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Madison’s POV:

What the hell am I doing?” “I shouldn’t be following him like this, what if he doesn’t want to see me?” “What if I’ll just be that annoying girl that guys are nice to but don’t really like?” “Oh god I hate questioning myself like this.” This was what Madison, the blue mystic ranger was thinking about the entire time she followed Nick into the woods. That little voice inside her was telling her to go back to Rootcore and let Nick be by himself. Yet she couldn’t pull herself away from following him to where ever he was going. So she did the only thing that made sense to her, she told that little voice in her head to shut up. When that was done, she just kept following in silence hoping she would find an appropriate time to tell Nick that he was not alone.

Just as Nick stopped by the river, that nagging voice in the back of her head was starting to tell her to turn back again, Maddie just kept telling herself that all she was going to do was check on a friend and then leave him alone and head back to Rootcore. That was all she was doing nothing more. Or was it? There was really no denying the fact that Nick Russell had literally left Maddie speechless the day they met. That was the day she’d convinced him to stay and help them battle the forces of evil. The day she’d looked into his eyes and literally could have melted right into the ground . Why couldn’t she have fallen for someone who wasn’t impossible to get? Nick just didn’t seem to notice her in the girlfriend sort of way, and Madison just wasn’t the type of girl to go up to a guy and say “Hey I think I’m in love with you and was wondering if you felt the same way.” It just wasn’t how she handled things with guys. Maddie had had exactly 2 serious boyfriends in her lifetime, and the last boyfriend had literally left her heart in a million tiny little pieces. Ben had been a way to get over that pain, but the entire time she was dating him she had wanted Ben to be Nick. The only problem was, if she told Nick how she felt would he feel the same way? Or would he leave her broken hearted? A broken heart was just something Maddie could not deal with right now, she and the others had way too much to think and worry about as it was. If he didn’t say anything than she wouldn’t say anything. She was just about to turn around and start to head back to Rootcore when all of a sudden “snap” she stepped on a twig, and froze on the spot, as she silently cursed myself for not being more cautious.

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