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There was silence throughout Rootcore as everyone stood there in complete and utter shock. This was one thing the other rangers and Clare had not been expecting to happen. The group just stood there in stunned silence not able to think of something to say. Nick and Maddie looked relieved that they’d finally told everyone and were standing before the group with shy smiles on their faces. Nick had taken Maddie’s hand in his and the two were now standing there looking somewhat nervously at their friends. It seemed that they were each attempting to find their voices again after the announcement had been made. So the silence continued for what seemed like an eternity before someone spoke.

“Oh I knew it!” The statement startled everyone out of the stupor that they had been lost in as they all looked towards Clare. She was smiling and looking like an excited schoolgirl as she stared at Nick and Maddie. She had noticed their feelings for one another from the start and now, hearing that the two were dating made her so happy. As she looked at the new couple her smile got even wider, they were perfect for each other. The other three rangers still looked stunned as Clare spoke again.

“You two are perfect together! I’m so glad you guys finally acted on your feelings!” Clare giggled and then went up to Maddie and enveloped her in a hug. Maddie was smiling as she let go of Nick’s hand to hug her friend. Both girls smiled as they pulled out of the hug and Maddie looked much calmer then she had a few moments ago. Seeing Clare’s reaction had calmed her nerves greatly and now Maddie couldn’t help but look over at Nick and see that his expression had turned to one of relief as well. Maybe everyone else would react the same way Clare had. Maybe everyone else would feel the same way.

“Thanks Clare. Nick and I are glad that you’re ok with this.” Maddie’s smiles grew even wider as she looked at Clare who was looking at Nick and then back at her with a look of pure elation on her face. Clare giggled a bit as she saw Nick take Maddie’s hand in his again, the two looked so happy to be with each other and Clare couldn’t be happier for them. Maddie looked at Clare one last time before looking towards the others.


The looks on their faces made her smile falter a bit, they all seemed shocked and even hurt that she and Nick hadn’t told them about their relationship. Chip looked more stunned than Xander who was just looking from Nick to Maddie trying to figure all of this out and V looked hurt because Maddie hadn’t said anything to her. In fact all three were dealing with this in their own way and silence had once again enveloped Rootcore. That was, until V decided to do something about it.

“You’re dating my sister?” Everyone stared at V whose tone had taken on one of dislike towards Nick. She had always been protective of Maddie when it came to her sister dating a guy. Every time Maddie started to date a guy V would always make sure that she threatened them before the first date. In all honesty V was even worse than her father when it came to her sister and boys and she knew it. It was just the thought of Maddie having her heart broken by some guy made Vida cringe; she hated seeing her sister in pain. She’d always kept a close eye on Maddie and the guys she’d dated and now Nick had crept under her radar, Nick was already dating her sister. V was furious and at the same time she was hurt that Maddie hadn’t told her about this when it first happened. However at this time V’s anger was boiling over and all she wanted to do was hit something. Well she actually wanted to hit a certain someone who happened to be wearing red and was now currently holding hands with her sister. She felt her fists clench as she stepped forward to look at her sister and then she looked at Nick with her patented death glare. She smiled a bit as she watched Nick visibly gulp at her advancement towards him.

“You never answered my question. Are you really dating my sister?” V smiled a bit as she watched Nick squirm under her scrutinizing gaze. This interrogation was going to be fun. She watched the different emotions play across his face and then she finally saw his mouth open, she had to resist the urge to punch him.

“Yes V. I’m dating Maddie. I hope that’s alright with you because I love your sister.” Nick reached over and brought Maddie up against his chest as she giggled at his action. V just saw red and was about to go off and hit Nick and she had even taken a step towards him but something stopped her from full on beating him up. Well actually it was two something’s, one was the fact that Maddie was standing in front of Nick and V would never hurt her sister, the second problem was that she felt a hand on her shoulder. When she glanced back to see whom the hand belonged to, she saw Xander holding her back with a slight smile on his face. V looked at Xander and gave him her death glare, warning him to let go of her but Xander’s smile just grew wider as he stared right back at her.


“V calm down. There’s no need to be angry with this. Calm down and think before you go off and hit something.” Xander ignored the glares that V was throwing his way and kept his hand on her shoulder. He knew what she was about to do and he knew that if she had gone through with it Maddie would be furious with her sister. He looked at V again and saw that she had calmed a bit. She still looked ready to kill, but Xander felt confident that she would think before she acted on what she was feeling right now. He took one last look at her and then slowly removed his hand from her shoulder. He then looked over at Nick and Maddie who had broken apart from the position they had been in and were now currently standing a few feet apart looking at V with worried expressions. Xander looked at V one last time and then he looked at Nick and Maddie with a smile on his face.

“Glad you two are together, but Nick if you hurt Maddie I’ll be sure to hunt you down.” Xander smiled at Nick who was now looking a tad bit amused at the thought of Xander defending Maddie so quickly. Maddie was just standing there with a grin on her face as she stared at her Australian friend. V just glanced at Xander and gave him a death glare. She thought that Xander would be on her side because he was almost just as protective of Maddie as she was. They usually stuck together on matters where it concerned Maddie’s heart. In fact it was one of the things they seldom agreed upon, and now he was turning on her. He was supporting Maddie and Nick in whatever it was they were attempting to have together. As she glared at Xander he took a moment to look at her and he just stared at her and grinned before turning back towards her sister and his friend. “I’m serious Nick. You hurt Maddie I’ll be sure to hurt you. Got it?”

Nick just smiled at his friend before responding to the ultimatum he had just received. “I understand Xander. But I just want you to know that I would never hurt Maddie. I love her to much to ever do anything to hurt her.” Xander smiled at his response and then left V’s side to go up and shake Nick’s hand and he then hugged Maddie and stepped back to look at the two standing before him. He smiled when he saw the look the two gave each other when they thought that no one was watching them. Nick was looking at Maddie as if she were the only person in the room. Maddie was looking at him in a similar fashion and Xander just had to smile at what he was seeing between the two. When he looked at them he saw the feelings between them, he saw that the two were in love, they were really in love. Somehow he knew that Nick wasn’t going to intentionally hurt Maddie and that made this relationship between the two ok with him. Maddie was practically like Xander’s sister and he and V had always teamed up when it came to Maddie and guys, but this time he was going to support her in this relationship. She and Nick seemed to be so happy that he was sure that he couldn’t do anything but support it.

Seeing them together really did make Xander happy but when he looked over at them he couldn’t shake this feeling of jealousy that seemed to wash over him. When he saw the looks they gave each other he couldn’t help but want what they had. “You could have what they have if you’d just open your eyes.” There was that little annoying voice in the back of his head again. The one that wouldn’t shut up about these supposed ‘feelings’ he had for V. In all honesty he couldn’t believe that he was actually having these thoughts right now. He shouldn’t be thinking about this now, when he should be focusing on Nick and Maddie, hell he shouldn’t even be thinking about this at all. Xander inwardly sighed as he looked over at V who looked like she was still about to go off and hit something. Xander honestly didn’t know what he saw in V, but there was something about her that made him go crazy, and for once this state of craziness was something he liked and that fact alone scared the living hell out of him.


As Xander became lost in his own thoughts the room went back to the silence it had been encased in before the reactions from everyone had started. The silence continued for a few more awkward moments before Xander was snapped out of his thoughts by Chip coming up towards Nick and Maddie with a huge smile on his face.

“This is great you guys. I fully support what you two are trying to have.” Chip eagerly hugged Maddie and then shook Nick’s hand as he continued to smile. Nick just chuckled as Chip looked back and forth his eyes looking at Maddie and then himself. At first the look didn’t really bother Nick that much, but then after around 4 or 5 times it was starting to get annoying. Then Chip did it around 3 more times and it was starting to get downright creepy. Nick was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable under his gaze and he could tell that Maddie was feeling uncomfortable as well. Nick knew that Maddie would never say anything to Chip, but he certainly would.

“Chip, I’m glad you’re happy for us but, why are you looking at Maddie and I like that? It’s starting to get creepy.” Chip just smiled at Nick’s words and looked at his two friends. This was something that he was actually really happy about. Seeing Nick and Maddie happy made him happy, not to mention it was almost like the comic books. As Nick finished speaking to him, the only thing he could think of was who Nick and Maddie reminded him of.

“Oh sorry Nick, but did you know that you two could be Clark Kent and Lois Lane? This is just like the comic books!” Chip smiled again as Nick looked at Maddie and they both just started to laugh. Only Chip would say something like that and it was nice to know that some things were never going to change within their group.

As Xander listened in he quickly caught onto the meaning of Chip’s statement and he just had to laugh along with Nick and Maddie, and soon almost everyone in the room was having a good chuckle. In fact there was only one person who was not laughing at all, Vida was still standing off to the side watching Nick and Maddie with clenched fists and gritted teeth.


As V watched her sister and Nick she honestly couldn’t help but feel jealous at what she saw. She’d been watching the two ever since Xander had kept her from hitting Nick and for once she was glad that Xander had stopped her. After watching her sister with him she could honestly see that those two really and truly cared about each other. In fact she was sure that Nick was exactly the type of guy she had always pictured Maddie with. They both seemed to actually be in love with one another and that made V happy. Seeing Maddie so happy with Nick made V realize that hitting him wouldn’t have been the best thing to do. Now looking at them she saw what made Xander actually be in favor of Maddie’s boyfriend for once, but for some reason she still felt angry. Maybe it was because Maddie hadn’t told her about Nick sooner, or maybe it was because she actually wanted what they seemed to have.

As those thoughts entered V’s brain she quickly dismissed them. Why would she want what Nick and Maddie had? As she looked at her sister again V saw that Nick and Maddie were looking at each other as if they were the only two people in the room. As she watched them stare at each other, she felt a wave of jealousy flood over her and suddenly wished that she and Xander were the ones staring at each other like that. V stopped breathing for a second as she realized exactly what she had just been thinking. “Xander? I want to be with Xander?” V shook her head of all thought as she processed everything that was going through her mind. All of this was just too much, she had to get out before she hit something. She quickly took a deep breath and then practically ran towards the entrance to Rootcore and rushed outside.

As she left everyone stopped laughing and stared at the door and then stared at each other. The silence had returned and it seemed that no one knew how to break it. That was until Maddie said the one thing that everyone was thinking.

“What just happened here?”


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