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As Shane headed back to his cabin, he couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. He knew it probably sounded silly but he literally turned around to watch Mitchie leave with Caitlyn, a smile crossing his face as he heard her laughter carrying on the wind. He was sad to leave her, but he was also happy that she was going to be with friends because frankly she deserved them.

All he had to do now was convince her she had talent and get her some confidence. Shane knew that those two goals would take some time to accomplish but he had all summer and he was confident in his abilities. In fact, he was already starting to see some confidence Mitchie from the way she’d spoken to him earlier. Actually, spoken to was an understatement, Mitchie Torres had full on bitched Shane Grey out for his attitude and oddly enough he was alright with that. Granted, it had been a shock because he never let anyone speak to him like that but with Mitchie it was different. It was different because she actually treated him like a person, because she listened to him, because she was just different. He liked that about her and he wasn’t about to lose her friendship because of the attitude that he knew he had.

Friends. Now there was a word that he never thought he’d say to himself ever again. For the longest time he’d resigned himself to just having Nate and Jason as his friends. After all they were the only two people he could trust in this crazy business but Mitchie was starting to change that view. At the very least he could trust her, and he liked that because it’d had been so long since he’d felt that with anyone.

Shane jumped out of his thoughts when he felt a vibration in his pocket. He quickly reached for his phone as he resumed walking towards his cabin. He didn’t want to be out here, alone, in the dark with no one to protect him from the fangirls if they spotted him. But that was beside the point, what was in the now was his cell phone going off and who exactly was calling him. Shane smirked when he saw the name in the caller i.d. Nate, now for the first time all day he was happy to see that name pop up bon his phone. Because now that he knew Caitlyn, Shane was planning to take some much needed revenge upon his bandmate.

He grinned as he opened his phone and put it to his ear, already taking delight in all the possibilities his mind was coming up with right now.

“Hello,” he said into the phone and he grimaced when he heard Jason’s laugh from the other end, how dare they have fun without him?

“Hey there buddy,” Nate’s voice rang out from the other end of the line. “Jase and I just wanted to see if you were still alive.”

“Yeah, we were betting you’d gone crazy by now,” Jason said with a chuckle and Shane felt himself glaring at the phone.

“Thanks so freaking much for the vote of confidence guys,” Shane snorted into the phone as he finally reached his cabin. Sighing in relief he quickly headed up the stairs and opened the door as he listened to Nate speaking.

“Anytime there Buddy. But seriously, now that you’ve had an entire day at Camp, can you honestly say that you hate it there?”

“Yes,” Shane hissed as he set his guitar by the dresser and threw his jacket on a nearby chair. “I mean really, its nature, and trees, and I don’t do that guys.”

“So? You need an attitude adjustment and like we said in the car, Camp Rock used to be our favorite place. We loved it there and you need to freaking remember that before the label decides to drop us,” Nate lectured and Shane felt himself rolling his eyes at the words.

“That label won’t drop us, we’re their hottest band right now, they aren’t stupid enough to lose us and you know it,” he told Nate heatedly. “But honestly I don’t know if I would care because the label isn’t letting us be us.”

“Well Shane maybe if you didn’t throw temper tantrums at every turn we’d get to be ourselves,” Nate hissed. Shane sighed and collapsed on top of his bed after he’d gotten everything else taken care of.

“Well if you and Jason keep on saying nothing then I guess they’ll just get it right?” He asked and he heard Jason and Nate both voice a loud Hey, from their end. “Look guys, could we not fight right now. It’s been a long day and I am just not in the mood to beat you in an argument.” Shane smiled at the loud protests that followed his remarks and almost laughed as he heard Nate and Jason wrestling for the phone. Despite his annoyance with his two friends, he still couldn’t deny the fact that they were his friends.

“Jason stop it!” Nate called out.

“No! Shane would sooo not beat us! We are better than him and I want to know if he’s making me a birdhouse yet.”


Shane couldn’t help himself as he listened to them fight even more until he finally could take no more. He loved the two like his brothers and like brothers they were being rather annoying now.

“GUYS! Stop it. I would so beat you and you know it AND I am not making you a birdhouse Jason,” he said pointedly and immediately after that he heard Jason’s protest.

“Jason shut up! He isn’t going to make you a birdhouse, get over it, and Shane you would not beat us,” Nate said and Shane laughed.

“Whatever guys,” Shane scoffed. “Just keep telling yourselves that. Can we just call this a draw for now?”

“Fine,” Came the response from the other end.

“But don’t think you’ll win this when it comes up again,” Nate taunted and Shane rolled his eyes but he chose to not say anything for once, he really wasn’t in the mood to argue with them. Besides, if he argued he couldn’t take some revenge, and he really wanted to take some revenge upon Nate. Jason would have to wait; he needed time to plan that one out more so than Nate.

“Sure whatever,” he said again, a smile forming on his face as he thought of the fun he was about to have with Nate. “Let’s talk about something else Nate, buddy, do you remember Caitlyn Gellar?”

“What? W-why do you ask?”

Shane smirked at the obvious falter in his friend’s voice, oh the fun he was going to have right now. He would have to thank Caitlyn for it later, and maybe get her number for Nate if he felt so inclined.

“Well maybe because I ran into her a little while ago and I may have mentioned you and-”

“YOU WHAT?!” Nate shouted from the other end of the line as Jason started talking.

“Caitlyn Gellar? Nate wasn’t that the girl you liked like a lot?”

“Jason! Shush,” Nate hissed. “Shane what in the hell did you do?”

“Oh nothing,” Shane said with a snicker. “I just maybe may have mentioned the huge crush you had on her and how it took Jason and I all summer to convince you to-”

“WHAT?! Shane how could you?”

“Maybe because I wasn’t thinking about it when I was talking to her, either way she knows now.”

“Shane..”Nate whined. “You suck you know that right?”

“Yes, I know,” he chuckled. “And I’m really ok with that, anyways, think you could still like her?”

“Maybe,” Nate said slowly. “Why? Did she say something?”

“Nate, why was Shane even talking to her?” Jason asked from across the line and for a few minutes there was silence between the two parties.

“You know Jason, you make a good point. Shane why did you start talking to her? She’s not beneath you?”

“No, I was with Mitchie and Caitlyn came over to get her and-”

“Mitchie? Who’s Mitchie? Shane did you meet someone?” Nate asked, shocked and Shane groaned. He honestly had not intended to tell Nate or Jason anything about Mitchie until he got to know her but his stupid big mouth had just created a problem. Now he had to tell them everything because they wouldn’t let up until he did so. This he had definitely not planned on.

“Shane,” Nate’s voice cut through his thoughts and once again he groaned. “Who is Mitchie? Why do you know a Mitchie? Talk now.”

“She’s, well, she’s someone I met today,” Shane began, pausing to take a breath. “After I got off the phone with you two earlier I kind of got noticed by some fans and well they started to run after me; so I ran and then I tripped into some bushes and decided to stay there to wait them out. And while I was waiting for them to scram I heard something.”

“You heard something?” Jason interrupted. “Was it birds? Because I remember Camp Rock having a lot of birds and-”

“Jason!” Shane exclaimed, he loved Jason like a brother, really he did but sometimes his tangents about birds needed to be stopped. “If you want to hear the rest of this you will stop before you even start.”

Silence met his threat for a few brief moments before he heard Jason’s muttered ‘sorry’ and he smiled because he would get to continue. If he was going to spill his guts he mine as well do it all full force.

“Thank you, now as I was saying, I heard something coming from the cabin and it was a voice,” he said softly, his smile growing as he thought of the beautiful voice that belonged to the beautiful person that was Mitchie Torres. “But it wasn’t just any voice. This voice could sing, beautifully, and it was singing and playing the kind of music that we used to do. So I decided that I needed to meet the owner of this amazing voice and I risked bodily harm to go into that cabin and guess who that voice belonged to?”

“This Mitchie girl?” Nate asked, playing along with Shane’s game.

“Dude, she’s not just a girl, she’s amazing. Seriously she is,” Shane reiterated. “She’s got this amazing voice, writes amazing songs, and she’s so shy but really nice when you get to know her and I just spent the past few hours getting to know her and-”

“Wait, wait, wait, Shane please for the love of god tell me that you did not have sex with her,” Nate said anxiously and Shane immediately shot up from his comfortable position and looked at his phone in shock for a few minutes before he decided that he was sane enough to talk.

“NO and don’t you ever suggest it again, god that’s disgusting I barely even know her and-”

“That’s never stopped you before,” Nate countered and Shane scoffed. While this was true, Shane found that he was offended by Nate even insinuating that he would be that way with Mitchie. She wasn’t a conquest that he wanted to brag about, she was a friend, one that he could count on.

“Shut up Nate, it’s not like that with Mitchie. She’s, well, she’s a friend,” Shane told his bandmate heatedly. “Please don’t ever talk about her like that again. She’s different and she’s just a friend,” he said vehemently.

“Ok, calm down,” Nate said quickly. “I’m sorry I said anything like that about her. I won’t again, but is she really a friend? I mean can she be trusted as a friend?”

“Thank you and yes she can be. Guys, I don’t know how to describe it but she’s different, I just know she’s different. She’s not going to run off to Pop Informer or anything and she’s so talented. Her voice is just, you have to hear me to believe it.”

“Well I wanna meet this Mitchie,” Jason said and Shane found his eyebrows rising in surprise at that.

“Really? Why Jase?”

“Because you’re being nice again, and the way you’re talking about her means that she has to be special because it’s like the way you used to talk about music,” Jason explained and Shane found himself speechless. He honestly and truly didn’t know what to say about it because one; Jason made an insightful observation and two; he had a point. Was he really so different after a few hours with Mitchie? Yes he was dropping the attitude around her but now around Nate and Jason as well? This was new but Shane found that he liked it. After all, it’s not like he wanted that attitude, it wasn’t him, it was just necessary in his crazy life.

“Wow Jase, I don’t know what to say.”

“I know, it’s ok, just saying,” Jason said happily. “It’s good to have the old Shane break through.”

“He’s right Shane, this Mitchie, keep her around,” Nate ordered. “If you can trust her then we can trust her and you need to keep her around because she’s obviously doing some good for you.”

“Gee guys thanks. But really you have to hear her, maybe I can convince her to sing for you over the phone when I see her again. But not right now, it’s too late,” he said, more to himself than anyone else as he glanced at the clock by his bed. He’d really spent a long time on the phone with Nate and Jason, it was almost eleven thirty and he had to be up at some ungodly hour to teach tomorrow morning. “Speaking of guys, I think I need to head out for the night, because I have to freaking teach at some disgusting hour of the morning,” he hissed. “I still owe you for this.”

“Ehh whatever,” Nate told him. “You’re there and we’re at home in LA therefore we’re safe but we’re going to go now. Have fun teaching, mold them.”

“And don’t forget about my birdhouse!” Jason called out before the line went dead. Shane pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it for two seconds, absorbing the conversation he’d just had with his friends. It had been an actual conversation, no yelling or screaming involved, just a conversation and Shane liked that he’d been able to do that. He missed his friends, he missed having that kind of talk with them and he hoped that those kinds of talks could continue.

But right now, he had to get ready for what was sure to be hell tomorrow morning. He groaned as he thought about what he had to do then, teach. The very word sent shivers down his spine because he simply didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to spend his time with people who would gawk at him, with girls who were more than likely maul him. Tomorrow was going to be hell on earth.

He glanced at the clock once more and he knew that he really should get to sleep but he honestly wasn’t in the mood to do so. He wasn’t tired and he really couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone to bed before two in the morning. Shane sighed and tried to figure out what he should do; he didn’t want to call anyone or risk being outside and he knew that couldn’t go find Mitchie, however much he wanted to.

Mitchie. At the thought of her he smiled and suddenly, he knew exactly what he could do right now. He quickly got up, grabbed his guitar, songbook, and pencil and settled himself at the desk chair. The song he’d been working on earlier had been inspired by her and he wanted to finish it for her and his own state of mind. The melody for the song had been haunting him ever since he’d walked away from their first meeting. But strangely, Shane wouldn’t have it any other way because that was how music, the kind of music that he wrote got created; he’d get an idea in his head and then it just wouldn’t leave until he did something about it. During his time with Mitchie his song idea had been sedated by her presence but now that he as alone it was coming back to haunt him with a vengeance and he was intending to do something about it. Getting comfortable, he let his fingers move over the guitar strings slowly, refreshing his memory on what he’d created earlier that night.

“Every time I think I’m closer to the heart..” he sang softly to himself, smiling as the words and chords just seemed to flow from him. This was inspiration at its finest, and he didn’t care if it took him all night, he would finish this song.


“Shane, get up.”

He groaned at the words and turned over in his bed, pulling the covers over his head in the process. Whoever had the nerve to attempt to awaken him right now was going to be ignored, he didn’t have the energy to do it because he had practically stayed up all night working on that damn song. He’d finished it, re-written it, fine tuned it and when all was said in done he really hadn’t gone to bed until almost three in the morning.

“Shane, get your arse out of bed. Now.”

There was that annoying voice again and once more he chose to ignore it. He was not getting out of bed, he was far too comfortable and he refused to move. He was going to stay here, pretend he was still asleep and then actually go back to sleep.

“Fine, but just remember you forced me to do this.”

In one quick movement Shane found his blanket being pulled over his head and a dose of cold water being thrown onto his body. He jumped up from his very comfortable position then, eyes snapping open as he looked around for the idiot that had dared to do this to him.

“What the hell?” he seethed as his eyes finally landed on his Uncle who was staring at him with a smile on his face.

“I tried to get you up the nice way but you just had to make it difficult,” Brown told him, holding the vase that had been on his bedside table up for him to see. “I had to get creative.”

Shane rolled his eyes and glanced at the clock, noting that it was barely seven in the morning. He groaned, he usually never got up this early unless the band had to do an interview and even then their assistant always had lots of coffee for him.

“And why are you waking me up at this ungodly hour?” he seethed, he really was not a morning person.

“Because I have a camp to run and we both have classes to teach.”

“My first class isn’t for another hour,” Shane told him, earning a surprised look from his Uncle.

“I’m shocked you even know that, but that’s beside the point,” Brown said with a shake of his head. “I’m in here because you need to get up and go eat breakfast. I promised your manager and more importantly your mum that I’d make sure you eat. So get up,” he ordered and Shane felt his eyes roll again. Did his manager honestly think he’d starve himself in order to get out of this horrid experience? Apparently so, and he was half tempted to call said manager and have a few words with him. He really wasn’t irked about his mother worrying, she did that all the time with the boys.

“Shane, up now,” Brown said, heading for the door. “I have to go check on things but get up, get dressed and go eat,” he ordered as he headed outside, pausing just once in the doorway. “And you probably want to put that mattress out in the sun to dry, it’s the only one you’re going to get.”

Shane glared daggers as he watched his Uncle walk away, laughing. He sighed and looked at the clock, he really did not want to get up right now but he supposed he really didn’t have a choice. He was wet, the bed was wet, and he was kind of hungry. He just prayed that the cafeteria had some sort of caffeine in it as he begrudgingly got out of bed and headed for his dresser.

Twenty minutes later Shane was heading out of his cabin and walking the short distance to the mess hall. He’d dressed himself in his signature skinny jeans, and a plain t-shirt, he was hoping to blend in as much as possible because at this early hour he did not want to deal with. In fact he was quite sure he would lash out at anyone who dared approach him this morning. All he wanted to do was get in and out of the mess hall unnoticed and with food and coffee in his system.

Sadly, things just couldn’t be that easy because the very second Shane stepped into the cabin that housed the mess hall everyone in it went quiet. He inwardly groaned as he looked around, it seemed like the entire camp was there and looking at him. He did not want this right now, he didn’t want the attention, in fact all he did want was some caffeine and maybe a bagel. Taking a breath he resolved himself to the fact that if he wanted either of those things he needed to get through the room, he could do this. He would grab something and then run in the opposite direction, now that he could definitely do.

Slowly he managed to make his way into the cabin and without so much as a second thought he began walking the length of the room. It was still quiet and he could now feel every set of eyes on him, it was really starting to make him uncomfortable. But gratefully no one really bothered him until he got to the middle of the room, then some brave girl, well brave isn’t the choice word he’d use but a girl decided to approach him.

Actually if he had to be honest he could swear that the girl practically tripped him because the second he got close to her, a heeled foot went out and then he was stumbling and being grabbed by her all too eager hands.

“Oh my gosh I am sooo sorry, are you alright?” she asked, and he instantly could tell that he would not like this girl. Her voice was fake, the apology was fake and he shuddered, these were exactly the type of girls he hated, Video Girls. But he had to play nice right now, blowing up at her might result in him being sent to boot camp or something. So despite his disdain he put a fake smile on his face and looked at her. Immediately he wanted to look away, yes she was cute, a blonde even, but the look in her eyes spoke volumes to him, she was just out to use him for the fame. Of course she was, not every girl could be like Mitchie.

“Its fine, my fault, didn’t see your foot there,” he said, trying his best to pull himself away from her grasp.

“Oh no it was like totally my fault,” the girl exclaimed, releasing him after he gave a hard pull. He almost thought she’d let him leave, almost being the key word there because the second he moved to get away her hand came out to stop him. “I’m Tess. Tess Tyler.” She put emphasis on that last name and he knew why. Her mother was legendary in the world of music but he’d only met her once and frankly he hadn’t cared for her personality, it had been fake and just to stuck up for his tastes and it seemed that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

“Nice to meet you,” he tried to be nice, really he did but this was trying his patience. He wanted caffeine, food, and to get the hell out of this.

“Oh really the pleasure is all mine Shane, “she said, leaning forward. “I was wondering, would you like to join me for breakfast?” Shane almost let himself give over to hysterics at her attempt to be seductive, this girl was really just acting like any other crazed groupie and hell would freeze over before he decided to join her and the lackeys she had standing behind her.

“No,” he said quickly. “In fact I’ve suddenly lost my appetite, so if you’ll excuse me,” he moved towards the door this time. He’d gladly skip breakfast if it meant getting out of here, he’d just hunt Mitchie down later and beg her for something if he got too hungry.

“Wait.” Shane groaned when Tess’ other hand stuck out to prevent him from leaving her presence once more. “If you’re not hungry then maybe you’d like a tour of the camp? I’m sure things have changed since you’re last summer here and I’d be happy to give you-”

He held his hand up then, his patience was already thin enough and he was not going to deal with this pop princess wannabe for another second.

“Look whatever it is the answer is no. Not interested, now move so I can leave,” he told her pointedly and he almost laughed in glee at the glare he got from her in return before he pushed himself through her arms and practically sprinted towards the cabin door.

“Wow, tough break Tess.”

“Tough? Please, this is just starting, he obviously wants me, did you see that look in his eyes?”

Those were the last words he heard before he managed to finally escape that awful cabin and inwardly he laughed. In what weird dimension would he ever want someone like Tess? Never. He hated girls like her, besides why would he want someone like her when he had someone like Mitchie? Shane paused at that thought; did he really want someone like Mitchie?

He smiled at the thought and immediately answered yes to his own question because Mitchie was great, and if he was going to be so honest with himself he mine as well admit that he had a small crush on her. She was cute, talented, and most importantly she got him, how couldn’t he not have a crush on her? But he really didn’t know the extent of his feelings yet, he had to spend more time with her before he could analyze any of that.

Sighing Shane took in his surroundings, he was outside the mess hall cabin and he still had a good half an hour to kill before he had to go and teach those that had been staring at him, what was he going to do now? He considered going back to his cabin but he knew that if he did that he’d be tempted to go back to sleep and he was not in the mood for one of his Uncle’s lectures. So he really could only do one thing, walk around and kill time and that’s what he started to do.

He walked around the mess hall cabin and considered maybe going for a hike in the woods but was stopped when he heard a door opening from beside him. Thinking that it was more crazy fans he plastered another happy smile on his face and turned around to face them but to his surprise there was only one person standing there; Mitchie Torres to be exact. She was standing in the doorway to what he guessed were the kitchens, a smile on her face and a cup of what he hoped was coffee in her hands.

“Hey Pop Star,” she said softly, beckoning to him with a free hand. Almost instantly he felt his fake smile turn into a genuine one and he raced over to the doorway and up the steps to greet her.

“I heard what happened in the mess hall, I was in here helping my mom out,” she explained, offering him the cup and he almost sent up a prayer of thanks upon seeing that it was indeed coffee. He gratefully took it and brought the cup to his lips, drinking deeply, not even caring that his tongue was getting burned in the process.

“And that prompted you to offer me coffee?” he asked as he finally pulled away from his new favorite drink in the world. She giggled and he felt his heart leap, he really did love it when she did that.

“No, but I guess that you hadn’t had a chance to get your breakfast yet and I thought that maybe I could snag you before you went back to your cabin to sleep or something. I wanted to see if maybe you wanted to eat in the kitchen while mom, the staff and I clean up?” she asked hopefully and he felt himself grinning. Only Mitchie would think of an idea like this and he loved it, not only would no one suspect him of being in there but he’d also get to spend time with Mitchie.

“I’d love to,” he answered quickly. She smiled and motioned for him to enter and he gratefully did so, following her into the vast room where several staff members were already hard at work trying to get things cleaned up as well as get the basic set up ready for lunch.

“Have a seat at the counter and I’ll get you something, do you want eggs, bacon, toast?” she asked as he took a seat and watched her move around the kitchen.

“Could I actually just get some toast?” he asked but at her glare he immediately held his hands up in surrender. “And some eggs?” he asked, hoping to appease her, grinning when she smiled and nodded. Not even five seconds later there was a plate of toast and eggs in front of him along with a fork and knife. “Thank you,” he told her as she set it down and smiled at him. “For everything.”

“Anytime Pop Star,” she told him with a grin before setting herself down in the seat opposite him. He took the hint as she looked down at the plate and quickly set himself to the not so hard task of devouring what was in front of him.

“Is it good?” Mitchie asked with a laugh as he just looked at her and nodded.

“Mhmm, remind me to thank you wonderful mother,” he told her and she smiled.

“Or you could thank her wonderful mother right now?” A voice from behind Mitchie made Shane jump and immediately his eyes scanned and came into contact with the gaze of a middle-aged woman who looked like Mitchie. She was smiling as she came up and wrapped her arms around her daughter and Shane felt himself grinning at the site, Mitchie just looked so comfortable with her mother and he liked that. There was yet another thing to add to the ‘Why Mitchie is Amazing’ list that he had started in his mind last night.

“Shane,” Mitchie said nervously, biting her lip as she looked at him. “This is my mother and resident cook at Camp Rock, Connie Torres.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Torres, I’m Shane,” he said immediately, dropping his fork to his now empty plate and holding his hand out to her. He was surprised when she immediately reached out to shake his hand, he was expecting a long lecture or something because really many mothers wouldn’t want him near their daughters.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Shane. Mitchie wouldn’t stop talking about you last night,” Connie said with an appraising look and he laughed as Mitchie blushed a deep red, he really did love it when she did that around him.

“She talked about you a lot as well Mrs. Torres and I hope she told you only good things?” he asked hopefully as he dropped her hand, he really wanted to make a good impression on this woman because she could possibly control the friendship he was starting to build with Mitchie.

“Of course, she said that you were nothing but a gentlemen when you two were together last night.” Shane felt his eyes widen at that and he looked at Mitchie, who simply nodded to his silent question.

“I told her who I was with, my mom and I have a really open relationship Shane. She’s ok with us being friends, don’t worry,” Mitchie softly assured him and he relaxed just a bit, he wasn’t out of danger yet; he still had to show Mrs. Torres that he was the type of guy who deserved her daughters friendship.

“I trust Mitchie’s judgment and if she says that you’re a good guy then I’m going to believe her,” Mrs. Torres said quickly. “Besides, I should know better than to believe every word those gossip shows say.”

He chuckled at that and nodded, he already liked her mother and was truly glad that she going to give him a chance to prove that he wasn’t such a jerk.

“Thanks Mrs. Torres and can I please say that you’re an awesome cook? This is definitely the best the food has ever been here.”

“Oh I already like him, but please call me Connie, Mrs. Torres makes me feel so old,” the older woman said with a laugh. “Now how did Shane end up in here?” she asked to the both of them.

“Well there was an incident with a camper throwing herself at me and I didn’t like all the stares I was getting,” Shane explained quickly. “And your daughter here heard it and then came to rescue me from dying of starvation.”

“You wouldn’t of died,” Mitchie retorted with a roll of her eyes. “Just gone hungry until lunch.”

“Well no one goes hungry on my watch,” Connie told them both. “Shane you are more than welcome to eat in here if it gets to awkward in there.”

“Thanks Mrs.- I mean Connie,” he corrected himself upon seeing the look in her eyes. “I think I’ll have to take you up on that offer until the fact that I’m here actually wears off.”

“Speaking of you being here, you should probably get going Shane,” Mitchie told him, pointing towards the clock on a nearby wall. “Your class starts in like ten minutes and I’m in it so it’d be nice if the instructor was there to teach it,” she told him with a laugh and he groaned. Why did she have to remind him that he had to teach soon?

He pouted but the look she gave him left no room for arguments. “Fine I’m going, what should I do with my plate?”

“Leave it there and I’ll get it before I come along in a few minutes,” she instructed and he nodded before he headed towards the door.

“See you in a few minutes Mitch and don’t be late,” he called out as he rushed out the door and headed towards the cabin where his dance class would occur. He really wasn’t looking forward to this but Mitchie was in the class so maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be completely unbearable.


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