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Challenge: Scars

Summary: Scars happen as a Ranger whether it is from battle, or your own training


She took a breath as she stood in front of the mirror in Toby's office and lifted her shirt. She didn't want to do this but Vida had to know how big the scar was going to be. She'd taken her mystic racer out for a spin earlier, alone, and had had an accident while doing so. Apparently experimenting with the wind currents while in the air was just not a good idea at this point in her sorceress career. She'd toppled over and onto the forest floor during one of her exercises but thankfully she had been in her Ranger suit, which had taken the brunt of the fall.

But after the thing had evaporated on her she had rolled onto her back and cut herself on a particularly jagged rock in the ground. It had hurt but it definitely wasn't worse than an attack from Koragg or Necrolai. She had gone to Udonna just to be sure it wouldn't be infected but their mentor had cleared her of that, helped her clean it up, and then sent her on her way. She'd come to work with a slight ache in her lower back and was now on a brief break to inspect the damage. She hadn't exactly paid attention at Rootcore earlier but Udonna had said that she might have a scar there when it all healed up which Vida really didn't mind. If she thought about there were other scars on her body from their battles and she knew the others had them too. It was part of being a Ranger, having scars on the outside and on the in as well.

But that didn't stop her from being curious about how big the cut was or how big her scar might actually be. So here she was attempting to get a good look in the entirely too small mirror in Toby's office.

"Hey V I was wondering-whoa."

Vida dropped her shirt instantly and flew around to find Xander standing in the doorway with his mouth open. Instinctively, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared at her friend even as she felt herself flushing at the neck. While she had acknowledged that she may or may not have the tiniest of crushes on Xander Bly he didn't need to know it.

"Don't just stand there like a fish Xander," she said. "What do you want?"

"What happened to your back?" he asked as he completely ignored her question and closed the door.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"What I mean is the fact that your lower back is bruised," he said as he walked up to her. She gasped at the assessment and quickly turned herself back around and lifted her shirt again. Once again she tried in vain to get a good look in the mirror.

"Here," he said after a minute. "Let me help."

Vida expected him to reach for the mirror and angle it better but in true Bly fashion Xander decided to just touch her instead. She knew she was blushing as his hands took hold of the end of her shirt and held it so she could get to the mirror. She reached for it then and found that he had had a good idea this time when it came to the placement of his hands. She was able to get a good look at her back and she sucked in a breath as she assessed it.

It was indeed one big bruise and explained the ache that had been persisting there since she had fallen. But what made her wince was the thin line going across her lower back. It was already starting to heal thanks to some salve Udonna had put on it but there would be scarring. In fact Vida could make out where it was starting.

"What happened? Did you get into a fight?" Xander asked and she found herself looking up at him and was surprised to find his brown eyes full of concern.

"Yes, with the ground," she answered and his brow furrowed. "I was out on my racer earlier and fell when I was attempting something with my powers. Suit broke my fall but…does not protect from jagged rocks on the ground."

"V," he said and she shook her head.

"Hey I'm fine. Sore but fine," she soothed as he looked at her.

"It's going to scar," he observed and she rolled her eyes.

"No duh but hey it's one to add to my growing collection," she replied. "Oh don't give me that look. We all have them."

Xander chuckled then and she let out a little gasp when he ran a finger against it. It stung but just a bit and it was minimized by the fact that he was touching her. She found that his gaze had darkened and she attempted to swallow because this kind of contact was new. But it felt good.

"Hmmm," he mused and she shivered at the contact. "Does it hurt?"

"Tinge now," she replied.

"I might be able to heal it," he told her. "I mean I'm sure Udonna did something but earth magic has healing properties."

"No, its ok," she responded. "I kind of like it. It probably won't be that bad when it heals up. At least this one was of my own doing."

"Hmmm," he mused and he ran his fingers against her back again. She hissed slightly but then he moved to pull away and Vida let the mirror fall to the desk so she could move closer.

"Don't," she said after a moment. "I mean…it feels good."

"Oh it does?" he asked and she nodded as he gave her a grin. Vida felt her body freeze when he leaned in and let his mouth settle by her ear.

"To be honest…I think the scar makes you even more attractive than before," he murmured and her heart stopped for a moment. "Do you want to maybe get out of here?" he asked. "We're almost off and I could probably make the bruising feel better if you want?"

"I'd love to," she responded and he grinned as he pulled away.

"Good, but first I need to closely inspect that scar."


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