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(Nicks POV)

2:30 p.m.

Patience, now that was a word he’d been hearing for quite a while now. It usually came from Udonna when he got frustrated in training, she’d always tell him to be patient and the new skill he would be trying to master would come to him. He would listen and be patient and then he would get it. However, today practicing patience was not going as well as he had hoped it would. Patience had not made this day go by any faster, and patience did not make this workday any better. Now usually he had no problems working, he actually liked his job at the Rockporium but today could not have gone any slower. When he’d gotten there at 7 this morning he’d started counting down the hours until 3:00 hit and he could leave. It wasn’t that he wanted to leave, there were after all some benefits to staying at work, the main one being able to see Maddie, but tonight was going to be special and he had to get ready. Tonight was his first date with Maddie, he still couldn’t believe it, and he was actually going out on a date with Madison Rocca, the girl he’d been in love with since day one. Last night had changed them both, now that their feelings were out in the open it made life much easier. It had been hard on them both; keeping it a secret from the other, but at least it had all worked itself out last night. Nick looked at the clock again, he silently groaned as he looked at the clock again. He still had around fifteen minutes left and the store was completely dead. “Fifteen minutes is going to feel like fifteen hours.” “ God will I ever get out of the store?” Nick shook the thoughts out of his head. Thinking about the time would only make it go slower. After all it was only ………

2:45 p.m.


To avoid gazing at the clock again, Nick decided to gaze at something that would distract him, Maddie. They’d been staring at each other all day, whenever they got the chance they looked over to see if the other was looking at them. Whenever he looked at her he smiled, he just couldn’t help it she made him happy. Whenever she would catch him looking at her she would blush and then smile back. In a way it was like they were silently communicating towards each other. All in all this day had been a good day; the only problem had been keeping their feelings for one another a secret from their friends. He didn’t like keeping secrets from them, after all they had agreed no more secrets between them all, but he and Maddie had both agreed last night that at least for a while this had to be a secret. The only real reason behind this was the fact that all of them were very overprotective of Maddie. V more so than Xander or Chip but it wasn’t what they needed right now. If the others found out he knew there would be questions about their new relationship ones that they weren’t ready to answer just yet. So for now it was a secret, and a very hard one to keep because all day he’d been wanting to just walk over to Maddie and kiss her senseless. Which was why the others were probably getting suspicious, he wasn’t being very covert in hiding his feelings. But today he thought he was allowed to show how he felt even if Maddie was the only other person who knew why he was smiling so much. Today he would be unusually happy; tomorrow he would try and not show his feelings. He went back to his thoughts only to be interrupted by Toby who told him it was almost 3. Nick smiled at that and headed into the back room to punch out. As he glanced at the clock he smiled, it was 3:00, and finally his workday was over. Now he could go and get ready for their date.


Nick was just about to walk out of the back room when he remembered he still had to let Maddie know where to meet him for tonight. He took a quick look around and decided that talking to her would not be a good idea; Chip or Xander could possibly overhear him. So he quietly slipped into the backroom again to grab a scrap sheet of paper, he quickly wrote Maddie a short note and slipped it into his hands as he left the backroom for a second time. He slipped the note into her hands as he left the store. He hated to leave her, but he had to get things ready for tonight. It was going to be special and he wanted things to be absolutely perfect. With thoughts of their date running through his mind he quickly left the store on his bike to head home. “ Three hours until my date with Maddie.” “God will 6:00 ever get here?” As he reached home he smiled as he went inside to get ready, he had to shower, change and then leave to get things ready for the actual date. Tonight was going to be special he was sure of that.

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