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The sight of associates crying, mumbling, and all around freaking out was not the one that Jessica Pearson, Harvey Specter, and Louis Litt had been expecting upon returning from a lunch meeting. They had expected to find the associates hard at work as they had left them a few hours ago. Now they were each more than a little confused because of the ambulance they had seen pulling away from the building and one of the security guards mentioning that one of their associates had needed it.

"You," Jessica pointed to Greg, who was leaning against the wall."What happened?"

"It was….it was just supposed to be a joke," Greg squeaked as he straightened up. "A stupid joke. We didn't know he was allergic. We didn't. I swear."

"Who?" Harvey asked, even as his eyes scanned the room, looking for his associate. He felt himself stiffen when he didn't see Mike. "What did you all do?"

"We…we just….it was….I'm so sorry," Greg nearly broke down in front of all of them. "I didn't know! He just…he drank it and then he wasn't breathing and then the paramedics and….he almost died!"

"Who?" Louis asked.

No one spoke, instead they watched as Donna approached with a messenger bag attached to one shoulder, her purse on the other, and her iPhone in one hand. She stopped in front of Harvey and barely acknowledged Jessica and Louis and looked more than a little surprised to see Harvey standing there.

"Donna?" Harvey asked gently.

"We need to get to…to the hospital," Donna told him, her voice eerily calm. "Mike ingested peanuts that these idiots dumped into his drink."

"And he's allergic?" Jessica questioned.

"Deathly allergic," Harvey answered for her.

"Did he get his Epi-Pen in time?" Louis asked as he eyed the room full of associates who were watching them.

"I don't….I gave it to him," Donna replied. "But I don't think it was enough to really help. I had to give him mouth to mouth because he stopped breathing and then the paramedics came and I….they said his throat was swollen. But they stuck a tube down his throat so I don't even….he had a pulse," she rambled. "He had a pulse when he left and they wouldn't let me go because he was in danger of….of crashing and…I need to…"

"Breathe," Harvey put his hands on her shoulders because he was always the closer and Donna had clearly done more than her fair share of work today.

"I told Mike to do that and he wouldn't listen," her lips trembled.

"My driver is still downstairs, I've told him to wait," Jessica interrupted the exchange, and eyed Harvey and Donna, her face cool and calm but Harvey could tell that she was more than a little shaken. Hazing was commonplace among the associates, the partners even encouraged some of it because it kept everyone amused and on their toes but it had never gone this far before. "He'll take you and Donna to the hospital. You will find out how Mr. Ross is doing. You will make sure he is getting the best goddamn care this city has to offer."

"Anything else?" Harvey asked as he buttoned his suit jacket.

"I want the bills sent to Pearson Hardman, every associate's bonus, except Mr. Ross' of course, will cover his medical and other expenses," Jessica said with a hard look at each and every associate. They all looked stricken but said nothing to the first consequence for their actions. "I want a full report on how Mr. Ross is doing within the hour."

"Of course," Harvey put his game face on, prepared to do endless battle with the doctors and nurses he was about to face. He put an arm around Donna's shoulder and made to go back to the elevator but paused, glared at the associates and then at Louis. Louis simply nodded; for once they were on the completely same page.

"They'll be dealt with, I assure you they will be," Louis assured him. Donna put a hand up and pointed to Harold.

"Harold was good," she said. "He was the smart one who came to get me and called the paramedics."

"I'll take it into consideration," Louis replied. "Tell Mike that he doesn't have to worry about anything. All of his work will be taken care of until he is well enough to return."

"Which he will not rush," Jessica added. "Now go. Remember: Full report in one hour."

Harvey nodded once more before he guided Donna towards the elevators and down to see to his associate. When they were gone Jessica looked at Louis.

"I can trust you to handle this?"

"Yes," Louis nodded.

"Good. I'm going to smooth some feathers with Harvey's now cancelled client meeting this afternoon."

"Let me know how Mike is doing when you find out?" Louis requested, Jessica raised a brow, he shrugged. "I'm allergic to peanuts too."

"I'll send a message to Norma," Jessica responded before she stalked off in the direction of her office. When she was gone, Louis turned to the associates and found them all the paler because he had made sure that they'd heard that last statement.

"Harold," he looked at the younger man who snapped to attention. "Seeing as you apparently have the brains today, tell me what happened."

"Greg and Kyle thought it would be funny to put peanuts in Mike's redbull," Harold responded instantly. "We should have stopped them."

"Yes, you should have," Louis said. "Did it occur to any of you to think about the potential risks in tampering with someone's food? Let me answer that for you, no. Greg and Kyle may have been the perpetrators but each and every one of you is guilty here."

"We didn't mean to….I didn't know," Greg mumbled. Louis huffed.

"There is a fine line between a joke and harassment," he emphasized the last word and watched as they all flinched. "And I promise you that if Mike decides to sue you for this or press charges, and he is well within his rights to do so, not only will he have Harvey representing him but I will act as his co-counsel."

"Oh god," Kyle muttered. "He's going to sue us?"

"We're going to jail."

"Your bonuses are going to pay for Mike's care, all of you are going to take over whatever Mike was working on and have it done for me, by the end of the day," Louis reiterated. "In addition to the work I am going to find for you. Kyle and Greg," he rounded on the two ringleaders. "You two are hereby suspended without pay until further notice."

"What?" Kyle asked. "Louis you can't…"

"I just did. I don't want to see your goddamn faces around here until I've called you back," Louis said as he buttoned his jacket. "Pearson Hardman has a very strict policy when it comes to harassment and there is now an open, pending investigation into your actions that I will review in due time."

"And how long will that be?" Greg asked.

"When I goddamn want to," Louis said. "You have exactly five minutes to collect your things and get out before I call security. The rest of you, I expect a line outside of my office in fifteen minutes because you will be getting a portion of Mike Ross' work and a hell of a lot from everyone else. Harold," Louis rounded on the other man who jumped. "Go and get me some goddamn coffee."

"Yes sir."


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