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5:45 p.m.

(Madison’s POV)

Maddie was quietly walking down the street towards their tree. She still had fifteen minutes to go until she and Nick were officially going on their first date. She had actually thought she might be running a little late because to get out of her house she would have to past V. Which meant that she was going to be questioned by her, and in all honesty that was worse than talking to her parents. Luckily her parents were out of town for the weekend and even if they were home they trusted her enough to not question her much. It wasn’t that V didn’t trust her; it was just that whole over protective big sister thing that takes over whenever she’s involved. Which in all honesty made no sense to Maddie because V was only 3 minutes older than she was. She sighed as she thought about her sister, she only did it because she didn’t want Maddie to get hurt, and Maddie knew that if given the chance she would do the exact same thing for V. As she continued walking along the street she thought about how lucky she’d gotten tonight, V hadn’t questioned her all that much. Maddie had a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with Xander showing up on their front door step earlier that night with movies in hand. It had really shocked Maddie to see Xander at their house on a Friday night and not out on a date. Apparently he and V had made plans to hang out tonight today at work because they both had nothing to do. When she was getting ready to leave she’d heard them arguing rather loudly about which movie they were going to watch. Those two were never going to change, but thanks to their argument she was able to just shout out that she was leaving and then quickly slip out the front door before either of them could stop her. As she drew nearer towards the Rock Porium and their tree she laughed at the thought of Xander and V alone in their house together, from the way their argument had been going, it would be a miracle if they didn’t kill each other before the night was over. She glanced at her watch and sighed at the time, she still had ten minutes before their date officially began. A date that she actually knew nothing about, she’d tried to get him to tell her a little about their date tonight but he wouldn’t say anything. Looking back now, she was glad he hadn’t told her, she felt like being surprised by him tonight. “I’m already here and I’ve still got ten minutes until 6.” “What the heck am I going to do for ten minutes?” She stopped as their tree came into view; there he was sitting on his motorcycle waiting for her. She was glad to see that he wasn’t the only one who’d been anxious for tonight to begin. He looked great as well; he had on casual yet nicer clothes then what he’d wear on a normal day. He was wearing jeans and a red button down t-shirt. From what she could make out he had a white muscle shirt underneath. He looked very handsome just sitting there on his motorcycle waiting for 6 to finally get here. As she approached him she saw that he seemed lost in thought. He looked adorable and he wasn’t even paying any attention when she snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with her hands. She felt him tense up immediately, but when she spoke he immediately relaxed. She couldn’t help but laugh, before this date officially began she felt like playing a little game before they went to wherever he was taking her.


5:50 p.m.

(Nicks POV)

Everything was ready for their date, and now all he had to do was wait. So here he was sitting on his bike by their tree. He still had 10 minutes until Maddie was supposed to arrive, and he had a feeling that these 10 minutes were going to be some of the longest of his life. This day had seemed to go by at an unusually slow pace and now it seemed to be going at an even slower pace. “Ten minutes to kill.” “This shouldn’t be that hard.” Nick groaned inwardly at that thought, if only he knew how to speed time up then it would already be 6 and he and Madison would already be on their way towards their destination. He smiled as he thought of Madison; he hoped that she would like what he had planned tonight. He’d purposefully been keeping it a secret from her since last night. She’d tried to get him to talk about it when they were alone but he hadn’t said anything to her. Something he was quite proud of, because when it came to Maddie he found it hard to keep secrets from her, but somehow he’d managed to do it. So now here he waiting for 6 to finally get here, he silently glanced at his watch again. It turned out to be a bad idea; he still had 5 minutes to go. “ 5 minutes until Maddie gets here.” “How the hell am I going to waste 5 minutes?” He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear someone come up behind him and put their hands over his eyes. He thought he was being attacked until he heard her soft voice speak out. She sounded amused as she spoke; her voice was quite and beautiful. All she said was “Guess who?”


(Both of them together, finally!)

Nick laughed at her question but decided to play along with her game, he thought about his response and then said “Hmmm could it possibly be..a certain girlfriend of mine who likes blue?” He smiled after the statement because he heard her laugh, she had one of the best laughs, so soft and melodic that he couldn’t help but smile after he heard it. Her answer came out softly as well a simple one-word answer that made him laugh.

“Maybe” she said it in a teasing tone, one that caused him to grab her hands and turn her around to face him. She squealed in delight as he brought his mouth down on hers, the kiss was soft and sweet. Her arms went around his neck as he pulled her closer to his chest. They broke apart when the need for air became too great. He still held her close to him as they both gasped for air; they were both smiling at the other. After they’d regained steady breaths Maddie smiled and said, “I think I should surprise you more often.” He smiled at that statement and said “I think you should to, but right now it’s my turn to surprise you.” He gave her another quick kiss and then reached behind him and pulled out his spare helmet. She smiled as he handed it out to her, she took it and put it on her head.

After she had gotten on the bike he started it; they were gone. As they sped off into the night, they didn’t notice a certain rocker boss of theirs watching from the window of the Rock Porium. Toby smiled as watched the two leave, “Its about time they got together, even I noticed the way they felt about each other.” Looking into the distance they took off in he smiled again and got back to the paper work he’d been doing before he’d noticed his two employees outside together.


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