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One Year Later

Vida was sitting on the stage of the Rockporium, pouting. She should be helping the others get the store ready to open but instead she was being petulant because she hadn't heard from Maddie in a week. Her dear sister was supposed to have called two days ago but there had been nothing. She wasn't worried about her sister's safety because Nick would sooner give his own life than see Maddie hurt but Vida was still upset that her sister hadn't checked in.

She knew that it was highly possible that her sister and Nick had gone somewhere where there was no cell service. She knew that ever since Udonna and Lienbow had left them on their own and returned to Briarwood a month ago that her sister and boyfriend had been prone to taking detours on their trip. She also knew that they tended to avoid using magic when they were out in the human realm so a communication spell was out. So she shouldn't be so upset over the fact that they hadn't called but after a year of just phone calls, texts, and emails to communicate, shemissed talking to her sister.

"V," she startled when she felt Xander sit down beside her and drape an arm across her shoulders, bringing her eyes to meet his.

"Calm down, she'll call soon. We'd know if something were wrong."

"I know that. I just wish they'd have called by now."

"I know that but-" Xander cut himself off after that and turned his head towards the door. Vida followed his example and startled when she heard something in the distance. It was very much the sound of a bike that could only belong to one particular person and the very thought had Vida smiling at her boyfriend before she rushed off of the stage and to the door. She was followed by Xander who was then joined by Chip and Toby.

"You'd think they would tell us they were coming," Chip muttered as they all watched the window.

"Maybe it wasn't a definite thing until a while ago?" Xander offered.

"Or they just wanted to surprise everyone," Toby said.

All talk ceased when they saw the familiar motorcycle come into view with two riders on its seats. The bike came roaring into town at a fast pace before coming to a stop by the tree just across the street from the store. The one they all usually used a portal to the magical realm.

"So I know we all want to go and greet them and stuff but…"

"Chip shut up and let us spy," Vida hissed at her teammate before returning her gaze back out the window.

They all watched as the bike's power was cut off and the machine was put on its stand by the man in the front. They watched as a person in a bright blue leather jacket hopped off from behind the man in black with considerable grace before taking the helmet off of their head. What they saw was one Madison Rocca, putting her helmet on the seat she'd just been occupying and smile before turning to Nick who was now taking his own helmet off and getting off of the bike as well. They watched as Nick put his helmet on the seat before quickly reaching out to pull Maddie into his arms and quickly plant his lips on top of her own.

Then they were all forced to watch as the two former Mystic Rangers engaged in what could only be described as one long and highly passionate kiss. One that was filled with touching and hands wandering, and if you asked any of them, they would swear that they could see the magic sparking off the two like a heat wave.

"Oh my god, my eyes," Xander commented as he turned away from the window to look at everyone else, who had seemingly turned away from the sight before them.

"It's young love. I don't think they're doing anything wrong," Toby smirked as the others just stared at him.

"I never thought I'd say this about Madison but…they need to get a room," Chip offered as Xander nodded and Vida glared.

"Shush," she warned. "We'll just go outside and interrupt them. Remind them that pda of that kind is best left…for other places."

"We will also not spy on them ever again," Xander muttered as he reached for the door, unlocked it, and then turned the knob. He allowed Vida to be the first out the door and he assumed that she would be the first one to say something to the kissing pair before them. But to his surprise, Chip was the one that beat her to it.

"You two do have to come up for air sometime you know," he yelled before he ran across the street with everyone else, causing the pair to break apart abruptly and turn their gazes onto their friends.

Maddie pressed a very chaste kiss to Nick's cheek before she broke out of his grasp with a squeal and rushed towards Vida. The two hugged as Nick walked over to embrace Xander, then Toby, and finally Chip in one armed hugs.

"Chip, I should say something to you about that comment but just this once I'll let it slide," the former Red Mystic remarked with a grin as he pulled away from the redhead and turned back towards the girls who had broken apart. Maddie flew past him once more to hug Chip and the other two as he moved to Vida.

"I take it you're not going to castrate me?" he asked as she just chuckled and shook her head.

"Nah she seems to be in one piece," Vida remarked as she hugged him. "But the threat still stands. And have you two heard of calling? We could've had a party for your homecoming."

"And that is exactly why we didn't call to let you know," Maddie responded with a knowing look as she pulled away from Toby went straight back to where Nick was. It was almost like watching two planets in orbit the other with the two of them. "We didn't want a party. We just wanted to come home to our friends and family."

"Fair enough," Vida grumbled. "But still a little warning would have been nice."

"We honestly just decided to come home last week," Maddie said.

"Yeah we decided that it was time to come back," Nick remarked.

"So no more world traveling?" Chip asked and they both shook their heads.

"Not for the moment. We just want to be in one place for awhile," Nick responded. "It's time we put roots down somewhere."

"Well I can certainly help you out with that," Xander chuckled as they all laughed.

"Well you both still have jobs if you want them," Toby remarked. "Take a few days and get settled and then come see me."

"Thanks Toby. We may just take you up on the offer," Maddie commented with a grin even as Nick simply reached out and pulled her back against his chest.

"Nick!" She shrieked as she instantly turned her body around and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What have I told you about just grabbing me like that?"

"That it's acceptable when we're alone?" he offered and she nodded.

"And does it look like we're alone?" she asked and he shrugged.

"We've been riding for hours. I just wanted to hold you a little while longer before you're swept away by Vida to do girly things you've missed out on since being on the road with me," he said with a grin as he leaned down and pecked a kiss to her forehead.

"Umm since when am I that girly?" Vida asked from where she was watching them. "And really you two when's the wedding?"

"Oh that reminds me," Nick exclaimed as he took his arms from around Maddie's waist and brought his hands up to around his neck. Everyone watched as he brought out a simple silver chain that had a ring around it before undoing the clasp and taking the ring off. Without saying a word he reached up to Maddie's left hand and held it in both of his as he gently slipped the ring onto the third finger before kissing it and releasing her hand.

"Thanks for keeping it safe for me," Maddie murmured as she turned her face towards his and accepted a very brief kiss from him before turning back to their very shocked friends. Vida had her mouth hanging open, Xander's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head, and Chip was just staring. Everyone looked surprised except for Toby who smiled at the both of them.

"To answer your question dear sister of mine, we were hoping that it could happen soon," Maddie stated and that seemed to break everyone else's stunned silence.

"You're engaged?" Vida asked and Maddie grinned and nodded and held her hand out. On her finger was a beautiful blue diamond ring that had a ring of rubies around it. It was a perfect representation of the two of them.

"When?" Xander asked and it was Nick smiled.

"I did it a month ago. The night after my mom and dad came back. She said yes."

"Obviously," Chip remarked, his eyes lingering on Maddie's ring before bringing his gaze up to meet the positively glowing couple.

"Oh I called this!" Toby said happily as he surged forward and engulfed the both of them in another hug. "I said you two would be engaged if not married by the time you came back. All of you owe me money now," he said with a laugh as he pulled away from the both of them. "Money that I insist on using for a wedding present for the both of you. Seriously, congratulations. I couldn't be happier for you both."

"Thanks Toby," Maddie said with a smile as Nick shook his hand.

"We wouldn't of comeback married. My mother and Maddie's mother would have killed us. But we want to get married soon," Nick commented before looking at their friends. "Anything you guys want to add?"

"You're engaged," Vida repeated and Maddie laughed.

"Yes V we're engaged," she said and then she was being taken from Nick's grasp and engulfed in her sisters arms once more.

"I shouldn't be so surprised by this," Vida laughed as she let her sister go. "You two are supposed to be married young. And seriously I couldn't be happier for you both. But Russell," Vida began as she turned her gaze to Nick. "You hurt her; you two won't be able to have children."

"Understood," he grinned as he shook Xander and Chip's hands.

"Congrats man," Chip said with smile.

"Seriously," Xander added. "When do you two wanna tie the knot?"

"We have to go and talk to my parents," Maddie said. "As well as Udonna and Lienbow."

"And try and see if my adoptive parents can get up to the states for the ceremony," Nick commented as Maddie nodded. "But soon. I want to start our life together soon."

"I have an idea then," Toby began, causing everyone to look at him to find him still smiling. "Why don't all of you head to Rootcore. I'll follow as soon as some of the other employees come in. Everyone there should be up by now. That way Nick and Maddie can tell everyone and be fussed over."

"Are you sure Toby? You want help in the store?" Xander asked as the owner shook his head.

"I'll be fine for an hour. All of your go, consider this a day off to be with the newly reinstated family."

"But you will follow won't you Toby?" Maddie asked even as Nick smiled and grabbed her hand. "You're family too."

"As soon as there are enough people here to cover. All of you go."

Everyone laughed as he waved his hand towards them and headed back towards the store. They turned towards each other then and grinned before looking towards the trees.

"So been awhile since we've done this together," Nick smirked.

"Should be like riding a bike oh fearless leader," Xander chuckled.

"Race to Rootcore?" Chip suggested. "Last one there has to make breakfast?"

"Let's go," Vida said. "On three."

"One," Nick called out.

"Two," Maddie called out.

"GO!" Xander yelled and then they were all off, laughing and through the trees towards Rootcore. Everyone was happy and content because once again their makeshift family was intact. They were together and whole and starting on new beginnings that would only continue as they grew.


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