By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Competition

Summary: A little friendly competition never hurt anyone right?

Rating: T, for now

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This takes place right before “Petrified Xander”


Vida grumbled as she headed into work that day, honestly not wanting to be there after the week she’d been having. Every time she’d turned around it seemed as though there was a new baddie to fight, some new magic to learn. All in all it was just a very tiring week and the last thing she wanted to do was work. Yet here she was on a Saturday morning because she knew that not working meant no money, which meant not being able to buy the new deejay equipment she wanted and that wouldn’t be a good thing at all. She grudgingly entered the store and, to her displeasure found, that it was already quite busy, meaning that it would be this way all day.

When Toby approached her and asked her to forego running the deejay stand in order to help customers, she inwardly groaned. The one thing that could possibly make her happier at work today and she had to give it up because the store had to be busy, because apparently the universe hated her. Part of her wanted to protest the order given to her and just go to the equipment anyway, but another, larger part of her saw the number of people in the store and realized that she couldn’t let her friends suffer this insanity alone. It was with another groan that she quickly headed over to the register and took over for Chip, who looked like he could use, a much-needed break.

She remained in that position for the better part of the morning, the rush never seeming to leave but only increase as time went by. Vida was tired, but knew that she had to keep working as hard as everyone was. When she finally let her eyes wander across the store, she noticed that there was one employee not working as hard as the rest of them were.

Xander Bly was sitting in the red chair he’d deemed as ‘his’ long ago and was reading a magazine, looking as though he had all the time in the world to spare when they were getting their asses handed to them up front. The site made Vida furious, and almost instantly, she found herself wanting to march up to him, pull the magazine out of his hand and yell at him for not helping them, but quickly stopped herself from doing so. Yelling at Xander would do nothing to make him get up and help them; it would only instigate an argument that she didn’t want right now. She had to get him to help them out and possibly take out a frustration or two along the way. She thought for a few moments before a rather ingenious idea popped into her mind, a way to get everything she wanted all rolled into one. The only thing she’d have to do would be to convince Xander to go along with her, and she would, there was no way he would resist this idea.

“Hey sis, can you take over for me? I need a break,” Vida asked quickly only to have Maddie immediately nod and come over, leaving her free to walk over to where Xander was currently sitting.

She wasted no time in getting over there and standing in front of him completely and utterly unnoticed. Vida smirked to that, glad that he was going to be surprised by her sudden appearance.

“You know, last time I checked you worked here too,” she stated, receiving a jump from Xander, who immediately looked up from his magazine and straight into her eyes. “Might I ask exactly how long you’ve been sitting here?”

“A while, I’ve been supervising you lot,” he started casually, his eyes wandering back to the magazine only to have it snatched from his grasp. “Hey! I was reading that!”

“And now you’re not. Honestly Xander, we’ve been getting our asses kicked and you’ve been sitting there doing nothing. It’s called work: do some!”

“Supervising is work, I’m making sure the store isn’t destroyed,” he replied with a grin on his face.

“It is not work if you just sit there while the rest of us work our asses off to make the store function!” Vida groaned and brought a hand to her face to calm herself down before this got any more heated.

“I do not want to start arguing with you right now. It’s far to early. All I want is for you to come and help but obviously, you need some enticement and I’ve got it for you. What say you and I make a little competition out of today?” Xander immediately perked up at the suggestion and looked at her with interest, causing Vida to drop the hand and grin. She had him and he didn’t even know it yet.


“Yep, and this one is between you and me alone buddy, and to participate, you actually have to work,” she stated, casually grinning at the look on his face. He looked a tad bit repelled at the idea of working, but the competition aspect seemed to be pulling him in, making him curious.

“What type of competition are we talking about here?”

“Who can beat whom in the amount of sales for the day. Meaning whoever sells more wins,” she grinned again and watched him as he thought about her suggestion.

“What will I get for winning?” he stated cockily, causing her to roll her eyes, knowing she had him for sure now.

"The loser buys the winner lunch." He wrinkled his nose at that, the stakes not being high enough for his liking. While having a free meal was nice, it wasn't the best thing in the entire world. Vida noticed this almost right away and quickly searched her mind for something to add that would make him want to participate and immediately something came to her mind, though it wasn’t exactly something she expected.

“I don’t..” he cut himself off when she began speaking.

“And, if you win. I’ll, we can make it a date, you can take me on a lunch date,” Vida stated quickly only to get a wide-eyed look from Xander. He’d certainly never expected that to come out of her mouth but the idea was appealing: he’d always found his pink teammate to be one of the most attractive females he knew. He liked the idea of going out on a date with her; the only question in the back of his mind was what would happen if by some miracle she were to win.

“Hmm..what do you get if somehow you manage to win.”

“Work. As in you work for me while I complaints. Or questions asked…and you still buy me lunch,” she stated with a grin. Xander smirked to that, knowing that even if he did lose, he could still turn that lunch into a date. This competition he could do, he could win, and he would get his reward for doing it.

“Well Ms. Rocca, I accept your challenge…be sure to wear something pretty for our date,” he slyly stated, getting up from his chair and walking over to the register. “Because the competition starts now…and we both know who the winner is going to be.”

Vida grinned and followed him, knowing that she’d just made the day all the more interesting for the two of them.


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