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(In Rootcore)

“What just happened here?”

The question lingered between everyone at Rootcore as they all looked at the entrance that Vida had just stormed out of. There was silence amongst them as they all tried to understand why Vida had run out instead of saying what she thought. Running out was something that no one expected Vida to do because she was usually the first one to speak her mind. She never held back, and now she had run out of Rootcore leaving everyone just plain old stunned. Maddie’s question was in everyone’s mind but Chip was the first to answer it.

“Well, what just happened was this, Maddie, you and Nick told us that you’re together and then V ran, no wait..she stormed out of Rootcore.” Chip stood there for a moment before he saw everyone turn towards him with looks of disbelief written upon their faces. Xander most of all was looking at Chip as if he were some sort of monster that they had all recently faced, but yet it was still amusing at the same time. Only Chip would say something like that at a time like this and the comment helped to bring everyone out of the shock they had been in. Nick was the first to speak after Chip had, he had a slight smile on his face as he responded to Chip’s comment.

“Chip, I think that we all figured that much out. I’m pretty sure that Maddie wanted to know why V just ran out of here.” Chip just looked at Nick and then smiled a little bit as he realized what he had just said had done nothing to help the situation at hand. He just looked at Nick who had Maddie’s hand in his own and was now looking straight at him. Chip chuckled a bit before he decided to talk again.

“Well, I know that..but I didn’t know what else to say to the question. Sorry everybody.” Chip did look really sorry as he looked at everyone but his comment just took him or her all back to the question at hand. Why had Vida just left them here? It was a question that Chip wasn’t sure they could answer because it was Vida’s business and if Chip knew anything about Vida, he knew that she wasn’t going to come out and tell them why she had left even if they all went out and looked for her. Chip had a strange feeling that his friend had left to avoid saying something to Maddie and Nick, something that she would come to regret later on when she was calm and thinking rationally. He thought it best that V be left alone for the time being but the only problem with that was that they had to find her in case another monster decided to attack the city. So now the only thing that could be done was to go and find her. Chip was about to suggest that they all go and search for their missing friend but Maddie beat him to it.

“Guys, I think that we all need to go and look for V. I know that she may have stormed out of here, but we need to find her in case something attacks the city again.” The others just looked at Maddie and quickly nodded their agreement. Nick let go of her hand before looking at the rest of the group and speaking out.

“I agree with Maddie, lets go and search for V. Who wants to go where?” Nick had immediately stepped back into the role of leader at his suggestion. He gave everyone a look that said they had better decide where they were going and now. Clare was the first to speak out at Nicks request for an answer.

“Nick, I’ll stay here and see if she comes back to Rootcore.” Nick nodded at Clare and she smiled at him and then looked around and saw that Rootcore was now extremely dirty thanks to Imperious’s attack and she bustled away to start cleaning it. Nick looked at Clare once more before turning to the other members of his team. Chip was the next to speak up as he began to walk towards the exit to get to his broom.

“I’ll do an aerial search for her. You’ll hear from me the second I find anything.” Chip turned back towards his friend and Nick gave him a smile and a nod. Chip smiled back and then stood at the entrance that led towards his broom and was gone. Nick looked at Xander next and saw that he was already walking towards the door. He spoke with his back facing Nick and Maddie.

“I’ll take to the woods on foot as I’m sure that you two will. Not to worry we’ll find her before long mates.” With that Xander practically ran out of Rootcores entrance leaving a very confused Nick and Maddie behind. However the confusion didn’t stop them, smiling Nick took his girlfriends hand in his own and they walked out of Rootcore to search for her sister together. Soon enough someone would find V and then maybe all three of them could sit down and talk about all of this before V said something that she could possibly come to regret later.


(In the forest)

Vida had just stormed out of Rootcore in a furry. She didn’t know what had made her angrier, her sister and Nick being together as more than friends, or her thoughts pertaining to Xander. V stomped angrily thought the forest as she thought about everything that was now happening. Her brain felt like it was going to explode from all that it had taken in today and more. She started off by thinking about the battle with those damned monsters. The ones that had almost destroyed her sister, the sister she had always vowed to protect..and some monster had almost destroyed her. As Vida thought about the battle she silently cursed herself for not being able to get to Maddie in enough time. “I should have been there, I shouldn’t have taken such a long time to realize what was happening to my sister.” V was truly angry with herself for everything that had happened with Maddie during that battle. She had been mentally beating herself up over it for a while now but those thoughts had gone to the back of her mind when they’d all started heading back towards Rootcore, the thoughts left her when she started thinking about Xander. Now those thoughts came back to hit her full force, she felt guilt at not being able to get to Maddie and yet, she also felt a little bit of anger at her sister. They had always been so close and Maddie hadn’t said a thing about her new relationship with Nick.

Maddie and Nick, there was yet another big thought in her mind. She still couldn’t believe that the two were dating and not one word had been said to her. That thought alone made V mad, and upset at the same time. Maddie had always come to her when she liked a boy, or when she’d had a boyfriend and now all of a sudden, nothing. Maddie hadn’t said a single word and that hurt her. What hurt her even more was the fact that Nick seemed to think it was alright to just date her sister and not talk to her about it. Nick was supposed to be her friend and he had kept something like this from her, from them all. V was upset and angry at the whole situation and yet she was happy at the same time. Happy at what she had seen between them, yes she was happy, mad, and upset at the same time and all of these emotions were starting to give her a headache to be quite honest. She took a deep breath and began thinking about something else that was weighing heavily upon her mind. Well it wasn’t a something on her mind; it was more like a certain someone who had been on her mind for several days.

Xander, now there was another thing to think about because somehow he seemed to be overrunning many of her thoughts now in days. The thing she didn’t understand was…why he seemed to be so prominent in her mind. Xander was supposed to be her friend and only that and yet somehow she was starting to think of him as something else and what she was thinking wasn’t exactly something she liked. She hated thinking of wanting the kind of relationship she had started to see between Nick and Maddie with a guy and most of all, she hated wanting that relationship to be with him of all people. It wasn’t that she never wanted to have something special with someone, she did, but she just didn’t want that something to happen right now in the midst of so much chaos. V smiled a bit as she walked through the forest as she thought of the now regular chaos in her life. The chaos of being a ranger had brought forth a lot of changes within each of them. She’d started to notice it first within herself and then with the others, they had all become better people for what they had been chosen to do for the world. Which is part of the reason why Xander was now coming into her thoughts on a much more personal level, a level she didn’t even think was possible with her. If someone had asked her to describe Xander to them a few months ago she would have said ‘cocky, arrogant, egotistical, and someone to pick an innocent fight with.’ However, over the months she’d started to see a change within Xander, he’d become someone she was proud to know, someone she could see as being very close with, the change had come about because of their being rangers and the scary thing was it was a change she liked. V shuddered at the thought of like because it implied that she actually liked Xander Bly as more than a friend. However, her thoughts were currently going to war with what her feelings were telling her. Her feelings were saying that maybe being with Xander romantically wouldn’t be such a bad thing, that he could be good for her if given the chance to be. At this thought…Vida just stopped. She stopped walking, she stopped thinking, and she even stopped breathing for a brief few moments. She felt lightheaded, and dizzy as all of these emotions she’d been feeling just caught up to her. Suddenly all of the thoughts she’d had over the past few days left her mind, suddenly she felt the world spinning and suddenly the world went black. Pitch black, she felt herself fall to the ground and then nothing, just a darkness that clouded her brain and her mind as she slipped into unconsciousness around her.

She didn’t even hear someone shouting her name and running up beside her. She didn’t feel the warm hands of the mysterious person on her skin, she didn’t her them speaking her name repeatedly. She didn’t hear the worry in their voice or the slight crack of emotion that came with not being able to wake her up. Vida didn’t feel the hands shake her gently, trying to get her up, trying to bring her back to the forest around her. Vida Rocca felt nothing as the mysterious person tried everything in their power to wake her up. Vida felt nothing as she lay there on the forest floor unconscious and in the arms of someone she knew but couldn’t see.


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