By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Dare

Summary: Some people say boredom is a great motivator….

Rating: T, for now.

Authors Notes: Alright everybody I’ve decided to try my hand at the Ars Amatoria Theme Challenge. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and recently decided to just go ahead and do it with the encouragement of the lovely PinkGreenWhite4ever. This is going to be all 60 theme challenges done with one of my personal favorite couples; Vida and Xander. Please note that these challenges are not related in any way unless I specifically note it.

AN 2: I would also like to thank the ever lovely Angel for all of her help as well!

This is set after the episode Whispering Voices.


It was quiet around the RockPorium; for too quiet for any of the rangers taste. Today had definitely been a difficult day; one filled with the usual battle but it was also one filled with some new revelations about each other, which had caused the rangers to become closer as a team and friends; friends who were now situated at work, a very boring work at the moment.

Currently four out of the five of them were sitting down in the center of the store. Xander was situated in his usual chair while Nick, Maddie, and Vida currently occupied the couch. They were all attempting to find a way to occupy themselves from the boredom that encased them but those attempts were proving to be ineffective because Nick and Maddie were dozing off in each others arms, Vida was just staring off into space and Xander appeared lost in thought. The only one who seemed remotely occupied was Chip, who was in the center of the store building some sort of fort out of the record bins there.

“I finished!” Chip shouted triumphantly to the others from the center of his fort. His shout seemed to startle the others out of what had previously been occupying them. Xander groaned as he just looked around the store and realized it was still as empty as ever. He glanced at the clock and noticed that it was almost nine thirty; a half an hour to kill before they could close the store down and go home for the night, a half an hour in which he was determined to find something to do. Xander glanced around at all of his friends for a few moments before an idea came to him; an idea that really was the perfect solution to boredom they were all facing at the moment. Truth or Dare was a game that would provide all of them with much needed entertainment the only problem Xander would have was in convincing the others to play a game that could become very risqué.

“Alright mates is there anyone here as bored as I am?” Xander asked aloud. At his question all of his friends seemed to perk up even more. He watched as Nick and Maddie disentangled themselves from the other as Chip abandoned his new fort in favor of a seat next to them on the couch. Vida just glanced at Xander before rolling her eyes and speaking.

“Well Xander I would think that your answer is pretty obvious given how we’ve all been doing nothing almost all night.” She said rather cheekily. Xander just gave her a grin before turning back to everyone else. They all nodded in agreement with Vida’s statement, which meant that his suggestion could get accepted without any convincing.

“Well seeing as we’re all in agreement about our current situation I think I may have the perfect solution. I think that we need to play a game in order to get rid of the boredom,” Xander said with a smirk.

“What game are you thinking about?” Nick asked cautiously.

“So glad you asked Nick. I'm thinking about Truth or Dare.” Xander paused after this and waited in order to gauge everyone's reactions, ones that came out instantaneously.

“No way.”

“Not after last time.”

“Count me out.”

Responses came from almost everyone except for the Pink Mystic Ranger. Vida just sat on the couch and looked over at Xander and smirked. Truth or Dare in their group usually ended badly but Vida was open to the suggestion. It was an escape from the mindless boredom that surrounded her, so she had no qualms with playing, even if it was just the two of them.

“I’ll play Xander. Guys..come on I know Truth or Dare doesn’t exactly…mix with us but it’s something to do. I mean would you all rather go back into the silence we had before?” Vida said pointedly. They all managed to shake their heads and she smirked.

“So I take it that means we’re all in agreement then? We’ll play?” Vida smirked as everyone nodded in agreement. She glanced up at Xander and gave him a thumbs up. He smirked at her before speaking to everyone.

“Alright let’s get started…who wants to go first?”


Almost a half an hour later the once quiet record store was filled with laughter. Xander had just been dared to make up his own ballet dance and that dare was just the tip of the iceberg. The game had started out innocently enough but it had erupted into something much more competitive between the five rangers. The game was now a fierce battle of wills between them all, especially Vida and Xander. Throughout the game, those two had been the ones to hand out the most outrageous dares and to ask some very revealing questions. In fact, it was as though they were the only people involved in the game, and everyone else was watching them for entertainment..

They all looked to Xander as he finally sat down from the ballet dance to see whohe would pick next. He silently began looking from friend to friend for his next “victim”, but in truth everyone knew whom he would pick. Within seconds he smirked and zoned in on the now grinning Vida.

“Vida…”he asked haughtily, “Truth or dare?”

Vida just continued to smirk before she leaned in and gave him an answer.

“Dare.” She said confidently. “Do your worst’s not going to phase me.” Exclamations of "oohs" came from the other three rangers as they awaited Xander's reaction to her challenge.

“Are you sure about that V? Well then…this should be no problem for you. I dare you…to kiss me.” Xander said cheekily. He smirked when he saw her eyes slightly widen at his words. He took a moment to glance around at everyone else in the store and saw that the looks on their faces ranged from shock to amusement. Xander just chuckled slightly at their looks before turning his attentions back to Vida. He saw that her head was cocked to the side and she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

“What’s the matter V? Too scared to go through with it?” At those taunting words all Vida could do was smirk at him.

“Me? Scared? Never.” Vida said before she jumped up from her current seat on the couch and quickly walked over to where Xander was currently sitting. She reached his chair within moments and silently she placed her arms on either side of him before smirking down at his slightly shocked expression.

“Xander you should know better than anyone that I never turn down a dare. Ever.” Vida took charge after that and slowly guided her lips onto his own. What happened next was something neither of them had been expecting. Instead of the kiss being rough and hard, like the two of them, it turned out to be one full of sensitivity and softness. It was the type of kiss that made both of their bodies tingle, as if jolts of identical electricity had been sent through their bodies to specifically make them both lose themselves. For those few moments, it felt as if the entire world had come to a stand still and the only people still in motion were the two of them. Slowly, Vida pulled back slowly, letting them both savor those last few moments of pure bliss.

"Wow," Xander uttered. 'I'll have to remember to dare her to kiss me again.' Vida just smiled down at him from her position above him.

“So Xander…truth or dare?”