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V: 18

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(At the lake; Nicks POV)

Nick watched Maddie in complete silence as she paced walked from the spot where he was currently standing and then back towards the water. They’d arrived at the lake around a half an hour ago and she hadn’t spoken since. In fact the second they’d gotten to the intended destination Maddie had let go of his hand and walked straight to the water. He had thought that he would get yelled at for tearing them both away from the scene they had just witnessed with Xander and V. But no, Maddie had just walked to the water and stayed there for a few minutes. Nick had wanted to go up to her and talk about what was bothering her but something inside of him held him back. He knew that Maddie needed to be alone at the moment; alone to think about Xander and V and her own feelings. Nick knew she wasn’t second-guessing their relationship but possibly her own reaction to seeing her sister in such an awkward position. The water seemed to calm her some but it didn’t stop her from starting to pace. Normally Maddie wasn’t one to pace but again something told Nick that she needed to get her anger out; even if it meant taking it out on him. If that turned out to be the case Nick would take it because he knew Maddie would mean none of it. She was just upset and the pacing was helping her to try and calm down. So Nick stayed back and let her; he stood near the trees so that he could watch her. Even angry she was still cute and it took all of his self-control to not walk right up to her; grab her and kiss her. No, now wasn’t the time for that but if she didn’t stop pacing soon enough he would make her rest for a while. He didn’t want his girlfriend collapsing from exhaustion after the day that she had had. True they had all been at the monster fight but she’d taken the hits more thoroughly then any of them. Nick worried about her but he knew that she would ask for help if she needed it. So for now he would stand and watch her pace and occasionally mutter under breath. For now he would let things as they were.


(At the lake; Maddie’s POV)

Maddie honestly couldn’t believe what Nick had done back there. He’d practically dragged her away from her sister and Xander. She hadn’t wanted to leave at all in fact all she’d wanted to do was grab V’s hand and drag her out of the forest and away from Xander. In fact she’d been so furious with Nick that the second they’d gotten to the lake she broken away form him and practically ran down towards the water. She’d been expecting him to follow her but he didn’t and for that she was glad. She’d needed the time alone to get calm. She was still angry but being near her element helped to rationalize said anger. Yes she was angry with Nick for bringing her here when she should have stayed and talked to V but deep down she realized he had done the right thing. After everything they had both seen and heard Maddie hadn’t been in her right emotional state. She had been angry and upset at the same time. But coming to the lake made her calm down some and think. Which is why she’d started pacing after being at the waters edge for a few moments. She wasn’t sure how long she had been doing it, nor did she care. All she knew was that it was helping her sort her thoughts out. The truth of the matter was that she was upset that V hadn’t come to her; she knew why it her twin hadn’t but it still didn’t make the sting any less worse. While she’d been walking she’d made a note to talk to V in the morning about everything that was going on in both of their love lives. So that was one problem solved by thinking and pacing. The one problem that hadn’t been solved was her anger towards Nick. Now she wasn’t as angry as before but the feeling was still there. Maddie just knew that if she talked to him it could be ok. But talking would require a quite voice; one she didn’t want to use. But she would force herself to, she would talk to her boyfriend calmly about what he had just done.

She quietly took a breath and then stopped walking for a moment. She looked up at Nick who had been watching her the entire time. He was just standing there by the trees looking at her with those eyes of his. The ones that looked at her with such intensity and love…the ones she loved to get lost in. She watched him look at her before finally walking down to meet her. She looked at him and gave him a smirk before beginning to speak.

“Nick Russell I don’t know exactly who you think you are but what exactly were you doing back there? I’m very confident that I can speak for myself and I don’t appreciate you speaking for me or dragging me away from Xander and V like that. I wanted to talk to my sister and then drag her away from Xander. I wanted to…” Maddie’s tangent was stopped suddenly. She would have liked to keep going seeing as she really wanted to chew him out. But midway through that one sentence Nick had leaned in and surprisingly kissed her. What surprised her even more was that she was kissing him back, her arms wrapping around his neck as if this were a normal everyday sort of kiss. Maddie wanted to stop and chew him out some more…but sadly that part of her was the her brain talking and whenever Nick started kissing her the heart won against her brain every time. At the moment her heart wanted nothing more than to be in his arms and she was, his arms wrapped around her waist as the kiss between them deepened still.


(Xander’s apartment; Xander and V’s story)

It was getting late, very late as a matter of fact. Xander looked at his clock and sighed a bit. Most normal people would be sleeping at this hour but then again most normal people didn't have Vida Rocca sleeping comfortably beside them. Xander shifted slightly in his bed and felt himself smile when V came even closer to him. He felt his arm tighten around her waist as he lye awake just thinking about all that had happened tonight. Almost right after Nick and Maddie had left he and V alone again they’d both actually agreed to leave the forest and come back to his apartment so they could talk and do….other things in private. He was grateful now that he’d moved out of his parent’s house and gotten this apartment. It honestly wasn’t much but it was a place he called home. A home that had come in handy earlier seeing the he frankly had not wanted the entire forest listening in on what he and V had been doing earlier. He hadn’t been expecting to do this with her tonight but they’d both been ready and more than willing. V had fallen asleep around an hour ago and it was then that he’d suddenly become wide-awake. In fact as soon as he’d heard her even breathing earlier his brain had started to think about everything that had happened today. It had started with a monster fight as always and had ended with him confessing his feelings for V and then it had ended holding the woman he loved in his arms while she slept. Life was pretty damn good right now; in fact Xander didn’t know if it could get any better at the moment.

He shifted once more and closed his eyes hoping that sleep would claim him but as Xander felt himself slowly drifting off he actually felt V shift against him. His eyes opened in an instant and he looked down at her to find her eyes open and looking towards him.He brought his free hand up to her face and let his finger gently trace her cheek, he honestly still couldn’t believe any of this was real for them. As he looked at her, Xander wondered why she was even up. He’d thought she’d fallen asleep an hour ago but now here she was looking wide awake before him. “I thought you were asleep, did I wake you?” Xander whispered even though he didn’t have to, but he felt that whispering brought them even closer. He smiled when he heard her whispering right back to him.

“I wasn’t asleep, just dozing; you didn’t wake me. You see I find it hard to sleep with you doing so much moving beside me.” V chuckled a bit at that and shifted once more beside him. She felt the fabric of the shirt she’d put on earlier rub against her skin. She still couldn’t believe that she was here with Xander in his room and completely happy. A lot had happened between them tonight and in all honesty V hadn’t been expecting any of it. She hadn’t expected to tell Xander how she felt about him and she hadn’t expected him to tell her that he felt the exact same way. V was glad that they’d spoken out because it was what had gotten her here; in his apartment and in his arms. A lot of people would probably say that they’d rushed things but to them they hadn’t rushed at all. It had been long overdue and both had been ready. V felt Xander chuckle a bit as he absorbed her words. Both of his arms had now wrapped themselves around her waist and he was looking down at her intently. She heard him whispering to her again as she rested her head against his bare chest. “Well I’m sorry I move to much. I wanted to sleep but you make a man think to much.”

V just looked at him and smirked before speaking. “I made you think? Wow that’s a shock, I didn’t think you ever thought.” She laughed at that and watched his face go from amusement to one of pure deviousness. He chuckled a bit and gave her that trademark smirk of his before he began talking to her, “Well I’ll have you know that I do think quite a lot. Like at this moment I’m thinking about where you are most ticklish.” Xander’s smirk grew even wider as he ran his fingers to her sides and began to mercilessly tickle V. He heard her squeal a bit but she never asked him to stop doing it so he kept going and in moments V was laughing and attempting to tickle him right back.

“Xander….Bly….you…are…going…to get it!” V couldn’t stop giggling as she tried to threaten him; no one ever tickled her but apparently Xander thought it was ok to do so now. Oh she would show him when she got the chance but at the moment she couldn’t hold herself still long enough to stop him. She managed to look up at him and he had that cheeky grin on his face, the one that she actually thought was rather cute but not at this moment. As she looked at him she felt him stop his tickling attack to give her a moment to breathe. That moment was all she needed to begin her payback; she smirked up at him and in an instant she had rolled them over and she was now on top of him with her hands running over his stomach.

V heard him give a nervous chuckle as he spoke to her, “V..what exactly do you think your…” She didn’t give him the chance to finish speaking before she began to tickle him. Not many people knew exactly where Xander was ticklish but she did and now she was using this knowledge to her advantage. V felt him shift beneath her as he fought to not laugh and to not move in accordance to her hands. But soon enough he’d given in and began to laugh quite a lot as she continued to get her revenge. After a long while of exacting her revenge V stopped to give him time to breathe. She had expected him to try and get her again but he didn’t. In fact he just looked up at her and in an instant the atmosphere in the room had changed. She looked down at him and smiled before letting her face come just inches away from his own.

“Do you surrender Mr. Bly?” V’s words came out in a whisper as she looked down at him. She felt Xander’s arms wrapping around her waist again as he looked at her. “I will always surrender to you Ms. Rocca.” Xander grinned at that and in instant felt V’s lips on his own. At the moment nothing mattered to either of them except each other.


(At the lake; Nick and Maddie’s stories)

Kissing is romantic, a sign of love and devotion, and at this moment a very nice distraction. Maddie had completely surrendered to the kiss that Nick had initiated and they were both now fully involved in it. Nick pulled her a little closer and at that moment the two had to break apart for air. Both were breathing heavily and were looking into each other’s eyes. Nick smiled at Maddie and when his breathing had returned to normal he began to talk. “Are you better now?” He chuckled a little at that and looked at Maddie to see her reaction.

Maddie just looked at Nick in a little but of shock. Before he’d kissed her she had been ready to completely chew him out and now all she wanted to do was have him make everything ok. It was then that she realized Nick had kissed her to calm her down and at this moment she was grateful for it. Maddie had been angry earlier and she was going to take it out on someone who didn’t deserve it; Nick. True he’d practically dragged her away from Xander and V earlier but he’d done it for good reason. Maddie wasn’t sure what she would have done if he hadn’t taken her away then and there. So she smiled at Nick and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulling herself even closer to him. “I’m much better now thank you. In fact thank you for everything….I needed to get away from them and think. How did you know?” Nick just chuckled at that and gave her forehead as light peck. Maddie was his world and it surprised him that even he knew what she needed and when.

“Well..to be honest I just knew. I love you and my instincts told me that you needed to think. I know you Maddie and you might have said something to Xander and V. Something that you would regret later.” Maddie looked at him and smiled. She let her forehead touch his own as he held her. She loved being in his arms because there it felt as if all of her problems went away for a brief instant. She smiled at the thought of being able to do this in front of everyone now that they all knew. Maddie was glad that he knew her so well because she felt the exact same way. She loved him and that love was starting to become something much deeper, a connection that made them both know what the other needed. “Nick, I love you so much. I’m so glad you know me so well because I feel the same way. We have something special, it connects us.”

Nick smiled at that and gave Maddie a soft kiss, one that lasted for only a moment but that was long enough for each of them. Maddie smiled after that and turned around and grabbed Nick’s hand and began to lead him towards the lake. Nick was a bit confused as to why she was leading them there but he trusted Maddie with his life so he would trust her now. They walked for only a few more seconds and then Maddie stopped and turned around. She still had a big smile on her face and Nick just had to smile at seeing that. Having her smile like that just made him happier than anyone could imagine; having her happy made him happy. He was no longer confused as to why she’d led him down here. In an instant Maddie was sitting against a log and smiling up at him. “Would you like to join me in watching the stars tonight?” Nick just smiled at that and sat down beside her, but he quickly decided that just having her beside him wasn’t good enough. Instead he moved back up against the log and pulled her into his embrace. Maddie was leaning against his chest and their hands were intertwined with the others. Nick smiled and leaned in a little bit and whispered into her ear. “I will watch the stars with you anytime. Although those stars are nothing compared to that shining smile of yours.” He felt Maddie chuckle at that and glance back at him. She was giving him that smile again, the one that would honestly make him fall to his knees if she wanted him to. Her face held one of amusement and flattery all at once. “Nick, did you honestly just use that line on me?” All Nick could do was smile and give her lips a light peck. He tightened the hold he had on her and just looked into her eyes. “Yes I did but its not a line, it’s the truth.”

Maddie smiled at that and put her head against his shoulder. She took a moment and closed her eyes, wanting to remember this moment for the rest of her life. She only took a moment and when she opened her eyes she smiled. This night went from being one of complete mishaps to one of complete perfection. She’d have to thank V for this later; if not for her sister Maddie wouldn’t have gotten this time with Nick. Maddie sighed and snuggled into Nick’s arms; she felt his arms wrap around her waist so she could lean back even more. Together they stayed there looking at the stars in a comfortable silence. They knew it was late but at the moment they didn’t care. They were with each other and that was all that mattered.


(Xander’s apartment: Xander and V’s stories)

Xander groaned a bit as he collapsed next to V and pulled her into his arms. They were both breathing heavily but he knew she was smiling because he was as well. Tonight had gone from something bad to something positively wonderful. Xander smiled as he felt V shift in his arms so that she was even closer to him. Her head was currently resting on his chest and his hands were drawing lazy patterns on her bare back. They stayed silent for a few moments, neither having the energy to speak or move. Suddenly V moved her head off of his chest and propped her head onto her hands. Xander looked up at her like she was crazy. He honestly wanted to know how she had any energy at all after what they had just done. But still he gave her utmost attention as she took her other free hand and let her finger trail up and down his chest. She was smirking as she spoke, “You know…surrendering has its benefits doesn’t it?”

Xander chuckled at that and just looked at her. He gave her a smirked and let one of his hands travel up and down her side. “I do believe it does V…I surrendered to you…but in the end..I do believe you surrendered to me.” Xander smirked at that and glanced up at her. He saw a slight blush creeping up her face but she was still smirking except now…it looked more like a smile. He of course felt himself smiling back when she returned his rather suggestive comment, “I may have…but you’re the only one I’ll ever surrender to. Got it?” Xander just nodded at her statement and she smiled and leaned down and gave him a soft kiss. Xander was still surprised about how intoxicating he found her kisses to be. She pulled away after a second and looked down at him. “I love you Xander…..I should have said it earlier.” Xander just shook his head and reached up to pull her to him. “No V, I’m the one who should have said it to you. But I’m saying this now…I love you.” He saw her smile at this and he was just about to kiss her again when she pulled away and left his embrace. Xander heard himself groaning at this and when he looked over he saw her trying to find something. “V…what are you doing?” V just rolled her eyes at that and turned around to look at him for a moment. “Xander…I’m trying to find that shirt I had on earlier.” She saw him smirk at that and she was about to turn back around to get the shirt and put it on when she felt his hands on her shoulders.

“V…leave the damn shirt on the ground. You won’t be needing it anymore tonight.”


(By the lake; Nick and Maddie’s stories)

Maddie had been in Nick’s arms for a very long time and both were perfectly content with that fact. In fact if Nick had anything to say about it, Maddie wouldn’t leave his arms until the sun came up. This night had gone from being bad to wonderful and they both were reveling in the moment. But sadly that moment was soon ruined by a chiming on Nick’s morpher. Nick groaned at that and he saw Maddie look back at him silently. They both knew he had to answer it in case something was up, but he honestly just wanted to let the damned thing ring. In fact he was going to reach down and turn it off but before his own hand could get there Maddie’s beat his own to it. She just smirked at his surprised expression as she grabbed the morpher, took it out of its holster and then brought it out and flipped it open. Nick could almost feel the smile she was giving the thing as she answered. “This is Maddie what’s up?”

In an instant they both heard Chip’s voice ringing out among the silence they’d both been enjoying. “Maddie? Why are you answering Nick’s morpher? Where is he?” Nick chuckled a bit at that and shifted slightly behind Maddie. He brought himself a little closer to Maddie and rested his chin on her shoulder. His breath was tickling the side of her neck and she was attempting to hold in the giggles that wanted to envelop her. Nick just smirked at that and took the hand that held his morpher and brought it a little closer to his own voice. “Chip I’m right here with her. Maddie just answered for me. Is something wrong?” Nick heard Chip chuckle a bit on his end when Nick mentioned having Maddie answer the morpher but in an instant that chuckle disappeared and Chip’s voice took on one of pure seriousness. “I’m calling to ask about V. I searched the skies for hours but there was still no sign of her. Did you guys manage to find her?” In an instant Nick and Maddie glanced at each other. Maddie turned around a bit and brought her head closer to Nick’s, she leaned in and began to whisper into his ear. “We forgot to call Chip! How could we….” Nick shifted a bit so her head was away from his ear and looked his girlfriend in the eyes. In an instant they both seemed to be speaking telepathically to find a way to explain everything to Chip. There was silence between all of them for a good few moments before they both heard Chip speaking to them. “Uhh…Nick? Maddie? Are you two there?” Nick’s attention immediately went back to his morpher before he glanced up at Maddie again. She silently nodded and gave him permission to say whatever he was going to. She trusted him to make this believable for the time being. Xander and V could tell everyone when they were ready, so for now Nick was going to stretch the truth.

“Don’t worry Chip. We managed to find her…she’s alright. Actually…she’s with Xander right now.” Nick heard silence over the phone and glanced at Maddie. She didn’t even look as if she was as worried as he was. Nick wanted Chip to say something..to say that he believed him because technically V was with Xander just…not….in a way that Nick cared to think about..ever. Suddenly the silence was broken by Chip yet again, “She’s with Xander? And she’s not killing him? This is new…..” Nick felt Maddie chuckle a bit beside him and he stole another glance at her and saw her smirking at his morpher. She instantly reached her hand towards his and brought the morpher closer to her own lips. “No Chip she’s not killing him. They were just…talking. So everything’s fine now. You can head home and rest. We’ll all meet up at Rootcore tomorrow morning.” Maddie took a moment to think and then added to that. “Late tomorrow morning. Ok?” Nick chuckled at her last statement. He knew she was doing it for V and Xander’s sake and he had a feeling they would both be grateful to her for it. He also chuckled at Maddie giving Chip an order, yes he was definitely rubbing off on her and apparently Chip felt that too. In an instant the same old Chip was back on the morpher with his unusually hyper ways for this time of night. “You’ve got it Maddie. I’ll see you guys at Rootcore tomorrow. And Nick….I think Maddie could replace you as leader.” They both heard Chip chuckle and hang up the phone before the two of them could respond to his comment.

Maddie smiled as she closed Nick’s morpher and handed it back to him. He just smiled at her and stuck the morpher back in its holster and pulled Maddie to him yet again. This time she was facing him and her arms went around his neck. Nick’s smile towards her grew even wider as he let his arms encircle her waist. “You know…Chip’s right. You would make a good leader.” Maddie just rolled her eyes and brought herself closer to Nick. They were so close to one another that if either of them moved the other would follow suit. “I have a very excellent leader thank you very much. He’s never let me down before and I wouldn’t want to take his job.” Nick smiled at and gave her lips a light kiss before pulling back and looking at her. “You could have my job any day, but I’ll keep it now…it keeps me closer to you.”

Maddie smiled at that and even felt herself blushing a bit. She’d never been in love before and to be in love with Nick made her feel as if she was on cloud 9. The things he said always made everything ok. “You are the best. I love you Nick.” Maddie smiled and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. One that he eagerly returned whole heartedly. They pulled away and both were smiling again. “And I love you Maddie. But…we should probably be heading back, it’s getting late.” Nick didn’t want to leave but he knew that it was getting late. He didn’t want to be separated from Maddie but he knew they both needed rest after today. He silently looked up at her and she held the same look that he was sure was on his own face. But she smiled a bit and looked at him with a gleam in her eyes, “Your right we should go…but…could we stay for a little longer? Just a moment of two.” Nick smiled at that and just simply nodded. In an instant Nick was lying back against the grass and Maddie had shifted a bit and was lying against him. Her head was lying gently on his chest and his arms encircled her waist. They’d only intended to stay like that for a moment looking into one another’s eyes, but a few moments later Nick had watched Maddie’s eyes close and he felt her even breathing against his shirt. Nick was going to wake her up but as he made to move he felt sleep slowly claiming him as well. The red and blue mystic rangers fell asleep in each others arms underneath the stars that seemed to be twinkling oh so brightly at the site before them.


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