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(Everyone’s stories)


The question echoed throughout the forest as the pink, green, and yellow Mystic Force rangers stood in front of Maddie, they were all speechless. Each of there mouths were open and in pure shock. They hadn’t been expecting Maddie to give the answer that she did. It had socked the hell out of all of them and now they just wanted to know exactly whom it was that Maddie was involved with. Mainly because they all wanted to interrogate the guy and let him know that if he hurt Maddie, he would have to deal with all of them; V especially wanted to get a hold of this guy and let him know exactly what would happen if he hurt her sister. The awkward silence between the five friends continued until the missing member of their team interrupted it; Daggeron.

He came towards them at a quick paced jog and stopped before them. He spoke quickly as he caught his breath, “Rangers, we must get to Rootcore immediately. I sense powerful dark magic energy within it.” At his words the rangers were immediately snapped out of the silence they were in and looked at Daggeron and then at each other; Nick immediately stepped forward and called to the others, “Ready?”

The others nodded at him and they all shouted “Magical Source! Mystic Force!” They were immediately morphed and racing towards Rootcore on their Mystic Racers. Daggeron was in the lead followed by the rest of the team as they all rushed towards their base of operations. They reached Rootcore in a matter of seconds, and immediately rushed inside to find the source of the Dark Magic energy. When they were inside they found Udonna and Clare being held captive by Imperious. Their mentor and her apprentice looked as if they were frozen in a corner and Imperious was standing over the Xenotome, attempting to break into it.

When the rangers saw this they immediately leapt into action. Daggeron quickly caught Imperious off guard and freed Udonna and Clare as he came close to fighting Imperious. Nick, Xander, and Chip were beside Daggeron in a second as Maddie and V went to help Udonna and Clare. The Solaris Knight was about to strike Imperious when he surprisingly backed off, saying something about fighting on another day. Imperious then disappeared in a dark spell seal, leaving the rangers thoroughly confused but happy that they weren’t going to have to fight something evil again that day. They all quickly demorphed and those who weren’t near Udonna and Clare immediately went over to make sure that they were alright. Apart from being slightly shaken up the sorceress and her apprentice seemed fine. Which meant that the others could just relax and attempt to recover from today’s battle. Udonna and Daggeron had gone outside to talk and the rangers and Clare were just sitting around basking in the beauty of the silence that was still surrounding Rootcore. The shock of what they all had just seen was slowly starting to wear off and they started to drift amongst themselves and talk again. In fact Maddie and Nick were each beginning to think that their friends had forgotten about Maddie’s earlier statement, they thought that maybe they could just tell everyone tomorrow. After all so much had happened today and they were all completely zapped of energy. The two lovebirds thought that everyone had forgotten about what was said earlier and how wrong they were.


(Chip’s story)

They were all congregated in the middle of Rootcore discussing all that had happened that day when all of a sudden Chip’s memory came back to him. In all the excitement he’d completely forgotten about earlier in the forest when they’d all been teasing Maddie. He smiled as he thought of how he’d found out exactly how Daggeron had become a human again. He’d been walking behind Daggeron and had “accidentally” heard a conversation that was Daggeron relaying to his Genie friend; it was about how he had become a human again. Chip had immediately been shocked to hear that Maddie had actually kissed Daggeron in frog form. He immediately knew that he had to inform the others of what he’d heard. Xander and Vida were acting strange when he came to talk to them; they were actually quiet, which in Chips mind was a first for them. They’d immediately responded to his information and started questioning him immediately. After the three of them had talked about it for a while, he had decided to bring the subject up with Maddie. The teasing had started almost immediately after that; granted it had all been good natured but it had gotten Maddie angry, which was something that Chip hadn’t intended to do at all. He just found this whole situation very cool, and part of him just couldn’t resist teasing Maddie for kissing a frog and then having said frog turn into a knight. What he hadn’t been expecting Maddie to say was that she already had a boyfriend, her last words before they had all rushed into Rootcore to save Udonna and Clare. All of that excitement had caused him to completely forget about anything that was said earlier. But just now as they were talking the memories suddenly hit him. Maddie’s words had sparked his interest and he knew that Xander and V wanted to know exactly whom it was that Maddie was involved with. So he took a deep breath and began to speak to the whole room.

“Hey Maddie, remember when we were outside of Rootcore earlier? Well I was wondering if you would tell us all exactly who you’re dating?” Chip smiled as he saw everyone in the room turn to face him. V and Xander looked curious and Maddie looked embarrassed, or extremely pissed off. Chip honestly couldn’t tell which emotion his blue teammate was feeling. He just knew that whatever she was feeling he was going to hear about it later.


(Vida and Xander's stories)

V and Xander were now smiling and looking at Maddie expectantly. Her face was now bright red and she looked like she was struggling to find the right words to say so that she could answer Chip’s question. They had both completely forgotten about what had happened earlier and when Chip spoke everything came rushing back to them. The two of them were now anxious for the answer to the question that Chip had just asked their blue teammate. They were both grateful for the distraction because their minds had been wandering all night. The two just couldn’t seem to keep their minds off of each other.

V sighed as she felt her mind go from thoughts of her sister to thoughts that contained Xander. Her mind was telling her that liking Xander would be a mistake but her heart was telling her so many different things. She was being pulled in all directions and that was something she didn’t want. After all she was Vida Rocca, pink mystic ranger and a tough as nails fighter. Since when did she let her heart overrun her thoughts? Since Xander Bly crept into her life and her heart. She still couldn’t believe that she actually liked Xander as more than a friend, it was hard to admit, but she knew she couldn’t deny it. The sooner she admitted it to herself and actually believed it, the sooner she could push it to the back of her mind. She was not going to fall hard for Xander, these feelings were nothing more than a crush, and something that she hoped would pass over time. She quickly left those thoughts in the back of her mind and turned back to the matter at hand; her sister dating someone she didn’t know. When she found out exactly whom she was dating, she was going to personally introduce herself to this guy and have him see that messing with her sister meant messing with her.

Xander was literally going insane. Just being near V was setting his emotions into overdrive and he didn’t like it one bit. His realization in the forest only added to the tension that he felt whenever he was near her. He was happy that Chip had brought up another subject all together and yet he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about V. His mind was telling him that he and V were just friends and that a relationship between them would never workout because they were too different. The real truth of the matter was that a relationship, an actual honest relationship with a girl terrified Xander. He’d never really had a real relationship with any girl, just a lot of dates; and now here he actually wanted a relationship with someone and that someone was V. Why would he want that? He knew he liked her as more than a friend he’d at least admitted that to himself in the forest but now admitting he wanted to actually try and have something serious with one of his best friends. That just didn’t sit well with him and he prayed to the gods that this was only a phase and soon he’d be over V and he could go back to the way things were. He was not going to fall for V, he just couldn’t. He snapped himself out of his thoughts so he could concentrate on the situation at hand, Maddie’s boyfriend.

Xander smiled as he looked over at Maddie to see that she was still blushing. He looked over at V to see that she was smiling as well. She turned her head towards him and looked into his eyes. It was as if the look sent a telepathic message to Xander saying that they were all going to find out exactly whom her sister was seeing before they left this tree. V gave Xander a small smile before turning towards Maddie and began to speak.

“Yeah sis. Who’s the guy that your so smitten with?” Xander smiled at that and just had to add a comment on to V’s.

“Come on Maddie you know you want to tell us. Please?” Xander flashed Maddie a grin that only made her blush more as she searched for the words she wanted to say.


(Maddie and Nick’s stories)

Maddie was standing there in front of her friends completely embarrassed. She’d been hoping that they would have forgotten all about her little remark about being involved with someone from earlier, but of course someone had to remember it. She glanced over at Nick and saw him looking at her. He gave her a small smile that she instantly returned and saw a gleam in his eyes. Maddie sighed as she took a deep breath, it was now or never she and Nick were going to come clean about their relationship.

Nick’s smile grew even wider as he saw Maddie breath. He knew that she was ready to tell the others about their relationship and she wasn’t going to have to do it alone. No matter what he knew that he would stay by Maddie through thick and thin. He’d be her anchor when they told the others about their relationship because he knew they’d accept it, the whole situation was just going to take some getting used to. He stepped closer to Maddie as she began to speak to her friends.

“I’ll tell you who I’m dating. No need to beg, in fact you know him.” She smiled over at Nick and he smiled back as V spoke.

“We know him? Is it Ben?” V spoke with a knowing smile and a gleam in her eyes. She was so sure that she was right. She didn’t expect the next sentence to come out of Maddie’s mouth.

“It’s not Ben.” Nick then took a step towards Maddie and laced his fingers through hers and spoke to the rest of the rangers and Clare.

“It’s me. I’m dating Maddie.” With that Nick looked at Maddie and smiled and she smiled back. The others mouths fell open at that, THIS was something they hadn’t been expecting.

Nick and Maddie dating? Now that was something that none of them had seen coming.


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