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Challenge: Take My Hand

Summary: Take my hand and find out.

AN: Sorry this took so long, life got in the way. This takes place after the episode Inner Strength.


She breathed in and rejoiced at the feel of the air around her, ever moving, always changing, so much like her. This was peace in a world where she didn't know who she quite was anymore. Months ago she had been normal; a regular teenager working to pay for her car and insurance, a dj with an insane love of music, waiting for the day she was done with high school in favor of doing what she loved. But that had all changed with one trip to the forest with her friends. Now she was a spandex wearing super-hero and a witch no less with the power over the wind and air.

Vida had a feeling that she was always destined to take on the mantle of the air guardian; the way her spirit soared whenever she was with her element was ample evidence of it. But now she also couldn't help but feel guilty. She was a liar now; constantly having to make up excuses for her bruises and disappearances. She was a secret keeper for herself and each of her teammates. She was more grown-up now than anyone should be at her age, had seen things no one should. She belonged to two worlds now and each and every day she felt more drawn to the magical one she spent so much time in. It felt right here, no one judged her, just talked with her, and answered her constant questions.

But what she really loved was that she didn't have to hide who she was now. She could be the mystic here, could commune with her element, and above all, there was peace. Out there in the human world she was constantly fighting to keep her ever growing powers in check, they all did, and it wore on each of them. It was why she found herself here, on the balcony of Rootcore instead of fiddling with some new record on her one night off. She wanted peace and here it was.


Correction, there it was. She sighed as she turned her head and saw Xander standing in the doorway looking at her.

"Hi," she smiled at him because though she wanted to be alone, his company was always welcome. But she was rather confused. "I thought you had a date tonight?"

"Had," he rolled his eyes as he walked out and stood beside her. "Ended it early."

"Now why did you do that?" she prodded, he had been excited for his date, much to her disappointment.

"We didn't connect on any level," he answered. "She was just a pretty face who wanted to talk about school gossip and I just…"

"Couldn't deal?" she finished and he nodded.

"I think I should be worried that I don't want to keep up on it," he mused. "I mean a few months ago it's what we were all concerned with and…"

"Things are different now," she shrugged. "We're all different I mean…none of the other kids at school can say that they have our lives."

"You mean the ones full of magic and elements and saving the world on a daily basis?" he responded, sarcasm dripping in his voice as she rolled her eyes and nudged him with her shoulder.

"Don't forget the lying, the constant running out, trying to control our powers," she added and he snorted.

"Don't have to tell me twice, I made flowers burst around Toby's office this morning when we were opening up. It took a call to Udonna to make them go away and Maddie corralling our fearless boss for twenty minutes to fix it," he grumbled.

"Need I remind you of the wing incident of two months ago?" she asked, remembering all too well how freaked out she had been about sprouting wings in the middle of the workday. She had needed Nick's sweatshirt to hide them and then Xander had had to stay beside her for the rest of the day to hold her to the ground.

"Nick and his firebreathing still tops it," he told her and she winced, Maddie had had a grand old time trying to explain how she had singed the collar of her t-shirt to their parents. "Why are you out here tonight?"

"Wanted to feel the wind," she replied and he was confused.

"V can't you feel the wind all the time?" he asked and she giggled.

"Not like I can out here, where my powers are completely normal and no one would ask questions," she sang before she held her hand out.

"What?" he was surprised but she moved her hand closer.

"Take my hand," she implored. "And feel what I do. Trust me."

"You…ok," he nodded. While their friendship was full of ups and downs they always trusted the other. That had been strengthened during their course as Rangers and got stronger every time they went into battle. She smiled when he took her hand in his and then gasped. Her powers were alight in her right now and sharing a taste of them with someone else wasn't hard when there was skin to skin contact involved and she wanted to do it. "Oh," he breathed and her eyes closed as she felt the winds ripple around her. She liked experimenting with them, making them move and shake the trees in front of the balcony and knew he could feel it on his skin.

She broke their connection after a minute or so, unable to hold it for much longer than that and opened her eyes to look at him. His eyes were blown wide and for a second she was worried that she had overdone it with him before he smiled at her, bright as the moon high above them.

"That's…that's what you feel?" he asked.

"When I'm alone with them yes," she nodded. "But it's stronger in me than it would be in you. But…wind is…"

"It's you V," he grinned. "It's all you. Just like the earth is me."

"Is that what you feel?" she asked and his eyes sparked pink for a minute before he held his hand out.

"Want to find out?" he asked and she looked at the hand and then at him. "Just take my hand."

She placed her hand in his and let it flow, decided that it was better to spend her night with him than alone.


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