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Hospital beds sucked. They had no padding, no comfortable sheets, and while his bed certainly wasn't the best in the world all Mike wanted was to be in it and curled up around his sheets and pillows. But no, he was stuck in the hospital for another two days because they had to intubate and that apparently warrants being kept for observation.

Mike felt fine. Well, not fine, he still felt like he'd been hit by an eighteen-wheeler, he still doesn't remember what happened, and his throat hurt but Mike is confident that he could take care of himself. He had wanted to argue with the doctors earlier, had tried to write it down, but then Harvey and Donna had given him this look and he'd stopped because there was no fighting with the pair of them.

Especially Donna. Harvey was scary but Donna knew things.

Today had been crap and the next couple of days were going to be just as bad because he was stuck in the hospital. He hated the hospital. The only good things about today were that the tube had come out of his throat a few hours ago, Donna had brought him ice cream for dinner, and Harvey had agreed to stay the night in the room with him after making Donna promise that she would go home and sleep.

Mike should probably be embarrassed by the latter part of what made his day better. But he really did hate hospitals and having someone familiar, someone safe with him was keeping him from going crazy.

"Mike please calm down, if you keep moving around they're going to come sedate you and I'm going to let them."

Mike turned his head to look at Harvey who was sitting in the chair by his bed in jeans and a simple black shirt and paperwork in his lap. Donna had brought it all to him before she had gone home for the night. She hadn't left without kissing Mike on the forehead and promising to bring him more ice cream in the morning. Mike was more than a little excited by this. Harvey had his face set and Mike pouted.

"Don't give me that face, you're moving around too much," Harvey told him. "Try to sleep."

Mike wrinkled his nose and hit the bed. Harvey chuckled.

"I guess they would be uncomfortable wouldn't they? Do you want me to see if they'll give you something to help you sleep?"

Mike shook his head; the drugss they'd given him earlier had just started to wear off a couple of hours ago ago. They made him loopy and fuzzy and he hated it. It was bad enough that he was missing parts of his memory as is. He didn't want more. He instead reached for his left side and the legal pad and pen that Donna had given him and shakily scribbled onto its surface.

Don't want to be fuzzy anymore.

He held the pad up and Harvey nodded.

"Fair enough but you do need to try to sleep tonight," he said. Mike pouted again and wrote on the paper.

I slept enough today.

Harvey read it and frowned.

"That doesn't count," Harvey pointed out. "It…this is different."

Mike frowned.

"There's a difference between resting and being passed out because of two idiots," Harvey said and Mike thought about it, he supposed that yes there was a difference.

What's happening to them anyway?

"Right," Harvey ran a hand through his now very mussed hair. "Louis has started an investigation into their actions. They've been suspended without pay for now and if I have anything to say about it they'll be fired within the month."

Mike nodded because while he didn't remember, what Kyle and Greg had done was unacceptable. He tolerated a lot, knew it was part of the game in the world of the associates, but toying with someone's food was going too far. He was lucky that Donna had been there and that apparently Harold had decided to get her. He was really lucky.

"I'll ask you this again when you're able to speak but do you want to press charges against them?" Harvey asked. "If you do Jessica's authorized me to represent you pro bono and Louis will help."

Mike felt the shock wash over him and Harvey snorted.

"I know, but he's apparently allergic to peanuts as well, think about it and get back to me," Harvey said. Mike nodded because he honestly didn't know what to do. He knew on some level that Greg and Kyle should not be allowed to do this ever again, that they needed to learn a lesson, but did he really want to press charges?

"There's time to think about it over the next couple of days," Harvey told him. "Don't strain yourself tonight."

Mike snorted before he reached over to grab the ice chips he'd been downing ever since he'd been allowed to breathe on his own. Harvey watched him grab the cup and Mike was grateful that he was being allowed to do some things on his own, he was more grateful for the ice because it helped soothe his ridiculously sore throat.

"I know that Donna already yelled at you," Harvey began quietly as Mike put his cup back onto the table and looked at him. "But I thought I'd reiterate. If we can avoid another day like this it'd be ideal. I don't like being caught off guard like that."

Mike nodded because he would also like to not repeat today ever again. It sucked. But having Harvey mention it made him just a little smug as he took his pad of paper and wrote on it.

This means you care you know.

Harvey snorted as he read it but he didn't say anything to the contrary. Ha. He so cared. Mike smiled and then rubbed a hand over his eyes. He was suddenly more than a little tired, despite the fact that he had been unconscious for the majority of the day.

"Time for all good little puppies to get some sleep," Harvey said. Mike shook his head. Harvey sighed. "I swear sometimes you're like a child. What do you want a story?"

Mike looked at Harvey, whose eyebrows had since risen to his hairline.

"No," Harvey said. "You are not a child, you are a grown man and-"

I'll tell Donna you were mean to me.

Mike nodded when Harvey glared because he wasn't stupid. He had Donna's favor at the moment and he was damn well going to use it to his advantage. And he really couldn't sleep. And he really hated hospitals and this bed.

"I am not afraid of Donna," Harvey huffed. Mike snorted and then winced. Bad idea when ones throat was still recovering from having a tube shoved down it. Harvey handed him his cup of ice chips. "But you can listen to this brief."

Mike nodded and closed his eyes as Harvey began to read the introduction to him, a merger that was going to be their next case. It was almost normal and it was that thought that let him drift off, despite the damn bed and the beeping.


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