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(Nicks POV)

They were speeding along the highway, Maddie was clinging tightly to him and Nick wouldn’t have it any other way. He’d dreamed about tonight for a while and now it was actually happening. Just another few moments and they would be there, another few moments and he would see if Maddie liked everything he’d planned out for them tonight. A few blocks away from their destination he pulls over to a parking lot to stop the bike. Maddies voice drifts towards his ear softly as she speaks, “Are we here already?” “I was actually starting to like riding on your bike.” He smiled at her comment; glad she’d enjoyed the first of what he hoped to be many rides on his bike. His response came out after he had parked the bike, “Yes we’re here, well at least as far as we can go on my bike.” After he spoke he stepped off of the bike and took his helmet off, when he turned to put it away he stopped for a second to watch Maddie. She was still sitting on his bike, shaking her hair out; she looked beautiful. For the first time that night he got to take a really good look at her, she was wearing jeans and a fitted light blue tank top with a dark blue sweater over it. She looked great and if given the chance he would just stare at her all night.


(Madison’s POV)

She still couldn’t believe it; she was actually on a date with the guy she had liked from the first day they had met. Maddie had been excited all day and that excitement had only increased the second she stepped on to his motorcycle. As they sped down the highway she had held onto Nick for dear life. It had been her first ride on a motorcycle and she had been nervous, but after a while she found that she was actually having a great time on the bike. It had taken her a few minutes to get used to the speed and openness of the ride, but after she’d adjusted she had really started to enjoy it. All to soon their ride ended, he had pulled over to a parking lot and stopped the bike. She was disappointed because their ride was over, but she was also happy because she would finally get to find out what Nick has planned for her tonight. The only bad part about the motorcycle was the helmet hair that came with it.

As she attempted to fix her hair, she felt Nick get off of the bike and walk around to put his helmet where she had put hers. She felt him stop half way through his movements and from what she could tell he was just standing there. She looked up and saw him staring at her with that same look he had in his eye last night when he’d told her how he felt. She instantly feels herself blushing, no one had ever stared at her like that and she liked the way it made her feel. She quickly tried to think of something to say, but luckily Nick beat her to it.

“ You look absolutely gorgeous tonight.” After he said that he held his hand out to her and spoke again “Are you ready to go?” All she could do was smile at his words and reach out to take his hand. He helped her off of the bike and then they began to walk hand in hand down the street towards their destination.


(Both: I know finally!)

They walked for a total of ten minutes, before Nick stopped at the edge of where they were; the beach. He heard Maddie gasp and turned around to find her smiling. No, she was beaming and he couldn’t help but feel relieved. That breath that he’d been holding in all day could finally be let out; now he could fully relax and make this night truly special. She was smiling at him as she spoke to him “The beach; how did you know that its my favorite place to go?” He just smiled back and said, “I didn’t know, it was just a lucky guess.” “Now come on we’re not exactly there yet.” He took her hand again and began to lead her onto the sand and nearer to where he had everything set up.

As they stepped onto the sand Maddie held her arm out to stop Nick, he looked at her with a questioning glance before she spoke to him “Hang on one second. I just want to take my shoes off.” He smiled again at her and gladly stopped to wait for her. The look on her face as her toes hit the sand was enough to make him melt inside. She looked so happy and so peaceful that all he could do was grab her hand and lead her to where everything was ready. When they got closer he stopped them for a minute and said “Do you trust me Maddie?” He walked behind her and put his hands around her eyes. She giggled at his actions but responded “Yes I trust you, I trust you with my life.” He smiled at that and leaned around her shoulder to kiss her cheek. “I trust you with my life too.” He whispered it into her ear as they took a step forward. They kept walking along with Nick’s hands covering Maddies eyes, they both couldn’t help but laugh because their attempts to walk were taking an exceedingly long time. Finally Nick told her to stop and he took her hands off of her eyes, “Open your eyes Maddie.”

She slowly opened her eyes and gasped for the second time that night. Nick had led her to a small alcove along the beach, and inside it he had placed candles all around it so that a soft orange glow was emitted throughout the air. There were blankets folded up and sitting by a small table where a portable boom box was placed. It seemed like they were in their own little world. It was the most romantic thing that anyone had ever done for Maddie. So for just a few moments she just stood there and enjoyed the feeling of love that had spread throughout her because of Nick.


(Both: Maddick forever!)

As she was standing there Nick had come up behind her and placed his hands around her waist. She slowly turned around so she was facing him, bringing her head closer to his she spoke quietly, “You did all of this for me?” He smiled back at her and answered “Of course I did, I wanted this to be special.” “Do you like it?” She smiled at his question and brought her lips to meet his, they were quickly lost in a passionate kiss that lasted for a good three minutes before they broke apart gasping for air. Nicks forehead was touching Maddies she was smiling as she spoke next, “Does that answer your question?” His response was a laugh and a kiss. This kiss lasted a little longer then the last one and left them both wanting more. Nick held her closer to him as she rested her head on his shoulder. It was as if they both didn’t want the moment to end.

Slowly they broke apart as Nick went inside the alcove to find a cd he’d brought and Maddie went to be near the water. When he emerged from the alcove he found Maddie standing at the edge of the beach, her eyes were closed as she listened to the waves crackle against the sand. He watched her take a step forward so the water could actually touch her feet, and when it did she smiled. She looked so content and he didn’t want to disturb her so he quietly walked towards her. She felt him near her and she turned around when he was just inches from her. He leaned in and pulled her to him, she snuggled against his chest as he whispered in her ear. “You really love the sea don’t you?” She looked up and into his eyes as she spoke, “Yeah I do, its just so calming and relaxing.” She sighed as he felt him kiss the top of her head, and then she heard very faint music coming from the distance.

Is this a fairy tale?

How did I miss all the signs?

Nick brought Maddies head up so he could look into her eyes, quietly he asked “Maddie, may I have this dance.”

You stepped out of a dream.

You were my knight in shining armor.

She smiled at him and nodded walking back towards the alcove so they could hear the music; but he stopped her and led her back towards the ocean. She looked at him and then asked “Don’t you want to hear the music?” He just smiled and said “The waves can be the music.” She smiled at him as he took his shoes off and then held out his hand towards her. She took it and was led back towards the ocean. They danced there letting the waves hit their legs and feet. They were in their own little cocoon Nicks hands were around Maddies waist and hers were around his neck. Her head rested on his shoulder as they let the waves become the music they danced to, it was as if they were one. Maddie raised her head once again to look into Nick’s eyes and again they kissed clinging to one another because neither wanted this moment or this night to end.

You were the one for me.



After their dance Nick and Maddie headed back to the alcove to listen to some music and watch the stars. As Nick put on another cd, Maddie grabbed some of the blankets he’d brought with him. As she set them down she couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy, tonight had been amazingly wonderful and she was deliriously happy. As she sat down on a blanket she shivered, over the course of the night the temperature had dropped considerably and she was actually cold. She jumped when she felt something drop onto her shoulders. As she looked at it, she saw that it was Nicks leather jacket. She looked at him he sat down he just said, “What? You looked cold.” She smiled and gave him a kiss as a thank you, like their earlier kisses they broke apart only from lack of air. They were both smiling as Maddie wrapped the jacket around her and leaned into Nicks embrace. His arms were around sides so she could lean back into him. They stayed like that for a long time just looking at the stars and talking about everything and anything.

Unfortunately for both of them the night was going to end soon, even though her parents were out of town, Maddie still had to be home by a certain time to avoid her sister calling a search party out to go and find her. However, for now they didn’t have to worry about that, they still had another 2 hours before V started to get worried. For now they had each other, for now they were going to be in the moment.


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