By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Color
Summary: Pink? Me? Why?
Rating: T, for now.
AN: Two down and fifty-eight to go! Here’s the second challenge of the Ars Amatoria challenges. Also…I’d like to remind you that none of these challenges are related unless I state it.

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This takes place right after “Broken Spell”


Vida sighed as she leaned back against the speakers in her car, thankful once again that she’d put them in there because those speakers provided the one thing she had always used to calm down; music and at this moment she needed it now more than ever. That was because today had definitely been the strangest day she’d ever had. In the course of one day she had discovered that magic really existed, the forest actually wasn’t that perilous, and the forces of evil were trying to take over her world and she was needed to help stop them. Today she’d become part of a team of super heroes; a very color-coded team of heroes. That’s right today Vida Rocca had become a Power Ranger; the Pink Mystic Ranger to be exact.

She really did think that being a superhero was amazing: she got a wand and magical powers, not to mention the fact that she was part of a legacy she had only heard about from the media and from Chip. While she was very honored to be doing this, there was only one annoying thing that got to her: the color. Vida hated pink with a passion and now she was the Pink Ranger and to be quite honest she didn’t know why. Pink was for girly girls and she was anything but, pink was for anyone but her and now she was slowly starting to find herself wanting to wear the wretched color all the time.

“Is this seat taken?” Vida jumped from her spot in the back of her car at the sound of someone questioning her. She glanced around to see Xander looking at her as he climbed into the back of her car with her.

“Thanks for waiting for an answer,” she replied with a roll of her eyes.

“Anytime,” he said with a grin as he made himself comfortable beside her. “So what are you doing out here all alone?”

Vida sighed a bit at that, not really sure that she wanted to talk about this with Xander of all people. She wasn’t sure that he’d understand the exact problem she was having with having to wear pink, she thought he might see that as shallow on her part and she wasn’t…honestly she was just annoyed. “I’m…thinking,” she replied slowly.

“About what exactly?” He countered right back.

“Today and its craziness,” she replied with a slight smile. Xander just smiled right back and nodded in agreement. “Crazy is the nice way to put it,” he replied. “Utterly and totally bizarre is the other. But you have to admit it was pretty cool.”

“Pretty cool?” Vida responded with eyebrows raised. “I’d say today was more than pretty cool. I’d have to say it was amazing. I often can one say they became a super hero? Even if….” She let herself trail off after that, silently cursing herself for practically betraying what she’d been thinking about earlier.

“Even if what?” Xander questioned intently. Vida bit her lip at that and questioned if she should talk him about this, after all he was here and willing to actually listen. The worst he could do was think she was being completely stupid about it and Vida could deal with that for the most part.

“Even if I’m not exactly happy with the choice of color. I mean….I’m….pink,” she grimaced. “And I hate that color. It symbolizes everything that I’m not; girly, frilly, lacey, and….” She stopped herself after that, not wanting to continue on with what she was going to say next. Vida looked at Xander and saw that his eyes were on her and his mouth was open ever so slightly at her sudden tangent. Normally she never did this kind of thing with him, sure they were close but their closeness derived from the constant fighting, not the ability to confide in each other. Still she was his friend and she needed someone right now, and he just so happened to be the only one around.

“V it’s not that bad. I looked good in pink, more feminine,” he replied quietly. Vida’s eyes got wide at that and she actually looked like she was panicking. “But..I don’t want that. I’m not a girly girl. I certainly don’t want to be seen as one and Pink it just….it makes me think that somehow I’m weaker than all of you,” she finished quickly.

Xander just gave Vida an incredulous look after that; as if he honestly didn’t believe what she was telling him at this moment. “ that what you honestly think about your color? Because if it is..than you’re an idiot,” he replied simply only to get a glare from her. “No I mean it because obviously you haven’t looked at those that have come before you. The women who’ve worn that color have been nothing but strong, powerful, and forceful with the bad guys. They’re independent and sure of themselves in everything and I have to believe that’s why you are Pink,” he stopped for a minute to give her another look to prove his point. “V…for as long as I’ve known you you’ve been this strong independent woman that everyone can look up to. You’re exactly what your color needs to represent it. You may not like it but V you’re pink and rightly so.”

Vida stared at him in shock after that, she’d expected Xander to say something completely pointless; instead she’d gotten something genuinely nice and serious out of him. Something that she had to admit felt really nice to hear because it made her feel confident in being this color. Sure she may hate it but she could grow to like it, after all like Xander had said, she was representing those that came before her.