Summary: A talent discovered, a relationship started, a new beginning for two people who thought that loving something other than music was impossible.

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She was terrified. Absolutely and positively terrified. Not because she was at a camp full of incredibly talented performers, not because she was a virtual nothing at this camp. No she wasn’t terrified for normal reasons at all, she was terrified because of what had just happened in the mess hall. She’d come out to the cabin to set the tables, but she’d gotten distractedin the middle of her job by rhe beautiful piano within it.

She’d spent a good fifteen minutes staring at it from various points in the room before finally walking over to it, pulling her always present songbook out and sitting down. She’d started playing, thinking that no one would be around to hear her, had gotten lost in the music because that’s what she always did. She thought she could get away with playing, singing, and possibly figuring out more of the finer points of this song and go unnoticed. Oh how wrong she’d been. How very, very, very wrong she’d been.

Not only had she been discovered by someone, she had been discovered by Shane Grey, the Shane Grey of Connect Three, a band that she liked, a lot. She wasn’t exactly a die hard fan but she could safely say that there was a poster of them in her room and a fair amount of their songs ‑­

on her ipod. She thought they were talented and cute. And now she was coming into contact with a member of said band and he was telling her that he had heard her singing and had thought that she was good.

No, correction, he thought that she was amazing and that very thought had her wanting to run for the hills because she honestly didn’t think that she was all that good. She knew that she loved to sing, loved to write songs, loved everything to do with music but she didn’t really think she was as amazing as he was telling her she was. The very words made her want to blush, she probably already was, she was in the presence of Shane Grey after all.

Actually, she was currently looking up at Shane Grey from her spot at the piano. He was smiling down at her, and she was shocked to find that it was an all genuine kind of smile, that he actually seemed to be really genuine in what he was telling her. He’d scared the hell out of her earlier but now, she was kind of ok with the fact that they were so close to each other. She was most proud of herself for not freaking out on him all that much, at least she hadn’t yet, she wasn’t planning on it.

Mostly because she was just in shock. The Shane Grey in front of her was acting much differently then anything she could have ever expected. The media painted him to be this arrogant popstar but at the moment he was being nothing but kind to her. Shows you that you can’t believe everything on HotTunes about celebrities.

She watched as he leaned closer to her, their hands finally seperating after their very long handshake, if she didn’t know any better she’d say that they’d both been prolonging the moment but she quickly banished the thought. Why would Shane Grey of all people want to hold hands with her? They barely knew each other, heck they’d just introdced themselves and now there was ‑­

an awkward silence going on. A silence that someone would have to break eventually. Mitchie wanted to say something to him, really she did, but she just couldn’t get the words out. She hated that her shyness was getting the better of her at this point because she really wanted to talk to the nice guy in front of her. But she just couldn’t, and thankfully Shane seemed to pick up on her problem and made the move for both of them.

“Soooo…”he began as he moved closer to her, standing almost right next to her, leaning down to make eye contact with her. “Did you write that song yourself?”

She felt herself blushing and gave a brief nod and he smiled right at her. For some odd reason, that smile gave her a bit of confidence, she could talk to him, he was just a person right?

“Y-yeah but it probably wasn’t that good,” she began her hands almost immediately going towards the bright yellow homemade songbook sitting on the piano. So much for that burst of confidence right? But before she could do anything with that songbook, Shane saw her move and snatched it away from her reach from the current place.

“Hey!” She shrieked as Shane chuckled and backed away as she stood up and went after him.

“I knew you could talk!” He said as he began reading the page before him, laughing as she lunged for him, trying to get her songbook back. She didn’t care if he was a popstar that thing was her personal property, the kind that contained some of her most secret feelings and dreams. The kind of things she shared with no one, expressed in a song, and he had no right to be reading it. “Now, watch it, remember I’m a Rock Star and have to have my face kept in perfect condition,” he reminded her.

She glared at Shane and went after him anyway. “ I don’t care what you are. Give that back, it’s mine. It’s personal, it’s-“

“Amazing,” he said as he looked up from the page he was reading and stared at her. She could see it in his eyes that he meant it but she didn’t know if she could believe it. She’d never shared what he was reading with anyone and now he was getting to see a Mitchie that people rarely got to.

“You’re just saying that,” she said in a small voice. “They’re just-“

“Amazing,” he repeated, walking closer to her and holding the book out. “These words, lyrics, they’re excellent. They’re meaningful, and with your voice and music, they can only be even better. Don’t doubt yourself like that-ever. I’ve never heard anything like your voice.” His voice was soft, almost melodious as he spoke to her. She hadn’t reached out for the book yet, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to because suddenly Mitchie Torres wanted Shane to read that book. She didn’t know why but she wanted him to. Wanted him to tell her his thoughts on what was in there, because he knew what he was talking about. And she really just wanted him to talk to her because honestly, she was enjoying this right now.

But just because she wanted that, didn’t mean she would voice it. She wasn’t that confident, not by a long shot.

“You can say that all you want Pop Star, doesn’t mean I’ll believe it,” she admitted in a small voice, once again cursing her shyness and the lack of confidence she was exuding. He shook his head and moved over to the piano, her book in hand, sitting down at the bench, and placing the book in the holders. Taking a breath his hands moved towards the keys and his fingers set down upon them. He read the music before him quickly and then set off to playing one of her songs. ‑­

She stood there speechless for a moment, she hadn’t even known he could play a piano, much less read the music to go along with it, but he was doing it and with her material.

She stood there, absolutely frozen by what she was hearing coming from his fingers, and more importantly his mouth because Shane started singing along to the song, one she’d written about a crush she’d had months ago. The only thing he did was substitute the words he with she.

Called her for the first time yesterday,

Finally found the missing part of me,

Felt so close, but you were far away,

Left me without anything to say

Before she could stop herself, Mitchie was walking towards the piano, towards Shane’s beautiful voice and towards something that she was bound to regret later on. She got there quickly, and like a homing beacon she found herself sitting next to Shane on the piano bench. He kept playing the melody as she did so, looking over to smile at her and nodding towards the music.

“Let go,” he whispered. “Just sing.”

She smiled and for the first time since meeting him, Mitchie Torres felt truly confident in her abilities to do something. The music was calling to her and she’d never been one to deny it. Taking a deep breath she kept her eyes on Shane and let her voice ring out.

Now I'm speechless, over the edge, I'm just breathless,

I never thought that I'd catch this LOVE BUG again,

Hopeless, head over heels, In the moment, I never thought that I'd get hit by this LOVE BUG again

She wasn’t nervous about this, really she wasn’t. Music was apart of her, a passion, part of her very soul and she loved doing this. Before this she’d never had someone to share it with but here with Shane, it felt like he understood exactly what she was feeling.

And he conveyed that when he started adding his voice in with hers, his eyes trained on the page before him as she did just as he’d asked, let go. She launched into the chorus once more and this time Shane was with her, and when she heard his voice mixing with hers she almost had a heartattack. They had a perfect harmony together and she was certain that there were sparks and fireworks going off in her mind and heart as they did this. She wondered if he felt the same thing as they sang together.

Now I’m speechless, over the edge, I’m just breathless,

I never thought that I’d catch this LOVE BUG again,

Hopeless, head over heels, In the moment, I never thought that I’d get hit by this LOVE BUG again

Shane stopped playing as they ended the last note and looked at her. It was obvious to her that he was just as surprised about how well their voices had fit together, it was almost like a perfect match. They’d just seemed to bounce off the other well and Mitchie found herself elated by what had just happened.

“Wow,” she heard Shane utter.

“Wow is right Pop Star,” she reiterated. “I’ve never sang with anyone before,” she admitted shyly.

“Neither have I,” she heard him confess, and when she gave him a look he laughed, a strong baritone of a laugh that made her grin. “Aside from my bandmates of course. I just never found anyone that, matched me. That was one hell of a song. Reminds me of the music I used to love to play. Nothing like that stupid cookie cutter pop star crap they shove down my throat at the label.”

Mitchie looked at him in shock then, not really knowing what to say, so she decided to ask a question first. “Really? I thought you loved your sound, didn’t you create it here at Camp Rock?” she asked as he laughed bitterly.

“We had a sound that we created here,” he replied. “But the second we got signed the label wanted to change it so we’d be more appealing to our audience. We never really got the chance to develop the sound and we never really fought. We were just so excited that our dreams were coming true. We didn’t really do anything about it until recently. Nate and Jason still take all the crap, I, well, I lash out,” he confessed, surprising her.

“So, those reports about you are true,” she mused allowed before quickly clapping a hand over her mouth, already feeling her face turning bright red as he laughed at her.

“Maybe they are,” he teased. “I personally don’t see the problem with storming off a set, the label on the other hand does.” Mitchie looked at him and laughed at the look on his face, so what if it was true, he wasn’t being a jerk to her.

“I wonder why,” she said back, a smile forming on her face. “Maybe you should work on the attitude.” She felt the smile fade as his face darkened.

“I don’t think I have one,” he countered. “I’m just sick of what Nate, Jason, and I have to deal with. No on listens to us and it’s frustrating.”

“Well throwing coffee at your personal assistant and yelling at groupies is not the best way to take that frustration out,” she told him, before once again turning red. She’d read about that event online and of course she had to bring it up just as they were really starting to get along.

“It gets things done,” he stated quickly. “Enough about me, tell me why in the hell are you hiding that talent in an empty cabin? Why do you think you’re no good? Because Mitchie let me tell you, you’re so wrong on that front.”

“Maybe because I’m a nobody,” she said quietly, surprised that she was actually telling him this. But singing with him made her comfortable, it was as if the song had opened a portal into each others minds, souls, and who knew what else. It was odd but it really seemed like they were somehow comfortable with each other even after knowing each other for barely half an hour.

“You’re not a nobody.” She heard Shane argue and she just shook her head.

“But I am. You wouldn’t get it but I am. I don’t sing in front of people despite the fact that I love music with my whole heart because I simply don’t have people to sing in front of. What you just heard, what we just did, is really the first time I’ve ever sang in front of anyone,” she told him and immediately bit her lip to keep a giggle at bay. Shane’s eyes had just gotten wide as saucers at her confession.

“That’s hard to believe.”

“But it’s the truth. I don’t really have the opportunity to play my music as much as I want to. But it’s a part of me you know? I want to do something with it more than you can possibly know.”

“Oh I think I do know.” He chuckled and she smiled. “It’s like you need to create music because if you don’t it physically hurts-“She felt her eyes go wide at his explanation because it was exactly how she felt about it.

“And when you do it’s the best feeling in the entire world?” she asked and he nodded vigorously.

“Like you could save the world, fly, do anything in the world as long as you can keep singing, keep playing, just keep the music alive within you.”

“Exactly!” She said with a laugh. “I’ve never had anyone get that before, you’re the first to understand.”

“And while Nate and Jason may get what I feel, they’ve never understood what I’m saying when it comes to music. You really get it don’t you?” Mitchie smiled and nodded.

“Absolutely,” she replied vehemently. “I know.”

“So do I.” The look he was giving her was making a blush rise on her cheeks. Mitchie was sure that she’d never had anyone look at her like that before, was sure that Shane was the first to spark something in her like this. She honestly had no idea what was happening but she liked it, she liked him, she’d finally found someone who understood about music and it being a life. No, it was more than life, it was indescribable but he got it with her. And she got him. It was weird, they barely knew each other but she felt like she could tell Shane anything and from the looks of it he felt the same way about her. It was strange but she liked it. A good kind of different. She ‑­

wanted to know more about him, wanted more time with him. At the thought of the word time Mitchie froze, time, her mother, dinner, kitchen. She screamed inwardly, she’d forgotten in all the excitement and had left her mother in the kitchen without her help.

“Crap,” she said quickly as she stood up, much to Shane’s surprise. “I have to go,” she said quickly.

“What? Why?” Shane asked, and upon hearing the distress in his voice, she nearly crumbled and sat back down.

“I-I have to go. I left my mom in the kitchen and I have to help her set things up and dinner is soon and I-“ She stopped as he interrupted her.

“Wait, why is your mother in the kitchen? Why do you have to go help her?” She groaned, not exactly wanting to explain this to Shane. Truth be told she was worried about the reaction he would have to her being the kitchen help but she’d already told him parts of it. There was no point in lying about the rest.

“My mom is the chef here, they hired her and said I could come to Camp at a discount rate as long as I helped her in the kitchen. It was the only way for my family to afford it because we aren’t super rich likes the kids around here,” she explained quickly.

She waited for him to say something and when he didn’t, she panicked, thinking that her assumptions about him were right. So, she quickly reached for her songbook, grabbed it, and was about to bolt out the door when a hand on her wrist stopped her.

“Now, I know you have to go but really, don’t turn into a lightning bolt,” he teased.

“Why not?” She asked. “You obviously don’t want to be associated with the kitchen help, so I’ll leave you alone.”

“And you so obviously don’t know me,” he stated, giving her a slight glare. “And I want you to know me. I want to know you. I like you, think you’re nice. And you have an amazing talent. So I want to be associated with you. I want to get to know you Mitchie. So please, don’t make an assumption like that again. You gave me a lot of information and I just needed time to process it.”

“Oh,” she stated in a small voice. Mitchie immediately felt herself blushing again, and that blush only grew as he chuckled.

“That shyness is something we need to work on Mitch. Listen, why don’t we meet up later? Talk some more?”

“Where?” she asked, a smile already forming and growing on her face.

“The lake, after you’re done helping. I’ll be there, don’t worry. Now go help your mom.”

Mitchie grinned and nodded before rushing off towards the kitchen to help her mother with whatever was left. She couldn’t be more excited about meeting Shane later, about getting t know him, this summer was already shaping up to be one of unexpected things. And she was loving it.


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