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His body felt like lead, his head was pounding, and there was a beeping sound that was really annoying him because all he wanted to do was sleep. He opened his eyes, fully prepared to shut what his alarm off and get ten more minutes of sleep, and then he'd get up and run around like a maniac to get ready for work.

And then he saw the off white walls that surrounded him. He smelled the antiseptic, felt the crisp sheets against his skin, and felt something poking into his arm. Mike glanced to his right and found the source of the beeping, monitors. He tried to speak but found that he couldn't because there was a tube down his throat. His hand twitched as panic began to set in because he had no idea why he was here and why there was a tube down his throat.

He tried to move, to sit up and get the out but found that he was being pressed down by a pair of strong hands.

"Easy there kid."

He knew that voice. He felt more than a little relief when he saw Harvey's face swim into his view, followed closely by Donna. They both looked relieved and worried and tired. Donna's eyes were red. Mike was so confused it wasn't even funny.

"Oh thank god," Donna choked.

"You're in the hospital," Harvey answered the question that had been ringing in his head."You had to be brought here after ingesting peanuts a few hours ago. When the paramedics came they had to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe."

He felt his brow furrow, why would he be stupid enough to eat peanuts? He always asked if he was unsure about a food product.

"The other associates," Donna scowled. "Decided that it would be funny to put peanuts in your drink and you had a reaction…and don't you ever, ever scare me like that again."

Donna poked his chest hard; Mike saw that her hand was shaking. Why was it shaking? His head was so fuzzy and he didn't remember earlier. He remembered drinking a Redbull at lunch and then it was so hazy. All he could recall was the faint taste of raspberries.

"You almost died. You stopped breathing. I had to give you mouth to mouth and never again Michael Ross. Never again do you understand me? You are not allowed to die," Donna poked his chest once more; her eyes filled with tears that she tried to wipe away, Mike winced partly because the pressure on his chest hurt but more so because Donna was crying because of him. Donna didn't cry. She made people bow down to her levels of awesome. Harvey caught his wince and caught Donna's hand before she could poke him again.

"Let him get his bearings back first alright?" Harvey requested. Donna huffed and nodded.

"It's no fun if they don't remember it anyway," she replied.

"You've been out for about nine hours; they had to give you another dose of Epinephrine, some fluids, and a combination of other things. That's why you feel so fuzzy right now," Harvey explained. "Now I'm going to go get a nurse and she will get a doctor and we'll see about getting that tube out of your throat alright?"

Mike's eyes widened as fear crept down his spine; he didn't want to be left alone in this room. He hated hospitals. The last time he had been in one had been the night of the accident that had taken his parents. He had nightmares about this place. He tried to shake his head but was stopped because of the tube and his hands shook, his pulse quickened, the monitors beeping sped up.

"Mike, Mike," Harvey reached out and took hold of one of his hands and squeezed, his voice uncharacteristically gentle as Donna followed suit and took his other hand. "Calm down, it's alright. I'm not going to leave you alone in here. Donna will be right here."

"I promise to use my black belts on any monsters," she promised. "Let Harvey go and I'll stay right here until he brings the doctor back alright? Squeeze our hands if that's alright."

Mike considered this and figured that because Donna was fierce she would indeed protect him. He squeezed their hands. Harvey returned the gesture, pulled his hand away from Mike's tight hold and moved to leave the room, he paused once to run his hand against Mike's forehead before he left.

"I meant what I said Mike," Donna told him after a minute. "You scared me."

He squeezed her hand in apology.

"I know it wasn't your fault but….if you could please not do that ever again it would be fantastic," she gave him a watery smile as he squeezed her hand twice. "The doctors said you'll be fine. We got you the Epi-Pen in time and the second dose did what the other one didn't. But you're going to take at least a week off of work."

Mike's eyes widened. He couldn't afford a week off.

"Louis told me to tell you that everything you were working on is being taken care of and Jessica is having the firm cover any of your expenses until you're better. I called your Gram and told her what happened, but," she held a hand up at his frightened expression. "I did an abbreviated version for her. We'll call her when you can talk again. Until then I'll continue to give her updates."

Mike squeezed her hand once more. He wanted to say something but apparently that was all he needed to do because she smiled again, less watery, more hopeful, more Donna. Mike made a mental note to send her a giant bouquet of flowers when he got the chance. She had saved his life she deserved that and more.

"Ah Mr. Ross."

Mike's eyes went to the door to find that a doctor he didn't know was entering the room followed by two nurses and Harvey, who had his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned against the wall opposite his bed. He looked menacing like that and Mike vaguely wondered what he had to do to get doctors in a hospital to respond like this.

"It's good to see you awake again, I'm doctor Mott, we're going to run a few quick tests and then see about getting that tube out of your mouth. Mr. Specter, I'm going to have to ask you to step out."

Mike squeezed Donna's hands. He didn't want to be left alone with these strangers. He was still so confused and he would even admit to being a little scared because he couldn't freaking remember what had happened. Donna straightened as did Harvey and they both eyed Dr. Mott with their patented 'yeah right' looks.

"We stay," Harvey said. "He doesn't like hospitals and he's confused. I won't have you scarring him further today."

"You can't just, this is a delicate procedure."

"I can and I will sue you for going against my clients wishes," Harvey threatened and when did Mike become a client? He was his associate, not a client, but then Donna leveled him with a look and he became very glad that he could not speak. "Now we stay and you are going to continue to do your job."

"Mr. Ross," Dr. Mott began but Mike held his free hand up and pointed to Harvey and Donna and then himself. The doctor sighed but nodded to the two nurses. "Ma'am if you'll just stand with Mr. Specter so we can work."

"That I can do, Mike we're right over here," Donna pointed to the wall. "You just focus on us."


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