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Challenge: Perception

Summary: Madison reflects on the changes she sees in Xander and Vida's friendship.

AN: So this was a new way of doing this. First person and not getting into Xander or Vida's head. Hope you enjoy.


It honestly shouldn't surprise me when I look at the two of them. They've been friends ever since Vida literally ran into Xander on the playground in sixth grade. They fight all the time but it's just who they are. If you asked either one of them they could tell you the others likes and dislikes, what makes them happy, or sad. If a girl hurts Xander they'll have to deal with Vida and if a guy messes with my sister? Well watch out because Xander is on the case faster than I am.

They've always been close. Even I don't understand their unique relationship at times but right now I believe I'm seeing a side to them that I never have before. We're out in the forest for the night, enjoying a chance to be together as friends after a long day of work and battling the latest monster. It had been a long day but we were de-stressing with a picnic that Udonna and Clare had prepared for us.

Nick and Chip are racing around playing tag as Clare walks the forest close by looking for flowers. And me? I'm sitting at a table observing my sister and Xander Bly. Our green ranger had gone to sit with a tree and think when Chip had started with the tag and Vida had joined him a short while ago. He had been in a mood for the day and my sister is often the only one who can bring him out.

I watched them talk for an hour but it was different from the way their talks normally went. Usually I could hear them but this evening had been reserved for hushed tones and gazes that stayed on the other. They often got distracted but not tonight. Tonight it was about them, even when Nick had shrieked like a baby. They'd instead chosen to laugh over their own private joke before settling down.

I got distracted by Nick fifteen minutes ago and hadn't noticed the change in Xander and Vida's position. They had stopped talking and to my surprise I'm seeing my sister curled up against Xander's chest fast asleep. For a moment I wonder if we should have left sooner, if the battle earlier had taken too much out of her and she needed sleep but I quickly banished those thoughts upon looking at her.

She looks at peace there and Xander had one arm wrapped protectively wrapped around her waist. His other arm was controlling a hand that was currently brushing Vida's bangs from her forehead. They both look happy in this moment and I'm left to wonder about them. I know they've gotten closer since we all became Rangers but I've obviously been missing something. I've never known her to use him as a human pillow and he has never allowed any girl that close to him. They're close but this is more. The way he holds her, looks at her, it's all different.

I should be surprised but upon thinking about it; I'm not. My sister and Xander have always had a unique relationship. I don't even pretend to understand it some days. But right now, I'll observe and hope this works out for them.


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