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Authors Note: So the time has finally come, they actually get to talk! I had a blast writing this chapter, so I hope you guys enjoy reading it! Now on with the story!

Maddies Story:

“I know it is, you can tell me anything Maddie.” His voice was so soft, and it sounded so understanding that Maddie could have literally melted into the ground. She was expecting him to be angry, to yell, maybe even scream, but not this. Anything but him being kind and considerate. Which meant that explaining this whole situation was going to be even harder then she imagined, anger she could have dealt with, it was what she was expecting. Now she’d have to deal with the kindness she’d come to know and love about him. If she wasn’t careful she was going to tell him exactly how she felt about him the second he looked into her eyes again. This was definitely going to be a challenge, one that she wasn’t sure she was ready for. “Well it’s now or never, just go ahead and start talking you can’t do any more harm to this very awkward situation.”

“I know I can, and you know you can tell me anything right?” She asked the question uneasily; sometimes she didn’t know if Nick trusted all of them enough to really let them into his world. “Please let his answer say yes, just let him say yes.” Maddie was silently praying to whatever gods were listening, if he said yes then maybe, just maybe she could try and get closer to him. If they could become close friends, then maybe just maybe that friendship could become something more.


Nicks Story:

“You know you can tell me anything right?” Her voice sounded very uneasy, as if she was questioning herself along with questioning him. That question took Nick by surprise; he hadn’t expected her to ask such a deep question. He knew the answer he wanted to give, but he just wasn’t sure on how to put it into words. The word “yes” didn’t seem like it was enough; it felt like he needed to say something more. He trusted all of his friends with his life. He knew they would never let him down in battle. Of all of his friends he trusted Maddie most of all. She was everything to him, and she needed to know it. How was he going to tell her how he felt? All he needed to know was if she felt the same way about him. “Alright, go ahead and answer already, she’s waiting for it.”

“I know I can tell you anything Maddie your one of my best friends.” “He stated using that same soft voice, he’d used earlier. That answer seemed like it would fit perfectly, and it did when he looked at her face she was smiling. The look on her face held one of relief and joy. He couldn’t help but smile knowing he was the reason that she had that smile on her face. Her smile made everything worthwhile to him. With that he decided that it was his turn to ask her a question.


Both Stories:(I know finally!):

“So Maddie, what are you doing out here?” His question was quiet, in a way that was totally unlike him. Maybe if he played his cards right here he could get more then that answer, maybe he could get the answer his heart was hoping for. Maddie took a deep breath, smiled and started to explain. “Oh, right, um, well I saw you leaving the party and you looked like you were down in the dumps.” “So I decided to come and find you, just to see of you were all right.” “Are you alright?” Maddie had never spoken so quickly in her entire life. “Thank god that’s over, I just hope that he caught all of that because I do not want to explain myself again.” She looked over at Nick whose expression had softened considerably. He was smiling and looking at her with eyes of understanding that she couldn’t help but smile for. With a newfound courage Maddie lifted her head up and looked straight into Nicks eyes. She could do this; she could be alone with him now.

“Are you alright?” That was Maddie, always concerned about others. Her question couldn’t help but make Nick smile. He was surprised he had understood that part along with everything else. He’d heard all of her little “rant” and smiled the entire time, she’d come out here to see him. She was actually genuinely concerned about him; she cared about him. He looked up to find her staring straight into his eyes. He smiled at her as he answered.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” “I just needed to get some air, clear my head.” “Thanks for being so concerned about me.” His answer came out in a new softness, one that made Maddie shiver. His gaze had held hers the entire time; his eyes had never left hers. She blushed and her smile got even wider at his comment. Seeing her reaction her eyes lit up with a light she had not seen before. Suddenly Maddie said something she never thought she would,

“I care about you Nick.” “I always will.” With that Maddie’s face turned bright red, she had literally just admitted that she cared about Nick. Nick just stood there with a look of hope on his face. Maybe he cared about her to; maybe they could talk about everything now. Her only question was how was she going to go about doing this?

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