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Mitchie knew that she should be uncomfortable right now. After all it was dark and she was in the forest, anyone in their right mind would be uncomfortable because the entire scene screamed ‘Blair Witch remake’ to her. But she wasn’t uncomfortable, she wasn’t scared, in fact she was incredibly content at the moment because she was being led through the dark and creepy forest by Shane. Their hands were touching and he was going slowly, saying that he didn’t want her to trip and fall, but she had a feeling that he didn’t want to leave just yet and that was alright with her. In fact it was better than just alright with her, because Mitchie wasn’t ready to leave yet.

She wasn’t ready to go back to the camp where she really didn’t know anyone, where she was just the newbie camper, she liked it here. Here with Shane, she’d been able to be herself, had been comfortable, and she didn’t feel like a shy wallflower. She was just Mitchie and Shane seemed perfectly alright with the plain old normal girl she was. Actually he seemed more than alright with that fact and he also seemed more than alright with the fact that they were friends.

Friends, that thought perplexed her because Mitchie honestly didn’t understand exactly how she’d managed to befriend someone much less a famous someone. But to be honest, Mitchie didn’t even care that he was famous because now that she knew things about him, knew him personally, Shane Grey wasn’t just a Pop Star. No, he was a person, a real person with feelings and emotions, and a person that she was now friends with. It was just weird thinking about the fact that she had more than one friend now, that she could actually talk comfortably with this friend even though she’d only known him a few hours. But Shane was just; he got her. There were no other words for it, Shane Grey understood her in ways that even Sierra didn’t get.

Sierra, Mitchie had to smile at the thought of her best friend; they’d been two peas in a pod since grade school, had managed to survive the hell that was middle school, and now they were in the hell that was high school together. Mitchie loved her like a sister, really she did, but when it came to music, Sierra didn’t get her passion for it. Sure, she thought it was a good hobby, but she didn’t realize that it was basically Mitchie’s life. She didn’t understand how important it was to her sanity and peace of mind. No, Sierra for all her compassion and brains just couldn’t see it but Shane did.

He understood it and Mitchie was starting to think that that was what made her so drawn to him. They understood each other so it wasn’t hard to talk to him about things. So far, it was easy being his friend, so far, she wasn’t sure how it would work out but she was excited to take the journey.

“You still with me?” Shane’s voice cut through Mitchie’s thoughts and she finally realized that their pace had slowed down considerably.

“Still here,” she promised. “I just got lost in my thoughts for a while there.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Today and how weird it’s been,” she told him immediately.

“Weird how?” he asked, actually stopping their walk through the forest and turning to look at her.

“That I can talk to you so easily. That I even met you, that we’re friends. That I trust you,” she listed off and Shane smiled.

“I know right? It’s crazy but I feel like I can trust you too. I mean, I just know that you won’t go running off to Pop Informer magazine for a tell all. And I like that we’re friends,” Shane said softly and Mitchie just smiled.

“I would never go to Pop Informer and I like that we’re friends too. It’s nice to have someone that understands.”

The two just stared at each other for a few more moments before Shane gently pulled on her arm to signal that he wanted to keep on moving.

“As much as I don’t want to, it’s getting darker by the minute so we should get back. After all, as a camper you should get to opening jam and meet new people.”

“Will you be there?”

“Are you kidding? No. I don’t even want to be at this stupid camp in the first place and I don’t want to deal with those crazy fangirls.”

“Oh,” Mitchie said quietly, not really knowing what to say to his words. She’d heard that he was being forced to come to Camp Rock because of his attitude, one that she hadn’t seen until just now. So, maybe those magazines were right, Shane Grey was a jerk, but he was nice to her.

“Why do you hate it here?” She prodded. “I mean, it’s where you got your start your roots, you shouldn’t hate it.”

“I’m being forced to come here Mitchie, that’s why. I’ve had to shower in cold water, not have hair gel, and it’s just its bad. Not what I’m used to. The only good thing that’s happened since I got here was meeting you.”

“I don’t think it’s that bad,” she muttered under her breath, not thinking that Shane would hear it. But alas, he did, and once again he stopped, and Mitchie not expecting it ran right into his back.

She heard Shane grunted once and he quickly turned around but she was already backing away and looking up at him, apologies forming on her lips in seconds.

“I’m s-sorry, you just stopped and-” She stopped talking after one look from Shane.

“Mitch its fine, I should be apologizing to you, like you said, I just stopped, no warning or anything. You alright?”

“Fine,” she told him. “Why’d you stop? We have to get back.”

“Because I heard what you said and wanted to talk to you about it. How can you say that it’s not that bad? I mean we’re in the middle of nowhere, there are bugs and cold showers, nothing to do. Why is that ok with you?”

She stared at him for a few moments, trying to process what Shane had jus said. She wondered how he could possibly be saying the things about the place where he’d gotten his start, the place he’d spoken so fondly of back on that ‘raft’. She supposed this was that Pop star attitude coming back to the surface, the one she’d hoped she’d never have to see, but she was witnessing it now and she didn’t like it. Yes, she was a shy wallflower but that didn’t mean she would tolerate someone trashing their roots, especially when she happened to love it here.

“Maybe it’s ok with me because this place happens to be one of the best music programs around, because people get noticed here, maybe its ok with me because I happen to love it here,” she told him heatedly. “And I would think that you’d still love it here too Shane, the way you talked about it back there made it seem like that. I mean you got your start here, you met your best friends here, but obviously you’ve forgotten what this place used to be.”

“I haven’t forgotten Mitchie, it’s just different now.”

“Different how? Different because you’re not a camper anymore? Because you’re famous?” She asked, feeling her temper rising as she spoke. Shane had just been so open and honest with her, so nice and now he was being cryptic and acting like the jerk that magazines made him out to be.

“Maybe,” he muttered and Mitchie wanted to slap him, really and truly wanted to slap him because he was being ridiculous.

“How can you say that? After everything you just told me about this place? How can you not want to be here?” she asked and then continued on, she didn’t want Shane to get a word in until she was done. “Well Shane you obviously have another side to you that I didn’t see before and I think I know why you were sent here. You need to get back to your roots, and here is the place to be.”

“Mitchie you don’t understand,” Shane whined and Mitchie though angry, had to admit that the way he was looking at her was adorable, but she couldn’t let that phase her. Not when she had to make a point.

“Well then you need to make me understand,” she told him. “But I don’t think you will Shane because I don’t see how you could hate this place. I don’t see how you can have that attitude, and let me tell you something mister-if you want to be my friend you will learn to drop that attitude around me. I don’t like it and I will call you out on it got it?” She asked heatedly, and she almost started laughing at the surprised look on his face. Mitchie guessed that this was the first time anyone had ever told him anything like this and to be honest she was surprised she was the one doing it. But she knew it had to be done because she really did like him and she really didn’t want to screw up this new friendship and if he kept up with that attitude she would most assuredly snap. It wasn’t the Shane she was coming to know, it was the one that media painted and she knew that it was fake and Mitchie would not take fake when she was with him.

“Shane, you’re not answering me,” she said softly, fearing that maybe he was angry with her. “Do you understand?”

“Y-yeah,” he stuttered, taken aback by her voice. “No attitude around you, got it,” he muttered and she smiled. There was the Shane she was starting to know, the one she liked.

“Good,” she told him, her mood instantly picking up.

“But I’m still not going to Opening Jam,” he told her vehemently. “I am not dealing with fangirls. I refuse.”

“Fine,” she sighed. She couldn’t make him go to something and he did have a point. She’d heard some of the girls at dinner and they were a little scary when they spoke about Shane.

“You ready to go again?” he asked, and she grinned when he took her hand in his again. Mitchie had to admit; holding hands with Shane was nice, really nice. She just loved the feel of his calloused hand against hers, the way he gently held hers, it made her tingle and she didn’t want it to stop. She squeezed his hand in response, nodding as he smiled.

He started walking again, leading her through the forest, and for a few moments there was simple silence. Mitchie just walked along, basking in the warmth of Shane’s hand and most importantly his jacket were providing. She loved wearing his jacket because well it was warm and it smelled good. Really good and she wondered if Shane always smelled like this because if that was the case; she could see why his fans wanted to be so close to him.

“Shane?” she asked softly, her curiosity coming back to her again.


“What are you going to do?”


“During Opening Jam, if you aren’t with the camp what will you do?”

“I don’t know, I’ll probably call the guys, bitch them out, work on the song I was writing earlier,” he told her and Mitchie immediately felt herself perk up and she actually took two big steps so that she was now standing beside Shane. She giggled when he looked down at her, eyebrows raised and she squeezed his hand once more.

“What?” she asked slowly. “It started to feel weird talking to your back.”

“Sure it did,” he told her with a chuckle. “But something tells me that you want to know more about my song too.”

“Well the thought may have crossed my mind,” she told him innocently, looking up into his eyes, her face shifting into a pout. “But only if you wanted too. I really did love what I heard earlier.”

“Well I thank you Ms. Torres but I really don’t know what I can tell you about it,” he said honestly. “I just started writing it after all, but I will tell you that it’s definitely what the guys and I used to write before we got signed.”

“Well I can’t wait to hear it when you finish it.”

“You’ll be the first, I promise.”

She smiled and once again there was silence between them, but it was comfortable silence, they were just enjoying each other’s company until they finally reached the outside of the forest. She sighed as they stopped once more, knowing that this would be where they parted until tomorrow. Mitchie had been having so much fun but she knew that there was no way she’d be able to convince him to come with her to Opening Jam. Shane seemed to read her mind, because not even two seconds after she’d had the thought she heard him talking to her.

“So,” he began. “I guess this is-”

“MITCHIE!” Both teenagers jumped at the name being shouted and instantly turned towards the sound. Mitchie smiled when she saw Caitlyn walking towards her. Her new friend walked quickly, reaching the spot she and Shane were currently occupying within seconds. Mitchie frowned when she felt Shane tense next to her, dropping her hand as he stepped away from her.

“God you’re a hard person to find. I’ve been looking for you since after dinner. I wanted to make sure that you were alright after the wicked witch-” Mitchie laughed and held her hand up, trying to save Caitlyn from asking too many questions.

“I’m fine, promise. I just had to clear my head,” she explained, glancing at Shane in the process, trying to see if he was alright. That glance wasn’t lost on Caitlyn and she too turned her eyes towards him, her eyebrows shooting up in the process as she realized exactly who Mitchie was with.

“Why don’t you take a damn picture it’ll last longer,” Shane spat out, and Mitchie instantly found her hand going out to slap his arm. “OW! What was that for?”

She glared at him as he looked at her, his free hand rubbing the spot that she had just hit. “For being mean, what did I say about that attitude? Be nice, she isn’t some stalker fangirl.”

“And how do you know?”

“Because I said so,” she hissed at him before turning to Caitlyn who was looking at the both of them, amusement clearly written on her face.

“Caitlyn, I’m sorry. Shane is just too paranoid for his own good.”

“Riight,” Caitlyn said. “And that leads to him being Mr. Jackass right? Because really, I was just looking to make sure you weren’t an axe murderer or a rapist,” she told Shane with a glare. “Next time why don’t you try and introduce yourself nicely? I don’t care if you are Shane Grey, manners help.”

“She’s right Shane,” Mitchie said with a giggle, and he glared at her. “Don’t you give me that look, apologize to her, now.”

“No, she was staring at me.”

“And is that a crime?” Caitlyn asked. “I explained myself; you’re just being a prick now.”

“I have to agree with her,” Mitchie said. “Apologize for being mean, she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s not going to maul you, right Caitlyn?”

“Ew,” Caitlyn gave a mock shudder at the thought. “I don’t even really listen to your music, why would I maul you?”

“You don’t like our music?” Shane asked curiously, his gaze drifting back to Caitlyn who got a look of disgust on her face.

“No, its way to over-produced for my tastes and it’s not you guys. I was here the year Connect 3 formed and I just can’t bring myself to listen to a sound that’s so unoriginal and not yours.”

“And what did you say your name was again?”

“I didn’t and I won’t until I get some form of apology from you,” Caitlyn said with a glare and Mitchie laughed as Shane just looked at her.

“You heard her Pop Star, apologize, I’m not helping you out of this one,” she told him with a grin, he pouted and she just shook her head and looked at Caitlyn.

“Fine,” Shane grumbled. “I’m sorry for being a jackass.”

“Awww, I almost tasted the sarcasm on your tongue,” Caitlyn remarked. “But I guess that’s the best I’ll get from you right now. I’m Caitlyn Gellar.”

“Gellar, Gellar,” Shane rolled the last name over his tongue and Mitchie looked at him oddly as he thought. “What are you here for?”

“Producing,” Caitlyn said, staring at Shane as though he had gone crazy and Mitchie was beginning to think he had before he started talking.

“I REMEMBER you! Nate had the biggest crush on you when we went here!” Shane shouted and Mitchie jumped at the excitement in his voice. “All he talked about was your for like months on end, about how cute you were, how nice you were, what kind of style you had. He seriously had it bad for you.”

“Really? He never said anything about it,” Caitlyn muttered.

“Well Nate was really shy and he wasn’t sure how you’d react. It took Jason and me all summer to convince him to talk to you about it, and he was going to after Final Jam but then…” Shane stopped talking after that and Caitlyn nodded.

“I know the rest of the story; you guys got whisked away by the executives at Lava, and became the Pop Superstars you are today. Now, I know why you’ve been sent back to Camp Shane but it doesn’t explain how you know Mitchie. I mean, Mitchie are your parents connected somehow?” Caitlyn asked, turning towards Mitchie.

Mitchie automatically felt a blush creep up on her face as she shook her head, instantly chastising herself for doing so because Caitlyn probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish the movements in the darkness.

“N-no, we just met today. He kind of sort of caught me singing in the mess hall when I was setting the tables up.”

“Oh, well that explains things, I think,” Caitlyn said and Mitchie felt herself blushing all the more. “But why were you setting up the mess hall?”

“Because my mom’s the caterer here at Camp, I help out so I can come here at a discounted rate, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it,” Mitchie confessed in a soft voice. There was silence for a few moments and once again Mitchie found herself fearing that Caitlyn wouldn’t like her because of how she’d come here. In fact she was considering running back into the forest but found that thought would be impossible because Shane had once again moved closer to her and took her hand in his.

“I s-should go,” Mitchie said, but before she could do anything Caitlyn was in front of her and Mitchie could very well make out the face she was making, one that said ‘leave and die’.

“Don’t you even think about leaving, and don’t you for one second think that I wouldn’t like you because of how you come here. I’m not Tess, god I’d want you to like push me down a flight of stairs if I ever became her,” Caitlyn said with a shudder and Mitchie laughed. “I’m serious Mitchie. But really, don’t think that I care about that. I mean I have to help my parents out with their construction business so I can come here.”

“Really?” Mitchie asked. “I thought that most people around here just got to come here because their parents were in the business or rich.”

“Well that’s the way it is for most people around here and I won’t deny the fact that my family is pretty well off but my parents want me to work for things, so I work to come. They say it’s about ‘teaching me values’ or some crap like that,” Caitlyn said with a laugh. “But what I’m getting at is how you got here is nothing to be ashamed of because people like Lola, Barron, Sander, and myself aren’t going to care. They liked you earlier, said you were a little shy but they like you. I like you too.”

Mitchie honestly didn’t know what to say to that, she was speechless, but it was in a good way. She’d honestly liked the people she’d sat with at dinner, and she was glad to know that they liked her too. She was glad that Caitlyn liked her because Mitchie saw the possibility of having a real friendship with the girl in front of her.

“We’re working on the shy,” Shane finally interrupted them and Caitlyn once again glanced at him, and then at their intertwined hands. The blush that Mitchie had felt going away instantly returned at the raised eyebrows Caitlyn was giving her. This time it was she who dropped their hands, not really wanting to draw more attention to herself.

“Well, “Caitlyn began. “I came to make sure you were alright and to see if you wanted to come to Opening Jam with me, Lola’s performing and I thought we could go support her together? The Jerk over here can even come,” she said with a smirk towards Shane who looked at Caitlyn with a glare.

Mitchie chuckled at their interaction between them and just rolled her eyes as Shane looked at her with a pout.

“Well the Pop Star here won’t be going but I’d love to. It’s where I was coming anyway.”

“Awesome, so why don’t we head back? They’re going to be starting soon.”

“Sure,” Mitchie said with a grin, before turning to Shane, giving him a soft smile as he looked at her. “You sure you don’t want to come Pop Star?”

“Absolutely,” Shane said vehemently and Mitchie just found herself giggling.

“Fine, your loss,” she told him with a smile. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Same time? Same Place?”

“I’ll be there, and hey who knows, I might be in one of your classes.” Shane groaned at the mention of classes and Mitchie recalled that during their conversations in the forest he’d mentioned getting up at the crack of dawn being ungodly. “You’ll survive, if anything you’ll see me.”

“Hmm, tempting, very tempting, but enough to get me out of bed?”

“I should be,” she told him with a cheeky grin.

“Mitchie,” Caitlyn singsonged. “I hate to break up this little fight but we really should go, Lola will kill me if I miss her performance.”

“Alright Caitlyn, calm down,” Mitchie told her new friend with a smile before turning back to Shane. “I have to go.”

“I know, now get out of here, go have fun,” he ordered her. “But can I have my jacket back? I don’t think you want questions about why you have it on, it is my trademark after all.”

Mitchie said nothing to him, just quickly shrugged herself out of his all too comfortable leather jacket and handed it over to him. He took it within seconds and gave her one last smile, one she could make out in the faint glow coming from the now lit camp.

“Tomorrow,” he told her as he set off toward his own cabin, and Mitchie finally turned to face Caitlyn with a grin on her face.

“Shall we?” she asked happily and Caitlyn grinned at her before linking their arms together and setting off in the opposite direction of Shane.

The two walked in silence for a few minutes, but Mitchie knew that it wasn’t going to last long and she was right. Within two minutes of their departure for the Opening Jam Caitlyn was looking at her and talking about what had just happened.

“So you and Shane are-”

“Just friends,” Mitchie said with a glance at her friend. “I mean it Caitlyn,” she reiterated when she got another set of raised eyebrows.

“Really? Because you were holding hands and-”

“I got nervous when I had to tell you about my mom, he was just comforting me. It’s just a friendship, I promise, I mean we just met today.”

“So? A lot can happen in less than twenty-four hours and you two were fighting like an old married couple,” Caitlyn said with a snort and Mitchie found herself giggling. “Personally Mitchie, I have no idea how you stand him, I mean Hot Tunes makes him out to be such a dickhead.”

“I know, but he hasn’t been that way to me so far. He’s nice, really,” Mitchie tried to convey and Caitlyn just gave her a look as they finally got into the Camp and headed towards the Mess Hall.

“Whatever you say Mitchie, I’ll believe you if you say so,” Caitlyn told her as they finally got to the mess hall. Before they could go inside Mitchie stopped the other brunette next to her at the door.

“Caitlyn, you won’t tell anyone will you? I don’t want questions and-”

“Hey don’t worry about it,” Caitlyn interrupted. “Your secret is safe with me. Promise.”

“Thanks Caitlyn,” Mitchie responded with a smile as she reached for the door to the hall and held it open for her friend. “But you know…I can’t believe that Nate Thompson liked you.”

“Hey!” Caitlyn cried as she stepped inside. “I’m a damn good catch Torres, he’d be lucky to have me.”

The two teenage girls glanced at each other for a few moments before they lapsed into fits of giggles, heading into the cabin to watch Lola perform and to officially be welcomed into Camp Rock for the interesting summer it was bound to be now.


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