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Challenge: Simplicity

Summary: Out of all the people she knew...Vida never suspected Xander to be one for the simple things.

AN: So it's been awhile since I've tackled these things hasn't it? I wish I had a good reason for it but I can just say that inspiration left me and life got in the way. But I've found myself missing writing Vander and so we get this. This one is still connection to the last challenge. I do hope that you enjoy reading it.


She'd expected something elaborate, something grand and big. She'd expected him to come blazing in with flowers and candy and all of the other things she hated when it came to dating. She expected him to just be a typical cocky guy trying to date a girl that wasn't into that kind of thing. She'd been expecting a lot of things tonight and for once, Vida Rocca hadn't had any of those expectations met and she was glad because of it.

She could honestly say that she was surprised but in the best way possible right now. Earlier in the night she'd been questioning her very sanity in agreeing to go on this date with Xander Bly of all people but here she was being proven wrong at every possible turn. Instead of flashy and showy like she'd been expecting, Vida had been presented with a quiet night at his house. Instead of flowers and candy they'd gotten really good Chinese take-out. His parents had gone out on their own date tonight and that had allowed them the luxury of simply eating in the living room.

That had been another surprise because instead of some big surprise, they'd just talked. They'd had conversations about anything and everything, he'd made her laugh. They bitched about work and about the latest evil minion trying to take over the world. They were just normal for a little while.

Normal. Now there was a word that Vida never would have associated when it came to Xander and a date. She knew his personality, the one he put on for girls; cocky and arrogant, so sure of himself but none of that was present tonight. No, tonight he was simply Xander. The one she'd grown up with, someone she considered to be one of her best friends, and now a surprisingly good date. He wasn't trying to impress her and she loved it.

In fact Vida was really starting to think that agreeing to date Xander Bly wasn't exactly the worst idea she'd ever had. He was actually making good on his promises in the forest and this felt like it could be something more. She'd always had a crush on him but his playboy status had kept her from doing anything about it. Vida Rocca may be a tough girl but she wasn't a fool. She didn't risk things like her heart on someone who wasn't about to risk their own. But right now, on this night full of surprises, she was starting to think that maybe she could risk it.

She would need more time and dates in order to make a full decision on it but Vida could see it heading down that road if things were going to be like this. She liked that tonight was so simple, that Xander was being so simple of all things. She actually liked the fact that he'd made her help him clean-up their dinner trash and she liked the fact that he wasn't pressuring her for anything right now.

No, right now they were both sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching some ridiculously bad action movie on television. They'd been making their own commentary about the thing for the past half an hour and Vida could safely say that she'd never laughed more in her entire life. But right now they were both being quiet, but it wasn't awkward in the slightest, it was comfortable and simple and real.

This night had truly been a good one in Vida's opinion but when she thought about it there was one thing that could make it better for both her and Xander. She spared a glance in his direction and found that his eyes were on the television screen, hands resting on an armrest and this thigh respectively. She grinned then and quietly reached over to grip the hand that was currently within her reach. Without even thinking about it she threaded their fingers together and simply met his surprised stare with an even one of her own.

Vida Rocca may be a tough girl but there was no rule out there saying that tough girls couldn't like the simplicity of holding someone's hand. Xander seemed to get that within three seconds of staring at her because he simply smiled, squeezed her hand, and went back to the movie.

The simplicity of tonight was a surprise but Vida could see it going an awfully long way.


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