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It was exactly two days later when Maddie found herself in Rootcore once more. There was a duffel bag at her side, a passport in her pocket, and she anxiously awaited her departure for Brazil. She had already made her arrangements with Toby at work, and had said goodbyes to him, Nikki, Phineas, and Leelee this morning. The goodbyes to her parents had happened just a few hours ago; which meant that the only ones left were the friends currently bustling around Rootcore to get ready for the spell they were about to perform. Daggeron had joined them this time around and Maddie could tell that it was almost time to go. She was saddened to leave everyone but at the same time she was excited; she was finally going to be with Nick. In her heart, she knew it was the right decision.

"I have contacted Udonna and Lienbow. They are awaiting your arrival," Daggeron commented from his place beside Clare.

"It should be around six or seven in Brazil. Nick won't be in the room when you arrive so you can go and surprise him," the young Sorceress finished with a grin.

"So does that mean we're ready?"

"Almost," Xander said with a smile as he, Chip, and Vida stepped forward, holding out a box toward her.

"Now this is from all of us," Chip said as she carefully took the box and opened the lid. She let out a soft gasp when she saw what was inside; a black riding helmet accompanied by a red jacket with blue lines running down the arms.

"Couldn't let you go off with biker boy without them," Vida commented with a sad smile as Maddie eagerly took both items out of the box, set them aside and then rushed forward to hug her friends. Xander was first, followed by Chip, and then finally Vida.

"I meant what I said two days ago," Vida murmured into her ear. "If he so much as breaks your heart he will not be able to have children with anyone."

"I know V, I love you too," Maddie whispered back before she pulled away.

"Now you remember to call us," Xander remarked as he pulled his girlfriend back towards him. "If you don't we'll be forced to come and hunt you down."

"And I really don't think that's what you want," Chip commented as Maddie went back over to gather her things.

"And do tell my cousin that he should call us more," Clare recommended as she grabbed her spellbook and went to stand with everyone else.

"And above all be safe Madison," Daggeron said with a smile. "And have fun."

"So this is it?" Maddie asked, looking at all of them and then at Clare who nodded.

"For now. Udonna will let us know if it worked alright but give us a call before you leave his parents home?"

"Will do. Thank you. For understanding and for this.."

"Oh enough of this sad stuff," Vida remarked with a grin. "Go and get your man sis. You deserve it."

Maddie nodded and took a breath as she braced herself for whatever they were about to do to her. Clare smiled at her once more before raising her hand and muttering a spell that Maddie barely recognized and really had no time to think it through because one minute later she was standing right in front of two people who she hadn't seen in almost a month. Udonna and Lienbow were right there and smiling at her and at once she was engulfed in a hug from very familiar arms clad in white. It took Maddie a moment to get her bearings back but at once she found herself returning the hug, happy that the spell worked and that she was finally here.

"Udonna," she spoke happily before pulling away and at once turning to embrace Lienbow. When the hugs were done and Lienbow had somehow managed to wrestle her bag, jacket, and helmet away from her she was left with two smiling mentors.

"Madison, it's so good to see you again," Udonna said.

"And you. Both of you look happy," Maddie remarked with a grin.

"We are and we are even happier that you will be joining us on our trip," Lienbow responded. "It will be good for Nick to have someone he loves beside him. And I look forward to getting to know the woman who has him so smitten."

Maddie found herself blushing at his words and Udonna chuckled before reaching out to take her hand and lead her away from the older man.

"Lienbow will set your things down. I think it's time I showed you to the real reason you came," the Sorceress remarked as Maddie grinned and nodded as she was led through the small house she'd landed in. What it lacked in size it more than made up for in feeling like a home. She liked it and was anxious to meet the two people who had raised Nick but right now, Udonna was right, she wanted to see one person in particular. So she followed and was not surprised to find that when they stopped it was at the backdoor to the kitchen area. Outside, in the sun, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, sweat running down his back, was her Red, working on his bike and completely oblivious to her arrival.

"I think," Udonna whispered to her as she stepped away from the doorway. "That I shall leave you two alone for the time being, there is undoubtedly a lot of catching up for you to do."

With a smirk Udonna left her and Maddie was left in shock by the woman's words. Had she and Nick really been that obvious? Apparently they had been to everyone but themselves. But it made Maddie happy to know that she had support from the woman who had given birth to him. However, the time for that kind of thinking needed to be over for the moment. Right now, she had a much more pressing matter to attend to and that was the ridiculously good looking man straddling his bike in front of her.

She took a breath to calm her nerves as she stepped out into the yard and crept up to wear Nick was. She was surprised that he hadn't noticed her before now because he'd always been good at detecting things. Then again, whenever he was with his bike it seemed that almost nothing could distract him unless it had been her or the fate of the world itself.

"You know for someone who saved the world and can wield the element of fire you sure do seem to spend an awful lot of time working on that bike," she commented, watching as his posture froze for a moment before his head turned towards her as his eyes widened and his mouth opened in shock. Maddie couldn't help it; she giggled and closed the distance between them. "You gonna say something Red or has the cat got your tongue?" she asked as she watched him come out of his daze and his his eyes darted around the premises before they came back to rest on her.

"Please for the love of god tell me you didn't bring Jenji with you," he remarked as his arm shot out and hauled her to his side. She laughed again and tried to fight him off, only to have him smile and hold her even tighter.

"Ew you're all sweaty and I can't believe this, the first time we see each other in months and the first thing you ask me is about Jenji?" she asked with mock seriousness that only had him laughing and pressing himself against her.

"It's hot in Brazil and as much as I like that cat I don't want him anywhere near us right now," he remarked, eyes heated as she wrapped her arms around him and leaned into the tight hold he had on her.

"And why not?" she asked with smirk that was quickly wiped from her face when Nick leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Maddie lost all sense of the world after that moment, instead choosing to just focus on Nick and the way he felt against her. His lips moved eagerly against her very responsive ones, and she could almost hear his shocked breath when her tongue ran across his bottom lip before dueling with his own. The kiss was all heat, passion, and fire, so much like the man in front of her. Maddie could practically feel his power running through her and she had a feeling that he could feel hers as well. It was intoxicating, so much so that she hated to break away to breathe. Granted even when they did she didn't stray far. She kept as close to Nick as she could and he seemed equally keen to keep her within his site, as though he were afraid she would just slip away.

"That's why," he murmured, out of breath but a smile graced his beautiful face all the same. "No one needs to see or experience that but us."

"Good point," she responded even as she fought to breathe; her eyes boring into his.

"Maddie why are you here?"

"I thought we established that two days ago Nick," she told him with a smile. "I said I missed you. You said you missed me. But we both decided that you weren't ready to come home yet. So here I am."

"For how long?" he asked quietly and she grinned. Silently Maddie managed to wrangle herself out of Nick's grasp before quickly hoping up onto the bike he was sitting on. When she was done situating herself, one leg over either side, she found that she was practically on Nick's lap. Their hips were pushed together and she didn't care. She simply wrapped her arms around his neck and met his widened eyes with her own gaze.

"Oh how does until you get tired of me sound?" she retorted, letting that question linger for a few minutes before shrieking as his arms wrapped around her waist and hauled her even closer to him. They were practically chest to chest as his face broke out into what had to be the biggest smile she'd ever seen on him.

"I will never ever get tired of you," he said as he kissed her once more, brief and full of that same intoxicating power that she was already starting to get used to.

"Oh we'll see about that after the first month," she said. "But I'm here until you're ready to go back to Briarwood."

"Really?" he asked and she nodded.

"You aren't ready to be there yet but I was more than ready to leave," she told him with a grin. "You make me happy. So happy and I want to be with you. We'll go back someday but until then..I'm here and I'm yours for as long as you'll want me."

"I'll always want you," he responded and she laughed.

"Good because I feel the same way," she leaned in and kissed him again, as she reveled in the fact that she could call him hers and that she was here and in his arms. "I love you Red," she whispered against his lips as they pulled away.

"Love you too Blue. I'm ridiculously happy you're here."

"I'm happy to be here," she commented before she looked at him with a devilish grin on her face. "So does this make me a biker chick now or what?"

If it was at all possible Nick's eyes widened even more and drifted over her body before they came to rest on her face.

"We'll have to get you some leather. But I'll say this; you sure do look good on my bike."

"And I'll say this: I already have some leather and I'd better look good on it," she responded, giggling when his eyes practically bulged out of his head. "So you want some help? If I'm going to be riding on this thing with you it seems that I'd better know how to help you fix it."

"Or you know we could just stay like this for awhile longer. I don't really want to let you out of my arms just yet," he suggested and she smiled.

"Seems like a plan. But I do think that this is the beginning to an interesting journey."


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