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(During the battle with Jester)

(Maddies story)


She heard her name being called but she couldn’t respond. She couldn’t think or move, all she could feel was feat. Her body had just made contact with the ground, unmorphed and now she was on the ground facing a very deadly looking Jester. She heard the others calling her name but she knew they couldn’t do anything in the time it would take Jesters attack to hit her. She braced herself for the blow, but then out of now where she heard Jester scream. She looked towards him and saw a frog distracting him. In fact it looked like the same frog that had scared her earlier while she and the others had been at work. As she watched the battle she almost laughed, here she was a power ranger and a little teeny tiny frog was protecting her. It looked as if the frog was winning the battle with Jester and for that she was grateful. She needed time to catch her breath and regain her strength so she could remorph and join the others. As she glanced back at the others she saw them slowly getting up and heading towards her but at that moment the frog lost its battle with Jester and was sent flying into the air. Jester then charged towards her friends and began attacking them as Maddie made a decision. As much as she hated frogs, she had to make sure that this one was alright. After all, the little slimy thing had risked its life for her, the least she could do was make sure that it was ok.

She crawled over towards the spot where she had seen the frog had landed and looked around for the little thing. As she looked for the little thing she occasionally glanced back towards the battle, knowing that if the team needed her then she would be there in an instant. As she glanced towards everybody she saw that they were giving Jester a run for his money, she smiled as she saw Nick and V go after Jester together and then she went back to her search efforts. After about 5 more minutes of crawling on the ground she found the frog on the pavement. He looked fine but she wanted to be sure and to do that she knew she would have to pick the little thing up. She shuddered at the thought but knew it was the right thing to do. So she took a deep breath and reached down to pick the slimy little thing up.

As she placed the frog in her hands she looked it over. From what she saw everything seemed to alright with the little thing. She smiled down at it, this really wasn’t that bad. After all, the little thing had saved her life. She couldn’t explain it but a strange feeling overtook her, she had a strange urge to kiss the thing. It seemed like the least she could do for something that had almost gotten hurt for her. Slowly she bent down towards her hands and pressed her lips to the frogs back. What happened next shocked her, where the frog had once been there was now a man. He was tall and dressed in some very strange clothing. He quickly held his hand out to her and helped her to stand up. He introduced himself as Daggeron, the Solaris Knight. He then nodded towards the others and she quickly saw that they were in need of assistance and rushed to help them.


(During the battle with Jester)

(Nicks story)


Nick was lying on the ground in pain when he saw her charge at Jester and then fall to the ground. He’d screamed her name when she’d demorphed and was now lying there helpless. The woman he loved was now lying on the ground with no means of defending herself. He tried getting up, but the force of the last attack had knocked the wind out of him and he was stuck. He looked up to where Maddie was currently lying on the ground and saw the scared look on her face. He then saw the deadly blow that Jester was about to deal her and quickly tried to get up again to go and push her out of the way. He needed to save her, no he had to save her. Nothing mattered if she wasn’t alright; if saving her meant that he got hurt in the process then he was willing to take that chance. As he tried to get up, he stopped as he heard a scream. He got a sick feeling in his stomach as he heard the scream, thinking it was Maddie he looked back up and saw that she was alright. The scream he had heard had come from Jester; from what Nick could see the frog that had scared Maddie earlier was now distracting Jester away from Maddie. Silently Nick cursed himself for wanting to squish that frog earlier, after the thing was now saving the love of his life.

As the frog distracted Jester and kept him away from Maddie, Nick along with the other rangers were able to regain their breathe and stand up again. Nick was just about to run over and check on Madison, but at that moment Jester managed to get the frog off of him and toss it into the air. He saw Jester charge towards them and gladly welcomed the fight that the monster was now going to start. Jester had tried to hurt Maddie and for that he must pay. Nick and the others charged at Jester as well, he and V were in the lead as the fight began again. As Xander took a turn at the monster Nick looked back to where Maddie was and saw her crawling on the ground and then stopping to pick something up. He saw the green in her hand and immediately knew it was the frog that had saved her. He silently thanked the frog for its help and then went back to the battle, hoping to give Maddie some more time to recover before asking her to join the fight again. His plan was not working very well. He and the others were getting their butts kicked. As much as he knew he didn’t want to, he knew he had to ask Maddie for her help. As he looked over his shoulder and saw her bending her head towards the frog, it looked as if she was going to kiss the thing for saving her. Nick smiled inside his helmet at that, he wanted to kiss the thing himself for all of its help. Nick quickly turned his head back to the battle and was knocked on his back along with the others after another attack from Jester. Nick groaned when he tried to move his muscles. The others looked as if they were having the same kind of reaction to the force of the blow, this fight was not going well at all.


(During and After the battle with Jester)

(Nick and Maddie: both stories!)

Then, everything stopped and there was a flash of bright light. Where Maddie had once been holding the frog in her hand there was a man there instead. Nick watched as the man helped Maddie stand up, and then speak to her. He then saw Maddie look towards them and see the trouble they were in. As he and the others stood up again he saw her race towards them and stand with them. She already had her morpher out and was about to mutter the call, when that man held his arm out towards her. He quickly turned towards the others and quickly told them all his name and what he represented. He was a knight, one of the ancient mystics they had all been told about in the legends Udonna spoke of. He wanted to destroy this monster himself and they had all readily agreed, Nick especially, he wanted to see what this new person could do.

Maddie quickly morphed before Daggeron did, she wanted to be prepared in case they were needed to assist him. As they all watched him morph, they were speechless. His ranger suit was amazing and his connection with Jenji impressed everyone. He quickly and easily took Jester down. They all breathed a sigh of relief at that, knowing that their work for the day was done. As they demorphed, the other crowded around Daggeron immediately exclaiming how amazing he’d been in battle. Chip, Xander, and even V were all questioning him about everything. The only two that didn’t join in the Q and A were Nick and Maddie.

They just stood off to the side and looked at each other from afar. Nick quickly nodded his head towards a secluded area of the plaza they were at, and began walking towards it. Maddie quickly followed him, as she turned a corner she was immediately caught in his strong arms. She buried her head and his chest as he spoke softly into her ear, “II thought I was going to lose you and if I lost you my world would have no meaning in it. I love you Maddie. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t get to you and get you to safety.” He kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to him. She looked up at him and he saw that there were tears in her eyes and they were now freely rolling down her cheeks. He pulled her even closer and held her to him as she spoke to him.

“Nick what happened was not your fault. It could have happened to any one of us, even you. I love you so much and if you had taken the hit for me I don’t know if I would have been able to live with myself.” Maddie looked up towards Nick and saw him smiling down at her. He held her close to his chest and just let her cry, knowing that right now it was the only thing he could do. He held her for a good long while before she looked up towards him with a smile on her face. He smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her, she eagerly met his lips half way and soon they were lost in it. This kiss was filled with all the love that they felt for one another, it said that from now on they were going to show that love for one another whenever they got the chance. As they pulled back, Nick touched his forehead to Maddies and looked deep into her eyes. As he pulled her towards him again he spoke to her, “Is everything alright now?” He saw her smile at that and gave him another quick kiss in response.

“Yes, I’m alright now. I just have to know one thing, are you ok with how Daggeron became a human again? I mean I did have to kiss him, but it was the frog him and I didn’t really even want to, it’s just that I felt like I had to. You just need to know that you have no reason to be jealous. You’re the only one I want.” She was rambling and she knew it but she had to get this out. Nick needed to know that he had no reason to feel threatened by Daggeron, and as she looked at his face for his reaction she saw him smile. He brought her head closer to his and kissed her again. When they broke off this time Maddie leaned her head against his chest yet again. Nick kissed the top of her head and spoke again.

“I’m actually alright with how Daggeron became human again.” He saw her give him a “yeah right” look and actually laughed at that. “No, I’m serious. It must have taken a lot of courage for you to touch the frog, I can’t imagine what you went through when you kissed him. I know I have no reason to be jealous because I trust you. I love you.” He smiled down at her as she smiled up at him. It looked as if he had lifted a great weight off of her shoulders and he was glad that he had. He silently laughed as he looked her in the eyes again and said, “Just do me one favor alright?” “Don’t go kissing anymore frogs from now on.” She laughed at that and kissed him in response. She quickly pulled away and grabbed his hand as she began to walk back towards the others.

“Come on we’d better get back.” “They’ve all probably noticed that we’re gone by now.” Nick smiled and laced his hand through hers as they walked towards their friends and the newest member of their team.


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