffed and he chuckled once more, holding up a hand in mock surrender when she raised her hand again.

“Calm down woman, don’t hit me again,” he pleaded. “I promise I wasn’t laughing at you. I was just….do you know you’re really cute when you ramble?” he asked and she raised an eyebrow at the statement.

“What?” she asked slowly.

“I said you’re really cute when you start rambling. I know that laughing was probably a bad idea but I just couldn’t resist. You were talking one minute and then going on and on and then I stopped you and then I just couldn’t resist. You were just...really cute,” he finished up quickly, once more holding up a hand in defense. “Please don’t hit me,” he said once more. “Please.”

Mitchie glanced at the raised hand beside her for a second and reluctantly dropped it. Despite the fact that she was still slightly perturbed with Shane, she couldn’t deny that he’d just said something really sweet to her. She wouldn’t hit him for that, she couldn’t hit him for that, but she could still most definitely be mad at him.

“I won’t hit you,” she said softly. “But I’m still annoyed. You shouldn’t have started laughing at me.”

“I know. Bad timing, I’m sorry,” he told her and she couldn’t deny the sincerity in his voice.

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I forgive you, I think,” she told him and she watched his nose wrinkle at the words.

“You think?” he asked and she nodded. “Well thinking is not good enough,” he declared. “I need you to be sure that you forgive me,” he told her softly.

“Shane I’m not sure that you can-” Once more Mitchie found herself being cut off but this time it wasn’t from a finger to the lips, it was another set of lips crashing onto her own. She felt her eyes open wide in shock for a moment at the sudden contact before quickly closing them when Shane’s lips moved against her own. He didn’t kiss her for very long, but his lips most definitely did the job they were aiming for; leaving her breathless and wanting more the moment he pulled away and flopped back down beside her.

“Forgive me now?” he asked with a smirk and she would have smacked him if she wasn’t so giddy from kissing him.

“I think I can do that,” she responded after a moment with a silly grin on her face.

“Thought so,” he replied with a smile and she rolled her eyes as he reached out and tugged her body downwards. Almost instinctively she cuddled into his chest, her head resting there as her right hand found his and intertwined their fingers without thinking about it. They laid there for a few minutes in comfortable silence before Mitchie decided that she really did want some answers in regards to what she and Shane were now that they were well, doing things like this.

“Shane, she murmured, picking her head up to look into his eyes once more. “What are we?” she asked softly. “I can’t just kiss you and now know and I don’t think I can just be your friend anymore,” she confessed quietly.

“Good,” he answered quickly, causing her to look at him in surprise.

“What?” she asked softly and he smiled, giving her hand a squeeze in the process.

“It’s a good thing Mitch, promise,” he said softly. “Because I feel the same way. I can’t just be friends with you after kissing you. I want to be more than a friend to you after kissing you. I want to be something more,” he told her. “Actually I’ve wanted to be something more since I heard you singing Mitchie. You’re...different,” he said quietly. “A good different,” he almost immediately amended. “You get me like no-one else and I meant every word of what I said earlier, you’ve got me going crazy. But it’s this wonderful kind of crazy.”

“Really?” she asked, not able to stop the giddy feeling rising in her heart at the smile on his face. She was really positively certain that Shane Grey liked her now. Really liked her for her and she liked him for him. He wanted to be more than friends like she did.

“So what are we?” she asked again, needing to hear the exact words from his mouth before she did anything else. “Because I feel the same way about you Shane. You get me; no-one has ever gotten me like you before. I want...well I want to know what you want us to be.”

“We’re more than friends. In fact I’m kind of hoping you’ll agree to maybe being well, my girlfriend?” he asked timidly. “I mean I know we haven’t even been on a date yet and I have no right to ask you to be exclusive but I think we could be good together. And I know I’m older than you but I promise my intentions are honorable and I will be a complete gentlemen. You deserve that.”

She giggled at his rant but appreciated it at the same time. While the age thing didn’t bother her she needed to know that he was going to respect her wishes and it seemed like he was going to when she said yes to him. Yes, the word had a new meaning for her because she was most definitely going to accept his offer of being the girlfriend. She knew it was early in their relationship but he made a point and she had a feeling that when you were involved with a Pop Star it was either all or nothing because of the lifestyle he led.

“Yes,” she responded quietly. “I’d like to be your girlfriend Shane.”

“Really?” he asked and she laughed at the outright shock on his face.

“Yes you loser. Don’t look like you’re going to have a heart attack, I’m sure about this,” she told him softly. “I like you. A lot. And I want to try this out. So let’s see where it gets us?”

“I like the way you think,” he murmured. “I promise you won’t regret giving me a chance Mitch.”

“I don’t think I will. I believe in you,” she told him quietly, heart nearly bursting at the smile on his face. She loved that she was making him happy right now.

“So...we’re together?” he asked slowly, as though he were trying to process the actuality of their conversation.

“Looks that way,” she said with a laugh.

“So that means if I wanted to kiss my girlfriend again I could?”

“Oh I think you’d better,” she ordered him and he chuckled before sliding down once more to her level and gently settling his lips on hers. Mitchie reveled in the feeling of his lips on hers once more, she couldn’t believe that a feeling like this is what she’d been missing out on this entire time but she was glad that she was experiencing it now. In fact she had decided that she would be quite content to engage in another make-out session with her new boyfriend but that thought was quickly thrown out the window when she heard someone clearing their throat from somewhere behind her.

Mitchie panicked and almost immediately pulled her mouth away from Shane’s and shot up from their current position on her bed, ignoring the sharp pain in her ankle that came along with the sudden action. Her eyes snapped towards the door and she paled when she saw her mother standing there holding a tray of what looked to be food and a very amused expression on her face.

“Umm…hi mom,” she said weakly. Mitchie really didn’t know what else to say as she watched her mother’s amused gaze shift from her to the boy that was now sitting beside her. Shane’s hand was currently on her lower back, rubbing slow circles, trying to soothe her racing nerves as he did so.

“Hi Connie.” At Shane’s nonchalant tone Mitchie felt her gaze whipping around to him and he simply met her panicked expression with a smile. “Calm down,” he murmured into her ear and Mitchie couldn’t quite stop the shivers that raced down her spine when she felt his warm breath brush against her throat. Despite the fact that her mother was less than one hundred feet away from her Shane still had the ability to send butterflies fluttering down her spine.

“Mitchie, Shane,” her mother’s voice tore Mitchie’s attention away from Shane and back towards the doorway where her mother was still situated in the doorway, a smile now present on her face as she started to walk towards them. “I hope you two don’t mind but I wanted to check on Mitchie and bring you both some food.”

“No, that’s fine Connie, in fact, why don’t I head outside for a few minutes and give you two a chance to talk?” Shane suggested, his lips making a quick contact with Mitchie’s cheek before he got up and headed for the door.

“I’ll be right back Mitch.” She nodded at his statement and watched as he walked outside and sat down on the porch chair, phone in hand, obviously playing some sort of game within seconds of doing so. She almost laughed at the sight before quickly remembering that she was in a room with her mother. The mother who she loved dearly but it was also one who had just walked in on her kissing someone.

“So how’s your ankle sweetie?” Mitchie felt her confusion spring up at the question and she watched as her mother set the tray she’d been carrying down on their dresser before walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“What?” Mitchie asked slowly. Of all the questions she’d been expecting that had been the last one on her mind. She’d expected an interrogation on Shane, on what she’d been doing with Shane, but not a question about her sore ankle. The ankle she’d actually forgotten about because of Shane and his actions.

“I want to know how your ankle is, is it feeling better?” Connie asked softly.

“I-I think so. I mean I haven’t really noticed it much. So yes...better. I feel better,” Mitchie answered quickly, smiling when her mother breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well that’s good. So Shane’s been taking care of you?” Connie asked slowly and Mitchie immediately nodded. As much as she didn’t want to talk about this, she knew that after what her mother had just witnessed she had to. No use in denying it now, mine as well convince Connie that it was a good thing to be Shane Grey’s girlfriend.

“Yes m’am,” she answered quickly. “He’s been really good at helping me forget about the pain,” she told her and watched as her mother smiled at her.

“That’s good sweetie, I think he’s good for you.”

“Really?” Mitchie asked surprised when her mother nodded. “So what you just walked in on with the kissing and the being together…” she trailed off, watching as her mother chuckled and just nodded her head again.

“I’ll be honest; walking in on my baby girl kissing a boy she has feelings for was a little unnerving but I’m ok with it. Shane and I talked when he came to get the ice earlier and I think we understand each other,” Connie told her daughter slowly. “I know he has feelings for you sweetheart and I know you have those same feelings for him. I’m willing to let you two be together despite the age difference because I think he’s good for you. He brings you out of your shell and if you trust him enough o be involved with a Pop Star than I trust him. I’ve also been assured by him that he will be nothing but a gentleman with you.”

Mitchie looked at her mother in absolute shock for a few minutes. Never in a million years had she expected that kind of thing to come out of her mother’s mouth. Not only was her mother ok with the fact that she liked someone, but she was supporting it? That was the most unexpected thing of the century but Mitchie had to admit it was nice and very much like her mother. Mitchie could barely contain the smile on her face as her brain finally let it all sink in. She was with Shane and her mother was ok with it. This was a miracle, one that she wasn’t about to screw up.

“Mom I promise that he’ll be a gentleman. I really care about him and he cares about me. He makes me happy.”

“I know,” Connie said with a smile. “And that’s why I’m going to support this. I trust you and I’m going to trust Shane ok? All I want is for you to keep me in the loop.”

Mitchie squealed in delight and immediately leaned forward to wrap her mother in a tight embrace.

“Thank you so much mom. I promise I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. You won’t regret this.”

“I don’t think I will. But the next time he’s in the cabin I don’t want to walk in on what I did a few minutes ago alright?”

Mitchie immediately nodded in agreement as she released her mother from her hold and leaned back against the headboard a smile gracing her features as her mother just grinned and got up from her spot on the bed in order to walk over to the dresser to get the food she’d brought with her.

“I hope you’re hungry sweetie.”

“Of course mom, what’s for lunch?”

“Burgers and fries, simple and easy,” Connie replied with a grin as she walked over and carefully set the tray down across her daughters lap.

“Mom it looks great thanks. For everything,” Mitchie said, watching her mother smile at her before enveloping her in another hug across the tray.

“Anytime sweetie,” Connie murmured in her ear before pulling away. “I just want you to be happy. It’s my job as a mom.”

“Well you’re doing a good job,” Mitchie whispered, planting a kiss on her mother’s cheek before pulling away and settling herself back against the headboard of her bed. She winced just slightly as she moved her ankle but shrugged it off. She didn’t want her mother worrying about something that really was starting to feel better.

Was her ankle still throbbing? Yes. But it was definitely down to a dull throb and she didn’t want to give her mother reason to doubt the fact that she was getting better. If she wanted out of this room by tomorrow than she had to show that she could take this.

“I’m certainly trying,” her mother said with a grin. “Now how about we get Shane back in here so you two can eat before this food gets cold?” She asked, turning towards the door, laughing when she saw Shane already standing in the doorway a smile on his face.

“Eavesdropping Pop Star?” She asked with a giggle as his eyes widened and he immediately began shaking his head no.

“N-no,” he responded shakily, taking a step into the room. “I just happened to hear my name and the mention of eating and being a teenage boy...food is good,” he reasoned as she just laughed and motion for him to come forward as her mother stood up and made a b-line for the doorway.

“Alright I have to head back to the kitchens to start on dinner so I’ll leave you two to your own devices. Shane if you come back to the kitchens at around six, I’ll have some dinner ready for you two.”

“Mom you don’t have to do that, I’m sure I can walk over and-” Mitchie stopped her speech midway at the incredulous looks she got from not only her, but Shane as well. “What?” she asked quietly, crossing her arms over her chest in the process.

“Mitchie you can’t possibly think that you’re going to walk over there tonight,” Connie told her with a hard look. “I want you to stay in here for the rest of the day, rest and get your ankle better. So as your mother I’m asking you to stay here tonight, eat in here with Shane and relax so you can go to your classes tomorrow alright?”

“I agree with your mom on this one Mitch,” Shane said before she could even respond to her mother’s statement. “I know you haven’t been talking about the ankle because of well...what we’ve been doing but I know it’s still hurting. Don’t think I didn’t see that wince earlier.” At his reprimand Mitchie felt her face flush and she immediately brought her gaze away from his own, attempting to hide the fact that she knew that Shane and her mother were right.

“Fine,” she mumbled reluctantly after a few short moments of silence. She forced her gaze back to the two people standing before and saw them both smiling at her answer. “But I can go to my classes and stuff tomorrow right? I don’t like being cooped up in here.”

“Yes you can go out tomorrow,” Connie said with a smile. “I promise. But for tonight let me not worry about you hurting yourself even more alright?”

“Yes m’am,” Mitchie replied with a smile before pointing towards the door. “Now go. I know you have work to do and Shane’s here, he’ll amuse me.”

“Alright, you two be good.”

“We will Connie,” Shane replied with a smile. “I promise I’ll keep her stationary and I also promise that...well...what you walked in on earlier won’t happen again.”

Mitchie giggled at the embarrassed tone of his voice and then she laughed at the expression that crossed her mothers.

“I trust it won’t Shane. Again, I trust the both of you in this as long as you keep me in the loop,” Connie reiterated, satisfied when she got eager nods from the two teens.

“We will mom, promise. Love you,” Mitchie replied with a smile as her mother mouthed the words back before heading out, leaving her and Shane alone once more.

She looked at him at the same time he looked at her, and for a few minutes there was nothing but silence between the two until Shane started chuckling. His chuckling turned into a full on laugh at the very second she started laughing and for a few moments the two of them did nothing except laugh until tears were practically rolling down their cheeks.

“Ok so t-that was awkward,” Shane managed to choke out. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack when she walked in.”

“You thought you were going to have a heart attack?” Mitchie asked incredulously from her spot on her bed. “That was my mother and she walked in on us…that can never happen again,” she told him.

“I completely agree,” Shane responded. “We need to be more alert from now on because I fully intend on kissing you more.”

“Oh really Mr. Grey?” she asked with a raised eyebrow and a laugh as he simply nodded.

“Oh yes, but before we do anything like that…can we eat? I’m starving and your mom is a really good cook.” Mitchie laughed at the pleading tone of voice he used and the look on his face as he stared at the food in front of her.

“Come sit down Pop Star and eating can definitely happen. Maybe we could count this as a date?” She asked hopefully watching him as he smiled at the words.

“I think I would love for this to be a date Ms. Torres,” he replied, sending a shiver down her spine as he walked over to the other side of the bed, sat down, and kissed her cheek before going for the food before them.


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