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Oh great, this is just great.” “I did not just tell Nick what I think I just told him.” “Oh god, what am I going to do now?” Everything around them suddenly went very quite, and she was sure that if she dropped a pin to the ground the entire forest would have been able to hear it. She didn’t care about the silence; in fact she found it quite soothing. The only thing that was bothering was the silence coming from Nick. Maybe she had misread his face; maybe the light that went into his eyes when she’d said she cared about him wasn’t really there. Maybe she was just fooling herself into thinking that maybe, just maybe Nick cared about her as more than a friend.Maddie sighed heavily and went back to looking at the ground, while contemplating her very few options. The option of running was slowly creeping its way back into her mind. At least then she’d have some time to deal with everything that had happened here today, then she could deal with Nick. There was only a slight problem with running; she couldn’t do it. Not after looking into those eyes, not after seeing them shine for her. She may be one of the stupidest people of the entire world for staying, but she had to take a chance. Today was the day that she was going to find out what Nick felt for her. If anything she and Nick could just talk. Then she could run away, with that Maddie took a deep breath and looked up into Nick’s eyes. She could do this she knew she could.


Did she really just say that?” “Please let this mean what I think it means.” Nick was lost in thought for a very long time. When he finally came back to the real world Maddie was staring at the ground, and everything in the forest suddenly seemed very quiet. He looked around them and then back at Maddie, her face was still covered in a blush, it made her look even more adorable then she already was. Nick couldn’t help himself he simply stared at her for the longest time, he didn’t want this moment to end, and it took all of his self-restraint to not grab her and just kiss her. He’d wanted to kiss her for a very long time, and had always managed to keep his feelings in check, but right now with Maddie so close to him it was very hard to resist. “Alright that’s it, I’m going to tell her how I feel.” “The worst thing that could happen would be that she doesn’t feel the same way.” Nick sighed as he thought of that one possible outcome, but from everything he’d seen with Maddie here tonight, maybe just maybe she wanted him to be more than a friend too. With that he took a deep breath and looked into Maddies eyes. With courage he didn’t know he had he said “I care about you to Maddie.”


“I care about you to Maddie.”

That’s all I wanted to hear.” “Tonight I’m going to tell Nick how I feel.” Maddie just smiled at his words, now she could definitely tell him how she felt. This was going to be hard, but not impossible. While looking into his eyes she found her courage again. She could do anything now. She had decided to say something to him, but before she could speak his voice hit her ears. It was still as soft as before but somehow it was stronger.

“Maddie, I was wondering, would you like to sit out here with me for a while.” “I understand of you want to go back to the party, but maybe we could talk.” There he’d finally said it. Now all he had to do was wait for her answer. He was silently praying to whatever was listening that she would say yes. If they could just talk tonight, he could lay his feelings out on the table. While he was lost in thought, Maddies soft voice brought him back to reality.

“Nick, I would love to sit with you.” “In fact, I’d rather do that than go back to the party.” With that said she began to walk back over to the rock he’d been sitting by earlier. She hadn’t taken more than three steps, when her foot got caught on an upturned tree root. She was falling towards the ground, Nick reacted quickly, grabbing onto her waist and holding on for dear life. Maddie was facing towards him her face was bright red and she was smiling. She was beautiful, and he did the only thing he could think of. He slowly lowered his lips to hers and kissed her.

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