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He got released from the hospital after two days. But instead of being taken home, Harvey had informed Mike that he would be staying in his guest room until he was back to full speed. Mike had tried to argue but he'd still had problems talking. Plus Donna had been there and she had given him this look and he wasn't dumb enough to try and fight her and Harvey off. Besides, there were worse things than having to stay in Harvey's swanky condo for a few days.

Those things included having Jessica Pearson show up the day after you get released with Louis in tow to have a 'meeting' about when Mike would going back to work and the action that could be taken against Greg and Kyle. The meeting ended with Mike trying to speak, getting glared at by everyone in the room and then just deciding that nodding and smiling were some of his best options.

What they'd all agreed to, and by all he meant everyone except him, was that he would be allowed to return to work after a week off and do half days and light work until he had a clean bill of health and a doctor's note to prove it. At the time Mike had pouted but now that he was actually at work he was grateful for the fact that he was leaving at lunchtime to go back to Harvey's because his body was definitely still recovering from the trauma and he wanted to sleep.


He picked his head up from where he was working on reading the brief Harvey had read to him the other night and was surprised to find Harold standing before his cubicle.

"Yes?" Mike asked before he winced, his throat still hurt even after a week, he still wasn't talking much. Harvey insisted that it was a relief; Mike constantly threatened to tell Donna on him.

"I just…I wanted to say that I'm sorry for what Greg and Kyle did," Harold said with a nod towards the empty desks in the room. At the meeting Mike had decided against pressing charges or suing the two or the firm because Jessica had agreed to fire them for their actions. That consequence was enough in Mike's opinion. "I should have stopped them and…I'm really sorry."

"It's," Mike paused to swallow some water from the bottle Donna kept replenishing. "Ok, thank you for getting help," his voice was hoarse but Harold heard it all the same and nodded.

"Hope you feel better soon, if you need anything ask, we're here to help you too," Harold said before he walked back to his desk. Louis had informed him this morning that he wasn't allowed to strain himself and if he so much as needed a tissue he was to ask the other associates to get it for him.


He looked up and found Donna standing in front of his cubicle.

"Harvey is taking you and I out to a peanut free lunch and then you're going back to Harvey's condo where we are going to marathon Star Trek," she told him. He raised an eyebrow.

"Work?" he asked.

"I'm going with you to make sure you don't try and do actual work. Come on," she snapped her fingers. "We're starting with the new movie because I need Chris Pine's pretty face in my life. Elevator, five minutes, or I come back and drag you out by your ear."

Mike shook his head as he gathered his things, a smile flickering on his face as Donna sauntered away from his desk. He wasn't at one hundred percent just yet, but he at least he wasn't in a blurred haze anymore.


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