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(In the air; Chip’s search)

Chip had been on his mystic racer for the past half an hour. A half an hour and he still hadn’t found hide nor hare of Vida. He knew she was in the forest somewhere but he just didn’t know where. He’d thought that being in the air would give him the greatest advantage over finding her but he was quickly finding that he was sadly mistaken. The treetops were getting in his way and making clear visuals of the ground almost impossible to get. But he had to keep searching for her, Maddie was counting on finding V and frankly V needed to talk to her sister. Chip wanted the team dynamic to still be one where they could all relate to one another and as long as V was mad at Nick and Maddie that dynamic would never happen. So he was going to keep on searching until he found her, he would search all night if need be although truth be told he hoped that it wouldn’t take that long. He wanted to make V sit and listen to reason because even he could tell that Nick and Maddie were good for one another. They seemed to fit together and he would support that. So now he had to find V and make her see that. So he would keep flying around the forest in circles if he must to find her and bring her back to Rootcore. The sooner he did that the sooner he could get back to reading Superman comics.


(In the woods; Nick and Maddies search)

After they had watched Xander go off in one direct Nick and Maddie did the logical thing and walked off in the other. The two were still holding hands as they searched the forest floor for Vida. Maddie honestly still couldn’t understand why her sister had just stormed out like that, for once their twin telepathy was seriously very off. She wanted to find V and talk to her alone before she brought Nick into it. All three of them really did need to sit down and talk so she and Nick could tell V how serious they were. So that Maddie could try and convince her sister that Nick was the right guy for her. Maddie sighed as she and Nick wandered around the forest again, she’d never really realized how big it was before now. There were so many places V could have gone to but if she had to she would stay out here all night and look for her sister. She wouldn’t stop until she saw V safe and could easily talk some sense into her.

As Nick walked along with Maddie he couldn’t help but hope that when they found V she wouldn’t rip his head off. He wanted to convince her that he really did love Maddie with all of his heart and would never do anything to hurt her. He wanted to be Maddie for the rest of his life and he needed to tell V that. He just needed to talk to her as a friend, not as a leader, or her sister’s boyfriend. He hoped that he could do that without being murdered on the spot because V had looked rather pissed off earlier. Still he would stay with Maddie and search the forest until V was found and they all could talk. Something told him that they would be out here for a while but he was alright with that. Being with Maddie made his days brighter and he would gladly sacrifice time to look for a friend with his girlfriend by his side.


(In the forest; Xander and Vida)

When Xander had set out in his search for V he had only hoped to find her and bring her back to Rootcore. He hoped to try and convince her that Nick and Maddie were right for each other and actually make her see reason. He wanted to convince her that what they had was real and they each deserved it. What he had not expected on his search of the forest was to come upon V falling to the ground. He had not expected to find her collapsing when he ran up to her he had not expected to have her in his arms at this very moment. He had not expected to find her fitting in his arms perfectly.

He was worried to say the least about the situation. He’d managed to catch V before her head had hit the ground but it hadn’t stopped the rest of her body from falling hard. He’d managed to check her over and see there were no broken bones but that wouldn’t stop some of the bruises she would undoubtedly have when she came to. It had been about a minute or two and V still wasn’t waking up. Xander was far beyond worried right now and was seriously considering just carrying her to the human world and getting her to a hospital. He was actually about to do just that when he looked down at her and saw her eyes open up and he heard a slight groan coming from her. As he looked down into her eyes he saw some haziness had left them but she still stayed in his arms. She opened her mouth and he had to lean down to listen to what she was saying. Her voice was so soft in fact Xander had never really heard her speaking this softly before, he found it attractive, hell he found it downright sexy. Silently he shook that thought from his mind, now was not the time to think like that he needed to help V. So he leaned down to listen to her speaking.

“Xander...what the hell? What’s going on here?” V was definitely confused at this moment. She remembered everything from earlier, storming out of Rootcore and through the forest and then thinking so much. She remembered darkness hitting her like a brick and she didn’t know why. She did know that before she’d apparently fainted she’d been thinking about her feelings for…Xander. As in the Xander who was currently holding her in his arms, the Xander who’s face was currently inches away from her own. She quickly pushed herself up and out of his arms. She sat up and just looked at Xander who actually looked a tad bit offended at her recent course of actions. In fact he looked angry because she’d gotten out of his arms, the arms that she’d wanted to stay in. V shook her head and cleared it of those thoughts. She couldn’t deal with everything like that right now. Especially when Xander just glared at her and began to speak quite fiercely to her.

"V you fainted and I happened to see you go down. So I came over to help you! I’m sorry if me stopping you from having your head cracked open on some damned rock inconvenienced you.” Xander was definitely ticked off at the moment. Not at V personally but because of everything that seemed to be going on between them. When she’d come to in his arms things had felt right and then everything had been ruined when V had practically hopped out of his arms. He was angry that she had fainted and he hadn’t been able to get there sooner to help her out. When he’d watched her falling he’d definitely felt a piece of his own heart fall with her and while he could he was going to tell her what he was thinking.

“And while we’re on the subject of you fainting don't you ever do that to me again! You are not allowed to scare me like that, do you know what happened when I saw you fall? My heart actually fell with you. Next time you go down don't take my feelings down with you.”


V just didn't know what to say to that. Had Xander Bly honestly just admitted to having feelings for her? As in having feelings that made him consider her as more than a friend. From the look on his face he hadn't planned on saying what he had just said. V was in definite shock but she felt something else come to life inside of her. Something good, something she'd been denying for a while. Hearing Xander admit his feelings helped her own inner feelings to come out. Her subconscious had known of her feelings for the green ranger for a while but now...these feelings were coming to true life inside of her. She saw the look on Xanders face and she just had to smile, he looked so scared, yes Xander the Great actually looked scared. Truth be told if she could be honest she was scared herself, what she felt for Xander was so different. It was all so strange.

"V...look...I didn't...I mean..I shouldn't have..."

Xander couldn't believe his stupidity had he really just told Vida that he cared about her? He honestly couldn't believe that he had let it slip out, he couldn't forgive himself for that. He had been warming up to the thought of keeping said feelings for Vida bottled up for the rest of his natural born life but no...his stupid heart had to intervene. His heart that was beginning to let everything he was feeling for the Pink Ranger in. His heart that he was starting to wish did not exist. He didn't know how V would react to all of this he didn't know what she would say. He just knew that at this moment he was scared because in truth this was new to him. The seriousness of this all was so new to him. He silently groaned when V didn't say anything, he didn't know what to do now. He wanted to run but he couldn't bring himself to leave her here all alone, after all she had just fainted, leaving would be wrong. There was silence among them both and then something strange happened. He felt himself bringing himself closer to her he saw her moving closer to him. There lips were inches apart and then he heard her whispering to him.

"Xander...what are we doing? I need to know."

V wasn't sure what had compelled her to ask that but she knew it was right. She had to know what was happening between them, because she suddenly found herself wanting to be with him. It was why she had moved closer to him and then he'd moved closer to her...they were so close and she wanted it like this.


"V...if I could answer that I would. Truth be told I have no idea what you and I are doing. V..I've been trying to keep these..feelings inside of me. But..I just can't anymore, Vida Rocca I like you as more than a friend. Hell I've liked you for the longest time. Do you even know what you do to me?" Xander said all of this very quickly. He didn't know what was coming over him but he had to tell Vida how he felt. He had liked her for the longest time even if he'd been denying it for the better part of said time. He just didn't want to do it anymore and this moment felt like a good moment to tell her. If she didn't like him he could find a way to deal but he that inside he would probably die. Not because a girl had rejected him but because Vida might. She was actually someone who made him think, who made him want something deeper than just a physical connection. He didn't know what to say, he wanted to shut himself up now but somehow the words just kept coming. "V you're the one girl I can see myself really being with. I don't just want something physical with you I want something serious with you. You make me think, you challenge your smart and I want you for your spirit. You enchant me with it..V..I..."

Xander was about to say something else but he suddenly found himself unable to speak due to the fact that Vida’s lips were currently on his own.


Vida honestly didn't know what she was doing. One minute she’d been listening to Xander completely poor his heart out to her and the next she found herself kissing him. The funny thing about this kiss was that she had been the one to start it off. She didn't know what had compelled her to do it but she had. Now she was in the middle of the forest with Xander and kissing him. She thought that they should stop so she could talk. If Xander was going to poor his heart out she thought it was only fair that she should spill hers. Yet she found herself unable to break away from the kisses they were sharing. His arms had snaked around her waist as the kiss began to get more intense. She felt his tongue running along her bottom lip and in an instant she felt her own tongue colliding with his own. He was making her feel to damn good for her to make the first move. She wasn't stopping this for anything.

To say he was slightly confused would be an understatement. Xander was more than confused at Vida’s actions because her certainly hadn't been expecting this. He'd expected her to laugh in his face and completely reject him, he hadn't been expecting her lips to be on his. He hadn't been expecting them to be pouring what seemed like their whole hearts into this make out session. He hadn't known that Vida was a damn good kisser. She was matching his every move, her arms were wrapped around his neck as his clung to her waist. He gently dragged her closer to his own body and soon she was completely in his lap. He had no intentions of stopping what they were doing at this moment and he had a feeling that she didn't either.

V still couldn't believe what they were doing out here. Here she was in the middle of the forest in Xanders lap fiercely making out with him. She still found all of this a tad bit unusual. Not because of what was happening but because in a way this was finally happening. She knew now that she had liked Xander for a while. When he'd first transferred to their school she'd been the first to notice that he was cute. That was when everything had started and now it had led up to this. It had led up to them being in the middle of the forest confessing a lot of things and making out. Everything felt right. Yet V found that making out wasn't enough for her she wanted more. She wanted him.

Xander still couldn't honestly believe that this was happening to him. He was actually making out with Vida and not just making out, passionately making out. There was a difference between the two and with V everything felt different it felt right. He could only hope by her actions that would be what she was feeling to. He actually remembered when all of those damned feelings had started; when he first came to the states she'd been the first one to talk to him. Her good looks had been the first thing he'd noticed and then her attitude just drove him wild. It was opposites attract with them, but really they weren't that opposite at all. Things changed and now they were definitely changing. At this moment it took all of his self-restraint to not roll them over so he could be on top of her. It took everything to not want to take her on another ride all together. He wanted her there was no doubt about that but he wasn't going to do anything unless she did first. Yet this little question seemed to magically get answered when he felt Vida’s hands at the ends of his shirt.


Xander paused as he felt her hands. Was he really feeling them there or was he imagining things. He seriously hoped that this was real but yet, he wasn't so sure. He'd gladly lose the shirt, hell he'd gladly take Vida right here and now but not without knowing if she wanted this. He wanted to know how she felt before anything else happened tonight. But that didn't mean he wouldn't lose the shirt first...it would give him a reason to break away from the kisses, the ones he was currently finding harder and harder to even think about stopping. He broke away from her with that and began to gasp for breath along with her. The need for air was great but not that great. In an instant they were both smirking and Vida was lifting Xander's shirt off of his body and over his raised arms. She quickly tossed it to the side and then looked at him with a smile. She leaned back into kiss him again but Xander held a hand up to stop her. He put his forehead to hers and whispered to her.

"V..wait...are you sure about this? What we've been doing it's getting to a point of no return. I...need to know how you feel here V...please..tell me."

V just looked at Xander and smiled at that. She'd had a feeling that this was coming and she was ready to talk. It was actually one of the reasons she'd reached for his shirt, that and the pure fact that she wanted him. But she was ready to tell him how she felt. So she smiled and intertwined her hands with his own. "Xander what I feel is the exact same thing you're feeling. I like you as more than a friend in fact...Xander...I've liked you for the longest time. You challenge me in a lot of ways and I love that about you. You make me think about things to you know, you make me want something serious with you and only you. How exactly did we both manage to creep into the others feelings...I don't think we'll ever know. But...Xander...what if I said this was more than just like...what if I said this was love." V had been nervous about that but at the moment all she could do was hope he felt the same. Her feelings had started with like, and then she didn’t know how but they had changed into those of love. At the moment Vida could only hope he felt love for her because she certainly felt it for him, she'd finally accepted it, that she, Vida Rocca actually loved Xander Bly.

Xander honestly hadn't been planning this at all. He knew he was in love, his damned feelings had begun to escalate long ago. He’d just been trying to deny it and say he only liked her. He’d never dared to think that she was in love with him. To hear that word coming from her was definitely music to his ears. He looked her straight in the eyes and smiled at that. Everything was definitely perfect now, he was glad he’d told her how he felt. For once opening his big mouth had gotten him somewhere, it had gotten him close to the woman he loved, to Vida.

"I would say that’s a damn good thing you love me V because I love you. I really do and I’m not just saying that to get into your pants or anything."

V's smile got wider at that and she hugged him and he hugged her back. When they pulled away he was smirking quite cheekily up at her. He had that cocky grin on his face as his hands went to her shirt. He paused for a moment and then looked up at her.

"V...are you sure about this? What we’re about to do, and I think we both know where this is heading, there’s not turning back. I won’t let you go after this, understand?”

V just rolled her eyes and placed her hands over top if his. He was acting like she was a novice to this little act when in fact she wasn't. She wasn't that experienced but it was enough. "Xander...stop treating me like some sacred little virgin. I'm not and I want this. I won't turn away and I certainly won't let you. But you need to understand that by doing this with you right now does not make me a slut. I won’t be thought of as easy or anything like that. I’m doing this because I love you and want to be with you.”

Xander was a bit shocked to know that V wasn't as pure as he had thought. He knew she'd had boyfriends but he hadn't known exactly what had happened between them. To find out now came as a shock but it wasn't something he could criticize her for. After all it wasn't like he hadn't been with girls in that way before. So this just made the moment something that was more special because it wouldn't include those jitters that came with being with someone. He just had to smirk at her comment but he would never make her a slut not in a million years.

"Well V I have no intention of making you a slut. You see my girlfriend would not be a slut therefore you aren't one."

V just had to smile at actually being called his girlfriend. She could get used to this feeling, she could really learn to like what came with this. She smiled a little bit more and then looked down at Xander. She'd never really noticed exactly how built he was. She rather liked him without the shirt on because she could defiantly see the muscles he'd gained from training. So she checked him out and then smirked back up at him.

"Well Xander I am your girlfriend therefore I ask that we get to this please. I want to see what you can do."

Xander just gave her his trademark grin after that and easily surprised her by flipping them over so that V was on the ground and he was beside her. Tonight would definitely be memorable but not without some...begging on her part first. He quietly leaned down and began to kiss her yet again. Soon enough their tongues intertwined and her arms wrapped around his neck. Xander was going to make her beg but at this point he was already forgoing that plan in favor of a new one, make V beg later, make this happen now. He was slowly bringing his right hand to the end of her shirt, he was slowly inching it up her body. He had gotten it up past her belly when all of a sudden a yell from nearby managed to drive some thoughts away.

"OH MY GOD. What is going on here?!”


Maddie had been hoping to find her sister when she and Nick had set out earlier. She'd been hoping to find V and talk to her. They'd been searching for a good 3 hours and were actually about to give up for the night when she'd heard someone that sounded like her sister. She hadn't heard what the person was saying but it sounded like her sister. So she and Nick had decided to try one last time to find her sister. Maddie had expected to find her sister alone. She had certainly not expected to find her sister with a SHIRTLESS Xander on the forest floor and by the looks of it practically having sex with him! She was in shock when she and Nick had found them and now all her voice could seem to do was yell.

"Vida Rocca you answer me and you answer me now! Just what in the name of god do you think you are doing here with Xander on the GROUND of all places?!"

Xander and V exchanged looks with one another and immediately sat up right. Yet they didn't get up, in all honesty neither one of them appreciated being interrupted by Nick and Maddie. It wasn't that they had been found just that they had been found at this particular time. The silent looks they'd begun to share said it all. They were going to get rid of these two and then get back to it. But V did have some modesty and she did blush a little but it didn't stop her from answering her sister.

"Well...sis. You obviously walked in on Xander and I when we were in the middle of something. Now I think you can imagine where we were heading right?"

Maddie let out an exasperated sigh and then shook her head. she honestly couldn't believe this was happening with her sister and Xander, how had she not foreseen this coming. How had she not seen the signs between Xander and Vida? Yet a the questions plagued her she wasn't about to leave those 2 here alone to finish this, it was just wrong to do this so openly...even if they were secluded by nature...everywhere.

"No thank you Vida I can put the pieces together. But I am not leaving you two alone here, what are you two thinking? I mean you're not even dating! Its called a relationship...people have those when they do that."

At this point Xander knew he had to step in and say something. He knew that V would do all the talking and normally he really would just let her but this was important. They both needed to confirm that they were dating so he would take the next answer to the unspoken question. He took V's hand in his and gave it a squeeze to show he was doing this and he felt V squeeze back. That vote of confidence was all he needed to speak to both Maddie and a very shocked looking Nick.

"Well Maddie, Nick, you see mates..the whole relationship thing isn't a problem for us. We've done a lot of talking tonight and well...I’ve had feelings for V for a very long time now. She is now my girlfriend and I intend to keep it that way for a very long time. In fact….I’m completely in love with her." Xander smiled at that and V looked back at him and gave him a smile. She really did love being called his girlfriend, and at the risk of sounding like a teenage girl she really loved hearing that he loved her. Xander smiled back and pulled her against him. She was leaning back against his bare chest and they were both looking up at Nick and Maddie, both of whom looked very shocked.

To Maddie shocked wouldn't even begin to cover it and to Nick well..this was all very strange. Being a guy he realized that he wouldn't have picked up on feelings but just walking into all of this seemed a tad bit wrong. He knew that he and Maddie were nowhere near ready for this huge leap but if Xander and V were well more power to them. He was actually happy for the pair of them and he had to keep a chuckle down when he saw Xander quietly whispering in V's ear. They both had that goofy kind of grin on their faces, the one he was often told he had on his face. He hadn’t smiled as much before Maddie but now and Nick could see happiness with each of them, this would be a good thing Nick could see it. He was going to say something but Maddie beat him to it.

"V..you two are together now?! As in...Nick and me together as in dating?"

V just chuckled at her sister and leaned into Xanders embrace a little more. She honestly loved her sister but she wanted her gone and now. So she was going to answer the questions quickly so they would leave Xander and her alone for a very long time. So she smiled and looked at her sister and spoke out.

"Yes sis. Xander and I are a couple now. Speaking of which..sorry about earlier. I was going to say it earlier. I was never really THAT mad at Nick. I actually do like the thought of you two being together...but Nick you hurt her I will rearrange your limbs.” V smirked a little at this

Nick looked a little scared at that but he gave V a nod to show he understood. He was going to be silent right now, he knew Maddie needed to be the one doing all the talking right now. Yet as Maddie opened her mouth to speak again Xander opened his own to talk to both of them.

"Now mates I'm saying this in the nicest way possible...get out. V and I have some unfinished business to attend to." Xander said the last line with complete seriousness. If Maddie wanted to talk with V it could definitely wait until they were done here. It could wait until he and V got some time together without anyone else around. Not just to play around but also to talk. They still had a lot to talk about and he knew that it needed to happen before anyone else found out about this newfound relationship. So he wanted them to go away for the moment and actually for the rest of the night. He now had plans actual plans he had every intention of keeping and he didn't want them screwed up for anything.


Hearing his words just made Maddie absolutely furious. She would not just leave these two alone here in the woods to continue what they were doing. Frankly she though this behavior was a bit unlike Vida because as far as she knew her sister had never done anything like this with anyone. She was furious at the moment and knew she had to calm down before saying anything else. She honestly didn't trust what would come out of her mouth at this moment. Then something dawned on her...realization. This was why her sister had left Rootcore so suddenly earlier, she hadn't trusted herself. She thanked the titans for the twin telepathy that she and V always had seemed to share because she knew what her sister had been feeling about her relationship with Nick. It wasn't that V hated the idea of her and Nick being together she'd hated that fact that Maddie hadn't come to her with the news first. Maddie got it now because in a way she knew what V was going through because she was having those feelings herself at the moment. If V had been feeling something for Xander Maddie wished that her sister had come to her, but she guessed it was for some of the reasons that Maddie hadn't told her about Nick. They both hadn't known how the other would react. So Maddie was calmer now but that didn't mean she was going to let V here alone with Xander. So she put her hands on her hips and looked V square in the eye. "Sis, its not that I'm not happy about you and Xander. I really am but there is no way I'm about to leave you alone here with him. We both know what you were about to do here.”


V just shrugged her shoulders at Maddies words. She was more than ok with what she and Xander had been so close to doing. In fact she wanted it, she just hoped that when she answered her sister she wouldn't seem like a complete slut. She wasn't one and if Maddie thought that about her, V honestly didn't know what she would do. Just because she and Maddie were now involved with other people it didn't mean they weren't still sisters, still best friends. But right now she needed to be alone with Xander so they could talk and do other things.

"Sis, I know what we were about to do and frankly I'm ok with it. But the fact is right now Xander and I need to talk a lot before we tell anyone about this." Vida’s gaze never left her sisters. She wasn't going to back down from this right now. She and Maddie would talk later or rather tomorrow from what Xander was whispering into her ear. She smirked a little at that and just looked at her sister waiting for Maddie to say something. But to Vida and Xanders surprise it was Nick who said something next.

"Xander, V we understand that you two need to be alone right now. We're going to leave and give you some privacy to talk and this stays between the 4 of us until your ready to tell everyone else."

Nick silently prayed Maddie wouldn't kill him for answering for the both of them as he nodded at Xander and V who both nodded back. Xander looked more than grateful as Nick took Maddies hand in his own and led her away from the two new lovebirds. He knew what Xander and V needed and he was sure that Maddie did as well but because V was her sister the lines blurred a little more. So now he was going to be the leader and hopefully not get killed by his possibly pissed off girlfriend as he led her towards the lake. Right now he knew that neither of them wanted to go back to Rootcore in the wake of all of these new realizations.


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