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She was positively giddy as she made her way through the forest. The talk she'd had with her parents a few hours ago had proven to be very successful. They were being surprisingly supportive of the plan she'd told them about. Well mostly supportive, her father was still having issues with the fact that she wanted to go off alone with a boy for who knew how long but he was slowly accepting it. Toby had proven to be right in his assumption; they trusted her to be smart and at the end of the day they wanted her to be happy. Right now, being happy meant getting out of Briarwood and being with a person that made her the happiest.

The second part of her plan from earlier, contacting Udonna, had also been ridiculously successful. When Maddie had called a few hours ago, she'd found that the mother of her beloved was more than happy to welcome her onto the journey her family was about to set out on. Maddie had been surprised, but really, when she thought about it all, she shouldn't have been. Udonna was something of a second mother to them all and more importantly, she was Nick's mother. A mother who wanted her son to be happy and who also desired to get to know the woman he was so taken with.

So she was now good to go on two fronts with her plan, which meant that she only had to tackle one more thing in order for it to be a success: telling her sister and friends. Out of everyone, they would be the toughest to convince, but she hoped they would understand once she explained everything today. It was late enough now that everyone would be at Rootcore, a get together they'd all started having once the Master was defeated. It would be the perfect time to talk and get everything out in the open.

With that thought in mind, Maddie made her way through the forest, stopping every so often to say hello to some magical creature or another until she was finally at the entrance to her home away from home. She headed inside with a smile on her face and was immediately greeted with the sight of her friends in the room.

"There she is!" Phineas called out as everyone chuckled.

"We can see that Phineas," Vida responded with a smile as she walked over to hug her sister before rejoining Xander on the stairs. Chip and Clare were up on the second level of Rootcore, going over something in one of her spellbooks and Leelee was sitting at the table reading a book on trolls.

"So what's the word with you today? We've barely seen you," Xander asked as Maddie just gave a smile.

"I've been making some plans, calls, and well…I have something to tell you all."

"Oh and what do you want to tell us?" Clare asked with a smile, stepping up to the balcony with Chip to listen to her.

"Well this morning Nick called," she began, watching as everyone in the room smiled.

"And how is my dear cousin?" Clare asked and Maddie chuckled.

"He's good, says they're all having a great time in Brazil. Their leaving in a week though. His adoptive parents are setting out for a new village and he and Udonna and Lienbow are going to travel for awhile before heading back home."

"Did they say for how long?" Xander asked as he pulled Vida against his chest, resting his head on her shoulder in the process.

"They aren't sure. Just for awhile. They want some time together."

"Understandable," Leelee commented from her spot at the table.

"So is that all you had to tell us? That Nick is doing well?" Chip asked and Maddie simply shook her head.

"What I wanted to say is that before they leave Brazil…I'm going to go there. And then leave with them. I'm going to travel with them," she said slowly as a breath escaped her when she was done.

For a few moments there was a shocked silence permeating throughout the room and Maddie stood there nervously before her friends and sister, awaiting their replies to what she'd just said.

"Maddie are you crazy?" Vida asked as she moved to stand right in front of her sister, startling Maddie in the process. "What about mom and dad? And work? I don't think you're thinking this through at all. I mean come on, going off to travel with Nick and his parents? When did you start thinking about this?"

"V," Xander said suddenly as he rushed forward to put a hand on her shoulder, pulling away from her stunned other half. "Calm down and let Maddie explain. You haven't given her a chance to. Let's hear what she has to say alright?"

"What he said," Maddie said weakly, as she attempted to smile at her sister. "But to answer your questions; no I'm not crazy. I've actually been thinking about this for awhile. It just didn't seem like it could be a reality until today. I talked to mom and dad earlier and they're fine with this. They want me to be happy."

"And you're not happy here?"

The hurt tone of voice that Vida gave off had Maddie's heart breaking just a little bit and she fiercely shook her head to the question.

"No V, I am happy here but…not the happiest that I could be," she explained softly. "You're my sister and I love you," she paused a moment to spare a glance to everyone in the room. "I love you all but not in the way I love Nick. I want to go be with him."

"You love Nick?" Vida asked, a look in her eyes that had Maddie nodding as a smile crept onto her face at the question.

"Yeah. I really do. I'm kind of crazy about him," she answered softly.

"V are you honestly surprised by that?"

The question had Maddie's eyes whipping around to land on Leelee who was now up and moving toward her.

"They've been attracted to each other since day one. Even when I was trying to make Nick like me…I could see he only had eyes for Maddie," she said with a smile as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the former Blue Ranger. Shocked, Maddie instantly returned the hug before pulling away from Leelee.

"Didn't exactly stop me from trying but I wised up eventually," the blonde responded with a grin. "And I fully support this decision. It wouldn't be for forever but I think you and Nick deserve your moment. God knows all of us have gotten ours."

"She does have a point," Chip commented from his spot on the balcony, sharing a look with Clare in the process. "I support this too. Maddie deserves to be happy."

"And if being with Nick makes her happy then she should go," Clare finished for him.

"V," Xander implored, turning her to look at him. "It's not as though you'd never see her again. And Maddie would call all the time, email, and probably even send flares if she needed our help. She deserves to go be with him."

"Why can't Nick just come back here?" Vida asked, turning her gaze back to Maddie who just smiled.

"Because he's not ready to yet. But I'm ready to go," she explained. "Like they've said, it's not for forever. It's just until he's ready to come home. I love him V."

For a few moments there's another silence permeating throughout the room. But this one isn't full of tension, and is instead broken by V coming over to her once more and engulfing her in a hug.

"I want you to go," V whispered into Maddie's ear before she pulls away. "They're all right. You should go and be with him. If he makes you happy then go, but I fully expect weekly calls and emails. I want pictures of where you go. And if he breaks your heart I swear that I will castrate him."

For a few seconds Maddie was quiet and then she started giggling before reaching for her sister once more. "I'll relay the threat to him when I see him. Promise."

"When are you leaving?" Phineas finally asks from where he's come to stand beside Leelee.

"I'm hoping within the next couple of days. I was kind of thinking that maybe you all could help me with a transport spell?" Maddie asked hopefully, grinning when she saws her friends and sister smiling right at her.

"Let's get to work on it right now. It'll be a little bit different than the ones you did as Rangers, but with all of us channeling our magic…"Clare trailed off as she headed down the stairs and to the table, summoning a book there in the process.

Maddie laughed and Vida grabbed her by the elbow and hauled her to the table with everyone else to look over spells for tomorrow's journey.


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