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(Madison’s POV)

12:00 p.m.

Maddie had been excited all day. From the moment she had arrived at work with V at 8:00 a.m. she had started counting down the hours until her shift ended at 4:00 p.m.. Then she could finally leave. It wasn’t that she hated her job; in fact she loved working at the Rock Porium. Where else would she and the others find such an understanding boss who lets them run out constantly? It was just that after this shift ended she and Nick were doing something very special. They were going on their first date. Maddie sighed as she thought back to last night. So much had happened, so much had changed. She still couldn’t believe what had happened between her and Nick, but it was definitely one of the happiest moments of her life. She came out of her reverie and quickly glanced at the clock. She really wished that she hadn’t now that she thought about it. It was still so early, and business was so slow. Once more she glanced at the clock and silently went back to her thoughts. After all it was only…..

1:00 p.m.

After everything that had been happening to them over the past few months, Maddie felt like she had the right to be overly happy. She knew that they’d agreed to keep their new relationship a secret, but in all honesty she was finding this whole secret keeping thing very stressful. It was just hard to find the right moments to be with Nick and not worry that the others would find out. They’d been lucky so far, last night everyone had been too distracted with the Fireheart for anyone to notice that she and Nick had quietly slipped in. They both had actually been holding hands as they’d walked into Rootcore. Maddie smiled at that thought, she and Nick were just standing there looking at their friends when they’d both realized that their hands were still in each others. They’d reluctantly and quickly separated, walking over to their friends and standing on opposite sides of the little group. Throughout the rest of the night they played a game of what seemed like smile tag. It would start off with Nick smiling at her and then she’d smile back or vise versa. They had both continued this game until the Xander looked over at the two of them and said that they both were acting “freakishly happy”. After that they both just kind of stopped looking at each other. Maddie couldn’t help but smile every time she looked at Nick. Which was probably the others were getting so suspicious, she and Nick were obviously very happy for no apparent reason, and her actions probably weren’t helping to stop the others questions. Lucky for her every time they attempted to question her something came up. She hated keeping this from them all, but right now it was for the best. This relationship was still very new, and as much as she loved her sister, V could be quite overprotective. That was something she definitely did not want right now, to be watched like a hawk and questioned after every date. Honestly V seemed more like her father whenever she seemed even remotely interested in a guy. Xander and Chip were like her older brothers. They were both probably only a little less protective then V. Yes, she loved them all but there came a time when all of their concern over her feelings got annoying. This relationship was something that she desperately wanted to work out, it was different this time because she actually loved Nick, and she knew he loved her too. It made this relationship mean so much more to her, and right now she didn’t need V, Xander, or Chip finding out and going into their “We need to protect Maddie mode”. Last night had changed a lot of things. In her opinion change was good, especially if it led to her and Nick finally admitting their feelings for one another.


She looked at the clock again, 3:00 p.m. Apparently her thinking had taken up more than just an hour this time. “Good that means just one more hour and I can leave.” “Just another 3 hours until my date with Nick.” “God will 6:00 ever get here?” Maddie smiled as she thought of tonight, their first date. She smiled even wider as Nick passed her and briefly slipped a note into her hands. Then he was out the door, his shift was over and Maddie frowned a little at that but smiled again as she read the note he’d slipped into her hands. It said


Tonight for our date meet me by our tree. The others will already be gone; so don’t worry about being caught. I can’t wait to see you.



She read the note again and quickly slipped it into her pocket as Xander came her way. She smiled for what was probably the millionth time that day, tonight was going to be amazing, she was sure of that.

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