Challenge: Duty

Summary: When Xander is called back to action, Vida is not the happiest person on the planet

Notes: Ok so this drabble takes place RIGHT before "Once a Ranger" in Operation Overdrive. I do hope you enjoy it.


"Why you?"

Xander closed his eyes and willed himself to remain calm as he checked the office one last time. He wanted to be sure everything was in place for Toby because he had no idea how long he would be gone for. All he knew was that a ghost of a knight had come to him a few hours ago and said the world was trouble. That the new team of Rangers had lost their powers and as one of the few teams with active powers he was being asked to go and help with a few other Rangers. He'd told his teammates and his boss. They had all accepted it; the only person who was having some issues with it was Vida.

She was currently perched on the desk of the office and he could feel her staring at his back. It was one of the perks of dating a close friend, something he didn't regret doing at all. He was happy that she had said yes to him after the final battle and even happier that they were making the relationship work. They certainly had their ups and downs but ultimately, Vida made him a better man. Xander loved her and he knew that she loved him but right now they were having a slight fight about him going off to help save the world again.

"V, I don't know why me," he said after he took a breath and turned around to face her again. "I just know that the world needs saving again and I cannot in good conscience not go and help the others."

"But why just you?" she asked again. "I mean all of us have active powers. Wouldn't it make sense to put a team together that knows how to work together?"

"Yes it would," Xander conceded. "But the Sentinel Knight said that he needed people from different teams. This new villain needs to be attacked by different power sources at once."

"I don't like this," she told him and he nodded.

"I can understand that V," he told her as he carefully approached her. When he was sure that she wouldn't kill him or cut off key parts of his anatomy and moved into her space. Without saying a word, he nudged her legs a part and stepped into the space between them as her arms wound their way around his neck. He leaned his forehead against hers and breathed deeply.

"You know I can't ignore this," he began.

"I know," she replied as her fingers began to dance across the skin of his neck.

"You know it's our duty as Rangers to help out when the world needs us."

"I know," she responded.

"You know I'll be as safe as possible with the others I'm going with right?"

"I know," she told him. "Kira would never let you do anything stupid and Tori would send a wave of water crashing down upon before you could even try."

"And Adam is the best of the best," Xander tried to sooth as he let his hands drift up to cup her face. He smiled when she nuzzled into him.

"What about this Bridge guy?"

"I have no clue, he's from the future. All I know is that he's a Ranger. Which means we will be fine. All of us."

"I know."

"Then why are you protesting?" he asked and he faltered when he saw tears forming in her eyes. He had seen Vida cry all of four times in the time they had known each other and he had never been the source of her tears. He hated himself in this moment yet he couldn't not leave and do this.

"I'm not," she told him with a shaky voice. "I would never stand in the way of your duty, you know that right? I share it as well."

"I know," he teased and she laughed even as she blinked her eyes. "Please don't cry."

"I'm trying not to," she told him before she leaned up and pressed her lips to his. Xander was caught off guard by the kiss but it was not unwelcome. She kissed him as though her life depended on it and when she pulled away, he was left breathless and smiling as her lips grinned.

"Go," she told him as she pushed him away. "Go and do your duty as a Ranger. I'll be here when you get back. And Bly if you get yourself injured you will not like who I become."

"Yes m'am," Xander saluted before he left the office and her. He had to do this and then he would be back. He just thanked the Mystics that it was a duty that Vida understood all too well.


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