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"He's allergic to peanuts?" Kyle asked. Donna spared a moment to glare at him.

"Deathly allergic," she hissed before she looked at Mike and softened her voice. "Mike, listen to me, can you hear me? If you can hear me I want you to squeeze my hands alright?"

There was a weak squeeze, too weak, but it was still a squeeze, Donna counted that as a win.

"Mike, I need you to keep your eyes open," she insisted.

"Help will be here in five minutes," Harold replied. "I told you idiots not to do this."

"Hear that Mike? Five minutes alright? That's all I need, five minutes," Donna soothed, he squeezed with one hand. She panicked a little but smiled when his eyes fluttered open to look at her. "Five minutes, come on, you can do this right champ?"

Mike shook his head.

"Yes you can, come on, focus on me, breathe with me, can you do that?" she asked because she had to keep him awake, she had to keep him alive, her hands shook in his now, she ignored it. "In and out, everyone now," she looked at the crowd. "Breathe in and out so Mike can breathe too."

Everyone listened except Mike. He tried and failed to breathe but it sounded more like a bad car motor. Donna checked Mike's wrist for his pulse and found that it hadn't slowed down at all.

"Mike stay awake," she said urgently when his eyes slid closed again. "Mike, champ, you need to stay up," she insisted as she pulled her hands away from his and snapped her fingers in front of his face. He moaned. Donna took that as a good sign as she put her hand on his cheek and tapped it. He didn't do anything. She felt her panic slide into terror in exactly two point five seconds because Mike had definitely passed out and she couldn't see his chest rising or falling at all.

"He's not breathing, oh god, oh god," Greg babbled. "He's not awake. I didn't know, I didn't know. We didn't…oh god."

"I'm going to meet the paramedics," Harold shouted. Donna moved with lightning fast speed, didn't even think about it as she pinched Mike's nose and leaned into seal her mouth over his. She puffed breath into his lungs three times, pulled away, gave him five seconds and then leaned back in to repeat the process. She kept doing it because it had to help, she wondered why she didn't know CPR, and she vowed to take classes as she noted that Mike still wasn't breathing, that his lips were turning blue, and that it wasn't working. She felt helpless.

Donna didn't do helpless. She got things done. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned to find that she was face to face with a woman dressed in blue.

"Ma'am my name is Kayla and I'm here to help with my partner Phil," she nodded to the man behind her with a gurney.

"Oh thank god," she all but sobbed in relief as she moved away from Mike. Kayla took her place, already gesturing to her male counterpart to join her. Everyone watched as Mike was lifted from the chair and put on a backboard and then braced to a gurney.

"Hives, swollen limbs, little response," Kayla began as she shined a light down Mike's throat. "His throats swollen, we need to try and intubate before it gets any worse, get this kid some air. What's his name?"

"Mike, Mike Ross," Donna supplied shakily as she watched Kayla cock Mike's mouth open again and stick a tube down his throat before attaching an air bag to the end and squeezing it once, waiting a second, and then squeezing again. "He's got a severe allergy to peanuts and their byproducts. He ingested some a few minutes ago, I gave him his Epi-Pen but it just…it didn't seem to work and I was giving him mouth to mouth because he stopped breathing."

"It did enough of its job," Phil reassured her. Donna wasn't so sure because Mike was just lying on the gurney, so small and goddamn young that it shook her. No one, especially not Mike, should ever have to look like that.

She would breakdown later with a bottle of Harvey's good scotch and preferably Harvey there to help be a caretaker too.

"We need to move out," Kayla said.

"I'm coming with you," Donna said but the two paramedics shook their heads as they started to pack up. "I'm one of his emergency contacts," she added because the second Harvey had taken care of the Trevor problem Donna had taken it upon herself to change Mike's forms in Human Resources. She had then shifted the emergency contact to herself and Harvey because she had realized that the kid didn't have anyone else except his grandmother.

"Ma'am, we can't let you come with us. It's too dangerous, he still might crash and we can't have someone in the ambulance with us if we have to work. You are more than welcome to follow us to Lenox Hill," Kayla told her from where she was pumping precious air into Mike. "His pulse is evening out but not nearly fast enough for my liking. He needs another dose of Epinephrine."

"Let's move," Phil kicked something under the gurney and then the two were off down the hall. Donna had never been more grateful for the fact that Pearson Hardman's elevators were so close to the associate area. When they were gone Donna felt herself start to shake just a little. She had been so calm and collected but now that her responsibility had shifted from keeping him alive she was starting to feel all of the dread and terror that she had been suppressing for the past few…had it really only been five minutes? It had felt like hours waiting for them. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sound coming from her right. She turned and found that Greg and Kyle were standing there with everyone else, watching the gurney disappear into the elevator.

She pushed the terror, the panic, everything that wasn't anger down and away. She would break later with Harvey's scotch and preferably Harvey nearby to share in caretaker responsibilities. Right now she was going to roast the idiots who dared call themselves associates of Pearson Hardman.

"What in the hell were all of you thinking?" she growled. Everyone froze and turned to look at her, their eyes wide, some of the women were crying, they were all pale. Good. Donna wanted them terrified by the time she was done with them. "Someone tell me now."

"We just…it was supposed to be a prank!" Kyle said. "Just something to get to the golden child! We all do it. How were we supposed to know he was allergic to peanuts?"

"It's one of the most common allergies out there!" She told them all with her voice more than a little raised because, Donna had just had to help save Mike's life. She was allowed to be a little emotional and if someone questioned her she was going to stab them with a pen. "What all of you just did, and all of you are to blame here because you let him," she pointed at Greg. "Do it, was completely and totally irresponsible and lacking in human decency. He could have…if Harold hadn't come to get me…..Mike would have…."

She couldn't say the next word, couldn't and wouldn't. Mike was going to be fine and she was going to stop wasting her time with these inconsiderate human beings and go call Harvey, get Ray, and then go to the hospital. She leveled each and every one of the people in this room with a biting glare before she bent down, grabbed Mike's messenger bag from the floor and his phone from the desk and stalked off towards her own.

"We're going to get fired," Kyle moaned.

"We should get fired," someone replied.

"I almost killed someone," Greg mumbled as he leaned on the edge of a nearby desk. Kyle leaned against the wall, Harold sagged in a chair. Some of the girls were still crying; no actual work was getting done. "I almost killed someone…I almost….oh my god why did we do this?"


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