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I still cant believe that really happened did we really just defeat Morticon? How did this happen, why did this happen? All of this is just way to much to take in. I need to get out of here. With that Nick Russell quietly made his way to the entrance of Rootcore and slowly slipped out, hoping that none of his friends noticed his sudden departure from their party.They had every right to celebrate the defeat of Morticon but now Nick needed some time alone, something that Koragg had said earlier was stuck in his head and giving him a pounding headache just thinking about it. He decided to just go sit outside for a little bit, clear his head and then quietly join the rest of his friends in having fun. As he glanced back towards the entrance of Rootcore he was relieved to see that no one had seen or tried to follow him. Little did he know that a certain blue ranger had been watching him the entire time, as he slipped into the woods she slipped out soon after him and began to follow.

Nick had been walking around for what seemed like an hour, but in reality had been around 20 minutes. As the sun began to set he found a large rock close to the river and collapsed against the side of it. His head was spinning from all the events that hadt aken place earlier that day. Now that Morticon was gone, what new threat would he and the others have to deal with? Surely everything was only going to get harder from here, and he had to worry about it all because he was the leader. He was the one person who worried constantly about his team, every hit that someone took he felt like he had taken the blow with him or her. So here he was, Nick Russell, red mystic ranger and constant worrywart. No one knew how much he truly worried about the rest of his team, and in truth he would never tell anyone if he could help it. In fact the only person he would consider telling this small secret to would be Maddie, without her he wouldnt even have friends to worry about.

The memory of that day after they had all gotten out of the woods was still fresh in his mind; it was then that he knew his life would never be the same. That day was the day hed fallen for her. Maddie had been so sweet, so kind, and just so understanding towards him. Although hed never admit it to anyone, she was one of the main reasons he came back to Briarwood that day. When he saw her being defeated by Koragg, he just couldnt stand by and do nothing while the one girl hed actually started to care about got hurt. It was because of Maddie hed become the red ranger and it was because of her that hed actually stayed to help defend the city with the rest of his team. It was because of Maddie that his life had taken such a positive turn. Nick sighed as he thought about the beautiful girl who had started to make him feel things he never thought he would. She made his heart race, and when she was around no one else mattered to him but her. He closed his eyes and leaned back into the rock, as he started to fall asleep thoughts of Madison left his mind and entered his dreams.

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