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Mitchie wasn’t sure what to make of the situation she was currently in. Here she was, sitting in the middle of the forest, on an old deck with a Pop Star and she wasn’t freaking out. She should be, because she and new people didn’t really mix all that well together because well, people ignored her. It was the reason she had exactly one friend back home, but here at Camp Rock, things were changing. She’d found that at dinner and the gathering beforehand she could actually talk to people without stuttering all that badly. She could even say that she was starting to become friends with a girl she’d met earlier that day, Caitlyn. They’d eaten dinner together with Lola, Sander, and Barron and she could honestly say that it was one of the best dinners she’d ever had.

There had been laughter and beat boxing done by the boys and somewhere in the middle of it all, Caitlyn had whipped her laptop out and set some sound to it. In the end, the entire mess hall had erupted into a party and Mitchie was a part of it. She’d gotten to dance around and step out of her shell and she’d wondered why she could so easily do it at the time. Now, here in the forest, she knew. Shane was the reason she’d felt more comfortable here. He’d gotten her to open up to him earlier and apparently that confidence had sort of carried through to dinner.

Sort of, because well, she’d had a not so pleasant experience at dinner as well. The kind that had caused her to go shy all over again. What had happened was an encounter with the Camp’s resident Queen B, Tess Tyler. The blonde witch had walked past the table just as Mitchie had been getting up to get another drink, and they’d basically collided with each other. Tess had gotten water all over the front of her outfit and basically freaked out on Mitchie, actually Tess had full on bitched her out, calling her an ‘incompetent fool’ and a whole other host of other not so nice names before walking away, her two lackies glaring at her as she’d stalked out of the cabin.

Mitchie had been left there in the mess hall, with everyone staring at her, blushing and not knowing what to do. So she’d let her shyness take over once again, sitting down and not saying anything for the rest of the meal, even with Caitlyn and everyone else reassuring her that she shouldn’t take it seriously. She knew she shouldn’t, but Mitchie honestly wasn’t the most confident of people and the words had stung more than she’d like to admit. So she’d scarfed down the rest of her food down and then retreated into the kitchens with her mom to hide, though no one else knew that, she’d just claimed being tired from the day. Mitchie wasn’t entirely sure she wanted the rest of the campers to know exactly how she’d been able to afford Camp Rock. She had a feeling that people like Caitlyn, Lola, Barron, and Sander wouldn’t care, but she just couldn’t tell them yet. She didn’t know them well enough to trust them.

So she’d spent her time in the kitchen, helping to clean up and of course thinking about everything that day. About Camp itself, about her new apparent enemy in Tess, her potential new friends, and of course the person she was now with, Shane. Thinking had given her time to get excited about being here and of course to get what little confidence she’d had back. A task that wasn’t easy but when she’d seen him sitting on the dock earlier, guitar in hand, so lost in the music, she’d felt her heart fluttering. It seemed that the fluttering had helped her get back to where she was earlier in the day, able to talk to him without so much shyness.

It was perplexing to say the least, this confidence he gave her, but she really didn’t want to question it because she liked being able to talk to people, liked the possibility of having more than one friend at camp. But most importantly, she loved the idea of being able to talk to Shane more because she wanted to know him. He may be a jerky pop star to the rest of the world but to her he was, well, he was nice. And she liked him for it.

Except now, she wasn’t sure if she should like or be afraid of him because the way he was consuming the food in front of him was frightening. She knew she’d said that she’d brought the food because he hadn’t been at dinner and that was partly true, she was concerned about him not eating. But in reality she’d brought the food for backup in case they found nothing to talk about here.

Here, she felt herself smiling at the thought of where they were right now, a place she’d never even thought existed around Camp Rock, a place that was obviously special to Shane from the way he’d looked at it, and it was just perfect. The trees around here secluded them from prying eyes, the decrepit old deck served as an amazing place to sit and just look around. She knew that to most people at Camp, like Tess Tyler, this place would be horrible but to her, it was inspiration.

“Is it good?” she asked, watching him wolf down the spaghetti she’d brought him, a grin already spreading on her face. When he looked up from the plate, a sheepish grin on his face, he nodded and swallowed the very large mouthful he’d been trying to process.

“Amazing, thank you. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was.”

“I can see,” she replied, laughing as she looked around the deck and saw his guitar case beside him before looking back up at his face to find him smiling at her.

“Want to hold it?” he asked knowingly. She felt her eyes widen at that and instantly nodded, Mitchie wanted nothing more than to hold the guitar near him because she’d seen it earlier. It was top of the line, newest Gibson acoustic out there and she wanted to hold it, play it, and just be in awe of it because she would certainly never be able to afford it anytime soon. “Well what are you waiting for Mitch? Go on, take it out and play. ”

“Really? I can play it?” She felt herself giggling when he just gave her this look before nodding towards the case.

“Yes really. It’s the least I can do for you after you brought me this amazing food.”

She instantly, eagerly, wonderfully reached for the soft case and pulled it towards her. Opening it quickly and pulling the instrument out and settling it in her hands and lap. She was in awe of its wonderful color and shape, her eyes never leaving its smooth wood as her hands ran over the strings.

“It’s amazing.”

“I know, like me right?” Shane asked his mouth slightly full of spaghetti. Mitchie looked up and rolled her eyes at him.

“I have yet to pass judgment on your amazement Mr. Grey. This guitar however, pretty much rocks.” When Shane laughed, she grinned, and turned her attention back to the guitar in her hands.

“Play something,” he commanded and she looked at him once more.


“You heard me Mitch, play me something. I want to hear more of your amazing voice.”

“Shane,” she sighed.

“Mitchie,” he sighed back and she felt herself fighting a grin off. She wanted to play the guitar, really she did but she had no idea what to play. Not to mention the fact that she was still nervous about playing any of her material in front of anyone. “I don’t know what to play,” she tried to argue.

“That sounds like an excuse to me, but fine, you don’t have to play anything, yet.” Mitchie groaned at the look he gave her, one that said before they left this place she would play something whether she liked it or not.

“You’re evil,” she muttered and he grinned.

“I know,” he sighed again, finally putting his plate down on the deck and staring at her full on. “So, if you won’t play me anything, why don’t we get to know each other first?”

Mitchie hesitated, suddenly doubting her abilities to be able to hold a conversation with the man before her. She’d come out here with him to do just that right? Get to know him, to find out exactly who Shane Grey was and of course she still wanted to do that. But what if she clammed up in front of him again? What if she couldn’t talk?

“That’s a b-b,” she stopped, trying to calm her racing nerves down.

“Mitchie, I know that the press paints me as a jerk, but you can talk to me. I promise no biting your head off.” At his soft words, she felt her shell melting just a little bit. He was right, the press painted him as someone that no one would want to associate with, but he’d been nice to her so far. He’d brought her to this amazing place without hesitation, the least she could do was talk to him. She wanted to know Shane, and she wanted to let him know the real her, the Mitchie that wasn’t always a shy wallflower, but a girl who loved music more than life itself.

“Ok,” she said, finally allowing herself to look at him. “We can talk, I want to talk. But-“

“But what?” she heard the exasperation in his voice and grinned.

“But I get to keep holding the guitar,” she said, reasoning with herself that if things got awkward she’d at least have something familiar in her hands to comfort her. She watched Shane anxiously, hoping that he’d let her keep holding the instrument and to her surprise he was smiling. His eyes spoke volumes, saying that he understood and when he nodded, Mitchie let out a sigh of relief.

“Deal,” he said, putting his now empty plate in the grass and leaning back on his hands. “Now you start, tell me about yourself,” he prodded.

“What do you want to know?” She asked, still finding it hard to believe that he wanted to know anything at all about you.

“Anything, everything. What your full name is, how old you are, where you live, how long you’ve been singing, everything,” he said, and she giggled, suddenly finding some confidence within herself. She wanted to know Shane and it was only fair that he should know about her.

“Fine, we’ll start with the first four questions. My full name is Michelle Maria Torres, but don’t you ever call me that in public. I like Mitchie just fine. I’m sixteen. I live in San Francisco, California and according to my mother-I was singing before I could talk,” she told him and felt a blush creeping up through her cheeks.

“Why don’t you like your real name?” He asked. “I think it’s pretty. Really pretty.” His words made Mitchie blush again and she found that she liked hearing that word come out of his mouth.

“My abuela used to criticize me with my full name so I took on Mitchie to differentiate between it,” she confessed, turning her gaze away from Shane and onto the guitar in her hands.

“Well then you’ll be Mitchie or Mitch to me,” he replied. “Tell me more.”

“Like what?”

“I said it before, everything Mitch. I want to know everything about you.”

“Well...alright. You asked for it.” And with Shane’s guitar in hand Mitchie proceeded to tell Shane exactly what he wanted to know about her, everything.


Sometime later, Mitchie Torres could safely say that Shane knew almost every little detail about her life. She’d been talking for what seemed like forever, telling him about her childhood, her life in the suburbs, her favorite things in the world, and of course music. Shane hadn’t been ‑­

kidding when he’d said that he’d wanted to know everything about her. When she didn’t give him enough information, he grilled her until he was satisfied with what she had to say. Like now, after they’d gotten over the basics he’d started asking her about the songs she wrote and the instruments she played and of course why she’s never played in front of anyone before.

“Come on Mitch-why haven’t you ever performed in front of people? You’ve got the talent,” he pressed again.

He’d been doing this for the past few minutes, because she honestly didn’t want to talk about this part of her life. The part of her world where she only had one friend who mine as well be a part of MENSA, the one where she really was a nobody who was just there to get picked on when the popular girls got bored. Truth be told, Mitchie Torres was terrified of performing in a school talent show because she knew that people would make fun of her, no matter how much talent she had.

“Shane, stop, please, let’s talk about something else,” she tried once again to change the subject, and once again she failed.

“No, you’re avoiding this and I want to know why. You should’ve been performing in front of people a long time ago with your voice.”

“I wanted to perform but it’s complicated. School is-I’m a nobody,” she said in a small voice, once again drifting off into her shell. “I’m really, really, really a nobody. Shane I have exactly one friend and most of the time we get ignored by everyone. But occasionally those mean girls get bored and make fun of us. I’ve always been terrified of performing in anything school related because of what they would do to me,” she told him, her eyes focusing on the ground, on anything but him.

There was silence between them and that made her nerves grow even more. She fought desperately to keep control over them, tried to keep herself positive, but she was finding that impossible. So she resorted to the one thing that would help keep her sane in all of this; music, her saving grace. The guitar in her hands finally came to use as she let her fingers move over the steel strings, the sounds coming from them soothing her.

She lost herself to the music, no singing involved, just playing a melody to keep her occupied. She never noticed Shane moving closer to her until she felt his hand covering hers on the guitar. Mitchie felt herself jump at the contact, not because she was scared but because well-something happened in that nano second. She had no idea what, but something happened the second his callused hand made contact with hers- she felt something happen between them. It was like a spark, a sign, it was unexplainable but she felt it. Without even thinking about it her gaze shot up to meet his, and she saw that he had to have felt the same thing, whatever it had been. She felt him freeze as they looked at each other; it was as if they were both at a loss as to what to say to the other.

But that silence only lasted for a few moments before Shane seemed to snap out of his daze and moved his hand once more to cover hers. She stopped moving it when he gave hers a light squeeze but didn’t say anything.

“Mitch, you don’t have to be ashamed by that,” he told her. “I know what it’s like because that’s how things were for me before I came to Camp Rock. I didn’t have a lot of friends at my high school and I was pretty invisible too. “

“But you don’t seem like the kind of guy who would be invisible,” she found herself saying. He laughed at that and shook his head in disbelief.

“But I was, because I loved music and no one understood that. Not even my former friends. So I get where you’re coming from. Really,” he said, trying to emphasize that he understood, and Mitchie knew he did. The truth in his eyes was hard to deny.

“But understand something; you’re in a place where everyone loves music as much as you do this summer. You’re not a freak here; you’re not a nobody if you don’t want to be. You’ve got a chance to break that shell of yours and be a star because with your talent-you should be. ” Mitchie felt herself blushing again at his words, no one had ever said something like that to her before, and coming from Shane’s mouth-it seemed to take on even more meaning.

“Thanks Pop Star that means a lot.”

“You know,” he laughed. “I think you’re the only one I’ve ever let call me that before. Usually I prefer to be called Rock Star but….because I like you, you can call me whatever you want to.” She felt herself giggling at that.

“Good because I like calling you Pop Star.” He leaned in close to her and Mitchie felt her breathing literally stop for a few moments.

“Just don’t do it in public and we’ll be fine.” His soft words made her nod in agreement, actually it seemed that all Shane would have to do is talk to her like that and she’d agree to what he wanted. That could be a problem in whatever this was becoming but it was one she would think about later.

The two stayed in complete silence for a few moments, but it wasn’t awkward silence, it was comfortable. Shane had yet to remove his hand from hers, and Mitchie found that she didn’t mind, that his hand was comforting her without even trying.

“And you know what else Mitch?”


“You’ve got more than one friend now. You’ve got me.”

“Good,” she replied. “Because I think I can like having you a friend. There’s just one little problem.”

“And that is?” he asked, his facial features changing into ones of confusion instantly.

“You know almost everything about me and I know next to nothing about you. How is that fair?”

“Hmm,” he pretended to think for a moment. “You’re right. What do you want to know?”

She laughed and settled herself on the deck, regretfully pulling her hand away from his. She wanted nothing more than to keep their hands in close contact, but she was more curious about getting to know the Shane in front of her.

“Hmm, let’s start with the basics. Full name, age, where you’re from. Then we can move on to everything else.”


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