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Note: This is only the prologue.


For many years the magical realm and human realm lived in balance with one another. Both worlds lived in harmony just simply knowing the other existed, they didn’t interact with one another and lived in peace. That was until the darkness arose. It came on a day that would never be forgotten. Lead by the dreaded Octomuss it came forth to conquer all. The dark magic held by Octomuss alone was enough to destroy a city. When the dark magic energy came forth, all were afraid. The darkness decreed that its power, and its power alone would rule both the human and magical worlds as one.

It was at this time that 5 brave sorcerers arose to fight The Underworld. They were known as the Mystic Force, and had power that no one had ever seen. The Force was made up of human and magical creatures alike, and was lead by the greatest knight of all, Lienbow. The Mystic Force fought bravely with everything they had. Each new threat was taken down with honor and strength. The belief in themselves as sorcerers and the belief in their team led them to victory each and every time the darkness sent up a new threat. It came down to final battle between good and evil, one that many refer to as “The Battle where both sides lost.” Each side fought valiantly, but as everyone knows good prevailed over evil, but at a terrible cost.

The lives of the Mystics were lost along with countless others. The only thing left of the Force were their wands. These wands were a source of power and would only glow in the hands of the ones destined for it. The wands remained so the legacy of the mystics could be called upon again. If ever the need arose the power would be there. The keeper of the wands, was and still is Udonna, the white witch, the last of the Mystic Force. She is a powerful sorceress that scowered the battlefield to look for these wands. She found them all within a days time and mourned with everything that had been lost.

When the last of the wands had been collected and joined with the others a strange thing happened. One that Udonna had not been expecting to occur. The wands, brought together formed an unbreakable bound and a vision was brought to light along with an ancient prophecy. On that was thought lost to the magical community long ago. As Udonna watched the message she was in awe of everything she saw and heard.


Centuries before in the beginnings of the powerful magical kingdom that now existed there lived a prophet. This prophet was known throughout the land as one who could make dreams come true, or someone’s worst nightmares come to life. The prophet was a young girl, barely a teenager and she held enormous power. Her destiny had already been predetermined, and she was to use her power for good before the ultimate sacrifice would be made to save the magic that would one day survive to aid the humans in a fight for the worlds. One day the young girl came forth in the magical community. This was strange, for it was something that she never did; she let others come to her. The day she came forth, the entire magical world listened to what she had to say.

The reason the young prophet came to the entire community was this; she had had a vision and with that vision came a heavy burden. The burden to tell others of what she had seen so they may be ready for all that will come to light in the distant future. When the vision came it was bathed in the light of good, but had a shadow following it. The vision was of the future, when a great battle would be fought by good and evil, not once, but three times. She saw clearly that the good magic would prevail in two of those times, but for the third, she was still unclear. The vision and the words that came along with the vision disturbed the prophet greatly. Which is why she felt a need to share her vision with the magical community. What she saw was going to come true and if something happened to her, this prophecy of light had to live on. When she spoke to the community, everyone listened with bated breath. The prophecy she made went like this.

There will come a time centuries from now when a great battle will take place. Good and evil will fight for both the magical and human worlds. Good magic will win but at a terrible cost, one that will cause suffering among many.

In the years following that battle evil will rise again, this time more powerful than before. It will take a new breed of magic to defeat the many evils of the underworld. These brave sorcerers who will be called will be known as the Mystic Force, like those before them, they will fight with courage and honor. They will come to be known as some of the greatest warriors that history could ever meet. There victory will come, but not easily, and once again evil will go back down to the depths from which it rose.

In this group relationships will form as friendships are made and love is found. Through the union of their love a new breed of magic will arise. When two powers combine, one great power arises. Their children will bear the burden of both powers from which their parents thrive. They will become some of the most powerful sorcerers to ever exist. Each one of the four sorcerers will have their own powerful abilities. For they will each be twice blessed with the magi of their parents and what they hold within themselves.

The child of the light will be the most powerful of all. Forged from an ancient magical legacy, the child will have the greatest destiny. This child will be the one to make the darkness fall; this child alone will hold the power to bring peace into both realms.

These four children, born from mystical blood will become the new Mystic Force. Called upon to defeat a powerful new evil. Another child of mystic blood will also be involved with the Mystics. This child will be a part of the Darkness and will only break free through the bonds of love. Through a lasting sacrifice that will be made, the darkness will be lifted from them and they will be born again. They will align with the Mystics to help defeat that which they called home.

With this powerful new force good there will be a powerful new evil. The likes of which the Mystics have never seen, to defeat it will take great strength and courage. If they will win, I cannot see, but I do see the power. With this power I have new hope for the future of both worlds.

With this great power, each of the four Mystics will hold a great responsibility. As a great mentor will come to say, “May the Power Protect them all.” In my own words, may the magic protect them and guide them down their true paths. Let all who know of this prophecy aid the protectors in any way they can. Let the darkness fall and let the light live on.”

After she spoke, all were silent. She knew that this came as a shock to everyone in the community, but it had to be said. This prophecy would one day come to life. Until that day, it would be passed on from generation to generation, so that when the time came the magical world would be able to aid those four powerful beings in the fight for good. The prophet left the community shocked, but well prepared for what would come to be. Centuries passed before the white witch came to know of the prophecy and accepted the responsibility of holding it until the day arose when the four Mystics would be called forth to defend the world.


This was everything that Udonna saw as the wands touched. When the vision ended the light faded to reveal a young girl, the prophet from centuries earlier was standing before her. Udonna was in awe, and immediately dropped to her knees, unable to believe that this legendary girl who had died was standing before her. Udonna glanced up at the young girl and saw her smiling and looking down upon her. When the girl spoke, the words came out softly and Udonna strained to hear them.

“You must not fear me. I am here to entrust you with a sacred honor. You must listen closely for I do not have much time. Do you understand?” The prophet smiled down as Udonna nodded up at her. The prophet smiled again as she began her tale.

“The time has come for the prophecy I made long ago to come to light. As you have already seen part of it has already come true. It is on this sad note that I come to you now. Soon the time will come for the new Mystic Force to be called and you will be their mentor. You must guide them to the victory they are meant to have. It will not be easy, but it will be done. They must win for the future power to exist, for without the future power all is lost.” The prophet stopped after that sentence to glance at the young woman on her knees before her. She smiled when she saw that Udonna was still listening and taking in all she said. With one last glance she began her speech again.

“ You saw in the prophecy that in years following the battle you will all soon partake in that a powerful new evil will come to light. The time will come once again to choose a new breed of Mystics to receive the ancient right to become power rangers. Instead of five there will be four, each with power beyond belief. They will each hold in essence two rangers within themselves. The leader will be the most powerful of all, taking their power from an ancient magical legacy. It is this teams destiny to bring peace to both worlds. I can only pray they succeed in the battle against good and evil. It is your duty to nurture all of the mystics that will come into your care. It is your duty to hold the prophecy until the time comes to pass it on to the next generation. Do you accept this right? Answer quickly, for my time here is quickly coming to an end.”

The prophet finished her speech and then stared into the depths of Udonnas eyes. The young woman held a look of honesty and honor about her for someone so young. She was a powerful sorceress that was still mourning the loss of her loved ones. The prophet could only hope that she would accept, for she was the only one who could guide the future teams to where they are supposed to be. As the prophet looked into her eyes, Udonna stood up and smiled at her. Her voice came out strong and proud as she answered the prophets questions.

“Though you have chosen an awkward time to ask this of me, I accept all that you place on my shoulders. It is my duty as a sorceress and as a Mystic Warrior to do mentor and guide future Mystics. I will do this in the name of the Mystic Force that came before them, in honor for all the lives that were lost fighting for both good and evil. That is my answer, this is my duty.” Udonna smiled as she saw the look of relief flood the prophet’s eyes. She watched in wonder as the girl smiled and disappeared as quickly as she came. Leaving Udonna with these last words as she faded into the wind.

“I wish you luck, Udonna, white mystic warrior. As the legendary Zordon once said “May the Power Protect You” and your charges. Blessed be and may the magic stay strong within you.” Her words got caught on the wind and faded out slowly as they reached Udonnas ears. When Udonna looked towards the wand that once were held by Lienbow and the other warriors, she saw that they were glowing with the magic the prophet had left behind. One day, when the time came, the Mystic Force would know of the prophecy and she would help them in any way she could.


When the darkness chooses to rise again to fight the Four Mystics that are meant to bring it to an end, it will be faced with some of the most powerful magic ever to exist in this world.

Descendents of power. Destinies of their own. When two Forces collide, will they be able to defeat a past evil that everyone thought was gone?


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