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If anyone had come up to him upon his arrival at Camp Rock and told him that his summer would consist of discovering a talented girl who was quickly earning a place in his heart, Shane Grey would’ve laughed in their faces. He’d of called them crazy and had them committed to a psych ward because he never in a million years had he expected that this summer would have consisted of him finding a girl, a friend, and a crush all wrapped into one person; the girl currently being carried in his arms. No, Shane hadn’t expected Mitchie Torres in the slightest but she was here and rapidly entering every single part of his being. He also hadn’t expected to be carrying Mitchie across the camp and back to her cabin because of an injury.

But here he was, all of the above things happening and he really and honestly found that he didn’t mind this turn of events. Taking Mitchie back to her cabin held the promise of an entire afternoon spent in her company, all alone, of talking, having that connection all over again with her. Oh yes, this afternoon had possibilities and Shane liked it a lot and having Mitchie in his arms just increased that like. He honestly couldn’t help but notice that she fit in his arms perfectly, that she was east to carry, and that he really really like having her there. Well, if Shane was being completely honest with himself, he really just liked Mitchie. As in, the little crush he’d been developing since yesterday afternoon was rapidly turning into something much more when it came to Mitchie and he really wasn’t sure that he wanted to stop it right now. In fact, Shane was quite sure that he liked the feelings running through him.

He’d liked it ever since he’d first realized this was more than a crush in his dance class. He’d come in late, despite Mitchie’s earlier speech, he’d decided to make an entrance. He’d wanted to show his class exactly who was in charge of them but instead of making an entrance he’d walked in on a scene. A scene that had involved Mitchie and that Tess girl, a scene that had sparked something within him, a hint at his feelings. Why you may ask? Well because in that instant, Shane hadn’t wanted to make an impression, all he’d wanted to do was help Mitchie. She’d looked so uncomfortable and disturbed and that had bothered him. So he’d done his best to help her, something very un-Shane like, but it was worth it. He’d helped her and he’d loved doing it. He’d loved seeing the relief in her eyes at his intervening; he liked knowing that she was all right again because of him.

The second clue in his feelings was the fact that he’d worried about Mitchie since he’d walked in on that scene. In fact, he’d half considered asking her if she was alright during class but he’d refrained from doing so in lieu of finding out later when they were alone. But then he’d actually had to teach his class and watch Mitchie dance.

That was clue number three for Shane. When he’d split the class into groups in order to see their progress he’d had a very hard time on shifting his attention away from Mitchie. She’d looked absolutely adorable trying to figure the steps out and then when she got them she looked downright sexy with the way her body moved. He’d had to compliment her in her group, because really she’d looked good doing it.

Then Shane had gotten his fourth clue as to his feelings for Mitchie Torres when she’d fallen to the floor. No, correction, she hadn’t fallen to the floor, Mitchie had been pushed there. But at the time his brain hadn’t really comprehended what his eyes had seen. No, all he’d registered was the fact that Mitchie had taken a spill and the fact that he’d had a mini heart attack in the process. He hadn’t been able to get over to her fast enough when it had happened but he’d practically sprinted the length of the room in order to get to her side. He remembered being relieved when she’d gotten him to help her up but the panic had returned the very second she’d fallen back into his arms. The tears in her eyes had caused sadness in him that he hadn’t really ever felt before. In that moment Shane had wanted nothing more than to just sink to the ground with her and make it all better, to make the tears stop, to put a smile on her face. He’d wanted to that; his heart had been screaming at him to do so but his mind had forced him to do something else. No, instead of being a comforter Shane had switched himself into action mode because he’d needed to make Mitchie better in that moment. It had been priority number one to get the tears to stop and her smiling.

And it was that clue that had really jolted his thoughts in regards to her. He’d never had one person’s obvious distress affect him in the way that hers had. With Mitchie he’d just wanted to make her pain go away, to hold her. He hadn’t cared about anyone else in that moment and that had forced him into an action mode to get her some help and to get everyone else in the class going at the time it happened. He’d turned into a task-master and after seeing the exact state of Mitchie’s ankle he’d taken immediate action.

That was how he’d ended up in the position that he was now in, carrying her in his arms after getting the Nurse to check her out. Relief continued to wash over him now that he knew she would be just fine and excitement was beginning to replace the relief because the closer he they got to her cabin, the sooner they’d be alone. But in all honesty it was more of a nervous excitement than anything else because now that he knew about his feelings for Mitchie Torres he had no idea what to do about the. Normally he didn’t have problems with girls, because he simply avoided them aside from the occasional hook-up. But Mitchie wasn’t a hook-up, no, Mitchie was different; she was nice, kind, and got him in ways no one ever had. She was a friend; someone didn’t want to hurt if he could help it. This meant having absolutely, positively, no idea on how to act with his feelings because they were different; just like she was. Hell, he didn’t even know if there was a possibility of her liking him back.


Her soft voice jolted him from his inner musings and he glanced down to find Mitchie’s doe brown eyes looking up into his. They’d been silent for a while now, but once again it had been comfortable silence because somehow they’d managed to sense that the other needed to think.

“What’s up Mitch? The ankle?” he asked, automatically shifting into his concerned mode, but his heart jumped as she just giggled and shook her head.

“No, it’s all right for the moment,” she told him. “But if you keep walking we’re going to end up in the woods.”

His gaze shot upwards at her words and he saw that Mitchie was indeed correct. They were just about to reach the edge of the camp and the last of the cabins.

“Sorry,” he said quickly, looking back down at her to give a smile. “Got lost in my thoughts again.”

“It’s ok, I did the same,” she told him with a grin and Shane just gave a laugh.

“So…right or left?” he asked, stopping his movements when he came to the last of the cabins.

“Take a right,” she instructed, pointing to a nearby wooden structure. “It’s right behind the kitchen.”

He nodded and then turned them and headed towards the aforementioned cabin. The sooner he got her in that cabin, the sooner they could talk, hopefully without getting lost in their thoughts. He managed to reach the cabin in minutes and quickly got them up the stairs and to the door.

“Can you repeat what you did at the nurses door?” he asked her and she immediately nodded, not even needing a reminder of how they’d gotten the door open there. He knelt down then and her hand went out to get the handle; the door opened effortlessly.

“We’re getting good at this,” he mentioned and she laughed as he kicked the door open wide and got them into her cabin.

Yay, there’s something I’m good at,” she told him with a laugh and he frowned. Shane knew that she meant it as a joke but he didn’t like it because it was a put down on her and the amazing person she was.

Mitchie,” he said with a sigh. “Don’t say things like that. You’re good at a lot of things.”

She blushed, and he felt a smile form on his lips as she turned her eyes away from his. He knew he wasn’t really used to this kind of attention but he was intent on getting her to believe in her talents before this summer was over.

“You can put me down on that bed,” she mumbled, pointing towards the bed closest to the door. His legs immediately complied with her request and he walked over to the intended destination and bent down to gently put Mitchie down on her bed. She wriggled out of his arms and with great effort he pulled himself away, he’d really liked having her in his arms but he had to pull away to avoid her asking questions. So he did, though he couldn’t quite ignore the empty feeling that was now present in his arms, but he forced it down and stared down at her, watching as she adjusted herself on the bed.

There was silence between them then and for the first time it felt slightly awkward to him. He had no idea as to why but to him it seemed as though neither had anything to say. At least he didn’t have an idea as to what he should say right now. But luckily, Mitchie seemed to get over the silence first,

“So,” she began. “Are you just going to stand there all day?”

“No,” he said with a grin. “Just waiting for you to tell me where I’m allowed to sit,” he replied as he watched her eyes widen in realization.

“Oh!” she told exclaimed quickly. “You can umm pull the desk chair over, or sit on my mom’s bed, or I can even scoot over.” She offered, attempting to do just that before she stopped to wince at the sudden movement. That wince that had his eyes immediately going down to her ankle and had his brain shifting into action mode yet again. Before he could get himself settled with her, he had to get Mitchie situated with that ankle.

Frowning he glanced around the room and quickly reached to the bed beside Mitchie’s, one he assumed to be her mothers, and grabbed a pillow from it. He doubted that Connie would have a problem with it as he turned back to Mitchie and leaned down over her ankle.

“Shane?” she asked and he glanced up at her with a grin.

“Calm down,” he said softly. “I’m just going to prop your ankle up ok?”

He watched her nod and then quickly turned back to her leg, one hand gently lifting while the other slid the pillow underneath her ankle before setting it back down. He made sure her ankle was properly placed and then turned his gaze back to her own. “Better now?” he asked and she nodded.

“Much,” she said. “Are you going to sit now?”

“No,” he replied. “I’m going to get you some ice now and save your mom a trip here,” he explained and he moved away from her and towards the door to her cabin. “Be right back.”

“Promise?” she asked and he just grinned and nodded in response.

“Promise, now stay still and I’ll be right back,” he ordered before hurrying out the door and heading to the kitchen. He was grateful that he still remembered where the kitchen was in this camp as well as for the short distance to said kitchen. This meant he could avoid being stared at and get there all the faster to get Mitchie her ice.

He reached the aforementioned kitchen in a record three minutes and began to make his way up the steps but was stopped when he saw Connie Torres emerge from the kitchen with her arms full.

“Shane.” He smiled when she did, he really did like Mitchie’s mother. “What are you doing over here? Is Mitchie alright?”

He immediately nodded to that question, wanting to calm the obvious concern in her voice down.

“She’s fine m‘am. I just came to get her some ice before you had to make a trip there,” he explained as he glanced down to see that Connie indeed had ice and pain killers in her hands. “But it looks like you have me beat on the getting stuff for her.”

“Well I decided that the sooner she got it, the faster that ankle gets better.”

“Good idea,” he chuckled. “I get the feeling that Mitchie doesn’t like being cooped up like she is.”

“You’d be right on that one,” Connie replied with a grin. “She’s worked too hard to get herself to this camp, is working hard to continue being here, and she’s not about to let herself not enjoy the experience. Music is her life.”

Shane smiled at the obvious affection in her voice, something he hadn’t heard from a mother in quite some time. Yes his mother loved him; he just never got to see her because of his crazy schedule. The fact that he lived on the other side of the country away from her didn’t help matters either.

“I know it is Connie. When we were talking last night it was obvious,” he told her, the smile on his face growing as he thought of that fateful conversation. “And she’s got real talent. I really think that she could make it in the music business.”

“Really?” Connie asked, and he felt a grin spread across his face at the smile on hers.

“I think so. She’s got the talent, she just needs to realize it and get some confidence,” he told her.

“Well Shane,” Connie began. “I think that if anyone can give that confidence to her..you can.” His eyes widened in shock at her words and confusion at the laughter that followed them as she just looked at him.

“Shane, I’m being serious. My daughter likes you, she trusts you and that’s not something Mitchie does easily. So I really think that you might be the key to getting her the confidence she needs. You’re good for her.” Shane felt his shock just grow just a bit more at her words. Mitchie’s mother really believed that he was good for her daughter, that he could help her, she believed in it. No one had ever said something like that to him before and he felt unbelievably humbled at her words.

“She’s good for me too Connie,” he responded softly. “She makes me….different. Around her I’m less of a jerk. She gets me in ways that no one ever has and please don’t think I’m crazy but I think…I think I like your daughter as more than a friend.” His gaze nervously shot up to meet Connie’s appraising one as he started questioning his own sanity. Why would he, Shane Grey, tell the mother of the girl he liked how he felt? Especially when said mother barely knew him and what he was like outside the limelight. Yes, he was crazy and when she said absolutely nothing to him he started doing something that was really quite foreign to him; ramble.

“What I mean to say is that well..yes I like your daughter but I wouldn’t actually do something about it. She doesn’t even like me in that way so really there’s nothing to worry about I-”

“Shane calm down.” He looked at Connie then and was surprised to find her simply smiling at him, not shooting daggers. “It’s ok to like Mitchie.”

His eyes widened at her words and his heart seemed to stop for a moment. That comment was unexpected, really unexpected, what mother had ever said that to him before?

“Really?” he asked, needing confirmation on the matter.

“Yes. I told you this morning: Mitchie trusts you so I’m going to trust her judgment. I know you’ve had some problems but they seem to be getting better,” she said with a pointed look. He immediately nodded in confirmation, this was good. Really good, if Connie liked him then maybe she could help him with Mitchie. And in the future, if something did happen with Mitchie, having Connie on his side could help infinitely with Mitchie’s father. He paused as that thought ran across his brain; he shouldn’t be thinking things like this. Mitchie didn’t even like him in that way but still it didn’t stop him from reassuring her mother that he was changing.

“I promise it’s getting better Connie. Mitchie has no problems pointing out when I’m being a jerk. Like I said…she’s good for me.”

“And I wouldn’t expect anything less from my daughter,” Connie said with a laugh. “But that’s beside the point. What I want to say is this: I’m really ok with you liking Mitchie and if by chance something were to happen with those feelings I would be ok with it.”

“You would?” Shane asked, ridiculously surprised at this sort of blessing for a relationship that he was really starting to want.

“I would be,” Connie repeated. “Again, I trust Mitchie so I’ll trust you. I realize that you’re older than her but you seem like a gentlemen,” she put emphasis on the last word and once again he was nodding like crazy.

“I am,” he responded quickly. “I will be. I respect your daughter.”

“As you should. I just ask that you keep me in the loop,” she said with another pointed look.

“Of course,” he said before the logical side of his brain finally decided to kick in. “But Connie, you really don’t have to worry about that because Mitchie doesn’t like me in that way. To her I’m just a new friend and that’s all,” he explained.

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that one,” Connie responded with a smile.

“And why not?” he asked and she chuckled.

“Because I know my daughter. She likes you. Last night she couldn’t stop talking about you and whenever I mentioned or asked a question about you last night she just couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve never seen her react that way about a boy before. She likes you. Trust me.”

Shane felt his breathing stop at her words. Did he dare to hope that Mitchie could possibly like him back? Her mother seemed to think that she did and her mother really did know her, so maybe it was true. But did he have a chance? And if so what should he do about it? He could make a move or keep his mouth shut. This was one time where he really wasn’t sure about his next move. He needed to think about it, he knew what he wanted to do but had no idea if he actually should.


Connie’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he was immediately focused on her again. He saw that she was holding the items in her arms out to him and he took them without even thinking. The ice packs now in his arms caused him to shiver slightly but he shook it off. He could take a few minutes of cold to bring this stuff to Mitchie.

“Now you’ve just got the one ice pack but that should hold you until lunch,” Connie explained. “I’ll bring another one when I bring you two lunch in a couple hours ok?” she asked and nodded. “Now the only thing I have with me is Tylenol but that should take the pain away for awhile. Make sure Mitchie takes two and no more,” she instructed.

“Yes m’am. Two Tylenol and no more,” he repeated as he glanced down at the bottle.

“Now why don’t you get back to Mitchie before she thinks you got lost and that ice pack melts anymore?” Connie suggested with a smile.

“Anything else I need to know before I go?”He asked and she shook her head.

“Nope, you should be good now. Just have a good day with her and remember I’m trusting you and her.” Connie emphasized the word trust and Shane could’ve sworn that his cheeks were going red at the way she said it. He understood now that this was his one chance to prove himself to her mother, to show that he could indeed be trusted around Mitchie and he was determined to show her that she could indeed do that.

“Thanks Connie, I’ll see you in a couple hours.” She smiled and waved him off and before Shane knew it his legs were carrying him back to the cabin where Mitchie was currently awaiting his return. He’d been gone for longer than he thought possible but hopefully she wouldn’t be too angry at him for it. His mind paused at the thought of Mitchie angry, something he really hadn’t seen yet. Annoyance he’d gotten a taste of last night and he hadn’t liked making her annoyed. He wouldn’t like making her angry at him, so it was with that thought that he sped his pace up and speed-walked back to Mitchie’s cabin.

He got there in mere seconds and quickly headed up the steps and shifted the things in his hands so he could better open the door and get back inside to Mitchie.

“I’m back,” he announced, glancing around the room to find that Mitchie was still on the bed. However, there were two things that had changed about Mitchie in his absence. One, she had somehow changed into sweat pants and was now sitting up, bad ankle still propped up, and two she was furiously writing something down in her songbook. In fact she seemed so wrapped up in what she was writing that she hadn’t even noticed his return. Smiling at the sight of her Shane quietly closed the door behind him and moved in towards her. He thought that she looked beautiful like this, in comfortable clothes just writing her heart out and hopefully he could hear what she was working on at some point today. But for now, he wanted to get this ice on her ankle and the pain killers in her body.

“Mitch,” he said as he reached the edge of the bed. Still he got no reaction from her, she really got into her songwriting when it came down to it and he thought that the entire scene was adorable. It was also quite remarkable to watch because this really showed what an artist Mitchie was, what she could be. He really was tempted to just let her at it, but he couldn’t hold this ice pack forever. It was freezing his hand and it was starting to get that condensation on the outside. Plus, Mitchie’s ankle needed it to help get the swelling down. “Mitchie,” he said again, this time yelling. He watched as she finally noticed him and her body jumped at the sound of his voice. He cringed just a bit because he felt bad for scaring her, but it was for a good reason.

“Shane!” Her voice rang through his head and his eyes finally met her gaze and he grinned when he saw the smile on her face. “When did you get back? I didn’t even hear the door.”

“Well you were really wrapped up in writing in that songbook of yours,” he told her, smiling when her face tinted red just slightly. “Hey, don’t be embarrassed by it. I think it’s great that you were so inspired,” he told her. “Any chance I’ll get to hear it?” he asked and she immediately closed the songbook in her lap and clamped her arms across the cover.

“I guess that’s a no?” he asked with a chuckle as she just nodded her head. He inwardly rolled his eyes at her obvious attempts to not want him to see something he’d coax out of her later but for now he’d acknowledge her wants. For now, he’d let it slide. “Fine,” he said. “You win this round.”

She grinned then and quickly moved, wincing just slightly as she put her songbook on the bedside table and set her pen on top of it before turning back to him. “So what took you so long? You were definitely gone for more than a couple minutes.”

“Oh, you’re mom and I got to talking,” he explained and he almost laughed as he saw her eyes widen at the response.

“About what?”

“Stuff,” he said with a grin and this time he did laugh when her eyes widened and her face turned red.

“That isn’t an answer,” she explained slowly.

“Oh yes it is,” he said with a smirk before he finally decided that the ice in his hand was getting entirely too cold for his liking. “Oh stop worrying Mitchie, it was nothing bad,” he soothed as he walked over to a side of the bed so he could put the ice pack on her ankle.

“What are you doing?” she asked and he looked up at her with a smile. “I brought your ice, just like I said I would. Now brace yourself, it’s cold,” he warned as he slowly set the ice pack upon her ankle. Mitchie let out a gasp at the contact but said nothing as he made sure the ice was firmly in place before looking up to find her wincing just slightly. “What’s wrong?” he asked quickly.

“Nothing, it’s just cold,” she explained. “But it’ll be fine.”

“Want me to get you a blanket?” he asked and she shook her head.

“Nah I’m good for now. Are you actually going to sit down now?”

“In a second,” he said with a chuckle as he finally held the Tylenol bottle out to her. “Take this and get two out of the bottle. I’m going to get you a cup of water.”

Mitchie gingerly took the bottle offered to her and immediately popped it open as he went to the bathroom and grabbed a cup from beside the sink and filled it up before heading back out to her. He laughed when he saw her sitting there, pills in her hand, bottle on the table, a smile on her face as she reached her free hand out for the water.

“Eager are we?” he asked as he handed it off and she simply nodded and took her pills quickly before putting the water on the table and looking up at him expectantly.

“Sit,” she said softly scooting herself over and patting the spot beside her. Shane felt his eyebrows raise at where she wanted him, but he wouldn’t say anything. He liked that she wanted him closer to her because he wanted that. He said nothing, just walked over to the other side of her bed so she wouldn’t have to move her ankle and finally let himself sit down opposite her.

“You can put your feet up if you want,” she offered. “Just take your shoes off first,” she ordered and he chuckled before nodding. He kicked the sneakers he’d been wearing off and moved to scoot up and sit by her, but he hesitated, unsure if that’s what she wanted him to do and she instantly smiled at him and nodded.

“Come on, there’s plenty of room left up here on the pillows and I promise I don’t bite,” she said with a grin and he chuckled and nodded before crawling up and settling against the pillows carefully. His heart was racing a mile a minute as he finally realized that Mitchie Torres was sitting beside him on her bed, and looking at him. He wondered if she could hear his heart racing, wondered if she was possibly reading his mind as he thought about how well beautiful she was beside him.

“So,” she began. “Now that these pain killers are kicking in, what do you want to talk about?” she asked slowly.

“Hmmm,” he began. He really was at a loss for words right now. His mind was still reeling from the fact that she was beside him and wow did she smell good. “What didn’t we get to last night?”

“I have no idea,” she responded with a laugh as she attempted to shift herself beside him. He watched her with a frown and realized that he was taking up a good portion of the space she’d occupied earlier.

“Do you want me to move?” he asked. “This can’t be comfortable for you.”

“No, don’t move,” she told him. “I, well I like having you next to me. You’re keeping me warm,” she added in what seemed to be an afterthought. He had to smile at the words and with very little thinking he decided to help her get more comfortable and warmer in the process. Slowly, so he wouldn’t startle her with his action; he moved his left arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. He felt her tense up just a bit and he prayed that she wouldn’t turn him away, or feel the pounding of his heart. He didn’t know why he was so nervous but he was yet all he wanted to do was touch her, in a completely appropriate ways of course.

They were both tense for a few more moments but the second she relaxed into his touch he felt himself relaxing against her. Sure his heart was still racing a mile a minute but if she could be ok with this than he could be ok with this. He had done this for her after all.

“Ok?” he asked, just to be sure and she glanced up at him with a smile and nod.

“It’s ok, thanks,” she said and he felt himself smiling again. A smile that only widened when she leaned herself into his embrace, and he noticed that once again, she fit against him perfectly.

“So,” she said. “Talk?”

“About anything you want,” he responded.

“Hmmm what about your family? I mean we talked about where you’re from, but not about your family,” she said. “Tell me about your parents, do you have siblings? Grandparents?” she asked and he laughed. His family was a subject that he could definitely talk about. He may not be in contact with them all that much but his parents were important to him.

“Curious today are we Miss Torres?” he asked and she blushed at the question but nodded all the same.

“You tell me about your family I tell you about mine,” she enticed and he chuckled.

“Now how can I resist an offer like that? I think I have to tell you now,” he said with a grin. “Now, my family..hmm where to start.”

“Your parents are a good place,” she suggested and he had to admit that he was surprised at the sarcasm in her voice. He hadn’t expected that from Mitchie of all people, but hey she was constantly surprising him, why should now be any different?

“I think the lady is right,” he responded. “Now my parents, my parents, are named Jim and Karen. My dad is almost fifty and my mom will never ever tell me how old she really is. All’s I know is that she’s been forty for the past few years.” He stopped when Mitchie giggled and listened to the sound, he loved it when she did that and he loved that he was the cause of it.

“Go on,” she ordered with a firm poke to his chest. “I know there’s more than that.”

“There is,” he said. “My parents got divorced when I was thirteen but it wasn’t messy or violent or anything. I know it wasn’t my fault and I know that they both love me and they still care about each other. They’re just friends now. It’s really not that bad. I mean when I was younger I spent alternate weeks with the both of them but we still did stuff together as a family, had vacations, went out. My parents just didn’t live together anymore. I mean we all still do holidays together because they both like being involved in my life.”

“Wow. Shane that’s amazing,” Mitchie said and he nodded.

“Yeah my parents are pretty awesome. My mom explained it to me once: she said that both her and my father decided that fighting wouldn’t do any good for me or their relationship with me so they made the effort. I’m lucky,” he said with a smile. “Really lucky.”

“So did either of your parents remarry?” she asked and he nodded.

“Yeah my dad remarried when I was sixteen, just before the guys and I got our record deal. And my step-mom is well she’s alright I guess,” he replied slowly. In all honesty Shane was not entirely too fond of his step-mother, he thought that she was a snob and her attitude around him always made him shudder. But his dad loved her, so he tried to get along with her, really he did, but he was thankful that they lived on opposite sides of the country sometimes.

“You guess?” Mitchie asked and he nodded.

“Laura is kind of a snob; her attitude irks me a lot when I’m around her but my dad loves her so I try to like her. I mean I owe my dad that much right?” he asked and Mitchie looked at him in surprise.

“Shane that’s really sweet of you, who knew you had such a big heart?” she teased and he just chuckled.

“Hey my parents deserve it for all the crap they put up with because of the recording. And I had a good upbringing so I owe them.”

“Well what about your mom? Has she remarried?”

“Nope, she says she’s content to date for the rest of her life and that is just fine with me as long as she tells me nothing about it.” Mitchie laughed as he shuddered against her. “Don’t you laugh at me, you wouldn’t want to know about your parent’s sex life would you?” he asked and then she was the one shuddering again.

“Point taken now never mention that again.”

“Deal,” he told her. “Anything else you want to know?” he asked.

“Hmmm tell me everything about your family,” she told him and this time, without any hesitation he began telling her about his family life.

About a half an hour later, or maybe it was more, Shane couldn’t be sure, he finally stopped talking. He was absolutely certain that by now, Mitchie knew everything there was to know about his family. She knew that he was an only child, that his mother had lived out in LA with him for almost two years when he’d first started recording because he’d been underage. She knew that his mother now lived back in New York because she was a New Yorker at heart and couldn’t be transformed into a West Coaster like himself. Mitchie knew that his father and step-mother lived twenty minutes away from his mother that his father worked at some big law firm in the city. She knew that both sets of his grandparents were still alive and lived respectively in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Basically, Mitchie Torres knew even more about him today than she did yesterday and he was really ok with that. He liked that she knew about his family, he liked that he could tell her about his family, he just well he really liked her.

“Is it hard living in LA? Away from everyone?”

Her voice rang through his thoughts and he looked down at her with a grin.

“Not really, I love LA. It’s where life is at for me. I miss my parents but I have my life now. And if I get lonely I have the guys there. I mean we share a house together so it’s not like I’m ever alone.”

“As long as you’re happy there,” she told him. “I wouldn’t like to know that you’re not.”

“Mitch, I’m happy, seriously. I love living in LA. I love the life I’m lucky enough to get to have. I love that I share that life with my two best friends. I just don’t love the kind of crap music we’re forced to play.”

“Understandable,” she replied and he was surprised when she curled herself into his chest. So far all she’d been doing is leaning against his arm, but now her body was flush against his and oh boy was he reacting. Once more, she fit perfectly and he tried to keep his heart from breaking out of his chest.

“So enough about me, let’s hear about your family,” he suggested quickly, anything to get his brain off of the fact that Mitchie Torres, the girl he liked, had her head on his chest of all places.

“What do you want to know?” she asked, picking her head up just slightly and looking up at him.

“Well I know your mom and she’s awesome, but what about your dad?”

“Oh my dad is great. He owns a hardware store in San Fran and it’s doing pretty well for the moment. Let’s see..” she trailed off and thought about what more to say. “His mother, my abuela, came to the United States from Mexico with my grandfather, my abuelo and they settled in San Francisco and had my dad. He’s an only child, so no aunts and uncles on that side but my grandparents live about a half an hour away from us now.”

Shane officially decided that he loved it when Mitchie spoke Spanish. The way her voice took on an accent, how she pronounced it, it was all very very sexy. He needed to get her to speak it more often so he could imprint it in his brain.

“What about your mother’s family?”

“My mother comes from a big family. She lived in New Mexico for most of her life but came to California to go to college; it’s how she met my dad. But her parents always lived in the United States and she has three brothers and one sister. So I have lots and lots of cousins.”

“How many is a lot?” he asked and she grinned.

“Twelve,” she responded as if it were natural. “Seven boys and five girls.”

“Younger or older?”

“Six are older than me, two are the same age, and four are younger.”

“Tell me about them,” he coaxed, now actually curious as to how she put up with that kind of craziness in her family.

And so they killed another half an hour. But this time all he did was listen to Mitchie talk about her family only interrupting to ask an occasional question here and there. He was now fairly certain that he knew just as much about Mitchie’s family as she did about his. He knew that both of her parents spoke fluent Spanish and had raised her in a bi-lingual household. He knew that of her cousins, four of them were die-hard Connect Three fans while the rest could care less. He knew that she was semi-afraid of her abuela and her criticisms but loved her abeulo more than anything. He knew that her mother’s family still lived in New Mexico and she only saw them on holidays. He pretty much knew everything there was to know about Mitchie Torres’ family at that was just fine with him. He’d already made a mental note to buy a Spanish book when he got the chance and he was quite content with all the knowledge she’d bestowed upon him.

The two of them had stopped talking about five minutes ago and had lapsed into a comfortable silence again. Mitchie’s head was now comfortably lying against his chest and he’d actually gotten up the nerve to drop his arm from around her shoulders to put it dangerously close to her waist. He was sorely tempted to just pull her even closer to him but that would be wrong, he’d probably scare her with the action and that was something he didn’t want in the slightest.

In this moment he was really just content to have her so comfortable with him, so open with touching and not freaking out. The spark that he so often felt around her was there, but this time he was kind of letting it settle, so it wasn’t so shocking. Or maybe he was just getting used to it by now, after all, it happened whenever he saw her, not just when they touched. Yes in this moment, that spark was merely simmering and Shane Grey was contemplating as he stared at the ceiling. He really wanted to say something to Mitchie about his feelings. He knew he liked her and he kind of got a vibe that maybe she could like him too. But he was so damn nervous about it. He’d never felt this way before and he didn’t know how to act, Mitchie was so different and he felt that maybe they could have something special, maybe. But they had to try first and to try, he had to ask her how she felt, had to confess to her and those thoughts were terrifying. Completely and utterly terrifying to him. So really he was at a crossroads in this moment, tell Mitchie today, while he was alone with her, or just let it go and try to get over it. The only problem was he didn’t know which road he should take.

“Tell me something you’ve never told anyone before.” Her voice startled him out of his thoughts and her question even more so. Tell her something he’d never told anyone before? Now that was something to think about, what could he tell her? Nate and Jason knew almost everything about him, what didn’t they know?

“Shane?” her voice cut through his thoughts again and he glanced down to find her head propped up again, eyes on his face and he smiled. “Did you hear me?”

“I did, I’m just thinking about what to tell you,” he responded before he finally came up with something that he could tell her. He just had to make sure of one thing first. “Alright, before I tell you, do you swear upon all that is holy and sacred that you will never utter this to anyone else? Not even Nate and Jason?”

She nodded instantly. “I promise, not a word to anyone,” she reiterated and he took a breath before he let his confession unleash. This really was something that no one else knew about him, something he’d never even considered telling anyone before Mitchie, but she’d asked, and he found that he had to answer. Mitchie was just that endearing.

“Here goes nothing,” he muttered. “I’ve never been in love before,” he told her, his eyes meeting her gaze that seemed to widen in shock at the confession.

“Really? I would’ve thought that, well, I mean don’t girls just throw themselves at you?” she asked and he chuckled darkly.

“Yes they do, but all of them are just video girls, the kind that want to be in the limelight but don’t want the actual relationship. They want the fame and they’re all insane and I’m not into that. So I steer clear of them. Which means I haven’t been in a relationship for awhile and I’ve definitely never been in love before,” he told her and he had to admit the softness that just came into her gaze just made him melt. Oh boy, he was really and truly into Mitchie Torres, this, well he thought it was good. She definitely wasn’t a video girl, she was nice and sweet, but did he deserve her? Probably not. Did he want her? Absolutely. Was he going to do something about it today? He had yet to decide.

“I’m sorry Shane. That’s not right; a guy like you deserves someone special to share his life with.”

“Hey it’s no biggie, I’ve always been too busy for a girlfriend anyways,” he said, and then quickly cursed himself. He shouldn’t have said that, especially if he wanted a chance with Mitchie. He needed to prove to her that he could be the boyfriend type of material she was entitled too. The kind she deserved. “Well, I mean,” he began. “I’ve never met anyone that I was willing to work for you know? I mean yes my schedule is hectic but if that person were special enough, I’d make time for them.”

“Understandable,” she responded with a smile. “And good to know that once again you have a bigger heart than you let on. You just need to find someone to share that heart with.”

I think I already have. The thought flashed across his mind and he couldn’t help but think that he was right. Mitchie was someone he’d gladly work for; make time for, and someone he’d perfectly willing to share his heart with. “Yeah,” he said. “I’ll find someone. I mean after all, she could be right in front of me for all I know.”

He watched her face for a reaction and wasn’t surprised to find her face turning that all too familiar shade of pink. This was why he was hesitating in telling her anything, he didn’t want her to feel embarrassed, he wanted her to want what he did and what he wanted now was to get the conversation away from him. Maybe if he got her talking he could read more of her thoughts and feelings. There was a plan, he could get her talking.

“Hey now, enough about me,” he said quickly. “I think you should tell me something that you’ve never told anyone before.”

“Oh really?” she asked and he nodded.

“It’s only fair Mitch. I confessed something about myself to you so you can do the same right?”

“I guess.”

“You guess? Mitch you know you can tell me anything. I’m not going to make fun of you or anything.”

“I know, but if I tell you, it’s just embarrassing,” she told him. “No correction it’s just sad.”

“What is?” he questioned, and then she was blushing again. “Come on it can’t be as bad as mine.”

“Oh yes it can be. No it can be worse,” she told him, her face turning an even deeper shade of pink than before. “But fine I’ll tell you.” She paused to take a breath and turned her gaze away from him. “I’ve never been kissed.”

The words were mumbled, so much so that Shane had to strain to hear them and even when he did he could feel his brain start to turn at what she’d told him. Mitchie had never been kissed. The thought alone had him in shock and quite frankly he was appalled. Mitchie was a beautiful girl and it was crime that a beauty such as her had never been kissed.

“Are you serious?” he asked and he flinched just a bit when she looked up at him with a glare, her face still red as ever.

“Yes I’m being serious and yes I know it’s pathetic. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve never been kissed, never had a boyfriend, and it’s…it’s sad,” she mumbled and he was instantly thinking of ways to convince her otherwise. He wanted to analyze the statement because really he found it baffling that Mitchie had never been kissed but he couldn’t analyze when she was obviously embarrassed and upset.

“No, Mitch it’s not sad. You just haven’t found the right guy to give that to you yet,” he tried to reason and she shook her head.

“No, it’s because guys don’t notice me. I’m not blonde, not a cheerleader, and I’m invisible and un-kissable. And-”

Mitchie stop it right now,” he interrupted her. Shane had a feeling that her beginning of a rant was beginning to turn into a self-bashing party and he was not about to let Mitchie start in on that. No, she was beautiful and she was going to see that, she was kissable, very kissable, so much so that he wouldn’t mind…he had to stop himself. He could not think about that now, he had to concentrate on making her see the light.


“No buts, don’t talk about yourself like that,” he told her pointedly. “You’re beautiful, and you can sing, play guitar, and the piano. That is sexier than any kind of cheerleader could ever be. You’re kissable; you just haven’t the guy who deserves to give you that special first kiss. And who wants a blonde? I prefer brunettes so much more.” Shane immediately shut his mouth after that as he saw Mitchie’s eyes widen. Had he really just said that out loud? This wasn’t good, or was it? He wasn’t sure and it was times like this where he wished that he could read minds, or at the very least Mitchie’s mind. It would help him immensely at the moment.

“You like brunettes?” she asked quietly and he couldn’t stop himself from nodding. Mitchie really had him under a spell.

“Yeah, I’m coming to find that they’re so much better than blondes,” he responded, just as softly as she had asked the questions. The mood between them had just shifted dramatically and he was sure that Mitchie had felt it as he had. It was strange, but somehow the atmosphere had shifted from sweet to tension filled in almost minutes. Shane couldn’t explain it but he liked it, he liked feeling the tension because it meant they really had chemistry together. Maybe it meant she felt the same way because she was looking at him with an almost hopeful expression on her face. Maybe he could take a chance right now.

“W-what caused the shift in opinion?” her question made him blink and he almost laughed at it. Mitchie was giving him an in and he so appreciated it. He was starting to think that her mother was really right about the feelings, and he was also starting to think that maybe Mitchie was feeling just as confused as he was. That she wanted to confirm his feelings for her, well he could certainly help with that. Sighing he thought about his options in showing her and really decided that there was only one. Taking a breath he took the hand that wasn’t holding onto Mitchie and slowly moved it up to where her head was resting against his chest. Gently he took one of his fingers and let it trace the outline of her cheek and he listened to Mitchie take a shaky breath but she kept her gaze on him. She was obviously trying very hard here and he was going to dignify her efforts with an answer. An answer that would probably tell her exactly what he was feeling towards her but Shane was deciding that he could confess. He hoped he could at least.

“Well you see I met this girl and she pretty much is changing a lot of things about me,” he said and he felt her take another sharp intake of breath, but her gaze held. “See she’s adorable, really shy, but she’s incredibly talented,” he told her slowly. “And not to mention beautiful and I haven’t known her for very long but she’s kind of got me going crazy. In a good way because I like her. A lot.”

He stopped after that, he couldn’t say anymore, he had to wait for Mitchie’s reaction. For a few moments all that was present between them was silence. For a second he thought that maybe he’d read her emotions and reactions incorrectly. For a second he thought that all he was doing was making a fool out of himself but Mitchie surprised him. She reached up with a hand and grabbed the one that had a finger still tracing the side of her cheek and pulled his hand to her face. Shane froze for a second, this was unexpected but he could like it. Hell, he already liked it, and slowly, very slowly he cupped her face with his hand. His thumb ran along her cheek and Mitchie’s eyes closed for a moment as he brushed said thumb across her oh so soft lips.

“Shane?” she asked quietly and their gazes met again.

“Yeah Mitch?”

“This girl, what if she likes you too?”

“Well that would pretty much make my life because I really really like her.” She smiled then and he couldn’t help himself from doing it back. This confession was going through way more smoothly than he’d ever hoped for. She liked him that was her confession, she liked him. Oh he could sing right now, maybe he would sing, after he got her to admit it was actually her. “Does she like me back?” he asked softly and he almost jumped for joy when she nodded.

“Yeah she does, a lot,” she responded. “Shane?”

“Yes?” he asked almost entirely too quickly, he wanted to jump, scream, and shout right now because Mitchie Torres liked him. Really liked him, he could really do something about his feelings and she wouldn’t think he was crazy. It was a miracle.

“Is this girl kissable?” Her question had him pausing. Was that her way of giving him a silent invitation? Of telling him to maybe just maybe be the guy lucky enough to give her that first kiss? He was honored that she wanted that experience to be with him, that she wanted him to be the one to do it, even if he wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted. Well, there was only one way to find out, and if not, hopefully she stopped him, or he made it so she didn’t want to stop.

“Oh yes, very much so,” he responded, sliding his body down on the bed so that his head was even with hers. “In fact I think she’s so kissable that I can’t resist doing it.” Taking one last breath and a leap of faith Shane slowly leaned his head towards Mitchie’s, he had to give her time to stop this if she didn’t want it. But so far she hadn’t done anything. In fact, she was leaning in towards him, and after a few agonizing minutes his forehead was touching hers, his lips just inches from hers, he was so close to her and he loved it. He glanced into her eyes one last time and saw that there wasn’t any hesitation there, just something else, he couldn’t quite pinpoint it but it was something. He didn’t stop to think about what it could be, no instead he leaned in just a little more and let his lips finally press against Mitchie’s, slowly, cautiously, yet the second they met, Shane felt everything in the world right itself. Oh yes, this kiss with Mitchie Torres was going to be oh so perfect, he was sure of it, he would make it so.


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