By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Game

Summary: It’s all in how you play the game…

Rating: T, for now

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This takes place during the episode “Snow Prince”.


For as long as Xander could remember, he and Vida had always had a very tumultuous friendship; they hated each other one moment, and then were best friends the next. It had always been that way and it was just recently that he’d noticed a change had come about in the way they acted around each other. The fights still came, but with them came flirting, smoldering looks, and a definite change in the way he felt about his pink teammate.

He’d always found Vida attractive, but had managed to keep that fact to himself over the years because he’d thought that was all there was: a simple outward attraction. Lately, he’d caught himself staring at her for longer than any friend should do so, thinking about what it would be like to actually act on that attraction, to see if she felt the same thing for him. He also found himself seeing a different side to her, finding her inner fierceness and never-ending stubbornness to be a turn on. A very large part of him said that this was ludicrous, that he shouldn’t be having feelings for one Vida Rocca; but there was another part that said he did and that she was returning those feelings with this new game they were playing.

They were both playing a game and he knew that it was their little way of testing each other, to see if the other felt the same way. One of them would start a fight about something stupid and it would blow completely out of proportion. It was normal for them, but when they finally made up, things changed and the game started. It always began with a look shared between the two of them, one that had them thinking the same thing; their game had started. Both would venture off on their own, but they both unconsciously decided to stay where the other could see them clearly.

The game would always start out innocently enough: stolen glances, small smiles, mouthed words, and silent laughter when the other did something funny. Then it would change once more: the innocent flirting turning into trading suggestive, enticing comments, sending smoldering looks to each other, and touching. No matter what he did, she always responded to him; she played their game well and her actions made him think that she was feeling the same way he was.

He was pulled from his thoughts when he caught her eye. Today had started out like any other day; he and Vida had arrived for work at the same time and after three hours of being together, they’d gotten into a fight. He’d tried telling her to turn the music down and Vida had taken it as an insult, thereby instigating a huge blowout that had caused them to not speak to each other for at least an hour. Like always, they’d forgiven each other, and had gone back to work, both silently acknowledging that the game had begun.

She gave him a smile that he returned before letting his eyes wander over her body, knowing that she was watching and not caring. For the first time today, he noticed that she was wearing a shirt that was green and pink tie-dye and he smirked, knowing he had an opening to entice her.

He quickly moved through the store, arriving at the deejay stand in record time. Glancing around, he saw that the store was nearly empty and that everyone else was previously occupied with other tasks. Grinning, he stepped onto the platform, walked behind her, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him.

“You know,” he murmured into her ear. “"That shirt makes pink and green mix wonderfully together, doesn't it? What do you say we go in the back room and mix together?",” he asked suggestively. She leaned against him out of habit and smirked, liking where this was going.

“Hmm, us in the backroom. What, no dinner first?” she teased.

“Dinner’s too hard to accomplish.”

“I betcha that’s not the only thing that’s going to be hard,” she responded lightly, making him chuckle.

“It won’t be hard if you’ll help me take care of it all.”

She turned her head upwards then and looked at him. Xander smiled, as he looked her face over; her eyes were visibly darker then they had been before, her cheeks were slightly flushed, and her lips looked so warm and inviting, making him be overwhelmed by the desire to kiss her senseless.

“Xander,” Vida began only to cut herself off as his face inched towards hers. He stopped his lips just inches from her own; leaning down, he touched his forehead to her own and smirked when she tilted her head to close the small gap between them. Their lips were mere centimeters apart, breath mingling together, eyes smoldering. What would have been a nice moment was shattered by a loud voice from the other side of the store.

“Could SOMEONE come and help me out with the truck order?” Chip called out, apparently oblivious to the moment his teammates had been sharing.

Xander and Vida jumped at the yelling before quickly pulling themselves out of the position they were currently in; Vida going back to her deejay equipment and Xander heading over to the other side of the stand.

“You should go help him,” she stated her mood already changing. He nodded to that, not wanting to leave but knowing that any hope of him getting a kiss from her was gone.

“Yeah…I’ll…come back over later,” he replied as he began to walk away from her. When he was back down on the actual floor, he turned and was surprised to find her staring at him. “Like what you see?” he teased, the mood around them already shifting. She rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same.

“Oh yeah, you know, that just looking at that body of yours gets me all hot and bothered. It’s taking all my self-control not to pull you behind the deejay stand and have my way with you right now,” she retorted only to get a wink from him.

“Wow, I am good, aren’t I?” She rolled her eyes again and then shifted her attentions to Chip, who was looking at the two of them, a pointed look spread across his face. “Go help him before he starts trying to give you a death glare.” Xander smiled, gave her another wink, turned around and headed towards his other teammate.

The game had shifted again; the action they’d both almost engaged in was a sign to the both of them. Xander knew things would be different now and he’d more than likely have to work for the kiss he was now hell bent on getting. But he’d do it; he’d play the game all over again and this time he would win his prize, and make sure there were no interruptions when he claimed it.