By My Side, Always: Xander and Vida by Enigmaforum

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Challenge: Why?

Summary: Out of every other girl in the world why did he pick her?

Rating: T, for now

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She followed him out of Rootcore, confusion overwhelming her senses as he just stayed silence. She honestly had no idea what he wanted to talk to her about and it scared her because when it came to Xander, Vida knew practically everything about him. They were best friends, had been since he’d moved to America and even though they were almost always at each other’s throats she still knew him inside and out.


Except for now; now Xander just wasn’t acting like the Xander she knew and loved. He was being quiet and for once his emotions weren’t clear to her and it was scary. She could usually read him like an open book but not right now so she followed him in silence as she tried to figure out exactly what he needed to talk to her about alone in the woods.


They continued on in silence for goodness knows how long until Xander finally stopped in a clearing in the woods and leaned against a nearby tree, his eyes focused on Vida as she struggled to catch her breath.


“You know for a Power Ranger you’re pretty out of shape,” he commented with a smirk, earning a glare from her.


“Excuse me for being tired,” she muttered as she leaned against a tree opposite him. “So why did you bring me all the way out here?”


“To talk.” She rolled her eyes at his answer and glared once more.


“Well obviously but why did we have to come out here Xander? You couldn’t of talked to me in Rootcore?”


“No,” he said, his eyes going to the ground, causing Vida to frown and walk over to him.


“Why not?” she asked softly. “Xander you know you can tell me anything. So what’s wrong? Is it girl trouble? Do I have to go break somebody’s arms?” 


He chuckled then and shook his head, his eyes still focused on the ground. He honestly didn’t think he could do this, a few moments ago he’d been so confident, he’d been determined to ask her out on a date. He still wanted to but now, his always confident persona was wavering. Being so close to her, actually resolving to talk to her was scaring the living hell out of him. But he had to do it right? He knew he had to in order to save his own sanity.


“No, no need to break anyone’s arms. But it is girl trouble,” he said quietly before going silent again. He really was trying to work up the courage but was stopped when he heard her sigh in front of him.


“Who’s the lucky girl this time and what do you need me to do?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper, never giving away the pain she was feeling. She liked Xander, really liked him, wanted to be more than just his best friend but she’d never admit it to him. She knew his track record and quite honestly she wasn’t one to risk her heart like that. 


“Say yes,” he said quietly. He forced himself to look at her then and saw the confusion on her face. He almost smiled, probably would have if he hadn’t been scared out of his mind.


“What do you-” He cut her off before she even had a chance to finish her question.


“I-I mean that the g-girl p-problem I’m h-having is y-you,” he managed to get out. “See I have this problem when I’m around you, I can’t seem to get my head on straight and I think it’s because I like you V. As more than a friend. I’ve had a crush on you since we first met and it won’t go away. I want more than this friendship, I want you, and my peace of mind back because you’ve thrown me for a loop. So what I want is for you to go out on a date with me, to be in a relationship with me. Please, say yes,” he said rather desperately, searching her face for any hint of a reaction. 


For a few moments there was nothing but silence between the two of them as she looked at him, bewildered and then contemplating. His gaze had wandered back to the ground as he tried to make himself not run for cover. If she rejected him he honestly didn’t know what he would do. “V?” he said after a few more minutes. “Please say something. Anything. The suspense is killing me.”


All was quiet for another minute and then he heard her voice, soft and fragile, so unlike the Vida he knew.


“Why?” she croaked out, causing his eyes to immediately snap up to her face.


“What?” he asked, confusion settling in.


“Why me? Why did you wait so long to ask? Just why Xander?”


He stared at her in shock for a minute and then without any warning began laughing at the question. Vida stared at him in shock for a few minutes, not really knowing how to interrupt his sudden outburst. 


“Xander what in the hell is-” Once again he cut her off and pulled her into his arms, his hand reaching out to tilt her gaze towards him.


“I would think that the answers to those questions would be obvious Pinky,” he said with a grin. “Why you? Because you’re smart, put up with me, and constantly challenge me. I don’t know anyone else like you Vida. You’re not afraid of a fight, you protect your sister and your friends with every bit of strength you have. You know me inside and out and you’re absolutely gorgeous at the same time,” he paused to take a breath but was still smiling. “Why did I wait so long to ask? Because I’m an idiot who couldn’t work up the courage to tell you. I know I should have done it sooner but I just couldn’t do it. For that I’m sorry but you know now. I care about you. I want to be with you V, more than I’ve ever wanted to be with anyone. So I’m going to ask again, will you, Vida Rocca, go out on a date with me? Please? Give me a chance to prove that I mean this.”


She smiled then, liking the direction of the conversation and suddenly found herself wanting to, no needing to say yes to him. She liked him far too much and was willing to give it a shot if he was. Vida could do this, she really could, and she didn’t know why but she felt this would work out. They would somehow make it work.


“Yes. I have no clue as to why I’m doing this but yes. I’ll go out on a date with you. I’m willing to try if you are but you have one chance Xander. Got it?”


“Yes m’am and I promise I’m going to make this work. We’re going to work.”




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