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Maddies Story:

Maddie.” That one word just echoed between the two mystic rangers for a very long and uncomfortable silence. The first move had been made, but who was going to make the second? Maddie was quietly looking at her feet with an occasional glance at Nick. “Alright enough is enough I need to say something, but what?” With that thought Maddie slowly began walking towards Nick, she had decided that the slower she moved the more time she would have to think of something to say. As she made her way towards Nick she kept her eyes firmly towards the ground, knowing that if she looked into his eyes she wouldn’t be able to think about anything. God how she hated him for having that effect on her, if only he wasn’t so handsome, kind, and caring then maybe this would be easier on her. “No, nothing would make this easier and you know it. Just get this over with so you can run far away from him.” As Maddie started getting closer and closer her previous thoughts of running away crept their way back into their brain. She was just about to start running when all of a sudden her feet stopped moving. Maddie slowly looked up and straight into the eyes of Nick Russell, and from there her mind shut down every logical brain cell she had, she just stood there trying to think of something, anything to say to him. “Great now what do I do?”

Nicks Story:

Shock. There was no other way to put it. He was in complete and utter shock at seeing Maddie standing beside a tree. “Why the hell is she here?” His mind was definitely reeling, so he couldn’t think of anything say except for one thing “Maddie.” After that his mind went completely blank. Silence followed after he’d spoken, he couldn’t think of anything else to say and it seemed that she couldn’t either. She was looking at the ground and he was starring at anything that was not her. If he looked at her he would completely lose whatever rational thoughts would come to his mind. That seemed to happen a lot whenever she was around him; he couldn’t speak and just wanted to stare into her eyes. God how was he going to manage to say anything around her without confessing his feelings? He was just about to try and say something when he heard the movement of leaves; he looked towards Maddie and saw her moving towards him at a very slow pace. “Great, I need to say something to her, but what?” Nick was definitely thinking about running at this point, but his heart had somehow told his legs to not work at this point. So there he stayed waiting for Maddie to finally stop moving trying to think of something to say. He was starring at the ground but stopped to look up from time to time, Maddie had this really cute shy look on her face and he couldn’t help but grin to the ground. He finally looked up when a pair of feet stopped in front of him. His eyes went straight into those of Madison Roccas. From then on he knew he’d be in trouble, how the hell was he going to do this?

Maddie was standing there looking into his eyes trying to find the words she so desperately wanted to come out of her mouth. She said the only thing she could think of at the moment,

“Hey.” She spoke softly, almost like she was scared of what was going on. Nick couldn’t think of anything to say to her and all he could do was say one thing back. “Hey.”

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