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Maddies story:

Alright, I said something and he said something back, now all we have to do is maybe have an actual conversation. Oh god this is going to be hard.” Maddies mind was slowly starting to think again a she came out of the haze that came with looking into Nicks eyes and started looking at the ground again. She was definitely going to say something to him now. She took a deep breath and slowly began to work up the courage to say something to him. The only problem she thought she would have would be having to look into his eyes again, that could and probably would be her downfall. “The only thing you can do is to not look into his eyes, look anywhere else but there.” With that thought Maddie raised her head and focused her eyes on the trees to the side of his head. She didn’t care of she looked like an idiot at this point, all she cared about was saying what needed to be said and then retreating to anywhere but here.

Maddie started to speak “So…you probably want to know what I’m doing here right?” It came out as a sort of mumble and probably couldn’t be heard except Nick. “Great I choose now to become the shyest person in the human world.” “I promise it’s for a good reason.” With that, Maddie went back to being silent.


Meanwhile….Nick was trying to figure out something to say to Maddie. He just couldn’t seem to get the right words out; he wanted to know what she was doing here but at the same time he didn’t want to know. He was just really happy to see her, and at the same time terrified. In all honesty he tried to avoid being alone with Maddie as much as possible. Whenever he was around her he couldn’t think straight. The day that she had come into the office to film him had nearly killed him. Being so close and not being able to tell her of his feelings had been one of the most painful things he’d had to endure. He had wanted to tell her then and there that he was completely in love with her but then he’d had to open his big mouth and send her running away from the room and him. He’d always blamed himself for what happened to Maddie that day. If not for him then she wouldn’t have gotten turned into stone, and she wouldn’t have met Ben. God, how he’d hated Ben the second he walked into the Rock Porium. He was not the guy for Maddie, but she had started to date him anyway. The second she had started to date him he cursed himself for bringing this on. If not for his stupidity he might have told Maddie how he felt, he might have taken a chance, he might be the one dating her. Thank god she had broken it off two weeks after it had started because if it had gone on any longer he would have seriously injured someone, namely Ben. Nick snapped back into reality as a soft voice started to say something “So…you probably want to know what I’m doing here right?” Maddies voice was so soft that he had to strain to here her, all the while she was speaking she looked into the distance and not at him. It took all of his self-control to not touch her face and look into her eyes yet again as she spoke again with that same soft voice “I promise its for a good reason.” He thought about what to do next and did the only thing he could think of he began to speak to her in an equally soft tone.

“I know it is, you can tell me anything Maddie.”

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