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He knew that what he was doing right now could technically be considered stalking. After all he didn’t actually need to be here right now. He could be out in the city doing any number of things to help rebuild after Venjix’s last stand. He could be with his father discussing their plans for the city wide computer system they were going to begin working on in the next few days. Hell, he could even be in the lab helping Doctor K retrieve data files that were still floating around. But was he doing any of that? No. Instead Flynn McAllister found himself literally lurking around in the garage and watching a certain Silver Ranger as she moved about.

Unlike himself, Gemma was actually doing something useful, sweeping up debris, and humming to herself while doing so. She looked at peace and happy in this moment and Flynn wanted to capture it in his memory. Flynn wanted to leave his hiding place, to go over and help her, talk to her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was having a hard time believing that she was actually still here, in this moment of peace, doing such a simple task after the week they’d all had. A week filled with fighting and hardship, with joy and triumph, and a week that had had a few hours in which he’d barely been able to function above the bare necessities because he’d thought she’d been lost to him.

Gemma and Gem had gone down fighting Venjix, had taken a hit meant for himself and Summer, and then they’d been gone. They’d died, she had died, and Flynn had stood there watching and utterly helpless. When they’d disappeared, his helplessness had been overturned by a grief so great that he was still having nightmares revolving around it. He’d lost Gemma and he hadn’t been able to do a damn thing to stop it. The only thing he’d been able to do was feel his heart shatter and his brain had stopped working.

Flynn closed his eyes again the wave of emotions welling within him at the thoughts coming into his brain. He remembered that in those moments of despair he’d started to think about Gemma and what their relationship to each other was exactly. He’d recalled the late nights spent sitting in the garage, in the kitchen making smoothies, laughing and talking. Gemma had told him so much about her life before Corinth, in the Wasteland, in Alphabet Soup. She’d told him about her fears and dreams. In turn he’d shared about his travels, his father, and just life in general. With no one else around he’d learned that Gemma wasn’t as childish as she appeared, but a hardened warrior who was trying to cope with all she’d been through.

Through the course of those late night talks, and touches, and laughing Flynn had somehow managed to fall for Gemma in a completely non platonic way. But they were feelings that he’d never allowed himself to act upon because of two main reasons. One, her brother probably would have found a way to blow him up and two, he didn’t know if Gemma was ready for the kind of relationship he’d wanted to have with her. The latter was the most important part of the equation because Flynn knew through their conversations that Gemma was struggling to be around people. She’d been having difficulty trying to be herself and the last thing he’d wanted to do was make her feel like she had to reciprocate whatever he was feeling.

Of course, there were hints that she felt something for him. Little glances and smiles that were only for him but they hadn’t pursued anything. Gemma needed time that he was more than willing to give her and once again he was kind of terrified that Gem would off him in the middle of the night. But his inability to talk to her didn’t mean that he stopped himself from feeling for her. If anything his feelings grew the more and more time he spent with Gemma. These feelings also meant that when she’d died in front of him his world had come crashing down around him.

Flynn felt himself get slammed back into reality as he ran through that scene in his mind once more; Gemma disappearing, him screaming for her. He shivered and closed his eyes in an attempt to rid himself of the images and the emotions rising up inside of him. He didn’t want to think about this right now or ever again really. Gemma was safe now. Dr. K had brought her back from the bio-field and she was fine. Flynn just had to keep breathing and reminding himself of those facts.

One of the ways that helped him see that was by watching Gemma. By seeing her there and whole he knew she wasn’t just a dream or some fake imaginings of his heart. Which was partially why he was in the Garage now, looking at her, feeling his heart flutter with every movement she made.  He wanted to do something, he needed to do something about these feelings for her and he oddly felt that he could now.

Venjix was gone and for the first time in a very long time; they were all going to have somewhat normal lives. He was still going to be helping with the city and of course he’d strap on his morpher once more if ever the need arose but for right now there was peace. Rebuilding had to happen of course but for once there were no robots to fight and the world was slowly turning back to its natural state. In Flynn’s opinion, all of these happenings were things to be taken as signs that maybe just maybe he could move forward with Gemma. He had to ask her of course and hope she said yes but he knew right now that he had to try. Losing her for just a few hours had damn near killed him and he couldn’t go through this life wondering what could’ve been.

So he’d come in here with the intention of looking at her for a moment and then possibly asking her out on a date but found himself stopped by the first part of said plan. But now that he’d managed to get himself out of his thoughts about those god awful few hours where she hadn’t been around to look at he could hopefully go through with asking her out. All he had to do was stop staring at her long enough to actually move out of the shadows and talk to her.

Taking a breath Flynn let his head clear once more before ordering his feet into motion. However before he could get even one foot in front of the other, he was stopped by a body suddenly appearing in front of his. He immediately felt his body snap into a hyper aware state as his eyes went upwards. He let out a breath of relief when he found that it was just Gem in front of him and not some rogue grinder bent on revenge.  However, the look on Gem’s face still had his senses on hyper alert because really when it came to Gemma, her brother was a wee bit protective.

“Gem, can ye not sneak up on people like that? I thought you were a monster left over from the attack,” Flynn whispered quietly, not wanting to alert Gemma to his presence right now.

“I thought you’d of noticed me by now. You’ve been standing there for awhile Flynn,” Gem replied in an equally soft whisper, an interesting look in his eyes as he spoke.

Flynn immediately felt a blush creep its way across his face that the Gold Ranger’s words and a hand came up to rub his neck in an attempt to get it away. This was definitely not going as planned.

“Well, Gem I was just-”

“You like my sister.”

Flynn felt his gaze snap up to meet Gem’s eyes once more and saw the look of determination there. That blush that had been forming was most definitely coming on full throttle now. This was not in his plan today, dealing with Gem had been something he’d put in the back of his mind until after Gemma said yes.

“Well, I…yes. I like yer sister,” he replied with a sigh. No sense in denying the obvious now. Mine as well deal with the shut down now.

“As more than a friend?” Gem asked and Flynn nodded.

“Yes Gem. I like her as more than a friend.”

“How much more?”

Flynn felt his eyebrows shoot up at the question. He’d been expecting a shut down and a strict marching out of the room. Instead he was being met with an inquisitive Gem that seemed almost anxious about his answers. Hmm this was a new one.

“Well Gem to be honest; a lot more. I really do care about yer sister. She gets me like no one else an’ I feel like I can talk to her about anythin’. An’ when you two…..when you went away,” he paused then and felt his eyes close once again, god how he hated thinking about that. “When you went away Gem I felt like my world died with her. Worst feeling ever. She’s…well...I know she’s somethin’ special for me.”

Flynn stopped after that and watched Gem’s face as it went through a variety of emotions. It first began with the anxiety, then changed into surprise and now it was set in well Gem was smiling, sort of.

“That’s a good answer Flynn. A really good answer,” he began slowly. “I know that I haven’t been very supportive of you and her being closer but you have to understand for a really long time it was just her and I. It’s hard to just well let go of that.”

“Gem I understand that an’ I would never try to come between you and her. I just-”

Flynn stopped talking when Gem held up a hand.

“I know that Flynn. Gemma explained it to me and then Scott explained it to me again. I know that you would never try to come between us. I know that nothing will ever be like the bond she and I share as siblings but there are certain things that she wants now that I can’t give her,” Gem explained softly, taking a breath before looking Flynn directly in the eyes as he spoke his next piece.

“But you can. And Gemma cares about you like you care about her. I….want you and her to be happy. I want you two to be happy together.”

Of all the things that Gem could have said, nothing in the world could have prepared Flynn for those words. He never in a million years would have thought that Gem would be giving him his blessing to date his sister. Gem who had been thwarting the two of them for months, who gave him glares when no one else looked, was really saying these things.

“Gem…are you sure about this?”

Flynn needed clarification on this. He needed to be certain he hadn’t been imagining things just a few moments ago. But Gem simply smiled and nodded at the question.

“It took me awhile to see it Flynn but you make her happy. I want my sister to be happy. And we’re friends so I want you to be happy too. So you can be with her. I won’t stop you,” he stopped but then added as an afterthought. “But if you break her heart I will not hesitate to blow your jeep up…got it?”

Flynn nodded quickly at the serious look on Gem’s face and then let his gaze wander over the Gold Rangers shoulder to Gemma. He stared for a few minutes before he felt someone pushing his shoulder and propelling him forward. He glanced to his side to see Gem smiling at him as he backed away slowly.

“Go on and make your move. She’ll say yes. I promise.” 

With those final words Gem was gone and Flynn let himself grin for a few moments before focusing on the task at hand. Gem may think that Gemma would say yes to him but that meant nothing to Flynn’s own mind. Asking someone out is never fun because there is always a fear of rejection involved. But right now the risks and possibility of a bruised ego were worth it. He could do this. He would ask Gemma out and hopefully she would say yes.

It was with that thought in mind that Flynn took a breath and this time started walking forward, this time with no one standing in his way. He approached Gemma quietly and by some miracle she was still working away, completely oblivious to the exchange that had just happened between her brother and himself.

“Gemma?” he kept his voice down because he knew that they weren’t alone in the Garage. Dr. K and Ziggy were in the lab working away on getting files restored and he wanted to keep this conversation to himself for a bit. He loved Ziggy like a brother but the guy was the biggest gossip this side of Corinth.  

She jumped a bit at his voice and immediately stopped her work as she spun around to meet his gaze. There was a bright smile gracing her lovely features when she saw him and immediately Flynn felt himself warming up on the inside.

“Flynn! When did you get here? I thought you were visiting with your father?” She asked as she left her broom against the wall and quickly embraced him.

“I got here not too long ago. Me Da can manage without me for a bit. I had somethin’ I had to do here,” he replied as he hugged her tightly for a few moments before reluctantly letting go.

“Oh? And what did you have to do? Can I help?” Gemma asked as she stepped away from him.

“Actually you can,” Flynn replied with a grin. “You can say yes.”

“Yes?” She asked slowly. “Yes to what?”

“You an’ me…going out together…alone.”

He finished the last part anxiously, watching Gemma’s face as she simply looked at him for a few minutes before she gave him a shy smile.

“You mean like a date?”

“Yes lass, like a date. I’d like to go out on a date with you.”

“Just one date?” she asked shyly and he felt himself blushing again.

“Well…to start out with. But Gemma I’ll be honest, I’d like more than one date with you. I’d like lots of dates with you. I just...I want to be with you. I like you an’ I don’ want to spend another day wonderin’ what if. ”

For a few moments there was silence between them and then before Flynn knew what was happening Gemma was wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him once more. He’d been startled for a minute but wrapped his arms around her waist nonetheless and listened as she spoke.

“I like you too Flynn. Of course I’ll go out on a date with you. I’ll go out on lots of dates with you. I want to be with you. I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile but so much started happening and...”

“It’s alright lass, I know. Trust me I know. But when I thought you were gone for good...all I could think about was you an’ me an’ what we’ve shared together. I’m an idiot for not tellin’ you about how I felt sooner.”

“If you’re an idiot then I am too,” she replied as she pulled her head away to stare into his eyes. “I should have told you. I’m sorry I didn’t.”

“It’s alright. I’m just glad we’re on the same page here,” Flynn replied as he leaned his forehead against Gemma’s. “So we’re really going to go out on a date?”

“Mhmm,” she said with a nod of excitement. “When do you want to go?”

“Well we could go an’ get some food from the grocery store right now...have a picnic in the park if you’re up for it?” He suggested and Gemma’s eyes lit up at the prospect.

“I like the way you think Mr. McAllister. Let’s go for it. No time like the present to start this.”

“Oh lass, this has been a longtime coming...we just needed the right circumstances to push ourselves forward,” he responded softly before placing a kiss on the top of her head. He pulled his body away from hers then and held out his hand. “Shall we?”

Gemma simply giggled and nodded, placing her hand in his, smiling as they headed for his jeep and the start of something new.


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