By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Secrets

Summary: We’ve all got something we’re hiding...

Rating: T, for now

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This takes place during “Scaredy Cat”


He hurried through the streets towards the RockPorium, wanting to get there as quickly as possible. Though the store wouldn’t be opening for another few hours, he still wanted to get there. Some might say that he was crazy for wanting to be at work when he didn’t have to be but he wasn’t really going to work; no, in his mind what he was going to do was perfectly sane. He wanted to be there because she was at the store, and waiting for him.

That she was one Vida Rocca, a girl who was his best friend, teammate, and now his girlfriend. Their relationship had started almost a month ago, right after what he liked to refer to as ‘the tree incident’. It was then that he’d taken time to notice Vida in a different light and had gotten the courage to ask her out on a date. Now, here they were a month later, and to the surprise of both, the relationship between them was stronger than ever. They went on dates when the world didn’t need saving and talked for hours on end. They just clicked and it was something that the two had honestly never expected to occur. The only catch with their relationship was that it was a secret; no one knew about what their relationship except for them.

At first, they’d both agreed to keep it between them because they hadn’t been sure that it would even work out and to them, it made no sense to clue everybody else in until they knew for sure. Then the relationship had gone from casual and flirty to serious and emotional and they enjoyed it being just them because this side of a relationship was different. They learned as they went and both had agreed that for the time being, a secret was necessary. With the bad guys they were always fighting, keeping this to themselves was just for the best.

To keep it that way, the two of them put on their usual act: fight, make-up, fight some more. To anyone that watched, it seemed as though nothing had changed between the two. When they were alone, everything was different: they would apologize for the fights they’d had, fight some more, and then make-up for everything right then and there. It was always a time they both looked forward to because it was just their own.

That was exactly what he was headed to do now: have some time away from the craziness of their lives and just be with her. They’d arranged it almost a week ago, to meet at RockPorium and have a quiet breakfast date somewhere together as neither had had the chance to do anything with just each other. They were either working, saving the world, or learning some new magic in preparation for the final battle that everyone knew was coming. He was happy they’d planned this, and even happier when he finally reached the store and saw her car already sitting outside of it. He smiled and reached for his key, placed it in the lock, and slowly turned the doorknob and stepped inside the quiet store.

As he closed the door, he looked around for some sign of her and felt his smile grow when he saw food set out on the deejay stand, having just expected to be meeting her here and then going somewhere else for the actual date. His gaze drifted away from the stand as his eyes searched for her but found nothing. Sighing, he began to walk to the back of the store but stopped when he felt a pair of arms wrapping around his neck from behind.

He grinned like a maniac as he turned around and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. His head bent and without any words, their lips met in a short but sweet kiss, one that had fireworks going off in his head.

“Hi,” Vida smiled as she rested her head against his chest.

“Hello to you too,” he responded as he let his head rest on top of hers. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I know the feeling. It’s been torture not being able to see you like this for so long.” He nodded in agreement and pulled her closer to him, smiling when she snuggled herself into his chest.

“Glad to see we feel the same here,” he chuckled and placed a kiss to the top of her head, inhaling her unique scent before pulling away. “Where did you get the food from? I thought we’d just go out.” She smiled as she turned her head to look at him, placing a kiss on his neck before speaking.

“I know, but I want you all to myself for awhile, so I picked something up on the way here. I thought you’d like to stay here, alone, with me,” she suggestively stated, a playful grin upon her face. Xander’s eyebrows rose at the tone of her voice as he shifted on his feet, grinning down at her.

“I love the way you think sometimes,” he teased only to get a slap to the arm from her.

“You’d better love the way I think all the time,” she threatened only to be silenced by a kiss from him.

“I do and that reminds me, I’m sorry about that fight the other day.” He took her hand in his and slowly brought her fingers to his lips and dragged them across. “I didn’t mean anything I said.”

“I know you didn’t and I’m sorry too, but you have to admit, that fight was one of our better ones.”

He laughed and nodded, letting their fingers intertwine together. “Oh I don’t deny it wasn’t fun. Besides, this means we get to properly make up now, doesn’t it?” he asked with a grin and getting a nod from her.

“Oh definitely, one of the whole reasons I want to stay here, making up is the best part,” she smiled and reached up to capture his lips in a sweet kiss that quickly turned into something passionate.

Their lips met again and again as the pair of them quickly let themselves be lost to the moment, tongues slid into the others mouths and dueled for control as Vida maneuvered them so that Xander was pressed up against the nearest wall. He groaned when he felt his back hit the hard surface, but quickly forgot about the momentary flash of pain and concentrated on the lips his own were attached to. His arms snaked out once again and pulled her close to him as her arms wrapped around his neck, both of them deepening the kiss as they pressed themselves even further into the wall.

After about five minutes of being against the wall, the two pulled apart for breath but never left each other’s embrace. Their breathing was heavy as one looked at the other and smiled. Vida moved in to start another heated make-out session, but was quickly stopped when she felt Xander’s hands grabbing her bottom. She squealed when she felt herself being hoisted into the air, wrapping her legs around his hips, and pressing her body closer to his in an attempt to get used to the change in altitude. She glanced down at him and saw him smirking up at her, making her glare and playfully slap him in the process.

“Why did you just think it was ok to grab me like that?”

“Because I was getting tired of being pressed against that wall; it hurt, and you know you love it when I grab you,” he teased only to get an eye roll from her.

“Xander…it’s only going to hurt more with you holding me up.”

“Not necessarily,” he grinned and turned his lips upward, and every thought that had been in their heads fled as their lips made contact again. Slowly he began to walk, his hands gripping her hips as their mouths engaged in their own intimate dance of lips, teeth, and tongues mingling together. Somehow, he managed to maneuver the two of them across the store and before he knew it, he was setting Vida down on the countertop, her legs immediately wrapping around him and tugging his body closer to her own.

Her hands rubbed his shoulders as their lips continued to meet, the two only breaking away because the need for air became too great. Her forehead touched his as they gasped in the much needed oxygen, hands wandered of their own accord; his on her hips, hers on his chest. They stared at each other again before Xander grinned, leaned up, and cemented his lips to her neck.

Vida let out a whimper as his lips attacked her neck and used her legs to bring him as close as he could possibly be to her own body. Moments like this came too little for the two of them and she didn’t want to stop now. But the second she felt his teeth biting into the flesh of her neck, her mind snapped out of its passionate haze and realized exactly where they were.

“X-Xander,” she managed to get out, making him pull away from her to give her his undivided attention. “You know I love this, really, I do, but you know there are other things to eat here besides me.”

“True, but you, my dear, are far more delectable than they will ever be,” he countered only to receive a groan from her. He smirked and let his head wander back to her neck only to find be stopped by her hand.

“Xander, I love it when you do that, but we need to stop before this goes too far. We talked about this, remember?”

He sighed and nodded, remembering the three hour long conversation they’d had about taking that next step in their relationship. They’d both realized they weren’t ready for that with each other because of everything they had to deal with, and both wanted to build their relationship on the emotional, not physical.

“I remember, and I’ll stop now because we need to. We are in no way ready to move to the next level, especially when we’re still in that whole ‘getting to know you’ phase of a relationship,” he smiled and disengaged himself from her body.

She returned the smile, nodded, and pushed her body off of the counter and down to the floor, before finding herself being pulled into his arms again. Vida giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck as their foreheads came into contact again.

“Xander, you realize this isn’t helping us get to the food, right?” He nodded but didn’t say anything, choosing to place a kiss on her cheek instead.

“I know that, but I like holding you in my arms. And today, I want to imprint your figure there, because who knows how long it’ll be until we get to be together like this again.”

“Soon, I promise. We’re not letting ourselves go this long without it again. I refuse to not kiss you for another two weeks,” Vida replied as his lips made contact with her other cheek. He pulled away and shook his head.

“I wish it was that simple babe, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to sneak off again and we can’t go public with this yet. We don’t need to risk having something happening to either of us because of our relationship.” She sighed and nodded, leaning up to give him a quick kiss.

“I know we can’t risk it right now. Besides, you have to admit that it’s fun being a secret,

sneaking around, stealing kisses and touches when we think no one is looking,” she smirked knowingly, making him laugh.

“It is fun, I like keeping you all to myself. And we’re definitely going to work to have another date sooner rather than later. Maybe we can make it to lunch this time around.”

“Maybe we will. But I like breakfast dates too. And speaking of that meal I did buy us some and it’s just waiting to be consumed.” Xander grinned and let her out of his arms, grabbing her hand as she started to make her way over to the deejay stand, once again thankful to have her as his girlfriend, even if he was the only one that knew about it, for now.