By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: What If

Summary: He wasn’t nervous, he just kept questioning what she’d say

Rating: T, for now

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Clueless, that’s exactly the way he felt as he stood by the Xenotome watching her from across the room. He knew what he wanted to do, go over there, talk to her, and finally ask her out on a date but he just couldn’t get his legs to start moving in that direction. That was because he really was clueless on how he should do it. Sure he’d asked countless numbers of girls out before this, had gone on numerous amounts of dates but something about this time was different. This time the girl was special; this time it was one of his best friends.


He’d always been a confidant guy, the ‘ladies man’ of Briarwood and he knew that when it came to women, he knew a thing or two. It shouldn’t be this hard to ask a girl out but still he found himself worried about her saying no to him. This was a girl who could and would if she didn’t want to, not to mention one of his best friends. It probably didn’t help that she had no idea that he wanted their friendship to be so much more than that, that he wanted a relationship with her and no one else.


He wanted that with her and if anything was certain in this little game it was his feelings.   He’d always had a crush on her but ever since he’d almost been turned into a tree his feelings had been amplified a thousand times more. She’d helped him in ways he’d never thought possible and her act of kindness and concern for his well being touched him. Ever since that day they’d acted differently towards the other, talking more, fighting less, becoming closer, and all the while he’d been falling for her faster than he’d thought possible.


He’d been holding onto his feelings for far to long and with their growth he knew that holding them down wasn’t an option. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, the way she laughed, the smiles she always sent his way, and most especially he couldn’t stop thinking about the near perfect way they could work together. They seemed to match each other perfectly, yes they still fought constantly but they matched it with talking and sharing things they never would with the rest of the team, it just worked for them. Now he wanted more than the friendship they had, he had to ask her out, even her saying no would be better than the torture he was putting his heart through.


But still, what if she said no? What if she thought he was a freak? What if she wanted to stop being his friend all together?


He knew that all of these were a possibility but he just had to do it. He was really going to make his legs move and walk up to her, clueless or not. It was high time he got the answers to all of his questions and put his doubts to rest. It was now or never, he had to do it, he owed it to them both to try.


“Hey V,” he called out from across the room, causing her to look over at him with a smile. “I’ve got something to talk to you about.”




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