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She raced through the camp as quickly as her legs would carry her, she honestly didn’t care about all the weird glances she was getting right now because she had to get to her dance class with Shane. Correction to she had to be in class in less than two minutes and if she didn’t run she was going to be late. She cursed herself as she ran, if it hadn’t been for that damn piano in the mess hall she wouldn’t have to worry about this right now. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case because that piano was very present and she’d gotten very distracted by it as she’d been cleaning up the mess hall. She hadn’t been able to help herself; she’d played the wonderful instrument until her mother came in and told her what time it was.

That had led to her current predicament, racing across camp in an attempt to make it to dance class on time. No, she couldn’t attempt to be on time, she had to be because of the way she’d spoken to Shane about it. She was not about to risk getting made fun of by him for being late because she knew that he would do just that if she showed up just a second too late.

Mitchie chuckled at that, she knew that it was crazy and that she’d only known him for a little less than a day but she was already comfortable with the idea of Shane doing that to her. She was already comfortable with the idea of sending a comeback straight his way. In fact, when it came to Shane Grey Mitchie found that she just about comfortable with everything that had to do with him. It really was insane but she was because they got each other. She knew that he wouldn’t do something to intentionally upset her, that he would comfort her if she got too nervous, when it came to him she just knew.

Oh yes, she was definitely crazy for thinking all of this about a guy she barely knew but for once Mitchie refused to listen to her logical side. With Shane she wanted to throw caution to the wind and just let herself trust him, however naïve it may be. She was going to do that because he deserved the benefit of the doubt, he deserved to have a friend other than his band mates. Shane just deserved to have someone to confide in and Mitchie was more than happy to be that person for him. After all he was nice and kind to her, and well he was cute.

Wait, pause that thought, had she really just thought that Shane Grey was cute? As she raced through camp she processed that question and came to the very real conclusion that yes, she had just though that Shane Grey was cute and she was oddly alright with that. Normally, when it came to guys Mitchie faltered and stumbled awkwardly but with Shane it had been easy to think that he was cute, and nice, and sweet. Ok, if Mitchie was being completely honest with herself she’d have to admit that she had a slight crush on Shane Grey. He was cute and nice and not to mention talented, how could she not have a crush on someone like him? But she wasn’t actually going to do anything about it; after all, it was a crush. Crushes went away with time and someone like Shane Grey would never want a nobody like her.

So, the crush would go away and she could just be his friend, something she definitely wanted to be. But that didn’t matter right now, what mattered was that she now had exactly one minute to be in her dance class taught by him and she had to get there on time. So Mitchie quickly shut her mind down from thought and just concentrated on getting to that dance cabin and soon. She all but sprinted there but let out a sigh of relief when she was finally there at the steps and rushing up them and into the cabin.

She still had thirty seconds and took a moment to thank her legs for their speedy movements before finally taking a deep breath and glancing around the room. It seemed as though the rest of the class had already gotten here and she saw that many of her new friends were in it. She was happy about that, but she was also less than enthusiastic to find that Tess Tyler and her little groupies were also in this class but with Caitlyn in the class she could deal. She smiled when Caitlyn finally saw her and waved her over to the group she’d formed with their dinner table from last night.

“Hey guys,” Mitchie said softly as she nodded to each of them. Lola smiled and returned the nod as Barron and Sander yelled a collective ‘Hey!’ and went back to the mini dance off they were having. Mitchie chuckled at the determined looks on both of their faces and quickly took a seat next to Caitlyn who was looking at her with a smirk on her face.

“Why were you almost late? Hanging out with the jerk?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. Mitchie laughed and shook her head to the question. Over the course of their night together last night Caitlyn had code named Shane the jerk so she wouldn’t raise suspicion around others when talking about him.

Last night; Mitchie couldn’t help but smile when she thought about it. She’d quite honestly had one of the best nights of her entire life. Not only had she gotten to spend her night with Shane, one of the nicest guys she’d encountered in her life, but she’d also gotten to spend it with Caitlyn and her friends. After going into the mess hall last night Mitchie had been treated to an amazing performance by Lola as well as watching Barron and Sander battle it out on the tops of tables. She’d had a great time, despite running into Tess Tyler yet again. But thankfully Tess hadn’t started anything with her and Mitchie had a sneaking suspicion that that had been because of Caitlyn and Lola standing right by her.

But still, drama avoided, fun night had by all. In fact, the little group she’d joined had stayed in the mess hall until almost midnight talking and laughing. Mitchie had told Lola and the boys why she was there and once again, Caitlyn proved to be right, they hadn’t cared about where she came from, just that she was at Camp Rock. By the time she’d left that night, Mitchie had felt really confident that she had made some actual friends that weren’t actually famous, just uber talented and on the way to being famous one day. She’d been happy, really happy last night.

“Yoo hoo, Mitchie.”

She jumped when she heard her name being called and snapped back into reality. Her gaze went back to Caitlyn and she laughed at the expression she saw there.

“Are you alright?” Caitlyn asked slowly and Mitchie nodded, trying to shake off her thoughts about Shane in the process.

“Mhmm,” she responded. “I was just thinking about last night, it was a lot of fun.”

“Oh you just wait, it gets better as summer goes on,” Caitlyn said with a grin. “But question: If you weren’t with the jerk then where were you this morning? You ate with us and then just left.”

“Oh that,” Mitchie said with a sigh. “I had to go help my mom clean up in the kitchen. Sorry.”

“Oh well that’s fine, just tell us next time.”

“Yeah, we totally thought that we scared you away or something,” Lola added, pulling the ear-buds to her iPod out of her ear and scooting closer to the group that Mitchie and Caitlyn were forming so she could hear better.

“Hmmm, nah, you’re not that scary,” Mitchie responded with a grin and the two girls beside her laughed. This was definitely turning out to be a good morning, she’d gotten to see Shane and now she was having fun with the girls.

“But it’s sad that you had to miss this morning,” Caitlyn said with a sigh. “Right after you left sheer brilliance happened.”

“Oh really?” Mitchie asked, sitting up as both Caitlyn and Lola nodded. “What happened?”

Well Shane Grey finally made his presence known at the camp,” Lola began and Mitchie instantly perked herself up. She had a feeling this was going to be about the story he’d told her and her mother earlier and she was interested to know what had happened.

“Hmm Shane Grey,” she began non-chalantly, ignoring the look Caitlyn was throwing her. “Do tell.”

“Gladly. See He came in and basically the entire mess hall went silent but the second he started moving Tess Tyler decided to make a move on the poor guy.”

“Oh,” Mitchie began, not quite able to stop the stab of jealousy that ran through her. She immediately tried to rid herself of it, Shane wasn’t her boyfriend; he was her friend. She really had no right to be jealous of anything like that but still, she couldn’t help the glare that she shot Tess from across the room. “What did Shane do?” she asked slowly, attempting to sound casual.

“Oh that’s the best part,” Caitlyn said gleefully as she leaned in to speak in a not so quiet whisper. “He didn’t do a thing. As in he just looked at her when she tried and then high-tailed it out of there the second he was able to. Completely and utterly brushed her off.”

As Caitlyn finished dramatically Mitchie couldn’t help but grin. She couldn’t explain it but it made her happy to hear that Shane had done that to Tess, but unfortunately her happiness hadn’t gone unnoticed by Caitlyn or Lola.

“Gee Mitchie, you sure seem happy about that,” Lola remarked as Caitlyn show her a knowing look.

“W-well, yeah, I mean, it’s nice to hear that Tess got taken down you know?” Mitchie asked quickly, and Lola seemed to buy her reasoning very fast.

“True that, but she’s probably more determined now than ever to sink her catty claws into him. She’s decided they’re meant to be,” Lola told her as Caitlyn nodded.

“But I think that he sees right through her little game. I mean, for all we know he’s already got his eye on someone else,” Caitlyn replied, shooting Mitchie a smirk that simply caused the heat in her face to rise.

“Or maybe he just sees that Tess is fake. And maybe he hates fake.” Mitchie said when she managed to get herself over the comment Caitlyn had made. She did not like Shane in that way and he didn’t like her as more than a friend.

“What did you just say about me?” A malicious voice rang out from behind Caitlyn and Lola. Mitchie jumped as did the two girls and all of their gazes shot upwards. Mitchie groaned as she saw that the voice did indeed belong to Tess Tyler and her groupies were standing right beside her. It seemed that during the conversation she’d been having with Caitlyn and Ella the three other girls had crept up on their somewhat quiet conversation and of course they’d had to hear her comment about Tess. Her one comment was the one they’d have to say something about. Great, she hated confrontation and now she’d have to deal with it.

“I-I,” Mitchie began as she stood up, her two friends quickly following her motion as she cursed her nerves for getting the better of her. Shane was right; she really needed to get some confidence in her.

“Actually, you know what? Don’t repeat it because I heard it and let me tell you something dish girl,” Tess said as Mitchie felt her eyes widen. She groaned as Tess smirked and nodded, getting closer to her body.

“Oh yeah, I know exactly who you are and that you work in the kitchens with your mommy,” Tess told her with a grin. “I saw you this morning and just had to follow. But that doesn’t matter really because I think we need to get something straight right now dish girl: Shane Grey is mine. See we run in the same circles and really are just perfect for each other. I mean I’m beautiful, rich, and talented and so is he. You…aren’t,” the blonde said with a gleeful smirk. “You’re the help, here only because Brown felt the need to take on a charity case and really Shane would never ever be interested in you.”

“Tess shut up,” Caitlyn said, immediately coming to Mitchie defense and she quickly looked at her friend in relief and thanks. She knew what Tess said wasn’t true but still, her words got to Mitchie, they hurt. Mitchie had been teased all her life and it was the main reason she really didn’t have confidence about many things.

“What did you say loser?” Tess remarked to Caitlyn who only got closer to the blonde and glared.

“I said shut up,” Caitlyn hissed. “You don’t know Mitchie; you don’t know anything so shut up. She hasn’t done a thing to you and really she’s right. You’re a fake and I’m sure Shane sees right through it. He’s not yours; this morning obviously showed that he has no desire to be yours.”

There was a loud “ohhhh” heard throughout the room and Mitchie finally realized that the rest of the class had stopped doing whatever they were doing and were now focused on their little fight going on. But she really wasn’t concerned about that, what she was worried about was the fact that she might have to say something and that it might not come out right at all. Where was Shane when you needed him? He should be here by now but of course he was late, even when she’d ordered him to be on time.

“Gellar, I think Shane is mine, we’re meant to be,” Tess said snidely as she glared at Mitchie. “Unless you’re dish girl friend thinks she has a hoping shot with him. She’s wrong; after all, what would Shane Grey have in common with kitchen help?” Tess moved closer to Mitchie and away from Caitlyn, attempting and succeeding in making Mitchie feel about as big as an ant.

Mitchie closed her eyes to the glare, she really didn’t want to cry right now, crying was weak. She didn’t want to be weak in front of Tess Tyler but her words hurt, really hurt and she didn’t know how to stop it from hurting. She needed to be stronger than this, she could be, and she would be. She had to be in order to save her mental stability right now.

“Tess I said it before and I’ll say it again, shut up before I deck you,” Caitlyn hissed and Mitchie opened her eyes to look at her friend. She gave a small smile and was about to say something but was stopped when the sound of a slamming door echoed throughout the cabin. Mitchie’s gaze was immediately drawn to the sound and she was relieved when she saw exactly who was standing in the doorway; Shane. She couldn’t explain it, but just by seeing him in the room she felt calmer, more relaxed, and definitely more emotionally stable.

“What’s going on here?” Shane asked as he stepped into the room and walked towards the group. Mitchie felt Tess jump away from her current position and back to her groupies. The blonde before her immediately turned herself away from Mitchie and Caitlyn and immediately flipped her hair towards Shane and put a toothy smile in his direction.

“Oh nothing,” she said all too happily. “Just getting to know the new campers is all. Right Mitchie?” Tess said as she smiled and turned towards her. Mitchie noticed the hard look in Tess’ eye and decided that she really wasn’t going to try to provoke anything else. Besides, she could always tell Shane about this later, when they were alone.

“Yeah, exactly what she said,” Mitchie remarked, turning to Shane and attempting to flash him a look that said ‘explain later, teach now.’ He thankfully seemed to get the message and nodded in understanding before finally looking at the rest of the group and taking in what he had to do. She watched him take a breath and almost smiled, she knew that he really didn’t want to do this, but was going to.

“Everyone, stop standing around,” he ordered. “Go grab a mic and a hat and get yourselves back out here.” For a moment there was no movement but the second Shane glared the entire room lurched forwards. Mitchie was grabbed by Caitlyn and Lola and dragged towards the box that contained the aforementioned objects all while talking to her.

“Don’t you believe a word of what she said,” Lola reassured. “Tess is an idiot.”

“If you so much as think of believing her I will kick your ass,” Caitlyn told her as they finally managed to get to the boxes and grab a mic and hat each.

“Are you going to be ok?” Lola asked.

“Y-yeah,” Mitchie finally managed to say as she put her hat on her head and went to stand in the middle of the room with the two girls as they waited for everyone else. “She just..”

“Was a bitch,” Caitlyn told her. “Don’t make excuses for her; just know that you’re better than her.”

“Thanks guys. I appreciate it,” she said with a small smile.

Lola opened her mouth as though to say something else but was quickly cut off by the rush of feet and everyone else coming back to the floor. Mitchie threw her a look and they both silently decided to pay attention to Shane who had since started music on the sound-system and was now glaring at everyone before he just started moving. No direction, no nothing he just started doing ridiculously intricate hip hop moves and all of them were watching in awe. Mitchie included, her body was not designed to move in the ways he was making his, and this was going to be horrible. But at least no one else was moving either, that was until Shane decided to finally realize that they were all lost. He stopped moving and turned to them all and glared once more.

“Pick it up and move,” he ordered and all at once everyone was spreading out again and attempting to follow Shane as he moved. Oh Mitchie was going to have words with him later about this. He wasn’t even giving them some explanation just expecting them to follow his moves. But she couldn’t say anything now, no, right now she moved so that she could see Shane’s feet and attempted to keep up with him.

She struggled to figure out the moves, fell and stumbled more than once, but she wasn’t the only one. Almost the entire class, Tess included was having issues. In fact the only three that didn’t seem to be having any issues with it were Barron, Sander, and surprisingly Caitlyn. All three were following Shane almost effortlessly and Mitchie made a mental note to grill Caitlyn about her dancing abilities later. But not right now, right now Mitchie concentrated on keeping up. Hand out here, kick your foot out there, change mic hands, take the hat off, all of it was a little overwhelming but Mitchie was proud. For someone who’d never really danced before she thought she was doing really well. That was until Shane decided to stop them all and turn around once again, glaring at the class.

“Split up the group, half stand by the wall, the other half do what I just did,” he ordered and pointed to one half to go and stand, which the quickly did. But much to her dismay Caitlyn and Barron had ended up on that exact half along with Ella and Peggy, Tess’ cronies. Which meant that, and you guessed it, Tess was in her group and consequently standing right next to her.

“Get into position and get ready to go,” Shane ordered as he ran back over to the disc player to restart the music he’d been using.

“Watch it dish girl, you might just have an accident,” Tess whispered as she took a spot right next to Mitchie and flashed another toothy smile at Shane in an attempt to get his attention. It didn’t work and Mitchie smiled because of it but quickly settled herself back on determined mode as the music began again.

“And 5, 6, 7, go,” Shane counted them off and Mitchie began doing the moves. She struggled a bit but actually started to get into it, and managed to sort of keep up with Sander who was in front of her. She even managed to notice that Tess was having some trouble with the routine and she took joy from it.

“Sander great job, take notes from him everyone, and you behind good job at keeping up,” Mitchie flashed Shane a grin as he looked at her and pointed. She could’ve sworn she saw him give her a smirk but quickly dismissed it and went back to dancing. However, she was not the only one who noticed the attention that Mitchie was getting. Tess also noticed and really she didn’t like it, and before Mitchie knew what was happening Tess was doing something about her frustration.

She never noticed Tess moving closer and closer to her until it was too late, until she felt a pair of hands sneak their way onto her side and give a push. That one push was all it took for Mitchie to go tumbling sideways and to the ground, her foot twisting in a very not normal way in the process. But that part she didn’t even notice until she hit the ground with a very loud thud.

For a moment there was shock running through her veins, and disbelief. She honestly wasn’t that clumsy and she’d been concentrating very hard on her feet so she shouldn’t have tripped over them. But as she caught her breath and glanced up she realized something; she hadn’t tripped, Tess Tyler in all her freaking glory had pushed her. The blonde witch was currently standing over her with a smirk wide as the Nile River on her face.

“Oops,” she said softly. “You really are clumsy,” she taunted as she glanced down at Mitchie as Caitlyn, Lola, Barron, Sander, and last but certainly not least Shane came rushing over to check on her.

“Mitchie, oh my god, are you-” Lola began but was quickly interrupted by Sander.

“Did I kick you or something?” He asked, concern lacing his voice.

“Nah, you couldn’t of,” Barron remarked. “You were two steps in front of her but she shouldn’t have tripped. Her feet were planted on the ground.”

“She didn’t trip,” Caitlyn remarked with a hiss as she knelt on the ground to help get Mitchie up to sitting position. “I think I know a witch that might of pushed her,” she said with a glare towards Tess who only held up her hands in mock surrender.

“I didn’t do a thing, not my fault your friend can’t balance herself. Maybe she just needs to go back to the kitchens where she belongs.”

“Tess be quiet,” Shane remarked with a glare as he finally reached the little group around Mitchie. He looked down at her and Mitchie had to admit, butterflies went through her stomach at the soft look in his eyes. One that she was quickly beginning to realize only came into his amazing eyes when she was there. “Are you alright?” he asked her. “You took a really hard fall there.”

“Yeah, I think I’m fine,” she told him and everyone else, looking at all of them in the process. “But can someone please help me up?” she asked and Shane laughed, she quivered on the inside. He held a hand out to her and she gladly took it and once again, there was that spark of something between them. But for once she chose to ignore it and just let him help her up.

“Thanks,” she said with a grin and he just smiled and nodded as he let go of her hand. Mitchie swayed for a moment but then quickly attempted to balance herself by placing weight on her right foot, and found that there was indeed pain there. A lot of pain that she hadn’t been aware of before. The kind of pain that made her sway and reach out for the first solid object in front of her that just so happened to be Shane . But she really didn’t even register the fact that she’d fallen into his arms, in fact all she was registering was the blinding pain in her ankle, and the tears that were starting to form in her eyes because of it.

“Whoa there, what’s wrong?” he asked as he caught her, and she could tell he was biting back a sarcastic comment that quickly seemed to fade when he saw the tears in her eyes. “Mitchie?” he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“My a-ankle,” she managed to get out as she attempted to not cry right now. She might be in pain but she didn’t want to cry in front of all these people.

“What about your ankle?” Shane asked as he quickly managed to get her to sit down on the ground and knelt beside her. Once again, Caitlyn was there behind her, holding her up and Lola was there holding her hand as Shane gently grabbed the ankle that was currently causing her so much distress.

“Ow!” she yelled when he pressed down. “Don’t do that it hurts,” she hissed as she kicked his hand, but quickly regretted the decision as even more pain decided to make itself known. A few stray tears had made their way down her cheeks by now but at the moment Mitchie didn’t care, it hurt too much to care.

Shane glanced up at her, worry in his eyes as he met her gaze. It seemed that he might just have an idea as to what was wrong but was afraid to touch her and do anything about it because of the pain he might cause her.

“Oh just do it,” she whimpered. And somewhere in the crowd she could’ve sworn she heard Tess’ oh so annoying voice ring out.

“Oh puhlease, she’s probably faking it to get attention.”

But no one seemed to take any notice of it; at least Mitchie didn’t as she watched Shane try and figure out what he wanted to do. After what seemed like a decade he finally decided to make up his mind and she watched through pain-induced eyelids as he looked up at Barron and Sander.

“Come here and hold her legs down for me. I don’t want her kicking my face or something,” he told them and the two boys immediately complied, kneeling down and pressing down on her legs. When Shane was sure that was done he glanced back up at her and to Caitlyn and Lola at the same time.

“I need you two to keep her calm up there and Mitchie I’m sorry but the shoe is going to have to come off and it’s going to hurt alright?”

“Does it have to?” she whined and he nodded.

“Just think about something else ok? I’ll get it off as fast as I can.”

She nodded and bit her lip as Lola continued to squeeze her hand and Caitlyn attempted to distract her. Mitchie didn’t want to watch Shane take her shoe off but she found that she really had to because well Shane was interesting to watch. He was handling her injured ankle as though it were the most fragile piece of glass, moving slowly, massaging places if he could, listening to her whimpers of agony as he got to her shoe.

“Take a breath,” he ordered her. “And we’ll go on one, two.”

He never got to three; no instead Mitchie had to nearly scream as he ripped her shoe off of her foot and pull the sock along with it. She’d closed her eyes in the process but opened them when she heard his sharp intake of breath as well as a gasp from many others in the room. Though the second she’d opened them she’d wished that she could close them right again. There was definitely something wrong with her ankle, after all, the fact that it was the size of a softball should be an indicator there.

“I think you twisted it, but I can’t be sure,” Shane told her softly, as he moved back up her body, telling Sander and Barron to let go of her legs in the process. “But we need to get you to the nurse so she can confirm it and get you some ice. Lots of it.”

“And how am I s-supposed to get there?” she asked, bringing her free hand up to wipe away the tears on her cheeks. Call her a baby but this really did hurt.

“Me,” Shane said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. Without another word Mitchie felt his hands snake under her body and she was instantly being pulled upwards and into his embrace. Before she knew it, Lola had let go of her hand, Caitlyn was standing up again, and she was being carried princess style towards the door to the cabin that was already being held open by Sander.

“Caitlyn I need you to go find her mom and ask her to meet us at the nurses’ cabin. She’ll want to know and if this is more serious than I think she’ll need to be there. Lola go find Brown and let him know what happened. The rest of you, class is dismissed for the day, go do something else,” Shane barked orders to everyone and within seconds they were all complying. Caitlyn and Lola were out the door before he even finished the last one and everyone else was quickly shuffling past them, wishing her well and then leaving, the only ones that remained were Tess, Peggy, and Ella.

“Why do we have to cancel your class because of her?” Tess asked Shane and Mitchie groaned. She didn’t want to deal with Tess now. All she wanted was some ice and lots of it because to her it seemed like her ankle was getting bigger by the second.

“Shane,” she groaned and he glanced down at her with a nod.

“I know it hurts hang on, we’re going,” he reassured her as he moved towards the door. “To answer the question Tess, it’s my class, she got hurt on my watch, and therefore I’ll be the one making sure she’s alright. Now you can stay if you want but I’ll be with Mitchie making sure your little push didn’t break something.” Mitchie almost smiled at the malice in Shane’s tone, she wanted to smile, but she really couldn’t because her ankle was throbbing and that was all she was concentrating on. She didn’t even notice that she and Shane were moving through the camp until she felt a very slight breeze brush across her skin.

“Hi,” Shane said softly, and her eyes went to meet his and she saw the concern there. Once again, she almost smiled; in fact she actually tried to smile but had to stop when she felt her ankle throb. He must’ve noticed the wince that went across her face because he glanced down at her ankle to and then back to her. “How does it feel?”

“Honestly?” She asked and he just gave her a look.

“No, lie to me,” he remarked sarcastically and she laughed, just a little bit, and then winced once more. It seemed that even laughing made her stupid ankle hurt.

“Jerk,” she muttered as he just gave her a grin that made her butterflies come back again. Even when she was in pain she had to admit that she loved when Shane gave her that grin. It made the pain she was going through a little more bearable.

“I can live with being a jerk,” he remarked quietly. “But seriously Mitch, how’s your ankle feel?”

“It hurts,” she told him. “A lot. As in I’d like lots of Tylenol right about now.” Shane chuckled and once again her heart fluttered. God she really needed to get over this crush and soon, before she actually fell for him.

“I’ll see what I can do about that, hopefully the nurse has something she can give you. I really do think it’s just a bad twist, you’ll probably have to stay off it for a day or two though.”

“Why thank you Dr. Shane, I had no idea you had a medical license,” she remarked with a groan and he just shook his head and picked up his pace, shifting in her arms just slightly in the process.

“I don’t, just years of experience on stage, just calm down and breathe for me,” Shane softly ordered and Mitchie nodded. She leaned her head against his shoulder and breathed in and out, attempting to concentrate on something other than her ankle. It was then Mitchie was hit by the scent the running through her head, Shane, there was no other way to describe the smell. It was all Shane, old spice with a hint of soap and Mitchie loved it. It was just like wearing his jacket last night, except so much better because it was actually Shane in the flesh. It helped make her forget about her ankle in a very good way.

“Are we there yet?” she whined from against his shoulder and Shane chuckled.

“Actually yes we are,” he said and she looked up at him in surprise to find him glancing down at her and then back at the door that was now in front of them. “Can you reach your hand down and get the handle, I would but my hands are currently occupied.”

She nodded and he maneuvered them closer so she could do as he asked. With some very good maneuvering and bending down on Shane’s part Mitchie managed to find the doorknob, turn it and then push on the worn wooden door so Shane could get them inside of the cabin. Almost immediately Mitchie was greeted by the scent of cleaning products and she felt her nose wrinkle as Shane moved further inside and called out.

“Nurse Green,” Shane called out and almost immediately a middle-aged woman, no older than her mother stepped into the main room and took in the sight of Mitchie in Shane’s arms. Mitchie watched as the nurse’s eyebrows rose and she felt her face flush in embarrassment, but Shane didn’t seem to notice as he smiled at the woman.

“Hi Nurse Green, I’m not sure if you remember me but-”

“Oh I remember you,” the woman said with an amused smile. “I remember you, Nate and Jason all coming in here every other day of Camp with some sort of injury,” Mitchie glanced up at Shane then and felt her eyebrows rise. He just gave her a smirk in response and a nod to the question bubbling in her brain.

“So all three of us spent a lot of time here, we were, adventurous guys.”

“Adventurous?” Nurse Green said with a snort. “You can call it that I suppose, I just call it stupid.”

Mitchie giggled at that but once again instantly regretted it as her ankle decided to make itself known again and most painfully. She groaned and watched as Shane looked down at her in alarm before quickly moving toward the Nurse who was moving to them.

“Well believe it or not, I’m not the hurt one this time,” Shane remarked as Nurse Green finally managed to reach them and glanced down at Mitchie.

“Yes I can see that, what happened dear?”

“I was in dance class and I fell,” Mitchie said quietly, deciding to leave out the exact how on her fall. “And did something to my ankle,” she added as an afterthought, she would probably want to mention exactly what was hurting if she wanted any help. The nurse immediately took her hand down to Mitchie’s swollen ankle, which had thankfully stopped swelling, but was still throbbing. Mitchie yelped when the nurses’ hand touched her ankle and found her hands gripping Shane’s very toned arms.

“Shhh.” Shane’s voice soothed, murmuring in her ear as his hold on her tightened. If Mitchie wasn’t trying to escape the pain she would’ve actually taken notice as to how close his mouth was to her ears.

“It’s alright dear; we’ll take care of you. Shane bring her over to that bed and I’m going to get a wrap. It just seems to be a simple twist.”

“Well it sure hurts like more than simple,” Mitchie remarked quietly as the Nurse walked to her back room and Shane walked her over to the center of the main room and gently set her down on the bed that was set up there. “Thanks,” she told him as he just gave her a warm smile and once more Mitchie felt her heart jump. This was bad, she was really starting to like him, as more than a friend, and this was bad.

“Anytime Mitch,” Shane remarked as he situated himself up by the upper half of her body. She looked at him and groaned when she saw the triumphant grin on his face. “I so called it as a twist.”

“Well whatever it is Doctor Shane it hurts, really hurts,” she remarked, reaching up to her cheek to wipe away a few more tears that had sprung back into her eyes when Nurse Green had been touching her ankle.

“I know,” Shane soothed, taking his hand and grasping hers within it. As always, the second their hands touched that spark went off again but Mitchie didn’t ignore it this time. In fact she squeezed his hand in return and met his gaze, trying to see if he maybe felt the same thing between them, and what she saw in his eyes made her shiver. His amazing eyes were dark and brown and intense, as though he were trying to decipher the same thing. She loved what she saw there, and for a few moments there was silence between the both of them as they stared at each other. Mitchie honestly thought the butterflies in her stomach just about jumped all the way to other parts of her body and she was really quite content to stay this way. The pain in her ankle was slowly being dulled by the look in his eyes that was all she cared about, all she wanted to see.

But unfortunately, like all good moments, this one was interrupted by Nurse Green coming into the room with her hands full. Mitchie watched as Shane glanced at those full hands before quickly pulling his away from hers and going to help the older woman. She was surprised that Shane was helping the Nurse, and she watched him as he grabbed a few things from her and brought them back over to the medical bed.

“You do have a heart,” Mitchie told him and he rolled his eyes.

“My mother would slap me senseless if I didn’t help a lady when her arms were full.”

“And right she should,” Nurse Green responded with a smile as she set things down beside Mitchie’s foot. “Now dear, your foot has a bad twist, and to help it get better faster I’m going to wrap it and give you some ice. I’m also going to recommend that you stay off of it for the rest of today. “

“But what about classes?” Mitchie asked, great, her first day as a camper and she was already going to miss lessons.

“I think it best if you just rest. I’ll send along word to your instructors and you can take it easy. Understand?” Nurse Green said as she began gently taking Mitchie’s ankle in hand, a dressing in the one hand that she swiftly began applying to prevent any further damage.

“She understands.” Mitchie glared at Shane and then winced as the wrap was put around her ankle. She did not like the fact that he had just spoken for her but he just sent her a look in return as he edged closer to her.

“Mitch-listen to Nurse Green, she knows what she’s talking about and you don’t want to take chances on that ankle. So today after she’s done wrapping your ankle I’m going to carry you back to your cabin and tie you to the bed if I have to,” he told her and Mitchie glared once more, but this time added a pout. She had no idea if it would work on him, but it usually worked on her dad, it was worth a try here.

“But I don’t wanna be alone all day,” she said in her best sad voice, she was going to pull out all the stops here. She watched as Shane looked at her and just grinned. She felt the confusion rise in her as he leaned down and put his mouth right by her ear.

“Who said I was going to let be alone all day?” he asked softly and she just turned her gaze to him. Did he really just say that? Was he really going to spend the entire day with her?

“Really?” she asked. “You don’t have other classes to teach?”

“Nah, Brown wouldn’t trust me with them, anyways I want to spend my day with you. But you have to agree to what Nurse Green says alright?”

She was instantly nodding to it; she’d get an entire day with Shane in exchange for resting her ankle? She’d gladly take that trade off. She felt her insides get bubbly when he smiled at her and she almost leaned into to him, but once again the moment was ruined; this time by a slamming door. Mitchie jumped at the sound and she felt Shane immediately pull away from their close proximity as her gaze shot to the doorway. She tensed for a moment, thinking that maybe it was Tess or one of her groupies, but immediately relaxed at who she saw standing there; Caitlyn and her mother. Both looked very concerned and at the first sight of Mitchie they were inside and hurrying towards her.

“Honey are you alright?” Her said as she reached her side. “Caitlyn here came rushing into the kitchens and said something about you falling and hurting yourself. What happened?”

“Mom, calm down,” Mitchie soothed. “I fell in dance earlier today, just like Caitlyn said and I twisted my ankle pretty badly. But don’t worry, it’s just a twist and Shane took care of me,” she told both her mother and Caitlyn, giving Shane a nod. It was then that her mother finally seemed to notice Shane was in the room and her face softened as she looked at him.

“Thank you Shane, for taking care of her,” Connie said and Mitchie almost giggled at the look on Shane’s face, she glanced at Caitlyn and saw that she was trying not to do the same thing.

“It’s no trouble M-Connie, anytime,” Shane mumbled and Mitchie gave him a smile to try and encourage him. She almost wanted to say something but was stopped by Caitlyn.

“So you’re ankles just twisted? What does that mean for classes?”

“They’re a no go for today. Nurse Green has told me to stay off my ankle and just rest and I’m told that not listening to her is not an option for me,” Mitchie replied with a glance towards Shane who simply returned her look with one of his own.

“What about after today?” Connie asked, more to Nurse Green who was still carefully wrapping Mitchie’s ankle and doing a very good job of it because Mitchie was hardly noticing the throb there.

“She’ll be fine after a day of rest. She’ll just have to take it easy on the ankle tomorrow, and I’d advise no dancing for a couple of days.”

“But she’ll be alright?” Mitchie rolled her eyes at her mother, constantly worried about her well-being.

“Just fine given some rest.”

“You hear that honey? You just need to rest for today.” Mitchie smiled as her mother just looked at her but instantly realized that being her mother, Connie Torres would try to not do her work today in order to take care of her.

“I know mom, but I don’t want you to stay with me. I’ll be fine today. I know you want to be in the kitchen with the staff, making sure things run smoothly.”

“Oh honey, that’s not important.”

“To you it is. And I’ll be fine, promise. I mean-”

“I’ll be with her Connie.” Mitchie looked up at Shane in surprise; she hadn’t expected him to admit to that in front of Caitlyn.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I said I’d stay with her today. I don’t have any other classes to teach and I don’t want her to be alone and I really don’t mind. I love spending time with her. So you can get back to work, Caitlyn you can go to your classes and we’ll chill in your cabin.”

“Wow, well, thank you Shane.” Once again, Mitchie was fighting off the urge to giggle at the look of embarrassment on Shane’s face but she quickly resolved herself to being serious as her mother looked at her.

“And you’re sure you’ll be alright without me?”

“Yes mom, I’m going to be fine. Plus I’ve got Shane to keep me company. Go,” she said softly. “I know you want to be there so go, please.” Mitchie pleaded and Connie’s eyes softened.

“Well alright, I’ll just wait here for the nurse to finish up and leave you in Shane’s capable hands.”

“And what about you Caitlyn?” Mitchie asked, turning to her friend who was standing beside her mother, a bemused expression on her face.

“Oh I’m going to class, I promise. But I’ll stop by and check on you throughout the day, make sure jerky here isn’t boring you out of your mind. But I’ll tell the others to steer clear because you’re sleeping alright?” Caitlyn asked and Mitchie nodded in relief.

“Thanks, you’re the best.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

Mitchie glanced at Caitlyn then before the two lapsed into a fit of giggles, they only stopped when Nurse Green spoke.

“And your ankle is wrapped!” Nurse Green said with a smile as she stepped back to admire her work before glancing up at the group surrounding Mitchie. “Now my dear, you’re going to need to ice that ankle the second you’re back in your cabin. The swelling’s already going down but it’ll help the process along. So ice and simple Tylenol should help the pain. And most importantly rest.”

“Yes m’am,” Mitchie replied with a grin. “Thanks for all your help.”

“Anytime dear, though I do hope that this is your first and last visit to me this summer.”

“No offense but so do I,” Mitchie laughed and let out a slight yelp when she felt Shane’s arms sliding under her once more. Though this time she actually let an arm wrap around his neck to steady herself. Her ankle was still throbbing but it definitely wasn’t as bad as before. As soon as she got some Tylenol she’d be fine. And she was sure that having a day with Shane would make her forget all about it.

“She’ll rest. I promise.” She heard Shane reiterate as he scooped her into his arms again. “You can head out Connie and Caitlyn, I’ve got this one.”

“Alright, I’ll come check on you in a bit honey and Shane I’ll send over some ice when I get back to the kitchen.” Mitchie smiled and waved to her mother as she headed out the door before turning her attentions to Caitlyn. The girl was standing at the doorway, holding the wooden door open for them all, smirking all the same.

“You know, you two look cute like that,” she remarked and Mitchie felt a blush rising as Shane got her out the door and into the actual Camp.

“Shush Caitlyn,” she remarked as her friend just smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Just a statement, but I’m heading to keyboarding class now, I’ll check on you during lunch mmkay?”

“Sure thing Caitlyn.”

“Have fun today.” The petite girl sing-songed as she walked away and Mitchie just smiled before turning her eyes to meet Shane’s gaze.

“Shall we?” she asked and he chuckled and nodded.

“I need you to point the way Mitch. I don’t know where your cabin is.”

She grinned and pointed towards the center of Camp, where the Mess Hall was located.

“We’re behind the Mess Hall, kind of out of the way but close enough to where Mom needs to be,” she told him and he smiled.

“Perfect, I won’t have to worry about being mauled.”

“Well let’s get going then.” Shane chuckled and instantly set off towards the Mess Hall, and Mitchie felt herself smiling the entire way because this day was actually turning out to be a really good one. Sure her ankle was kind of bad right now, but she was with a friend, a good friend. Yes, this was going to be a good day indeed.


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