hallenge Distraction

Summary: He was one of her best friends, yes he was attractive, yes he knew how to flirt, but the one thing that distracted her above else? That accent.

AN: Can take place at any point in the series. Enjoy!


Vida Rocca liked to think of herself as a strong and independent woman. She was a sorceress who commanded the element of air and wore pink spandex to save the world on a daily basis. She could fight with the best of them and wasn't prone to taking attitude from anyone. The only problem with her was that she seemed to have a weakness for one person in particular. The entire thing wasn't even her fault it was just that damn accent of his that was so distracting.

Xander Bly had been one of her closest friends since middle school but apparently shifting into teammates had changed something in her. He was supposed to be a friend and friend alone. Nothing more, nothing less. This meant that just the mere sound of his voice rolling over words and using slang she didn't know should not cause her to space out and notice his handsome features.

This never happened to her. Vida was the type of her girl who went for musicians not guys with accents. Especially when said guy was a friend and nothing more. At least that's what she kept telling herself as she stood in the middle of the store with him. They were the only two closing tonight, the others had gone ahead to Rootcore to train and Xander was going on about something that she was not paying attention to.

She shook her head and willed herself to pay attention, but she simply couldn't. Xander's voice was too enticing and she just wanted to listen and watch him. Vida wondered why she hadn't noticed exactly how handsome her friend was before being a ranger. How kissable his lips were, how much she'd like to run her hands through his hair and haul her to him. This was bad, very bad. Vida had to stop thinking like this or she was liable to do something about it.


She jumped and found that Xander was standing right in front of her, looking concerned and she cursed herself. Why did he have to sound so good just saying one letter? Her name?

"Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah, sorry, just…tired," she lied as she prayed that he would believe her. "Those monster attacks have been fierce lately you know?"

Xander gave her an understanding nod.

"Yeah completely," he said and she sagged in relief. "But if it helps I think we're done here. Are you ready to go?"

"Mhmm," she responded. "Yeah let's go. Can't keep the others waiting right?"

"Well," he said as he leaned in to whisper to her. Vida felt her pulse speed up at the action and her heart raced when he started speaking again. "Between you and me…do you mind if we walk a little slower? It's a pretty night and I feel like we never get to talk anymore."

"Oh, yeah, that's good," she replied as she thought of all the ways she could listen to that gorgeous voice and not embarrass herself. "That's a really good idea Xander. But let's go. Been cooped up for too long."

Vida followed him to the door and out into the night where they walked slowly towards the trees. She listened to him speak and found herself distracted even more than before. Stupid accents.


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