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Nick’s Story

Snap”.That one little sound was all it took for Nick to come out of his dream and go to full attention. “Great, this is just what I need today, more monsters.” Nick’s eyes darted all over his surroundings in an attempt to find whatever had made that noise. He was silently cursing whatever had made that noise for interrupting a VERY nice dream about himself and Maddie. As he slowly stood up he got into a defensive stance, “Well no need to ranger up just yet. I want to see what this thing is before I make any decisions.” “Hell, for all I know it might even be Phineas.” Nick silently chuckled to himself as the thought crossed his mind. Only Phineas could sneak up on him while he was resting peacefully.Snap.” Nick’s head turned to his left as the sound echoed in his mind. He took up a tougher defensive stance, and shouted to anything in the forest that might be listening, “Alright whatever the hell you are, come out and fight.” As Nick stood there getting ready to do battle his eyes searched for some movement in the trees that would allow him to make the first move and not get caught on a losing side.

Maddie’s Story

Snap.” Maddie couldn’t believe her stupidity, why had she even started to follow Nick anyway? Now she was going to have to tell him that she was here and practically die of the embarrassment. He was probably going to think that she was a stalker or something. As she peered around the tree she saw him getting into a defensive stance. “Great he thinks I’m a monster.” “Now what do I do?” Maddie’s body slowly slid downward towards the ground as her mind began to plot the many different ways she could avoid a very awkward situation with Nick. At this moment, running seemed like a very good idea, the water in the lake could provide an excellent distraction. All she needed was a wave of her wand and suddenly a wall of water would appear and drench Nick, then she could make a quick getaway and pretend like nothing ever happened. “Snap.” She broke another twig, “Darn it, now I really have to move if I want to get out of this.” As her head glanced around the tree again, she saw Nick standing there, arms out, legs bent, and eyes scanning the forest. As his gaze swept towards her direction Maddie hid behind the tree once more, all the while thinking “God has he always been this cute.” Maddie let out a small sigh as she thought about how gorgeous Nick always looked no matter what he did. Her mind continued to dwell on Nick, until she heard him shout “Alright whatever the hell you are, come out and fight.” “Great, now I have no choice, I have to stay here and explain this to him, but how?” Maddie silently rehearsed what she was planning on saying to the love of her life when he finally discovered she was here. First, she would actually have to tell him she was here. Secondly, she would have to find a way to try and make this whole situation not seem so terribly awkward. Thirdly, she would have to try and make up an actual excuse for being out here, and finally, if all else failed she would run. That plan was simple enough to follow, except for one little problem, every time she and Nick were alone together, she got completely tongue-tied. Everything was going to be fine all she had to do was say “Hey Nick it’s just me.” All she needed to say were those5 very simple little words. After that hopefully she could just make it up as she went along. With those thoughts in her head Maddie stood up and slowly peered around the tree one last time, Nick was still standing in his defensive stance looking ready to charge. “Well it’s now or never, just get it over with already.” Maddie slowly stepped out from behind the tree as Nicks head whipped around in her direction. For a moment they both just stood there not knowing what to say or do. Finally after what seemed like an eternity to Maddie, Nick made the first move.

He simply said “Maddie?”

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