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Shane watched her leave the cabin with a smile on his face, before turning back to the piano and letting his fingers flutter over the white keys just once more as he thought about everything that had just happened. In the course of half an hour he had managed to escape crazy fangirls, had heard one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and had befriended the girl to match said voice. He paused at the last thought, was he really becoming friends with a camper? Yes, she was beautiful, and nice, and talented, and he loved it when she blushed in front of him but were they really becoming friends?

He really didn’t know because in reality he only had two friends and they were Nate and Jason. And truth be told; by this point they were more like his brothers because they spent so much time together in the band and outside of it. It was easy to trust them because they were going through this together, they’d been friends since their first year at Camp Rock together. Other than those two he really had a trust issues because of his career. He honestly couldn’t tell if people wanted to know him because of the connections he had, or because of the free stuff he and the guys tended to get. No one ever seemed to want to know Shane Grey the person, so why should Mitchie be any different? Why did he find himself suddenly calling her a potential friend?

As he thought about it, he stood up and pushed himself away from the instrument that had just changed his entire outlook on this camp experience. To think, only minutes ago he’d been on the phone with Nate and Jason, demanding to be brought back to civilization. Now, he wasn’t sure that he wanted to leave, at least not without getting to know Mitchie some more. Smiling to himself, he quickly walked to the door of the cabin, checked for fangirls, and then left to head to his own cabin. He was suddenly very inspired to write music.

As he walked, he thought more about why Mitchie and he could be friends and he realized that he could probably name a million reasons as to why he thought she was different, why he could easily be her friend. He knew a million seemed like a lot for the short time they’d spent together, but something had happened in this room. He knew she’d had a ‘fangirl’ moment in the beginning but that was forgiveable because he had scared the hell out of her. He’d gotten her to talk to him, even if it had involved stealing her songbook and reading it. And he was glad he had because her voice, even when yelling at him was melodic and her songs, the little he’d seen, they were something else. Definitely like the music he used to write with Nate and Jason, it was refreshing.

Maybe that was the main reason he liked her so much, she was refreshing in a world full of posers. Yes, she’d been shy beyond all reason at first and she still kind of was, but he attributed that to the fact that he was new to her. She’d opened up after a few minutes of talking, especially when he’d taken that songbook of hers, and then after they’d sung together she’d really started talking. And he was sure that if this friendship thing worked out then they could work on that shyness and that confidence. Mitchie could sing, write songs, and play music. More importantly she could do it well, no more than well, Mitchie was just plain amazing at what she did.

But more importantly, and what made him think they could make this thing work was that Mitchie seemed like an utterly perfect match for him. Singing together had proved that to him, because singing with her had been utter perfection. They’d harmonized perfectly together, synched, and just totally gotten lost in the music with each other, something he’d never even considered doing with someone other than his bandmates.

When he’d stared into her eyes, he’d felt something, like he was seeing into her soul. He felt completely connected with her in the song, in the moment, and he’d liked it becase that connection seemed to be lasting. She’d understood how he felt about music, how he felt about a lot of things and the best part was he understood her. He felt like he could listen to whatever she had to say and she would in turn listen to him. Hell, they’d already tested that theory and he was anxious to test it even more.

It didn’t even bother him that she was working in the kitchen because it showed just how dedicated she was the to learning as much as she could. He just couldn’t think of a reason to not be a friend, or who knows, maybe more. That song had done more for his heart than he’d ever imagined. He’d felt it spark to life in a way that he’d never experienced before and as much as it scared him, he found that he liked it. A lot.

He stopped thinking the second he realized that he was back at his cabin, he glanced at his watch and saw that it was nearly dinnertime now. So, that had to mean that Mitchie would be done in the kitchens within the next two hours. He knew that he wanted to write music to occupy himself, the only question would be where to write said music. He wanted to be by the lake when Mitchie got there, even if it wouldn’t be sometime because there was no way he was missing her. The only problem was trying to not get noticed by fans. That was something he did not want happening tonight.

After a few minutes of debating Shane decided that Mitchie was worth the risk of meeting crazy fans. He quickly got inside the cabin, headed into his closet and changed into jeans, grabbed his jacket, his own songbook, a pencil, and of course guitar. He looked at the clock on the wall and was surprised to find that he’d managed to do all of that in less than fifteen minutes. Smiling to himself, he put his guitar over his shoulder and headed towards the door, only to be stopped by his Uncle Brown coming into the cabin.

“Shane I was wondering if-going out are we?” Brown asked, his accent thick with curiosity. Shane felt himself tense at the question but tried to calm himself down, he didn’t need to lash outright before going to see Mitchie.

“Yeah,” he responded. “I, well, inspiration calls to me and I want to-“

“Oh really?” Brown asked, a smile on his face. “Well I think someone isn’t so unhappy to be here anymore now is he?”

“Maybe not, I’m not saying I like it here yet,” Shane said. “I was still forced here without any say of my own.”

“You may have been forced here but it was only because you needed it Shane. You’re my nephew, I love you, but you need a realitycheck. I’m going to help give it to you,” his uncle said seriously.

“I don’t….look, I don’t feel like fighting with you right now. I’m tired, dirty, and I just want to go out to the lake and play. So please, move and let me go,” Shane said quietly, trying to hide the anger in his voice. Brown gave him a look before moving aside and motioning towards the door.

“Fine go, but you’ll miss dinner.”

“I’ll live,” Shane stated quickly as he moved towards the door.

“You know Shane, you aren’t the guy I used to know.” Shane paused at the quiet words that came from his Uncle’s mouth.

“You used to be funloving, just lived for the music, and now you’re a jerk. You changed man and it’s not a good one. What happened?”

Shane wanted to talk to him but he didn’t feel like he could trust himself to say the right things. So he said nothing and left the room, and quickly heading towards the lake, wanting to be far away from that cabin and his Uncle in that moment.


Shane wasn’t sure how long he’d been by the lake, he’d stopped looking at his watch a half an hour after he’d gotten there because he didn’t feel like torturing himself. So he’d just picked his guitar up and had been playing and writing nonstop since. He liked what he was doing, no scratch that, he loved what he was doing because it was all him. The song he was working on now was exactly the type he and the guys had loved playing before they’d gotten signed and brought back good memories.

He never noticed the girl creeping up on him slowly, a plate in her hands, complete with plastic silverware and a few napkins until she was standing next to him. And even then he didn’t notice anything until she said something to him.

“T-that’s a new song isn’t it?” she asked quietly, and Shane felt himself jump at the sound of her soft voice. He immediately stopped playing and turned to her, a smile already forming on his lips.

“You really need to make yourself known when coming up on a Rock Star,” he teased. “I almost had a heartattack and that’s a bad thing. Rock Star’s like me can’t have heartattacks this young. “

“Well excuse me for not wanting to interrupt you,” Mitchie remarked as she looked his guitar over. “I know how I am with writing songs, I hate it when anything interrupts me and I thought you’d be the same way.”

“Usually I am,” he confessed. “But I’ll make an exception for you.”

She smiled at him and he felt his heart jump as she leaned down to look at what he was writing. He immediately leaned over to cover the writing with his hands and she looked at him with a glare.

“Why do you get to cover your work from me? I didn’t get that choice when you stole my songbook,” she pouted and he thought it was adorable. How could he say no to the face she was giving him? He couldn’t and he could tell that that was going to be a problem in whatever kind of relationship this ended up being.

“Fine, I’ll show you,” he said, letting out a sigh of defeat. “But only if we go somewhere else. I don’t want anyone else to hear this yet.”

“Where can we go?” she asked. He grinned at that and quickly moved to put his guitar back in its case, grabbed his jacket and everything else he’d brought with him.

“I know a place. We just have to hike a little alright?” he asked, and she nodded, already giving him a smile as he went to grab her hand, wanting to lead her through the woods. But he stopped as he finally saw the plate currently occuping both of her hands.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Dinner,” she replied.

“They don’t let you eat with the rest of the campers?” Shane asked incredulously. He listened as she just giggled and shook her head.

“No, I eat with the rest of the camp. This is for you,” she replied softly. “I didn’t see you at dinner and thought that you’d probably be hungry.”

He felt himself smile at her words, touched by the fact that she’d even taken the time to look for him at dinner and truth be told, he was starving and that food looked really good.

“Thanks, I am. How’d you guess?” He asked, and she smiled.

“You’re a guy, they’re always hungry. I know my cousins eat like the entire house when they’re visiting us.” Shane laughed before motioning to the forest with his head.

“Come on let’s go, its not that bad of a walk, and I want to get there soon. I have food awaiting my very anxious stomach.” He smiled when she giggled, he liked making her do that, he made a mental note to keep that up as they headed into the woods and to a place that was only known about by two other people.


They walked for about ten minutes before Shane finally stopped and looked back to make sure Mitchie was still with him. She was, and her being there also included a look that said ‘We’d better be there soon or so help me I will hurt you.’

He chuckled at the look, and kept walking. “Come on,” he encouraged her. “It’s only another few feet.”

“You said that a few feet ago.” He heard her muttered and he grinned before finally stopping.

“Well I wasn’t lying that time,” he responded, turning to her once more. “Now, before I show this to you, I must swear you to secrecy, this place is only known about by three people. Nate, Jason, and myself. It used to be our place to write and play music without anyone around. I’m letting you share it with us. But tell anyone about it and I’ll have to kill you,” he said in mock seriousness, making her laugh.

“Now, hold your right hand up,” he ordered in a low baritone. She did as asked, balancing the plate she held in her left hand. Amusment was all over her expression and giggles kept leaving her mouth as she tried to put a serious look on her face.

“Do you, Mitchie, promise to uphold the secrecy of this place by all that is holy and sacred in the land of music?” He asked.

“I do Mr. Grey,” she stated and he grinned before pushing back a few branches and revealing his well kept secret. He heard her gasp but didn’t really stop to look at her because the memories of this place quickly washed over him. The place they were currently standing in, was in the middle of the forest, carefully covered by trees and in the middle of this place were a series of boards. It was almost like the leftovers of a deck to a house, but Nate and Jason had nicknamed it 'the raft' ages ago.

This place brought back feelings and memories of a time when they’d all been carefree, writing songs for hours on end or goofing off. This place was really where Connect Three had been born.

“Shane this is just-“

“Amazing?” he interrupted, finally looking at her, grinning at the nod she was throwing his way.

“I know, we found this our first year at Camp Rock and it’s been ours ever since. But, I thought I’d share it with you.”

“Why?” He knew that was a good question and he knew Nate and Jason would ask him the same question when he told them about it.

“Because,” he began. “I thought that you could use a place to be you as much as I do. You need a place to sing, to write, or just get away then this is it. I was thinking that maybe we could, make this our place to come and talk,” he said nervously. He was surprised that he was nervous, then again it wasn’t everyday you asked a beautiful girl you barely knew to talk to you.

“Could we sing more? I liked singing with you earlier.” He smiled at that statement and nodded to her.

“I was hoping you’d say that because I liked singing with you too. A lot.”

There was a pause then, both of them just standing there and looking at the other stupidly before his stomach decided to make itself known. He grimaced at the sound and felt himself blushing ever so slightly. Mitchie laughed and looked down at the food in her hands.

“So, about that food..” he began as she just nodded and walked towards the wood, him following and very intent on eating and talking to the mystery that was the girl in front of him.


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