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It was just another day in the Rock Porium. Maddie was running the register, V was DJing, Nick was stocking the shelves, Xander was attempting to pick up any pretty girl that walked into the shop, and Chip was being well…Chip. The only difference was that 2 of the stores 5 employees couldn’t stop smiling. Nick, who usually wasn’t so chipper looked like he was practically bouncing with happiness and Maddie was being perkier than usual. They were both unusually happy and that fact did not go unnoticed by their 3 fellow rangers. No one knew what was making him or her happy, but each of them were determined to find out.


They’d all started to notice the change within the two of them last night at the party. They had all been celebrating the fact that Morticon was gone and they had one less enemy to worry about. What the three rangers didn’t notice was the fact that Nick and Maddie had slipped out of the party about an hour into it. They were all to busy celebrating and having a good time that they didn’t even notice when the two came back in. At that point they were too busy trying to figure out how to hatch the Fireheart. When the two missing rangers finally joined their little group again they were both wearing very big smiles on their faces. Their teammates had just shrugged it off as happiness over their latest victory last night, but then today both Nick and Maddie were still in that same mood. Each of their friends had all talked about it and decided to at least try and figure out what was up but each time one of them attempted to speak to either Nick or Maddie something came up. V had tried first, but just as she had started to ask Maddie about her good mood, the turntables started acting up. When Xander had tried to talk to Nick, an “amazingly pretty” girl had walked in to the store, and he just had to go and talk to her. When Chip had tried to talk to Nick the latest monster began attacking Briarwood. After that battle all five rangers were completely drained of energy. The monsters that were being sent to destroy the town seemed to be getting stronger and were taking even more energy to defeat, but still Nick and Maddie were still smiling. The others were complaining about how tired they were or how many bruises they had. Xander was worried that his perfect profile would be ruined again because of a cut he had gotten on his cheek, V was complaining about how exhausted she felt, and Chip was going over how dangerous the battle had been for around the tenth time. The only two that weren’t saying anything were Nick and Maddie, who despite looking exhausted were still smiling.


What none of their grumbling teammates seemed to notice was that despite the tole the last battle had taken on both of them was that they were both smiling at each other. All day long Nick and Maddie had been finding little moments where they could just look at each other and smile. They were happier then they each had ever been, and they both knew that the other was responsible for their new feelings. Now they each knew how the other felt and it made a world of difference in their personalities. You’d be surprised to know that keeping feelings hidden from someone you truly care about can really make a person act differently. Now that their feelings were out in the open, if only to each other they were both just happy. Maddie was constantly looking over at Nick and giving him her biggest smiles, and Nick would always wink and smile back. They both knew that they weren’t exactly being discreet about it, but their friends had yet to figure out the real reason they were both so happy. It wasn’t for lack of trying though, each of the other three rangers had tried to ask them what was going on but something would always come up. For that Nick and Maddie were truly grateful, they both knew that they were not ready to let everyone know how they felt about one another just yet. This new relationship was going to be a secret for a little while longer. Until they both decided to tell their friends the news, they were going to have to settle on the secret smiles, whispered words, and winks between each other in their presence. Today, Nick and Maddie had been smiling constantly; even through the monster battle they were both in a good mood. That was because of what was going to happen tonight, it was a night they both had been waiting for ever since they had first met. It was definitely something to smile about.

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